Ginger Snap

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Ready to yield to her lover, Ginger finds a stranger in her arms and then in her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   .

Ginger turned sideways and looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Boy, she thought, if this outfit doesn't get him there's something wrong with him. The skirt was so short she knew she couldn't bend over and the top was cut so low that she could only wear her tiny shelf bra that kept trying to shove her big boobs right out of her silky dress.

She adjusted the widely set spaghetti straps that barely clung to her tanned shoulders and stood back again to be sure that the dress was wonderfully translucent. She had worked hard to keep her weight down and trained diligently to get in shape. She doubted there was another girl her age whose pussy could do the things hers could after more than a thousand hours of Kegel exercise.

Tonight was the night she was going to give her handsome lover Jim her virginity, and she knew it would be wonderful. She was only a freshman and he was a senior but they were, she was sure, deeply and seriously in love. She really wanted it, wanted to be fucked.

But Jim had tired of Ginger, sick of trying to get in her pants, tired of blue balls, and had given her to his buddy Bill with his best wishes and ten bucks while he went to pick up a much more willing girl.

Bill could hardly believe it when Ginger opened the door and smiled at him. "Hi," she said, looking left and right, "where's Jim?"

Bill stepped in and closed the door, looking sad, barely able to keep his hands off her. He took her hand and pulled her close, smelling her faint perfume and feeling her warmth, her nearly bare breasts right on his chest, her belly touching his. "Can't get away, sweetie, asked me to take you out, even gave me some money, oh, and he told me to give you this."

And Bill kissed her, stroking her back and pushing her straps aside with one hand while he buried the other in her lustrous hair and gobbled up her mouth, bit her lower lip, turned his head to the side and then parted her lips and slipped in his tongue as he kneaded her buttocks with both hands and then crushed them together, making her know his hard cock, pressing it against her soft belly as it stood upright. He pulled back, kissed her three or four more times quickly and pulled the long zipper down her back.

"Oh," Ginger said, blinking up at him as she felt her slinky new dress opening, excited, glad her folks weren't home.

Bill bent and licked her nipple as he unsnapped her bra and let her dress fall. Then he sucked in most of her right breast while he crushed the left, squeezing her hard nipple between his fingers.

"No, wait," Ginger cried, pushing him away. "Don't."

Bill's thumbs were inside her thong and in seconds all she had on were her shoes and the rest of her clothes were piled about her ankles. She heard his zipper as he kissed her again and sucked her tongue.

Then she felt it, Bill's huge, hard, hot cock rubbing along the inside of her thighs and bumping her slit, and she gasped and tried to push him away. He was smiling and seemed to be growling, pressing hard, holding them together.

"No, no," she sobbed, shaking her head as the eager boy bent his knees and she felt the round head of his massive ram slide over her excited clit and down though her outer labia and then, quickly, he was inside, pressing hard and was well up in her and at her hymen, and she cried, "Stop" as her right toe came off the floor.

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