A Favor Done Well

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: It is the kind of favor every young man hopes and prays he will be asked to perform

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Size   .

Debby caught up with me as I was walking home from school. "Slow down," was the first thing she said. I slowed. "So how do you like it so far, high school I mean?"

I smiled down at her. She was only about five-two but every inch of her was prime, beautiful, hot - pick a word; she was as pretty as any girl in the big high school. She was a neighbor and a junior. I was a lowly freshman. She was a sub-deb, a member of the highest and snootiest clique. I was nothing but a scrub on the football team in one advanced math class.

"OK." I said brightly.

"I need a favor," she said, shifting her backpack to the other shoulder.

"Hard to believe."


I laughed.

"You're mean. Seriously, I do need a favor. I'm the only girl in my group that hasn't done it."

I stopped, and we faced each other.

"Done it?" I asked stupidly.

"Fucked," she said.

I was shocked to hear the word from her luscious lips, lips made for kissing obviously. And maybe some other things.

We stopped again and faced each other. "What?" I hoarsely whispered. "You haven't done that?"

She shook her head, tossing golden curls that fell back into place as if by magic.

"Nope, not once." She sniffed. "And they make fun of me, Gloria and Jeannie and the others."

"They put out, I mean, have sex with guys?"

She smiled briefly, grabbed my arm and pulled us together, looked up at me and whispered, "I can't tell you, but, yes, they do, and I want to."

"Why? I mean what's the big deal?" Since I had never had sex with anybody and had not really thought about doing it for real other than in my fevered imagination, it was a curious and exciting idea. I felt my cock quiver. I usually took care of it as soon as I got home.

She nodded. "So, anyhow, you're a nice guy and a neighbor so, well, I thought you could, like, do me a favor and bonk me."

"You did, you thought that?"

She nodded and smiled, and we started walking again.

"Well?" she asked.

"You are crazy," I said.

"Don't you like me?" she asked, pouting.

"Other than saying hello a few times, we don't know each other. You're what, two years older than me?"

"No, just one, I'm fifteen; I skipped a grade."

We walked some more, quietly.

"Where?" I asked, excited by the idea, playing with it in my imagination.

"Nobody's home at my house."


She nodded.

We walked some more.

"OK," I said.

"Have you got a condom?"

We stopped.

"A what?"

"You know, a rubber, a raincoat, birth control, right?"

I nodded.

"Do you have one?'

I shook my head and blinked at her.

"Then we better get one, maybe more than one."

I nodded and when we got to the grocery store we went in, wandered around, found a rack of them, and she picked a three-pack that said ultra-thin and handed it to me. "Have you got some money?"

I shook my head and she dug a five out of a pocket of her backpack.

We went through the scanner and paid and left. She held out her hand, and I gave her the change and the condoms.

She gave them back and giggled.

"You think its funny?" I asked.

"No, no, it's just, well, nobody would believe us. That's all."

"You are right, absolutely right."

We walked to her house, went in the back door and right up to her room. I was excited. I don't know what she was. I watched her put down her bag and pull her sweater over her curly head.

I about died right then and there. What a pair of beauties!

"Well, get undressed," she said. "That's how people do it, naked."

I hadn't thought about that. I'm really skinny and kind of bony, six feet tall and 135 pounds. You can count my ribs and see my shin bones. And I have big feet too. The coach kept me as third-string quarterback and safety because I can remember things, like plays and formations. Mostly I hold for kicks. And in the showers, I get a lot of ribbing and towel snapping. They like making fun of my bony spine, thin butt and my big cock. It grew when I had a growth spurt in eighth grade. It's pretty big, not very thick but longer than most guys my age I think.

So anyhow, we undressed, not looking at each other and when I put my stuff on a chair and turned around, she was in bed, under a sheet.

She squealed. "Billy, my god, how big is that thing?" she cried, pointing at my prick which was pretty excited, filling and jumping around.

I smiled at her and grasped my nuts which had kind of balled up at the base of my penis. I held it out toward her, arched up and getting rigid.

"I don't know," I lied not wanted to admit that I had measured it more than once. Maybe seven and a half inches most days.

"It's much too big. I'm sorry, but it's frightening. It would really hurt me."

"Let's try," I said, crawling up and raising the sheet to get in beside her. "We can stop if it hurts."

She put her hand down on my cock. "Oh, it's hot and hard." She stroked gently. "It's so big and I can feel your blood pulsing in it."

I didn't know where to put my hands so I put one on her shoulder, pulled her toward me and kissed her. She jumped back and blinked at me.

"What was that for?"

"Isn't kissing part of doing it?"

"I don't know. I suppose." And she wiggled closer and kissed me, raising up at little. I got my arm around her and held her and we kissed.

"Are you ready?" she asked quietly after our tongues had touched briefly. I nodded.

"Give me a condom."

"Oops, forgot." I slipped out of bed, crossed the room with my ram swaying around before me, found my pants and then the package and hurried back and dove under the sheet, smiling, eager, my prick sticking straight out. I handed the package to her and she tore it open, took out an envelope and opened it with her teeth and held up the rubber thing. I had never seen one.

"Lie back," she said.

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