Sierra's First Time-rape

by ClassyJJZ

Copyright© 2014 by ClassyJJZ

Erotica Sex Story: Sierra is walking to her best friends house when she gets jumped by three black men. They use her as a fuck toy, and she loses her virginity to a maniac.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Rough   Interracial   First   Double Penetration   Size   Public Sex   Violent   .

Sierra, bored out of her mind, texted her best friend:

'Hey, what r u doin?'

A second later, Gia responded back.

'Bored. Babysitting. Want 2 come over?'

Sierra, excited, texted back:

'Thank god, yes! Dad has some new slut over.'

After her mother died of childbirth (in which the baby, who she decided was a boy and named Cole, died too) it was just her and her dad. And a different woman almost every night. Right now, he had a new one- Jade- saddling him in his bedroom.

'I'll walk over. B there in 10'

She grabbed her coat, flung it on, and walked into the chilly night air. After being about halfway there, she stopped when she heard a slight snicker from behind her. "Who's there?" She shouted into the chilly night air. Who could be out at 11 o'clock at night besides-. Oh no. She quickly called up Gia. "Gia ... I'm scared. I think-MMMMMPHHHH!" She was quickly muffled by a large hand and a harsh voice that boomed, "Shut your trap or you'll never see the light of day again!" Another strong hand grabbed the phone from her hand and smashed it onto the sidewalk. They dragged her under a streetlight so they could see her, and she could see them. Three tall, buff African-American men held her down. The one in front, who she assumed was the 'Ring Leader', spoke first. "Well look what we have here. Let's see ... blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin ... what do you think boys, 32 D?" He said with a malicious smile. Holding down her legs, he glanced at her private area. "Do you keep it shaved, like a little girl? Or hairy, like a woman?" "Fuck you!" Sierra spat at him, and the smile quickly vanished off of his face. He raised his large, black hand and slapped her across the face, leaving a red mark. "EXCUSE ME, WHITE BITCH?!" He screamed. "YOU DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!"

He quickly calmed down, but was still upset.

"Big mouth, eh? I better shut you up." He then took out his long, thick cock from his shorts and waved it around in front of her face.

"Now before hand, let me introduce myself. My names Biggie, for obvious reasons. This is Rod, the beast on your right, and this is Peck, on your left. Who are you, white chocolate?" When she didn't respond, he stated, "Well, Bitch it is. Undress her boys."

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