A Story of Forbidden Desire

by dawn1958

Copyright© 2014 by dawn1958

Mind Control Sex Story: Kelly was a lesbian who found as much pleasure in domination than in an actual sexual encounter. Debbie and Linda found out just how controlling and powerful Kelly was and it resulted in sexual desire that neither thought was possible.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Mind Control   BiSexual   Oral Sex   mc sex story,mc story.

This is a request from Debbie and hopefully I do justice to her story. Please feel free to send your feedback, as I am always interested in what readers think of my erotic tales.

Kelly was fairly new to the neighborhood. She divorced her husband and moved across the country to be closer to her family. Working fulltime meant she had to juggle having a profession with raising a child, but Kelly didn't mind because her little girl meant everything to her.

Relocating was scary at first, but Kelly got lucky by moving into a very friendly area of the city. The first family she met lived right next door. She instantly liked the older family and their teenager children, especially the oldest daughter who was actually quite close to her age. Kelly had married young and she was only 25 while her daughter had just turned two. The neighbor's daughter, Debbie, was 19 and just about everyone on the block considered her the best babysitter around.

Kelly got to know Debbie extremely well, as she used her to babysit every time she went out, and the two became quite close friends. Debbie often stayed to chat with Kelly after a babysitting session and it wasn't long before the married woman discovered the teenager had a deep-dark secret. During one of their intimate chats, Debbie innocently implied that she was different than most girls. That disclosure was enough for Kelly and she kept asking questions and prying until she found out that Debbie was a lesbian.

It didn't take long for Kelly to reassure the girl that the most important aspect was to remain true to herself. Debbie was extremely confused by her secret emotions because her parents taught her that being bisexual or gay was sinful and very immoral. Following the intimate talk with Kelly, Debbie understood the strange feelings that had been troubling her throughout her teenage years and she willingly accepted the fact she was gay.

When the teenager sat in front of her and revealed her inner passions, Kelly felt a sense of power and control. She was definitely one who wasn't happy until she was in-charge and in control and those traits were contributing factors to why her marriage fell apart. Kelly thought back to her university days and remembered having more relationships with girls than with guys. Although she liked sex with her husband, she definitely felt more desire for another woman than she did for guys. Kelly deemed the major reason was the fact she was demanding and much stronger emotionally than the majority of women, which enabled her to gain control over most women.

She acted more like a mentor and mother with Debbie, which allowed her to gain the girl's complete confidence. Kelly realized that once the girl fully trusted her, the two would most certainly become lovers, but Kelly was in no hurry for that to happen. She vowed to take it slow and not get intimate until the girl was ready or the time was right.

Life was going along smoothly for Kelly until her older sister called one night. They talked for an hour before the reason for the call came out. Her sister was 15 years older than her and she had a son who wanted to attend college in the city. The only way her sister would let that happen was if he could live with a relative or someone very trustworthy. Kelly immediately agreed and told her sister to have no worries because Ronny was more than welcome to live with her. She insisted her nephew would put absolutely no hardship on her and her daughter.

The teenager had just graduated high school and he was one of those kids who put more time into sports than into his studies. Ronny was a very handsome boy and he was tall with an extremely athletic build. When he arrived at Kelly's, her jaw dropped because Ron had definitely matured and turned into a very good-looking boy.

Everything happened quite innocently and Kelly never really intended on involving her nephew in any of her devious schemes. That changed when Ron openly talked to his beautiful aunt after he had moved in with her. "Auntie, I noticed your gorgeous babysitter ... Debbie. Sweet Jesus, she's the sexiest girl and I wouldn't mind shagging her," he informed a stunned Kelly. "Does she have a steady boyfriend?"

Kelly was taken aback by the teen's daring request, but her mind immediately went into overdrive. She thought of ways to use Ron's teenage zealousness for her own sexual enjoyment. Although she would never become intimate with her nephew, Kelly dreamed of getting supreme satisfaction from gaining complete control over Ron and Debbie. Her zest for power was even greater than her desire for sex.

