A Pair for the Principal

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A luscious pair of fun-loving twins enjoy a multitude of males, both young and old.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Orgy   Oral Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

A Pair for the Principal

"This weekend," said Dr. Grimes as he leaned back in his expensive chair and patted his pot belly, "I could use two girls; got some company coming." He smiled. "Poker game."

"No problem," the coach said, "how about the twins. I think you know them."

Grimes leaned forward. "Perfect, absolutely fucking perfect. What are they, sixteen now?"

"Think so." He always brought the girl back late on Sunday and let the coach get her home. That usually gave him a chance for a bit of young tail unless she was reamed out, or he had recently exercised his love muscle in some other nubile youngster.

"Get 'em to bring their bathing suits," the principal said. "I jus' love those little string bikinis." He massaged his groin and rolled his eyes.

So Friday after the last bell, the Tucker twins appeared in Grimes' office, smiles on their lovely faces, and overnight bags in their hands and lust in their hearts. They had each serviced three or four boys that day, their usual quota.

The coach, who ran the sex-service program at the school, had provided them with a small bottle of uppers and Ecstasy and knew his dear principal would be giving them plenty of marijuana and perhaps some other interesting drugs. Besides, the girls just loved to fuck. They say that nympho is a myth but nobody told the twins. They never get enough, if you listen to them, and the bigger the better of course.

"Hi, Dr. Grimes," Madison said, bending over his desk and giving him a first class view of her dangling jugs which were, of course, bare and tit hard beneath her slinky top as well as the size and shape of grapefruit, big, juicy grapefruit. Madison had been a horny slut since she was weaned and just got better every year. Insatiable was the word for her. Both the girls now sported high, firm 39D's.

"Which one are you, dear?" he asked as he patted her shapely thigh and felt her hard butt, his hand up inside her tight shorts.

"She's Madison, Dr. Grimes," said Kimberly; "you had her when she was just a ninth grader." She sniffed. "I had a cold that weekend." She let her spaghetti strapped shirt slide off one perfectly tanned shoulder to bare a large globular breast with a rosebud tit.

Kim completed with her sister and probably had actually had more different boys by then since Madison had gone steady with two or three and a midshipman until she wore each one out. It was not well known, but they both were also doing their father and younger brother regularly and coitus six times a day was not unusual for either of them.

"Well girls," he said, trying to ignore his growing erection as well as the perfect, softball-sized breast the girl was lifting, presenting him, hoping he would suck, "we're going to have a lot of fun, aren't we?" Kim tweaked out her nipple and smiled, licking her lips.

Madison plunked herself down on his lap, circled his neck with her arms and hugged him tightly, squeezing her big boobs together.

He stood quickly, ignored the girl's pretty pout and picked up his briefcase. "Come on." They followed him out to his Lincoln and clambered into the front seat, Kimberly perched on the broad console, her legs spread widely and tiny, pleated cheerleader skirt barely covering her lacy thong panties. Madison found her favorite station on the radio and cranked up the volume, her right hand down soft belly, fingering herself in time with her tunes. She was, as usual, in heat.

Grimes explored Kimberly's thigh, pushed her thong aside and nudged her pouting pussy with the side of his hand as he wheeled out of the parking lot and headed for his lakefront hideaway.

Kimberly unzipped his fly and fished out his tired-looking cock. She sniffed and glanced at her sister who made a distasteful face despite having her middle finger two knuckles into her pussy.

His prick was a disappointment to the girls who demanded size as well as strength and a lot of both. By now both were well into college boys on the weekends having exhausted most of the high school studs. Four or five men each on a Saturday night was about par for the randy twins.

Once they were on the wide highway and Kimberly's talented hand had hardened Dr. Grimes' wrinkled old fid, she ducked her head beneath the steering wheel and sucked his whole five-inch cock into her warm, wet mouth, circling it with the talented tongue.

Madison watched and absently fingered her sister's swollen sexlips, pushing aside her wet thong and using her thumb with its blunted fingernail, her forefinger on her twin's stiff little clit, watching the juices flow and her outer labia flutter.

Dr. Grimes had his right hand buried in Kim curls when he ejaculated, completely unaware that the girl had also climaxed from her smiling sister's attentions and poured her hot fluids down over the gearshift lever that she had been rubbing with her fat-lipped vulva, actually taking the knob into the entrance of her grasping vagina although it was cold chrome and nearly as wide as a fist and had a knob on the side for reverse.

Both girls had wonderfully muscular vaginas and exercised their kegel muscles every chance they got; Kim could rotate a pencil in hers as well as pulse steel balls back and forth, and Madison could lift five pounds easily and oscillate a cucumber in hers at ten RPM. They had both left more than a few young man begging for mercy.

