Her Last Time

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: This is a nasty and violent story of sexual assault without any redeeming virtues

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Fiction   Rough   Snuff   Size   .

She stood before the full-length mirror on her closet door, smiling at her reflection, still excited by her long shower bath, the hard use of her rubber dildo with the suction cup base and careful shaving which involved a good bit of lip pulling by her Dad. As usual her father had shaved her underarms, legs and needy pussy and then pumice smoothed and oiled everything after she sucked his small penis to rigidity and ejaculation, barely a dribble.

Poor daddy, she thought, as she eased her full, young breasts into her front-closing, strapless shelf bra which held them up so well and created such fine cleavage by pressing in from the sides while leaving the center nearly bare. Her jugs were so full and heavy that she really needed a good bra and had since she was twelve. Her dark nipples were only half concealed and popped free if she took a deep breath or reached upward. Her nipples were minor puffies and easily excited. She lifted one breast and licked her tit, smiling and then settled it back into its half-cup tenderly. She was a 34-D the last time they measured, maybe a bit fuller now.

She smiled, looked in the mirror and thought about the boy who had brought her off with his mouth. I really was too bad he had come in his shorts.

She selected a lacy thong from the top drawer after rejecting the tiny triangle of silk, Vickie's V-string, as much less stimulating. The stretch panty cupped her pudenda and excited her vulva slit when she pulled it tightly to her 20-inch waist. She had enjoyed two orgasms in her shower and, of course, her father had produced one with his tongue, so she did not have to use any of her lovely, battery-powered toys to find relaxation.

She was nearly sixteen, just a month away, and her handsome brother was coming home from his prep school to help her celebrate and to take her anal virginity as he had sundered her cherry in a tumultuous coupling she would never forget, one that took her more than a week to recover from and one she still remembered now and then in her disordered dreams. It had taken nearly two hours and had included two deep cock suckings, the second one from behind while her head hung off the side of her disordered bed. She still remembered the feeling of his piercing penetration and shivered, her brother was spectacularly endowed.

She loved to read stories of rape. Unlike her father, the brother was well hung and explosively virile. Her father had been the first to use her mouth, and she wondered, briefly, how many cocks had entered it since and how many scrotums she had sucked. It had to be hundreds.

She thought of the two seniors and one teacher she had brought off on Friday and smiled at her mirror as she pulled her frilly peasant blouse over her curly head. She opened the neckline to its full off-the-shoulder position and it rested on her high breasts before she tied a loose bow between her pale mounds. The shirt bared her toned and tanned midriff, and she licked her pouting lips as she buttoned her shortest skirt low on her slim waist. It was cherry red and stretch wool, measuring barely eight inches from its wide belt loops to its ruffled hem. She turned and looked at how well it displayed her rounded ass and framed her yard-long legs. She stepped back and spread her feet, pleased that her panties did not show.

Tonight she was partying with the Brown brothers, a pair of football players with a reputation for rough sex. Both, according to girls who should know, were not only had huge cocks but were nearly tireless and multi-orgasmic as she was. It should be a profitable evening in many ways since the boys' family was very rich and the boys were very stupid.

With her spike-heeled sandals laced halfway up her shapely calves, she slid on a wide, black leather belt and snapped the golden buckle with a phallus-shaped prong and then hooked in long, dangling gold-coin earrings. Into her purse went a half-dozen lubricated Trojan Magnums and took out the two hundred-dollar bills the boys had given her when she agreed to hook up with them.

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