Ron had a lot of the same family traits as Kelly. He was demanding and controlling, but he was also extremely calculating. When Ron walked into his aunt's house, he instantly felt a strong sexual attraction to the gorgeous woman who was considerably younger than his mother. He studied Kelly and for the first two weeks he spied on her every chance he got. When he caught a glimpse of her almost nude and getting ready for bed one night, Ron decided his aunt was definitely fuck material.

Kelly had no idea the teenager had his sights set on her as well as her sexy babysitter. The Saturday started off like every other weekend. Kelly was cleaning the house, as she did every weekend, and she was in the kitchen when Ronny entered. "Auntie, take a break and join me for a drink. I need something to take the edge off, as I drank too much last night," he stated and handed Kelly a wine cooler. "I hate drinking alone."

"You're too young to be drinking, my love," Kelly replied, but took the bottle from her nephew.

They both took a few sips of their drinks before getting comfortable at the kitchen table. They chatted and Kelly never imagined in a million years that she would open up to someone young and immature. It was two hours and four drinks later before Kelly found herself fairly inebriated, but she hadn't lost her senses. The topic of sex eventually came up in their conversation and once it did, the chat got very steamy and explicit.

Kelly wasn't about to have sex with a relative and especially someone she felt close to, but she had no qualms about discussing sexual topics with her nephew. By the end of the afternoon, she had a new appreciation for Ron and knew the teenager was receptive to just about anything related to women and sex. "I must get ready. I've got just over an hour to get dressed and ready ... I'm going out with some people from work," she informed her young nephew.

The mixture of alcohol and teenager hormones made Ron feel as if he was invincible. "Good, I'd love to help you get dressed," he said and grinned at his aunt.

Kelly merely shrugged off the teen's bold suggestion. "Debbie ... well she's babysitting when I go out tonight and I must tell you a little secret about her," she said and laughed when the teenager listened intently. "Well, eh, she's not really looking for a boyfriend."

"Yeah, neither were any of my other girlfriends."

"Yes, but with Debbie it is different. You see she doesn't date guys ... eh, she likes girls."

There was a long silence and then Ron smiled. "Great! I love a challenge."

The night out dragged and during the entire evening Kelly's mind was on her babysitter and nephew. She kept seeing the devilish grin on Ron's face when he mentioned staying home with Debbie and Kelly thought of every imaginable thing that could happen when two teenagers were together. Her evening ended quite early because her friends were more interested in going home than partying so she rushed home with great expectations.

Kelly entered the house a little hesitant, as if expecting to find a sordid affair, but she found the two sitting in the dimly lit family room watching television. Ron had a beer and Debbie was drinking a wine cooler so both appeared fully relaxed, as they lounged together on the sofa. "Good to see you guys are ready for a party. All of my friends were too tired and they all went home," Kelly informed the teenagers.

Ron promptly hurried over to the small beer fridge. "Here you go, sexy. You'll need about three of these to catch up to us," he said and handed his aunt a drink. "Debbie and I were talking about you all evening."

"Good, I hope it was all bad," Kelly replied and broke out in laughter. Then she swiftly started chatting with the two. Ron noticed a unique chemistry between the two women and he was not only envious but also horny. It was well after midnight when everyone decided it was late and long past bedtime. Kelly was close to Ron and she gave him a knowing wink. "Go to your room, young man, and you might receive some company," she whispered. "Let me work on our little sweetheart so don't go to sleep."

Ron watched in awe, as the two women walked off towards Kelly's bedroom arm in arm. Nothing was said when they entered the room and closed the door. He lingered in the living room and listened for any tell-tale sounds of what was happening inside the bedroom. "Sweet fuck, I hope she's not kidding," he said and rushed off to his bedroom to wait.

Once inside the room, Kelly wrapped her arms around the teenager from behind. "We have the rest of the night to ourselves," she whispered in the girl's ear. "We've talked about your sexual appetite ... now it's time for a tremendous discovery."

Debbie rolled her head back onto the woman's shoulder, as the lips kissed the side of her face. "Huuummm, yeeaass," she moaned. "Please ... oh please, take me. I've waited forever."

Kelly rolled the girl's top up and over her head, tossing the garment on the bed. "I wanted to make love to you when you told me about yourself ... that you were a lesbian," she said. "Are you willing to be my lover ... my obedient slave?"