Wiggling and giggling, the sisters swapped positions and Kim changed the station, going to a techno FM site while her sister fingered the principal's balls and rested her head on his broad chest. He wrapped an arm about her and clutched her right breast, filling his hand with nubile girl flesh, firm and spongy at the same time, the nipple hot and hard. She purred, disappointed that his scrotum was so wrinkled and flabby and his cock so small.

When Grimes stopped to buy a couple of cases of beer, the girls clambered into the back seat, pulled off their underpants and spent the rest of the boring trip eating and tonguing each other in the classic 69 position, trying to keep track of how many times they came and attempting new feats of exciting lust and tongue gymnastics as they sought each other's g-spots. Their slurping and groaning was music to the principal's ears especially after to turned off his radio to listen to their fleshy pleasuring and shrill squeals. To call them multi-orgasmic would be to understate; mega was more like it.

At the tree-shaded cottage, Grimes opened up the place, put the beer in the fridge, popped a Super Cialis that he hoped would provide 48-hours of relative rigidity, and showed the girls around. There were two bedrooms with double beds and Mr. Grimes let the girls have their pick, one to each and then he suggested they take a quick dip before supper since he was not yet in the mood for loving. In fact, his flabby cock felt numb and every time he looked at the luscious twins is heart skipped several beats.

Both girls had brought three bathing suits with them, all so small and light that they took up little more room than a handkerchief. Kim put on a string bikini that was blue and white polka dots which left her buttocks and the lower half of her luscious breasts completely bare. Madison's suit was a bright red Baywatch type, a one-piece number cut high on the hips, low on the chest, narrow in the crotch and nearly backless, displaying the crack of her buttocks and the shape of her split-peach mound.

Grimes watched them run down to the beach and prayed his heart would hold out. He debated downing a Viagra on top of his Cialis since he had become only barely aroused when he saw his twins in their swimsuits, but decided to wait, stroking his cock hopefully, aware that he had climaxed once already as his wrinkled manhood lay limply in his hand.

The girls frolicked in the chilly water and then sunned themselves on the dock where a motorboat bobbed.

"Did you do that Jimmy Fisher this week?" Madison asked her sister after she peeled the top of her clinging suit to her trim waist and pinched her nipples rigid, looking for hickeys and nonexistent tan lines as she kneaded her firm boobs.

"Three times. He's like a rabbit. I don't know what you see in him." Kim had doffed her top and was working on her large nipples, getting them excited and erect with her fingers and then also lifting her jugs to her mouth for a lick. Her golden tan was as even and strap-line free as her twin's.

"Ew, don't do that. Let me," Madison said, and she tongued one of her sister's tits into her mouth and nibbled and sucked until it was hard. The twins could not recall a time when they did not give pleasure to each other and suspected it had begun in the womb.

'We'd never make it though the weekend without each other," said Kimberly as a shadow appeared over her sister. Kim squinted up and saw a bare-foot, hairy-legged man. "Hi," she said, pushing her sister away from her bulging breast and squinting up, shading her eyes.

"Hi," said the boy, grinning down at the pair of half-bare beauties. "You two having fun?"

"Not much," said Madison, sitting up and pulling her narrow straps to her shoulders. She adjusted her full breasts unselfconsciously in her suit and stood while her sister tried to find her top.

Madison shook the boy's large, hard hand and decided he was about her age. And really well built with sharply defined muscles, hairless chest and thick thighs. He had a cute grin. The front of his shorts bulged nicely and his concealed cock looked very thick.

Madison gave him a happy smile, one full of promise and rubbed her soft mound against his thigh and her excited boob against his upper arm.

"Brad Morris," he said, reaching down to pick up Kim's tiny top and toss it to her, finding it hard to look away from her bare breasts with their jutting nipples. "We're staying in the next cottage down that way."

"We?" asked Kimberly standing, smiling and tying her bra together between her bouncing boobs, her pink areoles still bared.

"My fraternity," he said, "well seven of them. The other guys will be down tomorrow we hope."

The girls nodded and smiled at each other, each took one of the boy's elbows and they walked toward the frat's cottage, discovering they were from a private boys' school in the city and that they had room to sleep twelve in their house and that Brad was an 17-year-old senior-to-be and the group's new president.

"I'm not sure whether or not we can get away," said Kim as their hips rubbed. "Tonight, I mean. We have obligations like. Some older men brought us down here." She made her impish face look sad as she rubbed the boy's arm on her firm jug and felt her nipple harden. She was already very wet between her legs.

"We've kind of have to entertain them," Madison added as they entered the shady porch where several young men lounged, beers in hand.

Kim was wetter at once, just seeing all the young hunks in bathing suits staring at her, and Madison said, "But I think we have time now, maybe a half hour or so just to get acquainted." Her vagina was pulsing and the boys cocks were hardening as they leered at the nearly bare girls with their clearly defined slits and hard nipples straining their filmy swim suits while nearly bared their round breasts.

