Just a Little Lie

by Cantbuymy

Copyright© 2014 by Cantbuymy

Incest Sex Story: This is an incest story about a father and daughter. There is a lot of sex and a lot of love too.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lolita   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Slow   .

The year was 2006, June 2006 to be precise, which is pretty damn important. I was sitting in my Colorado home having a drink and looking at the view and it is a magnificent view. It should have looked better to me but it didn't; but it was still ok.

It was a nice time of day and the sun would be setting soon. I did not spend enough time here I thought. Actually I hardly spent any time here at all since the divorce.

My name is Franklin Collins and I am a twenty eight year old rich kid. I just had a birthday but no one came to the party. There was no party. I am alone most of the time. I am alone by choice. I was and am a trust fund baby. It was the great grand parents that made the money but everyone was dead now. I was the only one left. You know what they say about money. Money can't buy you love, but it sure as hell can buy you some hot hookers. But I never have anyone here; this is my home, my real home.

I live in a nice house with three bedrooms, split level. I have all the toys. I take lots of trips and I don't actually work. I am well educated. I know a lot of people and they pretend to like me, maybe they do, I don't really know. I am not good at reading people. I have been fooled before.

A knock disturbs my solicitude. I have far too much solicitude as far as I am concerned. As long as it is not a Jehovah's Witness, I will not mind the company, if only briefly.

Standing in front of me was a very severely dressed older woman and a girl of maybe fourteen.

"Mr. Collins?" The woman asked.

"Yes, I am he." I replied.

"I have your daughter here with me. You will have to take over now that her mother has died." I was informed.

"Fuck you asshole. I hate your guts you bastard. You killed my mother and made our lives hell." The young girl said.

Then the girl walked up and took a swing at me. Other than the language she was sort of cute. She had this long flowing golden blond hair and long coltish legs that went on forever under her short skirt, and was flat as a board. I had not seen her in over six years. No she was not cute I decided, she was now quite beautiful.

"Nice to see you again, Julie." I said as I let her swing through and as she lost her footing and her balance I grabbed her around the waist and folded her arms around her front, like a mummy, and held her from the back.

As a result of the beginning of this touching little reunion the woman said:

"May we come in?"

And then she just walked into the house and into the front room. I was still holding a struggling and yelling Julie.

"I just love this part of my job." She said. "A loving reunion after a prolonged absence; it does my heart good."

"You do realize that Julie is not my daughter and her mother and I divorced because of her adultery, don't you? The court said Julie is not my daughter." I told her.

Still smiling she said:

"The birth certificate shows you as the father and the department does not care what the court said about parentage for the purposes of child support or divorce. They did not change the birth certificate, so you are legally still her father. Your lovely daughter still bears you name too. You can see that the emotion of the moment appears to have clouded her judgment. Just give her time. Don't like it, litigate. In four or five years you might win, or you might not."

All this time a struggling Julie was calling to me:

"You bastard! You fucking prick! I hate you."

"This is a lovely home you have here Mr. Collins and I presume that you have sufficient room for your daughter."

She continued, ignoring the apparent lack of warmth and love flowing from Julie to me, and acting like everything was normal.

"Now let's see that bedroom so that I can leave you two alone to catch up. I can see you have a lot to talk about." She said.

For reasons unknown to me I simply carried a yelling Julie to the guest bedroom and the woman looked around. It was not actually a carry thing; I held her like a mummy and sort of walked and dragged her with the woman. Julie would struggle, or kick, or just go limp, as the mood struck her. Apparently this did not effect her ability to cuss at me.

"Yes, it is lovely. Well I will get her clothes from the car and you can start to play catch up. I see that there is a lot you have to talk about." She repeated and then finished.

As I am still holding a struggling Julie, but now in the living room, the woman returned with three large green plastic trash bags with clothes in them and drops them on the floor.

"They will need a wash, they stink. You daughter could use a good soak and a bath too. She stinks." The woman said.

"OK I played nice so what the hell do you think you are doing?" I said.

By now Julie had calmed down and was just looking at both of us. Actually she kicked me as she looked at us, but as she was wearing tennis shoes nothing much happened. I grabbed her again and she struggled some but gave up when she could not kick me in the balls by lifting her leg backwards. I had myself protected from that.