Debbie had no idea what Kelly meant, but she really didn't care because she was smitten by the woman. "I want you ... want you so much," she replied.

"Well my dearest, you'll have to prove it."

Again Debbie had no idea what the woman meant, as she was willing to do anything to prove her admiration for Kelly. "Huumm, I'll do whatever you demand ... whatever it takes." Debbie was in a very intimate relationship with another woman from the neighborhood, but somehow being submissive and dominated by someone as demanding as Kelly seemed extremely appealing and irresistible.

Kelly hugged her young babysitter. "I like that, my love. Now we're going to broaden your horizons. You're going to find out what lust can do to your sensible reasoning." Kelly stripped all of the girl's clothes and left her shivering and naked. Then she sneakily grabbed a leather dog collar from a night table beside her bed and quickly slipped it around Debbie's neck. "I've dreamed of you being my precious pet."

Debbie turned and faced the most dominating woman. She felt her heart race out of control when the strangest feeling in the world hit her. She had realized her secret passions of being a lesbian, but suddenly there was more. The powerful woman swiftly attached a short leash to the collar and jerked the strap until the girl's head moved up and down. "Oh yes ... yes, yes," Debbie moaned.

Kelly tightened her grip on the leash and slowly walked around the room a couple of times to demonstrate her control, before halting beside the bed. "It will take total obedience for you to prove your loyalty ... total obedience," she whispered and stared straight into the bewildered eyes, as she jerked the leash to garner more of the girl's awareness.

Debbie tried to return the deadly stare, but she eventually had to lower her head and look down at the floor. "I will do anything ... anything to make you happy," she mumbled, as her voice broke. Her heart started pounding and she was afraid it would fly out of her chest.

Kelly had an insatiable desire for power and control. Her mind swirled like mad and she envisioned the teenager with other women. "I want to know more about you, my darling. You babysit for many families; are you intimate with any other women," she asked?

Debbie would never understand why she betrayed her best friend and the woman who she held with the highest esteem. "Eeehh, yes ... yes, with Linda. We're lovers," she replied in a soft, timid voice.

"Wonderful! That's absolutely wonderful, my love. I'm jealous and know exactly what you see in such an adorable woman. Yes, Linda is one of the sexiest women in the neighborhood ... in the whole city," Kelly said and gave a definite tug on the leather strap. She forced Debbie to walk across the room and out the door.

When Kelly led her down the hallway to the spare bedroom, Debbie wasn't sure if she was strong enough to stay on her feet. She watched Kelly give three or four soft taps on the door and then her heart virtually stopped. "Ronny is infatuated with you ... with your beauty and loveliness," Kelly whispered softly. "I want him to see your nakedness and know you are my faithful pet."

"Yes, come in," Ron said, as the door slowly opened and his jaw dropped.

Kelly boldly walked into the bedroom and yanked the leash hard enough so that Debbie was forced in as well. "Ron, you haven't seen much of Debbie, but it's time you got to know her better. You'll find out that she isn't your normal little girl," she stated and smiled at her startled nephew. "Debbie is the sweetest pet."

Ron quickly played along with his aunt. "I hope she doesn't bite?"

"Honey, you'll find out that the last thing Deb does is bite. She loves to make her mistress happy ... satisfy her sexual urges and obey her mistress's demands."

"Good ... great ... holy fuck, am I dreaming?"

The lights were off, but Deb could still see. Her eyes almost bulged out of her head when the teenager brazenly stripped, which didn't take long because he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Ron wrapped his fist around the lengthy shaft of his cock and squeezed, as the blood surged through the impressive erection. Although Debbie had two or three boyfriends through the years, as she tried to understand her strange sexual urges, she was a virgin when it came to real intercourse.

Debbie found Kelly's domination to be the biggest turnon, as the young woman had complete control over her rising emotions. She stared in disbelief at Ron's erection and wondered if Kelly would actually order her to have sex with her nephew. Abruptly Kelly left her standing in the middle of the room and walked over to a chair, undressing on the way. "I'm going to sit over here and masturbate. I'm going to play with myself and watch Ronny turn my sweetie into his little bitch."

