My Dominant Sister

by JetBoy

Copyright© 2014 by JetBoy

Sex Story: Mindy is shocked to discover her older sister Susan engaged in bondage sex with a female lover. But Mindy soon grows intrigued by what she sees, and finds herself wanting to join in the fun and games.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian   Incest   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   .

The party turned out to be an utter snoozefest -- crap music, bad wine in paper cups, and not one guy that was worth my time, held in an apartment that smelled like stale potato chips and Axe body wash -- so I made up a bullshit excuse about having to get up early to visit my parents the next day and made my escape.

All the way home I fumed about how royally I'd been screwed by my so-called friend Brenda. All week long she'd talked this party up at the office, riding me like a rented mule until I promised to go. And when I arrived after hours of getting ready, she wasn't even there! I phoned her on my cell to find out where the hell she was, and Brenda admitted that she blew off the party at the last minute to go on a date with "this totally cute guy I met today at Kinko's. Um ... you're not mad at me, are you, Mindy?"

I didn't want to scream into my phone like a deranged lunatic, so she'd ducked a bullet ... for now. But believe you me, Brenda was going to get it in the face with both barrels on Monday. If there's anything, anything that makes me see red, it's being stood up.

Now here I am, home from the party at 8:32, slipping into the apartment so my sister Susan won't hear. She's almost certainly got her girlfriend Paula over, and the last thing I feel like tonight is being a third wheel while they cuddle and kiss on the couch. I'll just sneak into my room, get into my pajamas, break out that bottle of Glenfiddich I've got stashed under the bed, curl up with a book and read between sips of fine Scotch until I pass out.

I slip off my shoes and tiptoe into the hallway ... but freeze after two steps when my sister's angry voice issues from her room.

"What the fuck do you think you're trying to pull?"

I fumble for words, embarrassed beyond belief to have been caught creeping into my apartment like a teenager after curfew. Before I can speak, though, Susan speaks again.

"Well? Tell me what were you doing," Susan hisses, and this time I realize that she isn't addressing me.

I hear the soft tone of her lover Paula in reply. "I ... I was touching myself."

"Touching yourself while thinking about another woman," Susan says coldly. "Don't even try to deny it -- I can always tell."

"Yes, mistress," Paula replies softly.

"And what were you thinking about her? While you were fingering your cunt? What, slut?"

"I was thinking about fucking her."

Slowly, slowly I creep toward Susan's bedroom, unable to restrain my curiosity. As I approach the door I notice that it's slightly ajar, and when I peek through I am stunned into near-paralysis by what I see.

Paula is seated, facing the bed, a wrist tied to each arm of the chair. She is naked and I have an excellent view of her sex, wet and glistening between her thighs.

Standing just in front of her is my sister, her back to me, wearing nothing but panties. Wait, hold on just a second -- that's no pair of panties, it's a harness with a huge strap-on cock attached! There's at least nine inches of it, jutting arrogantly from Susan's crotch as she casually strolls around her bound lover.

Damn ... this is weird. I knew I shouldn't look, but my eyes are riveted to the lewd scene playing itself out before me. Maybe it's shock, but I feel a jolt of excitement running through me, right down into my pussy. God, Paula has a beautiful body -- actually, so does Susan.

My sister Susan is a lesbian, but I've been totally straight all my life -- at least until recently, soon after she and I decided to share an apartment. Since then, I've been thinking more and more about exploring girl/girl sex for myself. Something about my sister's incredibly hot love life makes my affairs with men seem utterly tame by comparison. I have yet to discuss these feelings with Susan, though ... I'd decided to wait to tell her anything until I'd had my first experience with a woman.

"Where were you fantasizing about fucking her -- this other woman?" Susan's voice radiates contempt.

"In our bed." Paula timidly answers.

Susan reaches down to pinch Paula's nipple, making her gasp. "Who exactly were you thinking of fucking? Who is it that you want so badly? Say it!" Susan demands.

I nearly fall over in shock when I hear Paula's reply. "M-Mindy ... your sister."

"So, slut," Susan says coldly. "You want to fuck my own sister. Behind your mistress's back!"

"No, mistress," Paula whimpers, "I was fantasizing of m-making love with both of you ... being used by you and your sister."

"You perverted dyke." My sister purrs. "So you want a little threesome action -- and with a pair of sisters, no less. Dirty cunt..."

Okay, now this is getting utterly freaky, and there is a serious throbbing down inside my panties. What gets me most of all is that my sister doesn't even sound upset -- more like really turned on.

An idea begins to form in my mind as I continue to watch -- the craziest, wildest idea imaginable, not the kind of thing a sensible girl like Mindy Howton would ever try. Right then, though, I was feeling anything but sensible.

"Welllll..." my sister drags out the word, "since you're so interested in kinky sex, I'm going to get kinky on you, bitch."

Suddenly Susan turns, flipping her shoulder-length blonde hair back with a toss of her head. She slowly strides over to Paula and halts before her, hands on hips.

"Suck my cock," she demands. "Get it nice and wet. Then I'm going to fuck your ass."

I watch as Paula bends down -- awkwardly, since she is still trussed to the chair -- and her full lips stretch around the impressive girth of my sister's latex cock. My whole body is tense -- nipples erect, my pussy wet and throbbing.

I want to join in this game, I know now, and am just waiting for my cue to enter.

Susan grabs a handful of her girlfriend's short dark hair and forcefully jerks her head back. "Right, slut. I'm going to fuck you now."

"No, you're not. You're going to fuck me first, and make her watch," I announce, striding into the bedroom.

Susan's jaw drops and her eyes widen -- but she recovers quicker than Paula, whose face is crimson.

"Oh yeah?" Susan rallies, instantly regaining her cool, gazing evenly at me. Her dark green irises sparkle as they meet my own emerald eyes.

"Yeah," I fire back. "It seems only fair that she should watch us fuck. Instead of vice versa."

"Sounds logical to me." Susan replies, flashing me a cheeky grin. "Go on then, get naked."

Paula gapes at me in disbelief as I slip out of the short-strapped black party dress I was wearing. Next I pull off my bra and drop it to the floor, baring my breasts. Then I skim my black panties down my thighs and kick them off from round my ankles. I pick them up and carry them over to where Paula is seated. I wave them under her nostrils, and watch as her cheeks flame an even deeper red.

"C'mere, Mindy." Susan calls. She is already stretched out on the far side of the bed, arms folded behind her head, that jet-black cock pointing up like a steeple. I casually saunter over to her, strutting sexily so that Paula gets an eyeful of my naked ass. I slip onto the bed and slide up to join my sister.

"Fuck, sis -- are you sure about this?" she whispers in my ear as she wraps an arm round me.


Yeah," I whisper back as I plant a kiss upon her warm lips.

She responds immediately, her tongue plunging into my eager mouth. We kiss hungrily for a long while, then Susan pushes me down into the duvet, positioning herself between my thighs. Our lips part and I gasp as her mouth slips down my throat and to my breasts. I look over to where Paula is tied down in her seat -- she is watching intently.

I feel my own body go taut with excitement as my sister's lips surround one nipple, then the other, sucking the tips of my breasts to nearly painful stiffness. Her kisses trail lower, and soon I can feel her nuzzling my sex. I spread my thighs and I am rewarded by a long, slow lick from the crack of the ass to my clit.

I moan encouragingly, and my sister continues to go down on me, doing incredible things to my cunt with her mouth and tongue. No guy has ever given me oral half this good.

After a few moments, Susan raises her face from between my legs, twisting around to gaze mockingly at her lover.

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