"Listen asshole. The department is overburdened. We are under a federal injunction to reduce overcrowding. We are also a federal order to place as many kids as possible. I have almost one hundred children under my alleged care. My time is spent making sure they get fed and a place to sleep and I do it eighteen hours a fucking day and only get paid for eight. I have not seen my own kids in so long I expect my own damn agency to take them away from me for neglect. There are not enough beds and places to put the children. You are the father on the birth certificate and you are therefore the father. She obviously has some strong feeling about you and after what she just did and said you have not raised a hand to her. She is safe here. And there is the fact that the department does not have to pay you for looking after your own child. Here is a document from the department making you her guardian for all purposes, just in case that divorce court order is believed. Now don't piss me off and ruin my good fucking mood that this tearful reunion created!" The woman said.

I was in a state of shock.

"And you have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow, you both have to be there." And with those words she handed me the appointment slip and stormed out without looking back, got into her car and was gone.

I turned and walked into a right hand slap from Julie.

"You killed my mother." Julie screamed.

"Julie I have no idea what you are talking about. I never killed anyone." I said. "If you are hungry I can get you something to eat." I added trying to change the topic.

"Fine I want a heart and liver sandwich. I want it fresh. Yours will do."

Julie said and stormed up to what would be her room and began slamming the door over and over. The extremely loud music she was playing could hardly be head over the noise of the slamming door. Evidently she found the "on" button to a lot of electronic devices in her room.

I shook my head. She needed to learn a lesson and I would teach her. Even if she was only fourteen she was going to have to learn some rules.

I went into her room.

"What the hell do you want asshole?" Julie demanded by screaming only inches from my face.

I said nothing as I just undid the pins and took the door off. I carried it to the garage.

She decided to turn the music louder and turned on the TV at the same time. It was a well appointed room.

I came in and unplugged the TV and it went next to the door in the garage. The source of the music was next, followed closely by the computer.

Next the furniture was taken out. It had been a very, very, well appointed room. It was perfect for Julie and if she got herself together it would be again. These pieces I moved into another room so I would not have to carry them up and down stairs.

Soon the only thing left was the closet and the bed.

"Now you will learn some rules. I don't care how you lived before, you will stop the cussing and making the noise. I am sure you are hurting but it is not like we are strangers, is it? Now go into the bathroom across the hall." I told her.

I had obviously hit a nerve and she did what I said. Old habits die hard. It was a lovely bathroom, suitable, as the room had been, for a young lady.

"Who has been using this place? It is sick that you keep someone here that uses this when we lived hand to mouth." Julie said.

"Julie, now pay attention. No one has used anything here. No one has ever stayed here or used this bathroom. I change the soaps and everything every month. I have rose bubble bath, because I remember that you liked it at one time and I always keep it here. No one has stayed in the bedroom you occupy. No one has ever slept here in this house, except me and I don't use these rooms. Now get undressed and toss your things into the hall. I will have something for you to wear and there will be some sleep wear, but not your size, but it will work until tomorrow." I said as I left.

That evening I checked and all of her clothes was outside the door. I hung a terry cloth robe on the door knob; it would be large for her.

"I don't understand what he is doing?" Julie thought to herself. "The bedroom, this bathroom. I understand his getting angry and taking things away but why a bathroom with my favorites soaps, but from years ago. Oh well, I might as well enjoy a good soak. And I really need to wash my hair. He even has my hair products from so long ago. Asshole!"

When Julie was done she put on the robe and walked into her room. There was a tray with some food on it; along with a note.

"It has been sometime but I remember you used to like this." The note said.

On the table was a large bowl of tomato soup and two grilled cheese sandwiches but without the crust.

"Did he really think this was all it would take? Does he really think that a bowl of soup and some melted cheese will do it?" Julie thought.

She had to sit on the bed to eat, looking at the door less opening and into the hall. On the bed was a pair of sweats, and some sox, boxer shorts, even a t-shirt.

"Obviously he knows nothing about what a girl wears to bed." Julie thought.

I was downstairs putting load after load into the washer and then the dryer. She did not have all that much and it was pretty funky. I put a load in the dryer and when it was done I took it out and folded everything. It had been a long time since I saw female underclothing of any type. Even the whores I used were undressed and in bed when I got in and were gone when I got up. But not here, never in this house, no one but me was ever here, except now Julie is.

If she had not been such a little punk I would have put it away in her dresser.