Debbie's entire body was on fire. She was more alive than ever and covered with goosebumps, as if there was a cool breeze in the air. Deb watched Kelly walk across the room and marveled at how her seductive butt and hips swayed with each step. One second she was admiring Kelly's nakedness and the next second two huge hands hit her back when Ron forced her to the floor. She put her hands out to break her fall and wound up on her hands and knees, which left her perfectly positioned and totally vulnerable.

She would be able to reflect on what happened with a newly acquired appreciation for sexual passion and animal lust. Debbie lifted her head and glanced across at Kelly for some kind of guidance. Ron was behind her and he shoved his face at the familiar female aroma. Debbie's knees jerked across the floor when his mouth hit her exposed opening and she howled when his hot tongue lashed through her narrow slit. Her head came up higher and her eyes locked on the woman who was masturbating in full view, right in front of her.

"Don't move, my love. Stay on your hands and knees and Ronny will take care of you."

It was all a dream and Debbie really couldn't envision a sexual experience with a man. "Oh God ... oh God, what will he do?"

"You're going to experience something most women can only dream about."

"Ooooh, ooooh."

"Just like that ... stay on your hands and knees like a good little doggie. Ron knows what to do."

"Oh my ... oh no."

"Geez, he's rock-hard and it's dangling between his legs."

"What? What?"

"His rock-hard cock is ready for you."

Ron was overly excited and he realized his aunt was as well. Kelly's hand was moving so fast it was hard to tell what she was doing, but it was evident she was thoroughly aroused. Her eyes were glazed and she was gasping desperately, as her fingers performed magic on her tender clitty. Ron gave the bare cheeks of Deb's ass a few spanks and then he crawled up tight to her behind.

Debbie knew enough to arch her back and try to move forward, but her struggle was in vain. She had to suck in her breath when Ron's fingers dug into her waist and then something wet brushed across her thigh. Ron rubbed his penis up and down the velvety thighs and he held Deb's body perfectly still. When he poked her crotch with the head of his cock, he sort of let Deb roll forward on her knees, as if he was letting her get away.

Ron arched his back and felt his cock hit the steamy wetness. He paused for a brief moment, as the puffy labia opened to surround the flared head. Debbie's eyes remained focused on Kelly and her brain tried to decipher what was really happening. The fingers tightened around her waist and suddenly the teenager used all of his brute strength to yank her torso backwards in a most violent fashion.

The sight was mesmerizing and fully transparent. Debbie's mouth gapped open and her tongue rolled out of her mouth. Her throat tightened just as a scream sounded and all that came out were measly whimpers. The arrow was fast and extremely accurate. Ron felt the end of his cock hit the wet hole and he knew exactly what to do. He rammed his hips at the captive bitch and buried his entire cock shaft into the hottest cavity.

Deb tried to breathe, but she couldn't. The cock pierced her hymen and embedded into her heart and soul, as Ron held her hips steady and he slowly pumped his powerful hips. The vast precum lubricated her canal and it didn't take long before Ron was able to rapidly drive his hips back and forth, ramming his cock to the hilt with each thrust.

Ron quickly reached the end of his stamina, but desperately wanted the intercourse to last longer. He arched his back and kept his cock embedded in the heated volcano, as he raised Deb's knees off the floor. This time Deb screamed. The cock scorched her inner being and she felt her slim hips being pried apart by the thick meat. The switch in her head was set on severe pain, which lasted what seemed like infinity, and then it toggled over to extreme ecstasy.

There was no doubt that all of the cock was inside of her, as Deb felt it pulsating like crazy. Hot lava was being injected into her deepest regions and she never envisioned anything so searing. Her temperature rose ten degrees a second until she was drastically overheated and covered with sweat. Suddenly her lover was beside her. "He's fucking you, baby. Ronny is filling your girlie-pussy with cum," Kelly whispered. "You're fucking a man for the first time."

Debbie heard the drastic declaration and couldn't believe it was happening. She never dreamed of sex with a man, but this was different. It wasn't really with the opposite sex; it was with an object so that she could satisfy her mistress's wishes. Deb tried to respond, but something blocked her throat. She grunted and sounded more like an animal that a girl. "Nnnaaack ... aaauuuck."

"Ron is making you his bitch."

"Nooooaaa ... nooooaaa."