"Sounds good to me," Brad said. "Jerry, this is Kimberly; go show her your bedroom, will you. I'll get you some help. You may need it."

The muscular young man, wearing only some ratty shorts, took the laughing girl by the hand and led her away, smiling broadly, watching Kim's breasts bounce in her tiny bikini as he patted her firm rump where her thong had disappeared and her dimpled butt was fully on display. He was iron hard at once.

"Charlie, why don't you and Mike go with him and I'll get the rest of the guys." He led Madison into the house and straight to the back bedroom, calling his friends as he did and stripping off his trunks on the way, almost tripping himself he was so eager.

His eight-inch cock leapt out, rigid and ready, quivering, actually dripping. Madison licked her lips feeling her quim tingle at the sight of his jumping rod, peeled off her red suit gracefully and climbed up on the high bed with the boy right behind her, panting and drooling as he spread her long legs and admired her firm buttocks and dripping labia.

He fingered her briefly, stroked her butt, grasped her ponytail and then drove his young cock up into her without preliminaries, arching his back and digging in his toes as he took her from behind. He was more than two inches wide and hot as he had ever been, his swollen knob on fire. The girl had seldom entertained a tool that fat, but they soon were moving together and bouncing the springs as she gasped, "Yes, yes. Oh god yes."

Madison screamed and moaned while two other young men entered the bedroom and took off their few clothes and held their rigid cocks. Brad came in ten strokes and dismounted with an apology only to be immediately replaced by a slim young man with a long, skinny cock and more endurance who turned the lovely girl over and mounted her missionary.

She wrapped him in her long legs and they began jouncing and humping. By then a third boy had arrived and was stripping down, revealing his gigantic prick with its huge purple head. Madison saw it even though she was doubly busy at the time with Brad's cock in his throat. Just the sight of the size of the waiting ram brought her to another climax, startling the thin boy ramming into her pussy.

Kimberly meanwhile was also servicing two of the fraternity brothers, one in her cute little, tireless cunt and the other in her talented mouth, moving his member from cheek to cheek with her practiced tongue. The boy in her pussy came first, crying out with pleasure and jolting them both, but the girl's vagina barely had time to wink closed and bubble out a few ounces of cum before another young cock was driven up into it as she lay on her belly with her head between a seated boy's legs.

The sounds of grunting and the smacking a well-toned flesh filled the room, as did the smell of sex and cum. The boys waiting their turn had a hard time keeping their hands off their rigid cocks and swelling balls.

Twenty minutes later Brad walked the two girls back to the dock where he had found them, all three a bit weak in the knees. He had managed to briefly enjoy them both to gushing ejaculation, mentally cursing his inability to sustain coitus in their ripe young bodies and promising to do better next time.

The girls walked out in the lake and bathed their battered genitals, washed the sperm from their legs and waved as Brad left, well pleased with their introductions. They had promised to come visit that evening if they could, saying it would probably be late.

"Don't drink too much beer," Kim advised as she hugged her sister and then French kissed her.

The clanging of a bell got their attention and they saw Dr. Grimes waving from the cottage. They trotted up, wearing smiles, their big jugs bobbling, their sexual needs sated temporarily, and he introduced them to his just-arrived guests, three men of about his years and girth who stood slack-jawed and goggled eyed at the youthful flesh before them, barely covered in clinging wet bathing suits, the breasts jutting, the camel-toe cunts clearly displayed between their impossibly long legs, lust on the lovely faces, that wonderful just-fucked look.

The girls nodded and smiled and then quickly changed their clothes and reappeared in tiny, cut-off t-shirts and very small white shorts that displayed their remarkably rounded buttocks and the taut undersides of their glorious boobs.

They got drinks for the men and then took the guests one by one to a bedroom and sucked and fucked them until they cried enough and collapsed gasping for breath. Kim did two of the guests while Madison did the other one and then got more drinks and munchies.

The men smoked pot on the porch and discussed their businesses, all four filled with ED drugs and barely able to take their eyes off the girls who had their sperm trickling down their thighs as they sat on the railing facing them, pouting, their legs spread, obviously ready for more action.

After supper a card game started and each pot that the principal dealt was a pussy pot with the winner getting his choice and the other girl sitting in for him while he enjoyed the fruits of his victory.

Both of the girls wore only clinging basketball jerseys, which hung just to the tops of their rounded thighs and nearly hairless pussies.

By ten, Dr. Grimes and his guests were exhausted, thoroughly fucked out despite the drugs they were using. Kim cornered the principal in the tiny kitchen and rubbed her feverish mound up against him as he rinsed glasses with his shoulder between her globes.

"Everybody happy?" she asked. "Those two in my room are snoring already."

"I think so, why?"

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