"Damn this is a nice room, nicer than anything I remember with my mom. We had nothing but the walls and not much in the way of food. This is a nice feeling bed. I think I will just put on the t-shirt, it is long and go to sleep. Despite everything, despite what I had done, despite my guilt, I missed my mom." Julie thought as she fell asleep from exhaustion. She kept her tears to herself.

It took three hours but I was finally finished with the wash. I had not washed her clothes in six years and not much changed except the size and the condition of the clothes.

Why did she keep yelling at me? What did I do to her? What did I do to her mother?

That night I went to sleep for the first time in six years with someone else in the house and it was my Julie, my baby. That is not exactly right, I hardly slept at all. I was worried about my baby.

I was up at five, as I usually was. For some reason I felt great, despite the lack of sleep. Julie was back with me and I had missed her.

I wanted to go for a run but I didn't; I wanted to be there when she woke up.

At seven I went upstairs and knocked on the door frame. She looked up with sleepy eyes and smiled and just as fast the smile went away and anger filled her face.

"What the hell do you want?" Julie demanded.

"I was going to fix breakfast and I wanted to know if you wanted to eat with me." I asked.

"Sure, now you want to feed me. Fuck you!" Julie said.

Then thinking better of it she said: "Sure, fix me something, it will be more than you have given me in six damn years."

Now I was more than a little confused about these last statements but she was upset and I went with the flow.

Julie came down to breakfast wearing the sweats I left for her. They were way too big for her little body, but she did look cute, almost like the little girl I loved so many years ago. Truth be told, I still loved her, despite all that happened.

I did not ask what she wanted and within a minute of her sitting down she had her blueberry waffles with blueberry syrup on the table. She did not smile or say thank you, but she ate with a good appetite.

Then it was an egg and some bacon and milk. She ate in silence.

Seeing me looking at her she almost went back into anger mode.

"What?" Julie asked, but with a hint of anger.

"If you act with more reserve I will put the dresser and other furniture back into the room. If you piss me off you will be sleeping on the floor. Your choice." I told her.

She was angry but not a fool.

"OK, no more noise or slamming of doors. When do I get the TV and other stuff back?" She said in response.

"You get the furniture back in a few minutes so that you can put your clothes away. I washed them all and ironed some of them. You need new clothes. The electronics and the door will come after you earned them with good behavior." I told her.

I left her in the kitchen and started moving the furniture back. I had one of those slide mats so it was easy to do.

She came into the room with her clothes and I left her and got more and brought them back up. Setting them on the bed I told her that making her bed was part of her job here and I expected it to be made daily and we would talk about her other duties.

"So I am your fucking maid?" Julie said.

"Careful or there is always the floor to sleep on. No you are not my maid but neither am I yours. I will cook, unless you want to. I do the wash and you will help. I clean the house and you will too. We have a lot to do today. I need a list of what you want to eat and we have to get ready for the doctor visit this afternoon. If there are any other feminine products you need, we will get them today. Tomorrow we will go shopping for clothes. And where the hell are the rest of your clothes?" I asked.

"These are my clothes, all my clothes. You think we had money to waste on clothes when mom had to be a whore just to get food?" Julie said.

"This man who I once called 'dad' was a complete asshole. He abandoned us, and now wants to play father again. Well fuck him. I will take what I need from him but I will hate him until I die and then I will piss on his grave. Damn I love my Daddy." Julie thought; and her mixed feelings made it even harder on her.

"I can use some new clothes but no 'feminine' products as you say, I don't have a period yet. I can use some other things though. Tomorrow is soon enough." Julie told Franklin.

The day passed slowly and Franklin did not have any difficulty in seeing that his once daughter was going to be a beautiful woman.

Even at fourteen she was still short of five feet and slightly built. She would not have her mother's huge tits or fat ass, but she would be a beauty in her own right. She was flat, with only slight bumps and did not even need a training bra. She had a tight little high ass and straight but strong legs.

But her face, that was the clincher. She was beautiful with long blond hair and perfect skin, not a blemish in sight. She had a small nose and the cutest little lips and deep pale blue eyes. She was perfection. It was obvious that she would take after his side of the family.

Then Franklin thought about what he thought and laughed to himself. She would not take after his family, she was not actually his.

Julie wore a small skirt and top, which were well worn. When he looked askance at her Julie looked and said:

"Goodwill. We bought them last year. This is my newest outfit." Julie said with much bitterness.

