I Like It Black

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Sex Story: An uneducated young woman, working as a check-out girl is invited by a neighbor in the caravan park where she lives to a party, little knowing she was invited to be fucked. Intoxicated by drink and dope she is fucked repeatedly and then dumped back in her unit.With no memory of past events she seek the neighbor for assistance and finds only sex which finally she enjoys. She gets her first black cock and the dawning of a new occupation

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Double Penetration   .

For Penny it was just a normal day, she had just started work at the local cannery, there wasn't much she could do for her education was pretty much a 'non event'. It was only the influence of a cousin; a chap who had taken an interest in her, virtually from the day she had found out her parents didn't want her. He couldn't answer her question as to why her parents left her, just with a battered old suitcase on the steps of a state boarding school and turned their backs on her. Those hard questions were beyond him, because he also didn't know. Now as she performed the boring task of a check out girl, she recalled her cousin's parting comments.

"Penny you are now sixteen, this job is only the start, you can go further, forget your failures and aim high". These words were a comfort till one afternoon a fellow worker, who she had a disagreement with over a position turned with a tongue full of acid and snapped. "What a name 'Penny' she sneered. "Your parents must have considered you pretty useless to give you such a name, the lowest value in the financial world, show you what they thought of you, fucking useless". She then turned and with a number of others, who were her associated laughed as they departed.

Those words echoed in her mind for the rest of the day, they bought back the memories of that young girl on the steps of the boarding school, a school that was to be her home till she reached the legal age to leave. Her cousin had managed to get her accommodation in a caravan park in what was a mobile home. He had paid her rent for a month that would give her some time to get some finances behind her. She hadn't really got into any social click for she hadn't been working that long, but had spoken to a neighbour in the park. She hadn't considered that encounter anything more than a casual case of 'good manners'. However, the neighbour, a separated chap with a teenage son, considered her 'good manners' an opportunity to push the relationship a bit further. Penny hadn't pushed her sexuality, she didn't go out of her way to advertise herself for she really didn't think any man would be really interested in her so it came as a surprise to get a knock on her caravan door, inviting her for a small party, 'nothing over the top' she was told. Her day had ended badly and an invite, of any kind was a sort of lift she desperately needed, for it showed that someone thought she was worthwhile.

Her wardrobe wasn't' great, but she chose the nicest dress she had, it was a floral design with a broad belt, held up with two shoe strings straps. She left her bra off, not because she wanted to make herself more noticed but because they didn't go well with the dress she was wearing. Not for a minute did she think her tits would become the focal point of the neighbour's interest and for that matter his son and his friends.

She arrived a little after six that evening. "Come in Penny", the neighbour said as she was ushered inside his home, a far more luxury item than the small one that she rented. "Penny this is my son, Burt" He continued. Burt was solid, but unshaven and he certainly wasn't dressed for a party, but he smiled and it seemed genuine. She had just accepted a drink when another two boys entered; again she was introduced, never for a moment thinking that she was going to be the entertainment, never for a moment thinking that she had been invited for one purpose to be fucked.

Penny wasn't totally ignorant of sex. She knew what a fuck was and what a suck was, but she hadn't been subject to any actual experience. She wasn't overall attractive and if there had been a competition for the most attractive or desirable girl in the senior class at school, where she spent the last year of her so called education, she would have been well down the list. For unknown reasons she just didn't attractive the boys, that was while there were other girls available and many of those girls were sexually active. One in particular had boasted that every boy in the hockey team had fucked her and she even heard that a girl in the junior school had accommodated a number of the boys and she was just twelve. However, in this caravan park available women were very scarce and for the neighbour, his son and their two friends, Penny was a goldmine for their throbbing cocks.

