The Princess of the Phallus

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Sex Story: A lonely mature woman seeks companionship in a relatives organization. Her style of dress arouses interest and with the aid of wine, she is fucked and that leads onto further area of satisfaction - read on

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Gang Bang   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   .

Priestess of the Phallus

Blanche sat at her kitchen table, feeling very depressed and lonely. She was a spinster but now at the age of sixty feared the quickening advance of aging. She hadn't married for in her younger years was so busy with the farm and helping her Uncle manage the place; she really hadn't considered a relationship and basically didn't take much notice of the passing years, she was content.

That changed when her Uncle departed the planet, sure she had been left the farm and was financially secure, but as the years progressed she found that it was just too much, she sold it and bought a new unit in the outer suburbs of the city. At first she socialized and joined the knitting group and other areas of women's activity, but gradually those things began to bore her and she left, but with no replacement that resulted in her present condition. A male companion hadn't been a priority, only once had she bothered to go for a walk after a barn dance. She fucked but it wasn't very enjoyable and although he gave a groan of satisfaction, she left empty and certainly didn't get involved in that activity again.

However, now the loneliness had her seeking the 'Internet' for a companion, she followed the requests but like the previous time found that all the men wanted was for her to bare her tits, suck on their cocks and spread her thighs; what she wanted a 'relationship' was as alien to them as the 'man from Mars'. It was during one of these moods of depression that she did think of one man, who had done some choirs for her and was a very distant relative, who she had met when she came to the city, perhaps he could recommend a place where she could meet somebody, after all she knew he was involved with a number of organizations.

It only took a phone call from her and a time was set for she had said that she wanted to discuss a problem she was having with him. He arrived that following Saturday. As usual she offered him afternoon tea and then following a hesitant start she bared her soul. 'Warren..." she began. "The Internet you mention Blanche", he said as he took another biscuit. "I have know a couple of women who have really been burnt, they met these blokes, a couple got married and within a year the marriage had broken up and they were now finding life difficult, especially in the financial way. Really Blanche that is not the way to go", he said. She was silent for awhile and then, with tears beginning to form, sobbed. "I'm so lonely I just want a companion who will respect me and not just want me for sex".

He was silent for a short time; however, his mind was active. Despite what she felt about herself Blanche was quite attractive and had a set of tits that really he could understand men wanting her to bare them, they were melons, the sort that he also admired. "I belong to a number of organization and we are all over sixty, seniors they call us, but most are very fit and a pleasant company, both the men and the women. However you must remember Blanche sex always comes into the arrangement some where along the line you will be expected to fuck. Now I could introduce you to them, but they are all pretty active, there are no knitting or patch workers among them. They are all involved in athletics of varies sorts, as a matter of fact there is a BBQ this evening. I was just on my way to get the base for a Pavlova. I said I would bring when you rang. Tell me can you ride a bike?

"I ... I haven't for some time", she stammered.

"You don't forget Blanche", she said. "We have a couple of bike groups, a profession group that ride in senior competitions, another group which includes me that are serious amateurs and a slower group for new arrivals or people, like yourself who haven't ridden for some time. Would you like to check them out, I will introduce you to the chap that runs the slower group, his name is Harry and I'm sure you will find them very helpful and maybe among them you will find your 'companion' for there are a few separated and single blokes in the entire organization".

Blanche couldn't control her delight and reached across and played with his fingers, voicing her acceptance even the warning about sexual activity. "I suppose that if I met a nice man and we were getting on well, I guess I wouldn't object to being fucked", she said. She even asked if she could prepare the Pavlova. "I'll get the ingredients", he said as he got up, she held his hand as they walked to the door. "I'll pick you up around six. Oh! It is a BBQ Blanche, so don't overdress, just a blouse and jeans would be OK. I do know you like to dress to go out, but not for an outdoor 'do' like the one you will be going to", he concluded.

