Inside Pair

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young stud gets the opportunity to take two cherries, an opportunity he can't pass up.

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My family, including my hot little sister, went off to the beach for a week and left me home to take care of my lawn-cutting jobs, and, of course, the dozen or so grass widows I had been servicing regularly.

I was learning, and earning, a lot. I now could last twice as long before I came, and I'd swear my cock was bigger too although I hadn't measured it recently. It was not only long, which it had been since my last growth spurt, but really thick, like the handle of my tennis racket.

The day they left, I tumbled Jennie Miller into the hammock in her backyard and enjoyed myself for an hour or so, sucking her tits and boning her ass and leaving her sobbing and moaning with my splooge oozing from her in three places. She was a great and energetic lay. She climaxed early and often and begged for more when my balls were absolutely empty.

And then on Sunday, it was my turn with the Tucker twins, but Kimberly had gone over to Annapolis for the weekend to entertain the Navy so Madison and I did our best to forget her. I think we managed to couple a half-dozen time in two hours with the help of her wonderful tongue. Damn, what a body and her vagina could milk a tent pole.

So on Monday I was hoping for a day of rest and just finishing my breakfast when the doorbell rang. There stood, smiling and wiggling from side to side, two pretty girls blinking up at me.

"Hi, Billy," the blonde said, "I'm Gina and this is Valerie. We need something, a favor."

"Uh huh," I said brightly, looking from girl to girl and feeling my cock awaken. They were both young and very pretty, eighth graders I guessed, maybe thirteen or fourteen with long legs and bulging, cut-off tanktops and denim short shorts with ragged hems.

"Couple if our friends told us that you, well, that you, uh, deflowered them and that you were nice and gentle. So, well, if you've got the time, we'd like you to pop our cherries."

"How about it?" said the smiling blonde, hands behind her, wriggling from side to side and stretching her cropped shirt between her little nipples. Her tiny shorts disappeared between her thighs and displayed her bulging, zipper-filled slot and the lower half of her rounded butt.

"Come in, let's talk about it, " I said, smiling and feeling my cock tremble. I had kept track of my virgins, and if I got this pair, I would have ten in less than six months. In my computer I had pictures of each one kissing my blood-stained cock. Popping cherries was, I guess, my favorite hobby that summer.

We went down to the rec room, and they sat on the leather sofa while I perched on a barstool. We got introduced and I was right, they were both nubile, fourteen and eager. By then my prick was aching, its head ready to peek out of my shorts. Statutory rape was my game, a dangerous one I knew, but a lot of fun.

"So," the dark-haired Valerie said, "since were all under sixteen, it's OK isn't it?"

I nodded. "Sort of, but you can't go around bragging like one of your friends did about me. We could all get in trouble, I mean with our folks and with the law. Kids under sixteen aren't supposed to do it. You know that."

They both nodded and blinked at me. OK, I decided. You just do not pass up an opportunity like this, a double-header. Besides they were both real cute.

"Can we see it?" The blonde asked. "I mean we've heard things, awful things, but I've never seen a real one, just on my computer."

"Take off your shirts," I said.

They looked at each other and then at me, blinked, licked their lips and pulled their stretchy shirts over their heads and set them aside.

Their young, bra-free boobs jiggled nicely, a pair of fine sets, not real big but very shapely, nipples high and pink, excited I guess. I could hardly wait to chew on them. I had made a couple of girls climax by just playing with their tits, and when it came to eating pussies, I was a champ. Females screamed when I tongued them.

I stood up and yanked down my shorts and boxers, and my ram jumped out and quickly rose and hardened. Damn, but I was proud of it, rightly proud. It was a monster, my monster. I did not know a guy with a bigger or better one. The dark head was already slick and the thing quivered and rose a bit higher, stretching the skin, nearly nine thick inches when it was fully extended and curved upward.

They both gasped and the blonde's mouth fell open. "Ohmigawd," she cried.

Valerie smiled and licked her lips. "That beautiful, just, I don't know, awful and beautiful." She reached out and touched it. It jumped, pulsing like it always does, pumping out a bit of lube. My balls had coalesced into a single big knot at my prick's base.

Gina shook her heard, tossing golden curls, "It's too big, much too big."

"Do you really want it?" I asked.

"Do her," the blonde said. "I'm scared. You'd never get that into me."

"OK, take off your shorts and panties, both of you, and Valerie, you climb up here on my knees."

Naked, she did it, and I grasped her hard butt and pulled her to me, rocked her back a little and got my thick, upright shaft to lie right in her pussy lips, atop her little clit and right up to her belly button.

She was almost hairless, just a few light wisps. I moved it up and down gently as she closed her eyes and leaned back some more, her hands gripping my upper arms. Her outer labia wriggled pinkly as I rubbed gently up and down, spreading her open, exciting her clit. Her glistening inner lips appeared and she was ready.

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