"Oh yes, sweetie. His big cock is locked inside of you and he's filling your belly with cum."

Debbie was a picture of animal passion. Her head rested on the floor with her cheek lying on the carpet, while drool ran out of her mouth onto the carpet. Her eyes were wide open and staring off into blank space, as her ass was pointed high in the air. "Whaaa ... whaaat?"

"You're not a virgin anymore, my love. Your snatch belongs to Ronny and you'll love being his sex-slave. Whenever he gets horny, I'm going to make sure you satisfy his needs."

"God, it hurts, sooooo bad ... so bad."

"Don't worry. You'll stretch and soon it will feel good. Just wait, you'll love the ending."

Debbie had no idea what her mistress meant, as her heart continued pounding out of control. "Aaahhh, aaahhh ... yeeeaaahhh," she moaned.

Ron was experienced well beyond his years. He couldn't pump or go any deeper so he merely jerked his loins, as he jettisoned searing cum into Deb's overflowing hole. Her stomach heaved each time cum entered her belly and loud whimpering sounds erupted from the bewitched girl. Kelly noticed the lines of torture slowly disappear from the girl's face and she knew Deb was ready for more. Her hand snaked under the heaving belly and went directly to the dripping cunt.

Kelly looked at the girl's face and watched her eyes roll upwards when she rotated the clitty around in the immense oil. "Get ready, my love. Eventually you'll learn how to masturbate with a man's cock buried in your belly. This time I'll do it for you," she whispered and smiled at the submissive girl. Kelly put the swirling bud between her skilled fingers and turned the teenager into a wanton slave. She yanked the clit and never let up, as she jiggled her hand back and forth at a tremendous pace. "I can see in your face that you're almost there."

"Oh geez, not like this ... please, not with a man ... with Ron."

"That's a good girl. Fight it all you want, my love, but you'll be Ronny's bitch."

"God, what's happening?" What?"

"Keep moving that pretty ass ... you're getting close and Ron is still filling your belly with hot cum."

"God, I'm burning up. I'm so hot ... burning up."

"Good girl. I know you don't like men ... don't want sex with a man, but sometimes you'll have to do it for me ... to make me happy." Kelly's hand moved nonstop, as she molested Debbie's clitoris with skill and expertise.

"Please, please Kelly ... don't do that. No more!"

"Don't you want to make me happy?"

"Aaahhh, yeeaa ... yes, oh yes."

"You know how to make Mistress happy!"

"I do, oh, I do, but... ?"

"Oh sweetie, I feel it ... your belly. You're cumming all over Ronny's cock. You're Ronny's bitch."

"Oh God, no, no!" Debbie was very familiar with what happened once she reached a certain aroused state. Abruptly her stamina came to an end and her mind willingly rushed over the highest peak of desire. The first spasms were random and sporadic, but then her entire body went into severe convulsions, as her dear friend used her precious clitoris to destroy her willpower.

Kelly tightened her hold on the throbbing gem and twirled it back and forth with her strong fingers. "You're cumming! Oh gawd ... you're cumming, my love."

Debbie's orgasm flourished and her womanly juices coated the thick cock despite her reluctance to have sex with Ron. She felt the hardon shrink and eventually it popped out of her slippery hole. Her legs were weak and far too wobbly to remain in a kneeling position, as she toppled face-first onto the floor.

Kelly never hesitated. Her fingers molested the crushed clit and kept Debbie's hips jerking uncontrollably for the longest time. The two lay on the floor while it took a few minutes for each to regain their composure. Totally exhausted, Debbie was thankful for the respite. She snuggled into her mistress's body and relished the tight embrace.

Once Kelly felt strong enough and capable of moving, she ushered her girlfriend out of her nephew's room. She led the girl back to her own bedroom where they jumped into bed and were asleep in record time.

Debbie woke in the middle of the night with a jolt. She grabbed the hands, which were caressing her already perky boobs, but quickly relaxed once she realized where she was. She let go of Kelly's hands and welcomed the tender caresses, as the woman skilfully made her nipples throb with anticipation. Debbie closed her eyes and let her emotions soar sky-high, welcoming the heavenly lovemaking.