Shock was not one of Warren's emotions, surprise well yes and it was a surprise when Blanche opened the door. He had said a blouse and jeans, these she had on, but it was the blouse that attracted his attention, it wasn't totally transparent, but as she was wearing no bra, the shape of her tits and the indent of her nipples were very event, although the nipple was almost level with her navel. He remembered her comment about 'men wanting her to bare her tits', he now understood why. If she asked him what he would like he would say 'show your tits'. Now he just smiled and commented on her attire, she beamed and then told him the Pavlova was ready. "Blanche you have done a fantastic job, far better than I could do", he said.

Introductions were done and she was noticed, boy was she noticed. Every man that didn't have a companion hung around her like bees around a honey pot, but they all knew that she had come with Warren, so for the time being she was just admired but the grins and comments he received told him what they were all thinking. "Where did you dig her up mate", one of the blokes asked. "I bet if you were doing her 'doggie style' her tits would be dragging on the ground. Fuck they are enormous. I would love her to give my cock a 'tit fuck'. You are one lucky sod."

The night proceeded with a lot of laughter and much refreshment. He only drank a glass or two but was surprised at the number of glasses of wine that Blanche was consuming, there was no doubt she was 'on clover'. She was in a fit of giggles when she staggered up to him with a glass in one hand and a hamburger in the other. "Oh! Warr ... Warren", she stammered. "I'm having a ... a wonderful time. Thank ... Thank you for inviting me", with that she turned and returned to the BBQ in answer to her name being called. It was just as one of the woman came up that he heard Blanche give off a very tipsy laugh for one of the men had slipped his hand inside her blouse and for a number of seconds was giving a tit a very nice feel. "Your girl friend is pretty tipsy Warren", said one of the women who was a professional rider. "I would consider taking her home for some of the blokes are thinking not very nice thoughts. I heard one comment that she was ripe to fuck and by what is happening with Harry feeling her up I would not be surprise if that desire is not far off".

"I know Jenny for the thought did occur to me. However, she hasn't had much success with men and she is our age, let her enjoy herself and if, as you say the blokes fuck her, then so be it and to be frank I wouldn't mind joining in as well." Jenny smiled and began to walk away but then returned and smiling asked. "You mean put her in a double dip; she certainly has the bum that would satisfy any cock". Warren just gave a nod and proceeded into the lounge where the sweets were being prepared.

The dessert was one of the best he had partaken, there were a number of cold sweets and a few hot ones and he enjoyed sampling them all. He didn't consider and maybe didn't think that Blanche wasn't there and it was virtually when the sweets were gone that Jenny slid up to him and whispered. "The blokes are fucking Blanche in the back room". He just gave a nod and without any fuss slowly worked himself out of the lounge room and followed the path to the back room which was used for a variety of purposes. He was no amateur in regards sexual activity but he hadn't been present in a full on gang bang.

Blanche was naked, she was spread on a low table, her thighs well apart and Harry one of the groups most randy individuals was going full steam. Warren smiled as Harry's balls were visible; dancing to every thrust as he drove his cock up, what Warren would also accommodate a very hairy cunt. Blanche vibrated to every thrust, her backside rising and falling to accommodate the 'in' and 'out' of that ravishing cock; her tits that weren't being mauled were bouncing and wobbling. Her head was pull hard into the groin of another of the group and by the expression on his face, Blanche's mouth was doing wonders with his cock. Others of the group were waiting their turn for when Harry emptied his load and the sucked cock pumped its contents into her mouth, as they withdrew others quickly took their place and Warren counted eight men in all. It was then that he was observed and embarrassment was immediate, however, when he was asked if he was going to join in. He smiled and agreed and took his place between those cum covered legs and did what had always been a secret desire he fucked her.

He didn't suggest it, but was totally in agreement when the comment. "Let's turn her over and fuck her arse", was aired. Blanche had a very attractive bottom, it was without fault, smooth and white and as he pushed his cock between the cheeks and drove his cock up to his balls the pleasure made his teeth rattle. Even after they had all serviced her bottom, her backside was still lovely and tight that even the last fucker reckoned it was the best bum fuck he had ever had. "What now?" Warren was asked. "Do we dress her; she is so 'off with the fairies, I doubt is she knows where she is or what she has been doing".

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