Franklin already knew that her panties were worn and some had holes in them but the sizes he was not sure about as there were no labels on them. Now he was sure, they were way too small, he could see that, as well as what they were supposed to be covering up. He should not look, but then again, she was not actually his daughter, the court had said so when they got the DNA, but she was beautiful and even sexy.

Franklin let her watch some TV and he got ready for their meeting with the doctor.

"I want you to think about what you need to talk to the doctor about today. It is important. You also need to start thinking about school and if you want to go to a private school, a public school, or go away for school." Franklin said.

"So you want to get rid of me already? Got a guilty conscious?" Julie said, her anger rearing its head.

"No Julie that is not what I want. What I want is for you to be happy. You never did anything to me and I have nothing against you, quite the opposite. What I want is for you to be happy." Franklin said.

"If you felt that way why did you abandon us? What did we do wrong? What did I do wrong? I only did what mother said I should do. I was only eight years old!" Julie yelled with tears in her eyes.

Franklin was perplexed by these statements but he let them go, until they could see the doctor. Maybe then he would get answers.

During the day they kept to themselves, she watching TV and Franklin in his office doing whatever he was doing.

"Time to go." Franklin said.

Julie, with her long legs showing in her much too short skirt and too snug top went off to the doctor.

"I had to admit that even with all that had happened she was still my little girl. Well maybe not all that little." Franklin said to himself.

We had it set up to have a one hour appointment, actually fifty minutes.

Julie spent the first hour yelling at me.

"Fucking asshole. You abandoned us. We had no food, I wore used clothing. We were evicted twice and lost everything. I never got a birthday present or a Christmas present because we did not have enough money. I never got anything at Easter and we could never afford good clothes to even go to church. I hate you." Julie summed it up pretty well.

Our hour was up but we got a second hour to allow me to speak.

"Julie I loved you from the first moment of your existence. I was only a few days into being fourteen when you mother found me. I don't know how she knew but she did. My parents and grandparents died in a plane crash and I was left alone with the lawyers and a housekeeper. I was financially set, but what the hell does a fourteen know about that?

"Your mother met me and we had sex. Looking back I can't call it making love because she never loved me. I got my cock sucked when I wanted it." I continued.

"Sir, can we use more polite language, this is a young girl here." The doctor said.

"No, we fucking can't. She had been cussing at me for over an hour and I don't intend to make this anything but what it was; a sordid attempt to get money for sex. Her mother was a whore!

"We started fucking almost immediately. She was on the quiet about it but after a month she told me she was pregnant. She was in her twenties and I wanted to marry her and have the baby.

"The lawyers said NO and I said that if they did not agree I would fire them when I was eighteen, as soon as I could. They relented and I married your mother.

"I played with you in the womb by running my hands over your mother's belly and taking to you. I even sang to you then, and I was there when you were born. You were MY baby. I changed you, I fed you, and I bathed you. I played with you and walked you when you could not sleep.


"Well if I was your baby and all that is true why the fuck did you abandon us?" Julie interjected.

"You mother started cheating on me from the beginning and the month after you were born I found out. I knew it but I was only fourteen and I had no idea what to do. I had no life experiences to base my actions on. I was in love and I thought it was forever. I had no understanding about how these things worked. I had no parents, or even grandparents and the lawyers were out. I did not even have the housekeeper as she was fired by your mother as soon as we were married.

"I was alone, except for you!

"I gave you all my love and affection. You were the world to me. You are the world to me. I can't turn off my love.

"I held out for six damn years, until I was twenty two and then that was enough. It was enough because I found out something that killed any attempt by me to get your mother to be my wife again.

"For some reason the District Attorney decided to press rape charges against your mother. I think my lawyers put them up to it. They hated your mother as I did.

"You were the evidence of her having sex with a minor BEFORE we were married. You were a full term baby born seven months after we married. That means that she got pregnant two months before we married and she was having sex with a minor. She was going to go to state prison.

"Then the case fell apart. You were proof but then you weren't. They did a DNA test and you were not my daughter and the DA had no proof, other than me, that we had sex before I married her." I said.

"I remember that day and the test. They took something from my mouth with a stick." Julie said softly.

"I wanted you to be my father, you were the best father any of my friends had, and then you weren't." Julie finished with a humbling cry.