Kelly had awakened long ago. She purposely lay beside her teenage sweetheart dreaming and scheming, as vivid images of Debbie and the sexiest woman in the neighborhood filled her head. Kelly had control over the adorable babysitter, but she needed more. Once Debbie told her that she was in an intimate relationship with Linda, Kelly struggled to concoct a plausible plan to get control over Linda and completely dominate the woman.

Kelly hugged her young friend and kissed the side of her face. "Earlier ... when you made me the happiest woman in the world, I realized that you are special," she whispered, as her hands roamed up and down on Debbie's chest. She deftly pinched both nipples and the girl whimpered out loud. "I'm going to make love to you."

"Yes ... dear God, yes."

"I know you suffered ... had a hard time submitting to Ronny's crude sexual assault," Kelly said.

"No ... yes ... yes," Deb moaned, as her nipples were tenderly rolled and caressed by an angel.

Having the teenager under her spell felt terrific and Kelly pressed forward, wanting to know all of the sordid details. "I adore you and feel very envious that you and Linda are lovers. I think she is the sexiest woman in the world and you must be proud being her submissive lover," she whispered, assuming the older woman was the one controlling the relationship.

"Oh no, Linda's not in control. I am," Debbie replied and immediately felt reluctant to say more, but it was too late to go back. "No, I'm in control ... I'm her mistress."

Kelly's ears perked up and a shiver of desire shot through her body. "Oh my ... oh my, I'm very impressed, my love. Linda's such a refined and sophisticated lady. How on earth did the affair happen? How did you get control over her," Kelly asked and ran her lips up and down the side of Debbie's flushed cheek.

Deb was hesitant yet that didn't stop her reply. "It just happened. We didn't plan to have an affair; it just happened," she said. "I was upset and very distraught because I didn't understand my sexual desires. I just had a big fight with my best girlfriend ... and well, I was upset. My desires seemed strange and weird and I just didn't understand them."

"Yes, I can understand how you were troubled by your sexuality. Did you two talk," Kelly asked?

"Yeaa, yes. I stayed over that night and well ... she hugged me and tried to comfort me when I started crying. We were in her spare bedroom and sitting on the bed. It felt so nice being in her arms and she told me that there was nothing wrong with having feelings for another girl," Deb stated. "I don't know how it happened ... my head was on her chest and the next thing I knew my hand was inside her blouse ... feeling her tits."

"Yes, yes, then what?"

"She asked me to stop fondling her, but for the first time in my life ... I took charge."

"Yes, yes?"

"It was the best feeling ever. She pleaded and begged me to stop, but I kept feeling her tits. Soon I had her blouse open and her bra undone. When I kissed her nipples, all she did was moan," Deb said, as she started getting very excited.

Kelly's heart pounded, as her appreciation for the teenager increased. "Yes ... yes."

"Well I felt strong and in full control. I could tell she felt guilty for letting me feel her up, but I felt powerful. When she stood up and acted like she was leaving the room, I grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back," Deb said. "I made her stand up straight and on her tiptoes so her arm wouldn't hurt."

Kelly tightened her embrace and kissed the girl's face. "Huuummm, yes."

Suddenly Debbie felt obligated to reveal everything that happened. "I think I was hurting her, as she begged me to let go of her arm, but I twisted it harder and made her cry out because of the pain. I don't know ... I felt in control for the first time in my life and didn't want to stop," she informed the attentive woman. "I was mad at my girlfriend and suddenly I wanted revenge."

"Yes ... yes!"

"I turned her around and pushed her down on the bed. She landed on her back and I've never seen anyone so gorgeous or so seductive. Her tits were completely exposed and she didn't cover up or hide," Deb said. "Her tits ... her tits are so big and luscious. I would give anything to have boobs like her."

"Yes, Linda has the nicest tits ... well, from what I can see when she is dressed."

Debbie sensed Kelly's enthusiasm and continued. "Well ... well I thought I would die when she didn't move or struggle when I laid down beside her. She begged me to stop, but she didn't move or try to get away. Dear god, her nipples ... when I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples, I had to force myself to slow down. I so wanted to cream my panties, as her tits felt ... tasted so good."

"Yes ... yes."

