Hard at Work

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young stud's sexy sister asks him to take care of her friend and, of course, he does.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Size   .

Billy lay on his bed with his long cock in one hand and his cellphone in the other. He was pleasuring himself on a Saturday afternoon, working on a third ejaculation and trying to talk a cute girl his age into going to the movies with him. He craved her ass. His big cock had been standing upright during the whole, half-hour conversation, and he was tempted to send a picture of it to the girl since his aim was to bury it in her.

Finally she agreed when he let her choose the movie, and he said he would pick her up at 7:30 or so. Her ass was his; he could add another virgin to his list he was sure since her folks were so strict with her. She was untouched, but he would soon put an end to that.

He rolled out of bed; stood in front of the full-length mirror his older sister had installed on the closet door and grasped his swollen scrotum. Luscious teen-queen Janet Monty was going to get it, every thick, hard inch of it and not just once he promised himself, as he tensed his deep groin muscles and held back his urge to ejaculate. She was going to get a full load, he promised himself, closing his eyes, kneading his balls and gritting his teeth. After I rip her open, I'm really going to fuck her. He shuddered and stroked his softening rod as his little sister came in and squealed.

Billy dropped his sagging cock and faced her, smiling. "Hey, runt," he said, "what do you want? This?" He held it up, bobbled it and then let it fall.

She blinked at him as she saw what had been a long, stiff cylinder droop and hang limply before him.

"Amanda Jones wants you to come over to her house with me and pop her cherry," she said with a smile. "How many will that make?"

"Uh huh, and what do you want?"

She sniffed. "I want to watch."

"How old is she?"

The girl shook her head as her brother pulled up his white boxers. The head of his long penis hung out of one leg and twitched.

"Want me to suck it?"

"No thanks Sis. I'm saving it for tonight."

"Who's the lucky girl?"

"You wouldn't know her."

"Anyhow will you do Amanda?"

"She that cute blonde with the pigtails and the boobs?"

She nodded and licked her lips, excited by her brother's huge penis with it heavily ridged head. In her mind, she called the destroyer.

"OK. I've got time. Let's go over there and have some fun."

"Goody," said his sister. "I can't wait to hear her squeal."

Billy had done more than a dozen virgins, including his sister, and had to admit her enjoyed the idea of making girls into women. It made him feel very manly, grown-up. The feel of their virginal blood on his proud phallus was great, and he insisted they do it missionary so he could see their expression when he ripped them open. His little sister had promoted about half of those pleasurable deflowerings.

Billy was fifteen and he knew that kids under sixteen were not supposed to have sex, but he didn't think it mattered if both sides were young. His older sister had introduced him to coitus and they had been off-and-on lovers ever since.

Amanda, who was a few months younger than his sister, put her finger to her lips and led them right down to the basement playroom, her ass rolling and boobs jiggling, golden hair in two, long braids.

She was a very cute girl with a rapidly ripening body who had played lots of kissing games and let several boys paw her at parties. She had put her fingertips and a slim gold pen into her outer labia and had tried to get a zucchini into her pussy without success. She was eager.

Billy pulled her bright t-shirt over her head, unsnapped her fancy bra, a lacy 28-B one she secretly bought on-line and had just about outgrown. The boy smiled and grasped her conical breasts as she stripped off her shorts and tiny panties. He teased out her small nipples and pinched gently as he bent and licked them.

He pulled her to him and kissed her, his hands on her firm buttocks, mashing them together so she could feel his hardening cock. Their tongues met. She moaned as his rigid prick slid up her soft belly.

She looked up at him with teary eyes and begged him not to hurt her.

Billy laid her down on the leather sofa and his sister sat near her head, camera-phone in hand as her brother undressed.

Amanda gasped and cried, "Oh no!" when the boy's blood-hot spear jumped free of his underwear and rose well above the horizontal, a fleshy spear.

Billy laughed, knelt between her long, coltish legs and stroked her folds with the dripping head of his long, hard ram. Her outer lips parted and pink inner surfaces trembled.

"You on the pill?" He asked the girl as she writhed beneath him.

She shook her head. "It's too big, Billy. Please don't. I've changed my - ah..." she gasped as the helmet shaped head penetrated her inner lips and the hard flange stroked across super sensitive areas she did not know she had. She whimpered and closed her eyes.

He held it there, an inch into her and let it jerk and flex as he smiled down at her and she stared up at him, shocked by the intrusion and excited by what was happening, fearing the future, surprised it was so thick, so hard, so hot. Fear filled her and her immature G-spot became inflamed. A premature climax swept though her young body and she trembled and sobbed.

"Don't, don't!" she gasped as Billy's sister moved her phone close to the girl's almost hairless groin and his thick shaft nearly filled the screen. Its ridges and pulsing veins moved in and out steadily.

"Relax," he said, holding back, his balls in turmoil, his blood veins pounding. "I'm going to pop your cherry and then ask you to suck me so I don't come in you. OK?"

She shook her head and moaned as his ram moved inward and upward, slowly, inch by inch, parting her flesh, stretching her vagina. She whimpered and sniffed, making small noises like a trapped animal.

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