Interview With the Tentacle Demon
Chapter 4: Sample

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 4: Sample - A tentacle rape demon is captured and brought to a government lab, but studying him leads Dr. Claire Thompson through challenges she never could have imagined.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Paranormal   Were animal   FemaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   School  

Now that she had crossed that bridge and discovered it to be fantastic, Claire found herself more obsessed and horny for Gruthsorik's tentacles than before. She wanted to keep some dignity, though, and not just strip and run in there the very next day. Fortunately she had some excuses, she was, after all, doing this for science. She waited a few days just to keep from seeming overeager, and then killed the cameras as she walked into the containment room wearing nothing but a lab coat and a pair of small sensors attached to her temples. The lab coat hung open, revealing glimpses of her breasts as she walked, and fully exposing her pussy.

"Very nice, it suits you," Gruthsorik said approvingly as she entered the cell. "What are those fancy doodads you have there?"

"Brain activity monitors," Claire said. "I want to know if I can see anything different going on in there as you siphon off whatever energies it is you like so much." While the cryptid gene for telepathy was known, the actual mechanism of it was still poorly understood. Watching it in action with another medical marvel from the E.T. Tech R&D team might shed some light. "Could you leave my arms free this time, and let me keep the coat too?"

"Most certainly," Gruthsorik replied. "I was planning to anyway, I always enjoy a girl in a uniform or costume."

"Oh really?" Claire asked, curious.

"Most often it's cheerleaders, I still take their underwear of course, but I leave the skirt be and the top I just push up above their tits. They look so cute getting fucked that way." Gruthsorik said. "Now go on, spread your legs for me." Claire widened her stance as a tentacle reached out to her crotch, she moaned as it pushed inside. As it fucked further into her, her legs started to give out, but tentacles snaked around them and supported her before she could fall to the floor. More of them wrapped around her body as before, clutching her breasts. She fished a petri dish out of her pocket and started running her other hand over the tentacles, then wiped the slime off onto the dish. "Whatever are you doing?" the demon asked.

"Don't mind me, just collecting some of this for analysis," said Claire, putting the cover on the dish and dropping it back into the pocket.

"Oh, is that all I am to you, a test subject for samples and research?" Gruthsorik teased.

"Shut up and fuck me- aaahhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Claire deadpanned, then screamed in pleasure as a tentacle entered her ass. Soon after, the rest were in place, all holes were being fucked with the long, writhing tentacles, and she was suspended in midair. This time she was even eager to take one into her mouth. True to Gruthsorik's word no tentacles coiled up her arms, instead he slipped them into her hands and she enthusiastically stroked them, jacking him off twice over while getting pounded hard in her pussy, ass, and mouth. She exploded into the screaming orgasm both she and the demon craved so much.

As it subsided, she struggled to regain a clear head. There was one more thing she was supposed to do, something that was about to happen. Oh yes, right! One hand released its tentacle and darted into her pocket to retrieve the plastic specimen collection beaker. As Gruthsorik started screaming his own release, she adjusted the aim of the tentacle she still held in her other hand. As the tentacles pumped cum into her body and shot it all over her, she collected the load that was meant for half her face. The beaker filled to the brim and then some, despite being the largest one she had, 500 milliliters. She let go of the tentacle and managed to get the lid on the beaker before succumbing to the post coital exhaustion and falling limp in the tentacles' grasp, the beaker slipping out of her hand and clattering on the floor below.

"Aren't you the tricky one," Gruthsorik said while letting her down and uncoiling his tentacles. "So Doctor, did you get everything you need?"

Claire let out a long contented moan, then replied, "Yes, I think so, for now anyway." She paused to catch her breath a bit more, then said, "So, I bet that's the first time you've had the same woman twice."

"Actually, that's something I'm going to have to tell you about," Gruthsorik said, sounding suddenly solemn. "Something you need to know. You're the first to hold me captive-" He was cut off mid-sentence by the ringing of the phone.

"Sorry! Hold that thought," Claire said, and routed the call to the cell's control panel, then answered.

"Dr. Thompson, it's Major Jeffers. We're going to be coming over with a delivery for you from Mexico. Something that was feasting on some livestock down there."

"El chupacabras? A real one?" Claire asked excitedly. The so-called goat sucker. Even though they are considered an invasive species infestation with a priority on capture or extermination, the genuine article is tough to come by due to the high number of false reports. You let one alien spacecraft leave behind a handful of extraterrestrial predatory beasts that find domesticated animals to be nice to snack on, and suddenly every coyote attack on livestock and every diseased wild dog corpse is made out to be a strange and unknown creature.

"Yep, that's right. They had to use artillery to take him down," Jeffers said. "But the head is completely intact this time."

"Oh, beautiful! I can't wait to dissect it," Claire said, then glancing down at herself, she added, "Uh, take your time though, I've got something in progress here and I need to button things up before I can get away and come let you in." She winced at her unintentional pun. She needed to get cleaned up, dressed, and get the samples properly stored, fast.

"Roger that, no hurry," Jeffers replied.

"I've got results!" Claire announced while walking into the room. "Would you like to hear them?"

"I have a feeling that's a rhetorical question anyway, but yes, yes, please do tell me all about my bodily fluids," Gruthsorik said. The brain scanners had given her some interesting readings that she wasn't quite sure how to interpret, but the physical samples she had taken were a much easier matter.

"Alright, well first, the slime your tentacles secrete is far more than just lubrication. It possesses some fairly sophisticated pharmacological properties, although once I figured out what they were it certainly stands to reason. Get this, muscle relaxant and aphrodisiac! Neither of them very powerful, but definitely there."

"You mean that stuff helps make girls more compliant for me?" Gruthsorik asked.

"That's right," said Claire. "Weak, loose, and horny, or at least slightly more so than they would be otherwise. I think it's absorbed through the skin only a little, but gets picked up via the bodily orifices quite a bit more. I expect it helps you get as deep as you do. It seems your body is even more specialized for rape than I had suspected."

"Is that so," Gruthsorik mused. "I didn't know going so deep would ordinarily be considered difficult."

"Ohhhhh yes, you have no idea," Claire said. "Well, it's not as if it's an impossible feat I suppose, some porn stars do crazy shit like that all the time, but it typically takes some working up to it, and high arousal too. Your tentacles are strong enough to go wherever they damn well please, that slime they produce just makes it a little easier on the girl.

"As for your semen, that's another thing that wasn't surprising once I thought about it," Claire continued. "In normal sexual reproduction, the genes are scrambled between the paired chromosomes during production of the sperm and ova, so the offspring inherits traits from all four of its grandparents. Your sperm contains only the nonhuman half of your DNA. Any child you produce would have the same fifty percent demon genetic make-up as you. In fact your side of the genes get passed down completely unchanged, the only difference between individuals would be the bits in the mother's DNA that vary from person to person. There was probably an original full-blooded incubus-type creature with the latent shape-shifting gene, your father, grandfather, or great-grandfather, somewhere back there. It managed to impregnate a human woman and that produced the first half-blood tentacle monster with the ability to change to a human form."

"A far better thing, to be sure," Gruthsorik said. "The demon hunters always did favor the larger and uglier prey. Not because they were easier to kill, mind you, just easier to find."

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