Life of the Party

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young man with an impressive tool enjoys himself at some length, and girth as well

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"Billy, you pig," Mona said with a smile as she screwed herself still deeper on my upright shaft with my gripping hands squeezing her hard nipples out between my splayed fingers. "Don't just lie there; get to work."

"I'm fucked out, baby. Sorry. You're about the twelfth girl to mount my prong, and it's sore and tired. I've done the two hours you asked for."

She wriggled in the saddle, getting comfortable with my more or less rigid penis well up inside her and rubbing her folded-in clit as well. The little beauty gritted her teeth. "You are one big horse," she said with a grin as she started leaning forward and bouncing. We were in the basement playroom of her big home and toward the last phases of her sweet-16 party.

My poor cock, with the help of injected drugs of course, had been one of the highlights of her rowdy party. I wondered from time to time what she had done with her parents as the bedrooms filled with humping couples and the booze disappeared. And I had to admit that I enjoyed the first five or six girls I let mount up and get a ride. The ones that posted were a problem but most of them did not last long.

But now as things got quite, it was just the two of us, and this was the first time I had ever boned Mona, one of the prime sub-debs in my high school. I looked up at her and saw that her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she whimpered and gasped. I released her lovely boobs, grasped her trim waist and held her to my belly as I drove every inch I could muster up into her and held it there until it flexed and jumped. She climaxed with a scream and fell down on me, blubbering, mashing her ample jugs. When she recovered and rolled off, I found my clothes, thanked her for inviting me and accepted the fifty she had promised for entertainment.

In the passenger seat of my car, sound asleep, was Mona's little sister whose name was Ginger and who, despite the fact that she was only fourteen, was some very hot little babe with a great ass. Now I have to admit that I like breasts; I'm very fond of them and certainly enjoy squeezing and sucking any hooter that at least fills my hand, but in truth, I am an ass man, and little Ginger, even when she wasn't wearing heels, had a great set of firm and shapely buttocks, like a pair of over-inflated soccer balls. I've really tried this year not to fuck girls under sixteen, but, of course, I have failed numerous times when some horny youngster spread herself for me and begged to be ravaged. I felt my tired cock swelling again.

"Oh Billy," Ginger sighed, getting up on her knees and leaning toward me so that her fine round breasts fell right out of scooped-necked, ragged-hemmed, chop-top t-shirt, "I'm dying for it. I watched you with that blonde one, you know, the tall one with the plastic boobs, and I just couldn't believe how big and beautiful your penis is." She licked her lips and blinked her eyes. "It's like a huge piston, isn't it?"

I reached around and grasped her butt with both hand and pulled her to me, capturing her mouth with mine as I wriggled out from under the steering wheel and got down on the floor in front of the passenger seat. I freed her mouth and turned her around so her back was to me and then I yanked down her shorts and tiny panties and got my mouth up between her ass cheeks and my tongue into her immature pussy. I was amazed to feel my over-taxed cock quiver and surge, bending double in my pants.

Ginger squealed when I found her hidden clit and then she shuddered and climaxed, soaking my face as I reached down and unzipped. When I pulled her to me and my rigid cock entered her slippery little cunt and lifted her right off the seat, I knew I had another virgin and slowed down as my hands went up under her shirt and covered her fine little boobs, teasing out her small nipples.

"Don't hurt me; please, please, don't hurt me," she whimpered as her buttocks moved in concert with my still-eager ram, up and down, up and down, rolling and thrusting, eager for pleasure. It didn't seem to matter how many females or how many ejaculations I had enjoyed, when there was another one to plunder, I erected and then I penetrated and ravaged and usually ejaculated.

Ginger squealed and kicked when I split her hymen and then pressed another half-foot or so up into her tight and fluttering pussy and pulled the lever to lower the top of the passenger seat. My huge manhood became wonderfully curved and wrist-thick when I took them from behind and seemed to fit most female bodies perfectly as I mounted, my head right on the car roof. Once I was all the way in to the balls, I started working on Ginger's nice little tits with my thumbs and fucking her in four-ram groups, holding the fourth one until it flexed, bending forward and bracing my feet on the dashboard.

The girl made strange and continuous animal noises, whimpers I guess you'd call them, as I put my body on automatic pilot and just enjoyed the ride, rocking the car from side to side. The seats of my car had already had plenty of virgin blood so I certainly didn't worry about what I felt flowing over my churning balls. Her squeals were music to my ears. The sounds of our coupling were now rather squishy but accelerating toward an even noiser climax.

I teased out her tits and whispered in her ear, "Are you protected?"

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