To give the neighbour his due he could cook and the 'eats' were very enjoyable and there was plenty to drink and she was actively encouraged to part-take in both. Added to that she was also subject to the smoke of some of the dope that was available, so within a short time, she was in a fog of giggles and availability, the straps on her dress fell free, her tits flopped out and as her nipples were pulled and her tits massaged she was dripping saliva, but when the first fingers found her cunt, she erupted in such a way it was comical. "Get her fucking panties off", snapped the neighbour as he removed his trousers revealing a throbbing hard-on but for her fogged and intoxicated brain all it could do was giggle. With her tits bare, her dress pulled up, she managed to hear, as though miles off. "Spread her legs, boy I love a hairy cunt". Then it came, something that she had not experienced a thrust that lifted her off the bed as the neighbour drove his length up that virgin cunt.

Her fogged mind struggled with a response but as she opened her mouth to at least make some sort of response to that ravishing that at first wasn't pleasant but was now having very enjoyable twangs between her thighs. A cock was forced into her open mouth and somewhere she heard. "Suck it cunt, suck my cock". She sucked. The neighbour gave the thrust that emptied his balls and the impact jarred her head so that the cock being automatically sucked vanished further down her throat, much to the delight of the male who at that moment gave the groan of satisfaction as he sent gush after gush of cum to flood her mouth. She didn't get a chance to close her thighs, even if she had been capable of doing so for in seconds of that item that was giving her such pleasure, was withdrawn, another equal in size and thickness was sliding up her lubricated crack.

In and out those cocks went. As one exploded another took its place, her mouth was nothing but a sea of cum and her nipples were dripping saliva and her tits were marked from constant mauling. What ever her thoughts were, she didn't know, all that seemed to matter was working in rhyme to the ravishing between her thighs and sucking and slobbering on what ever was put in her mouth. However, her fogged out world of pleasure was in for a rude awaking. It didn't register when it penetrated her mind. "Now her bum, let's fuck her bum". Roughly she was turned over; her most attractive dress was fully removed now totally naked she was manoeuvred into the 'doggie position'. Her head pulled down onto a cum covered but erect cock which gradually disappeared into her mouth. "Hold her tight son", the neighbour said. "She is going to enjoy this. I haven't fucked a woman up the bum in years and if her arse is as tight as was her cunt, I will enjoy this". With that he pushed his cum covered cock between the cheeks of that attractive bum, grabbed her tits and thrust.

Penny shot forward, almost dragging the cock that was in her mouth off by its roots. The neighbour roughly pulled her back by those rather bruised tits and thrust again. Penny vibrated; her whole being was shaking like an unset jelly, she tried to get up, only to be pushed down. "Hold the cunt son. I'm nearly all in, another thrust and I'll be up to my balls". The final thrust that sent inches of cock up her bum made her erupt that her head arched up, saliva and cum pouring forth from her mouth as she managed a sort of vocal response. However, that was only temporary and again she was forced down and her mouth automatically found what it was expected to find – cock. The neighbour fucked with a vengeance and when he empties his load, his smile spread from ear to ear. However, for Penny there was so reprieve. Her bottom was now open and as the neighbour pulled out, the same as it was between her thighs, another cock was waiting its turn.

She was beyond caring, they double dipped her again and again till all had serviced her, she was totally off the planet; she was just a rag doll. "Get her back to her caravan", the neighbour said as he wiped her cock over those much bruised tits. "She is a fucking mess", one of the other men said. "Should we at least give her a shower?" The neighbour laughed. "Fuck no", he replied. "She has served her purpose and she was terrific, but we are not her nanny, she is capable of giving herself a shower".

It was well after eleven that night when she woke. She was naked but her mind was in such a turmoil that she had no idea of where she had been, what had happened to her or how she was where she was now and naked at that. Cum was caked all over her, she gasped as the visible marks on her tits and the hair between her legs that was a very dark brown, was now almost grey and the hair was so caked it was as though it had been clued. "Oh! Fuck", she said as she almost fell into the small shower. "What have I done and where have I been. My bum is sore, my mouth has a horrid taste", but when she rubbed herself up between the legs, she felt a thrill of pleasure that made her wash that particular section of her anatomy over and over again.

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