"We got a divorce. Your mother was not entitled to any of the trust, trusts are not community property. The house we lived in was owned by the trust and all of the money came from it. I made an agreement with your mother and she signed the papers and we were divorced. She would have gotten nothing anyway but she agreed. I made that agreement to take care of YOU! If I interfered in any way, you and she would just disappear. I could support you but I could not see you or even have someone follow you or take pictures of you. I would not be able to see you until you were fifteen. I prayed every night that I would wake up and it would be your fifteenth birthday.

"Every night I dreamed of you, of all of the things we did together. Every night for six damn years you filled my dreams. You filled them the day before you arrived at my door and you filled them last night." I told Julie and the doctor.

"This is the paperwork for you first apartment. It was a very nice two bedroom on the second floor. It was nicely furnished when I had the keys given to your mother. Here you can see the name of the owner. The owner is MY trust." Franklin told her.

"You jerk! You evicted us the month before Christmas. How could you do that to us. We lost everything!" Julie cried.

"Julie, you did not lose anything at all. I paid your mother five thousand dollars for a relocation allowance. You moved into a nicer three bedroom apartment. It was a Christmas gift." Franklin said.

"Gift my ass! We had to sell everything to move and even my clothes were sold. We had no Christmas that year. Not even a tree! My mother had to sell her body to get money for food and pay the rent! Julie said.

"Julie, you mother never had to sell anything to get money for rent or food. When she left she even sold all of the fixtures and appliances. It was a completely furnished apartment only three years old. I had to replace the stove, refrigerator, beds, furniture, everything was sold and your mother kept the money. She did not pay rent for two damn years, she never did. I gave her the place for free! That is four thousand dollars a month for the unit and she had it for free for two damn years.

"Julie, that is forty eight thousand dollars a year in rent that I gave you and your mother for two years. That is ninety six thousand dollars to your mother and YOU in free rent. If it had just been her she would have gotten nothing. I did it so that you would have a decent place to live." Franklin said.

"So you did it to rent it to someone else and then make money off of mom!" Julie said.

"I spent a lot of time getting ready for this meeting today. Here is the spread sheet for rent from that building. Not once did you mother pay anything.

"And here is something else. Not only was she getting free rent, I was paying her one thousand dollars a month. I did that so should would not have to work full time and be able to stay with you. That is an additional twenty four thousand dollars.

"Here is a record of the deposits into a special account I set up for her. See each deposit. See how she took the money out in cash using her debit card the next day after the deposit for each month?

"And there is a second account, it is for you. I love you no matter what you think. Each month I put five hundred dollars into an account just for you. That is six thousand dollars a year, just for you. That is twelve thousand dollars over two years.

"See these additional deposits? Two thousand on your birthday. Two thousand at Easter. Two thousand at Christmas. Two thousand just before school started for new clothes. Two thousand more when school was over so that you could do things during the summer.

"Julie, that is an additional ten thousand a year or twenty thousand dollars in two years.

"In the two years you were there I gave your mother fifty six thousand dollars, plus ninety six thousand dollars in rent. That is one hundred and fifty two thousand dollars and that does not count the five thousand to move and what your mother got when she sold the furniture and fixtures from the unit."

"Your lying" Julie said.

The doctor looked at the paperwork and it looked authentic and she told Julie.

"Julie, the apartment you moved into was also new and furnished. The trust owned that too. It was a beautiful three bedroom and was worth more than five thousand dollars a month.

"That is another one hundred and twenty thousand that your mother got from me, plus the fifty six thousand in cash over the next two years." I told her.

"Julie that is three hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars you mother got in four years!" I finished.

"But we had to take in a boarder to make ends meet. Mom said it was necessary and we rented out one of the bedrooms. He was sort of creepy but mom said we needed the money." Julie said.

"Julie, you needed no such thing. Here are the bank records for those two years. You mother was taking your money and I have no idea what she was doing with it. I was just trying to give the little girl I loved a good home. I had no authority over your mother or you. The court said we were not related when they did the DNA and the judge in the divorce action made an order that I did not pay child support as I was not your father.

"Your mother did what she did and I had nothing to do with it. But here are the bank records. You got the money, she took it out. Here is the rent receipt records for the entire building; you never paid anything for rent." Franklin finished.

"But you evicted us again, just before Christmas. Didn't you?" Julie now asked with more hesitation and more of a question than before.

"No Julie. I gave you a Christmas present again. This time it was ten thousand dollars relocation allowance. And like last time she sold everything she could get her hands on.