"When I started kissing her chest ... then her tummy, she tried to get up. I don't know what got into me. I grabbed her hair and forced her to lie down again. She whimpered and sobbed, but I could tell it was all pretend ... put on so I wouldn't think she was easy."

"Oh my ... I can only imagine how aroused you were."

"Yes, I shoved my hand down inside her panties and my fingers touched her pussy. I remember hearing her beg again, but when I pulled really hard on her hair, she stopped. Oh god, she was so wet and my fingers got soaked."

Kelly's heart was pounding and her blood boiling. "Yes ... then what?"

"I yanked her hair and ordered her to spread her legs. Dear lord, when she did, I finger fucked her and it was totally amazing when she creamed all over my fingers."

"What! What!"

"She came right away. Her body went out of control and she climaxed so fast that I didn't believe what happened. Well, after she had the orgasm, we hugged and kissed until I couldn't wait. We undressed and ... and ... well we made love for hours. I've been with girls ... other girls, but when Linda touched me ... felt me and kissed me ... it was different."

Suddenly it was Kelly's turn for impatience. She kissed the teenager on the lips and stopped the story telling, as her skilled hands turned the heated girl into a sex-slave. The resulting orgasm was record setting when Debbie climaxed almost immediately and Kelly made sure the teenager knew who was in control. "I love the fact you're submissive and my precious lover ... but I've dreamed of having Linda under my spell since I moved into the neighborhood," she whispered. "I'll be the happiest woman alive if you help me."

Debbie was eager to please the woman. "Yes ... I'll do anything to make you happy ... well as long as Linda isn't hurt in any way."

"Don't worry, my love. I have much experience with subs and know exactly what Linda needs and wants. You and I will ensure she gets more sexual satisfaction than ever and I'll make sure she doesn't think it was your doing," Kelly said and then told a lie. "She never has to know you told me about your affair."

Linda was friends with just about everyone in the neighborhood, but she was especially close to the Taylor's. She was best friends with Susan Taylor because they had many of the same interests plus they were members of the same golf and country club. Susan was Debbie's mother so that meant Linda had the perfect babysitter, as she used the girl on numerous occasions.

When Linda received a phone call one bright and sunny morning, she never thought it would change her life. She met Kelly when the woman moved into the neighborhood and they did become fairly good friends right away. Kelly invited her over to her place saying she had something extremely interesting to show her. Without a second thought, Linda put on a nice outfit and went down the block to see her friend.

Kelly greeted Linda and they immediately went into the kitchen on the pretence of having a morning coffee and a nice chat. Their conversation started out with the local happenings around town and included nothing of a serious nature. Then Kelly looked Linda straight in the eyes and brought her dear friend to her knees. "Sweetheart, you and Debbie are lovers ... you're having sex with your best friend's daughter," she declared and paused to let her words sink into the woman's distraught mind. "But no one has to find out."

Linda tried to look the woman in the eyes, but she had to look away when her heart started racing out of control. "Whaaa, what?"

"Debbie told me all about your immoral affair. How you two are lovers," Kelly replied. "It's up to you! No one has to know."

When the woman mentioned a way out, she prayed. "Oh please, no one can know. It wasn't Debbie's fault. Please, don't tell anyone," Linda said. "My marriage ... my life would be ruined."

"Linda, my love, your secret is safe with me," Kelly replied. "You simply have to be my slave."

She heard the woman's demand, but Linda wasn't sure. "What? I don't know. What would I have to do," she asked?

"Come! Come with me into my living room where we can be comfortable. We can talk and I'll try to explain exactly what you'll have to do for my silence," Kelly stated, as she guided her friend into the living room and to a nice soft, easy chair. "No one will ever know about your affair if you obey."

Linda reluctantly sat down and Kelly sat on the arm of the chair, as she put her arm around her friend in a loving fashion and went on to explain everything. She told Linda a lie about how Debbie had been over babysitting for her and one thing led to another until the two wound up in bed together. "It just happened. We never intended on having sex ... it just happened," she explained. "Probably just like it happened with you and her."

"Yeeaa, yes," Linda replied. "It just happened."