"It was another three bedroom, fully furnished apartment in a new high rise development that the trust owned. It was free. You had a beautiful view of the city. It was worth more than ten thousand dollars a month. I know because the unit next door had to pay that and his was not furnished.

"You were there two years, and that is another two hundred and forty thousand dollars in rent.

"Are you beginning to get the idea. I never abandoned you. I love you and I always have. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy and safe. You were my life for eight years. I had no one but you and then you were gone. Your mother had already been gone for eight years, from the date of your birth but you were mine. You were the one I loved for those next eight years. You were just mine and no one else's. Then she took you from me and I was alone, I am still alone, until you came back to me.

"If you mother did not have a heart attack I would still be sending her money to use for whatever and you would still think I was an asshole.

"Well I'm not an asshole and I still love you, even if I am not your father!" Franklin finally finished.

"Damn it Daddy, I don't want your fucking money, I want you back. Do you really think that for six years I dreamed of money? No, I dreamed of having my Daddy back." Julie said, sobbing through her tears.

I wanted to hold her and tell her it was alright but it did not seem right. She did not make a move to let me know it would be ok, so I just let it go.

This meeting had been going on for three hours by now and we were all pretty drained. It was time to go.

We did stop for food at a market but Julie just went through the motions. She was beautiful though. Her skirt was too short and the top too tight and her little breast buds, actually only fat nipples, were proudly on display, and even though she did not have any real tits people stopped to look at her because she was so beautiful.

If she bent over to get something I could see her white cotton panties. When she reached up and her top went tight I could see her puffy little nipples.

I did not want to admit it but even at that age she was a hottie. I got chubby more than once looking at her in that short skirt and tight top. Those nipples looked yummy.

She was just beautiful. Maybe that is just a father's prejudice. Long blond hair and fair skin, coupled with pale blue eyes and a small nose, cute little ears and just a small little mouth with just a hint of pouting lips, completed the package.

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. When we got home Julie asked to see the papers again so I showed her. She hardly said anything since we left the doctors office. I could see her churning things over in her mind. I had watched her do that for eight years. I watched her learn the mysteries of life from baby kittens being born to chickens. I watched how she learned about imprinting from that baby chick. I saw it all and now I was seeing it again and after six long years and I was happy to be able to see it.

I then made a tour of the paperwork that was given to me by the social worker and inside I found the two debit cards. I gave them to Julie. One had her mother's name on it and the other had Julie's name on it.

While she looked at everything I made pizza for us. It may have been six years but I remembered exactly what she liked and did it that way.

She did not talk during dinner, she was looking at the papers and at me and back to the papers and then the debit cards and then, well you get the picture.

She went upstairs without a word and I could tell she went in and took a bath. Then I was sure I could hear her going to bed.

Tomorrow I would put her door back on, I thought to myself.

Julie thought, "It was all a lie! Mother was just a whore. We had money but she used it for herself, or something. She did not need me to do anything. He loves me and always has. He did not abandon me, he tried to take care of me."

Around ten that evening I went to bed. I was drained. I could not afford another night like last night so I took a sleeping pill, then another a few minutes later with a shot of Jack. I took my shower and shaved and did all of that stuff and went to bed. I sleep naked as I always did. I decided I did not feel sleepy and took one more pill. I really needed the sleep.

I had a dream, a wonderful dream. In my dream Julie came to me. This time she was not a little girl, she was on the verge of womanhood, and she was beautiful. I was forgiven. She loved me. She got into bed with me and I put my arms around her and we kissed. Not like a father and daughter but as lovers do. I was shocked that I wanted her. Then she turned and put her back to me. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear, and told her that I loved her.

Then I dreamed that I began caressing her, feeling her wonderful smooth skin. Her nipples reacted to me and I was reacting to her. I told her that I loved her over and over. I tried to make love to her but I was too big for her and the angle must have been wrong, but we both had an orgasm. It was the best dream of my life.

When I woke up that morning I was feeling great. I did notice that the sheets were full of cum. Damn, I had not had a wet dream for more than a decade. I decided to wash the sheets and see if Julie felt any better this morning. I really did not want to spend the rest of my life getting the silent treatment.

He was asleep as I entered the room. This was the man I called Daddy for eight years. This was the man who fed me and clothed me and spent every spare moment of his time with me. He made sure I was always safe and when I fell he picked me up and would kiss my booboo and make it better. This is the man who I loved more than any other. The man who I now knew loved me and still does love me. This is the man who loved me as a daughter and when he was told I was not his daughter he still loved me. There is no one in the world who can love me as Daddy does.

I dropped my gown and stood naked in his room. I wanted to come to him as I was when I was born, naked to the world. My breasts hurt they were so hard. My vagina was actually wet and the little button was hard as a stone.

I moved the covers and discovered that he too was naked. I moved into bed. He started to move.

"It's ok Daddy, it's just me." Julie said to the sleeping form.

She saw the bottle of pills by the bed and read the label. "Maybe this was for the best." She thought.

For some reason he seemed to smile as he slept once I got into bed and told him it was me. Was he dreaming of me? I went to kiss him and he put his arms around me and pulled me in. We shared a kiss; not a father and daughter kiss either. It was the kiss of a man with his woman. It was my first adult kiss, my first French kiss.

Then he seemed to relax and I watched him softly breathe and then I lay next to him, with my back to his side but at times with my head turned to him. I kissed his lips again and he kissed me back, ever so gently. He rolled toward me and put his arms around me and kissed my neck.

"I love you, princess." The sleeping form of my father said.

I snuggled into his embrace and pulled his arms around me so his hands rested on my skin. He always called me princess when he was going to do something nice for me or wanted me to know he loved me. He was talking to me, even in his sleep, and it was ME he was dreaming about. I was the one he loved. No one lived with him since I was gone, this was his home and now it would be ours.

I knew I was changing, my body was changing, and things were happening but I was not sure why it changed the way I felt about things. One thing I was sure about was my love for Daddy and now I knew of his love for me. I was sure of his love for me.

I prayed for him to come and get me every day and every night during those six years in exile. I hated him for not being there but I always loved him too. I dreamed about all the things we did together and relived them moment by moment.

Now I was back in Daddy's arms. We would be together again and we would never separate.

Daddy began to rub my stomach. I was in heaven to have his touch again. I wanted even more.

I moved his hand higher as he moved it and put it over my breasts. They were small, not much at all. They were just nipples. Would my Daddy like them? Daddy caressed them in his sleep and nibbled on my neck. I turned to share a kiss and then he spoke again.

"I love you princess, I missed you." Franklin said in his sleep.

He touched me and I heard Daddy call to me. "I love you princess" he told me over and over.

"I love you Daddy, I have always loved you." I told my sleeping father.

I heard him moan in pleasure as he touched and explored my breasts. My nipples responded to his touch. He murmured his excitement and contentment at feeling them.

I rubbed back against him, moving my butt into his groin. I did not understand how mother could say Daddy was some little cock wimp. I heard her say it over and over to anyone who would listen. There was nothing little about Daddy. He was scary big.

You can't live six years with a whore and not learn something about sex. I already knew far too much. Maybe that would be a good thing now; now that I was with Daddy again, my Daddy.

As I rubbed my little butt against him he began to harden. His cock began to rise up from against his thigh. I was moaning as Daddy got hard enough to push against my thigh. Then Daddy reached down and caressed my thigh and lifted my leg, making sure to run his hand over my smooth hairless pussy and then he cupped it and gave it a gentle squeeze. I loved it. He ever so softly rubbed my little button and I loved that too. What I loved most is that it was my Daddy who was doing it.

He was still moaning in his sleep, whispering his love for me, kissing my ears and neck, even nibbling on me ever so softly. I know it was me he was with in his dream because he called me by name. Daddy was dreaming of me. Now his cock was hard and resting against the length of my fourteen year old slit. I began moving back and forth over it allowing its length to open the entire length of my pussy slit. It was nature making me do it. I wanted to claim my Daddy, to scent mark my Daddy, with my feminine perfume.

It was long and thick. It was so long I looked like I had a small cock when I looked down and saw the head and shaft poking out from between my legs. It was so thick I could ride it and feel it open me up along my entire slit. My small thin lips rested on it, barely open, leaving a shiny trail of my juices along the top ridge.

I touched the head. It was as larger than a golf ball and I wondered how it would get inside my little hole.

Now the upturn of the pink helmeted head rubbed my clit and Daddy rubbed and moaned over the rest of my young body. Daddy was gently pulling on my nipples, causing me to utter mewing sounds. All the time Daddy was kissing my neck in his sleep and telling me he loved me.

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