"We started talking and you know how persistent and persuasive I can be. When Debbie let it slip out that she was overly fond of you, well it didn't take me long to find out all about your intimate relationship with her. I could tell that she truly loves you and you must know how badly she feels now that she has told me," Kelly informed the shocked woman.

Linda didn't know what to say so she merely sat still and listened, as the woman explained the whole story. Then to her utter horror, Kelly called out. "Debbie, my love. Please join us in the living room," she shouted.

Debbie was very hesitant when she came into the room. She had waited in another room for Kelly's signal, which the two had set up before Linda arrived. Deb wasn't sure if her dearest friend would forgive her for revealing their sexual relationship. When she looked into Linda's dark, brown eyes, her heart started pounding.

Linda stood up and opened her arms. "It's okay. I probably would have done the same thing," Linda whispered, as she welcomed her young friend with a loving embrace. Then she pulled back and stared at the girl and in particular at the leather dog collar around her neck, which had a two-foot long leash attached.

"I'm sorry ... so sorry. I don't know what came over me," Debbie replied, as she wrapped her arms around Linda. "You mean the world to me and I didn't mean to tell."

"I know. It's okay ... really. Please don't worry."

"Thank you ... thank you. I love you."

Linda reacted without thinking. She pulled back and kissed the girl on the cheek to let her know she did forgive her. Then she looked over at her devious friend and realized Kelly had a ravenous desire for power and control. When the woman reached for something on a nearby table, Linda merely stood still when Kelly swiftly slipped a leather collar around her neck.

Kelly clipped a short leash onto a ring attached to the dog collar and stared into the bewildered eyes. "Today we are going to do some role playing. My sweethearts will be actresses and do everything I demand," she said in a low steady voice. Kelly had full control over the two attractive women she dearly cared about and she wasn't about to miss out on her dream.

The lighting was dim and the room was cozy, as Kelly offered drinks to the nervous women. They sipped on the refreshing drinks and the alcohol actually took the edginess off the unexpected proceedings. Linda felt flushed, but still in reasonable control of her emotions. The first drink regulated her breathing; the second slowed down her heartbeat and the third calmed her anxiety.

Kelly had outlined her plan to her young friend so Debbie knew what to expect. Following the third round of drinks, Kelly decided it was time. "We have something special for our dearest slave. Debbie, my love, please go to the bedroom and get him."

Everyone stood up and Kelly slyly held onto Linda's leash, as they walked away from the chair. "I know you two are lovers and act like animals when you're together," Kelly said, staring straight into Linda's bewildered eyes. "I'd dearly love to watch Debbie make you her sex slave, but today I crave real animal passion."

Linda had no clue what Kelly was talking about, but Debbie did. The young woman quivered thinking about Ron and she desperately wanted to warn Linda. Kelly sensed the girl's intention, but quickly put a stop to any warning. "Debbie! Go to the bedroom and get him. I've waited for this moment forever."

Debbie immediately rushed down the hallway towards the back bedroom, obeying her mistress' command. "I know you think you're sophisticated and one of the most civilized women in the neighborhood. Today you're nothing but my little slut who is going to show everyone her submissive nature."

"What? Please Kelly, I'm not a slut ... submissive."

"Linda, my love, Debbie has told me all about you ... how you cream all over her tongue and fingers. You're a horny married woman who needs real cock and a royal fucking."

"No, Kelly no."

"I told you, my love, the only way to keep your naughty sexual relationship a secret is to be my slave," Kelly whispered and stared at the shivering woman.

Linda tried not to blink when tears whelmed up in her eyes. She heard footsteps coming across the tiled floor and turned to find Debbie and what was supposed to be a dog entering the room. Ron was on hands and knees with his impressive hardon well hidden under his abdomen and Debbie had a firm grip on the dog leash to keep his head high in the air. When the teenager hit the carpet, everything got eerily quiet except for his loud breathing, which sounded almost like panting.

Debbie was practically dragged along by the muscular teenager and she let go of the leash once Ron was beside his aunt. He snuggled into the tight space between Kelly and Linda and tried to rub up against the shivering woman. Kelly had a tight hold on the collar around Linda's neck, as her nephew admired the sexy woman. "We are going to do some role-playing," she informed a shocked Linda. "Have you ever used role-playing during sex?"

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