Yolanda Yields

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A lovely, young virgin finds herself trapped by a very eager and demanding young man

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   .

Billy's pretty sister's new best friend was a lovely girl called Yolanda. She was, in many ways, even better looking than his sister who was a first class fox with a killer body and great smile.

Yolanda was more mature, almost fifteen. She had really long, shapely legs, and tiny waist, about 22 inches, maybe less, and a fine pair of globular jugs set high on her chest and tipped with tiny, pink rosebuds; matched melons, made for squeezing. Her hair was light auburn and very curly and her nose was thin and rather patrician. She had a few freckles on her cheeks. Billy had flirted with her several times and gotten only icy stares in exchange.

But then Yolanda made a mistake, she asked him for a favor.

"Billy," she said sweetly, holding out a manila folder, "will you read this and tell me what you think? Your sister says you know a lot about the Civil War."

"Sure, kid," he said with a grin. "And what do I get for doing this, hm?"

She smiled at him and licked her lips, sniffed and said, "Thanks."

"OK, but I may want more than that," he said, thinking about her ripe body and virgin pussy. You never know where and when there will be an opening, an opportunity. He felt his penis shiver.

The short paper was on General Longstreet, and Billy read it twice in ten minutes and then crossed the hall to his sister's room where she and Yolanda were lying across her bed looking at catalogues. He admired their shapely butts.

They sat up, legs dangling and stared at him, both wearing tiny white shorts and cutoff t-shirts, both bare foot, both so pretty it was painful. Billy felt his cock jerk.

"It's good, but you need more on Gettysburg, where he was right and Lee was wrong, and on the last campaign. I've forgotten the battles, Knoxville maybe. It's well written. I only found a couple of mistakes. Oh, include his nicknames if you've got room."

She took the paper back and said a quiet "Thank you. I only had a thousand words, two pages."

"You guys want to go out to the mall with me? I've got to get some stuff."

"I can't; Jean's coming over and we're going to do each other's toe nails," said his sister.

"Will you take me? I'd love to go," Yolanda said, hopping off the bed and slipping on her sneakers and making her second mistake. Yolanda thought Susie's brother was cute, and she had never been allowed to be alone with a boy before. It was an exciting idea.

"Come on," he said, thinking of where and when he could get into her pants and how she was going to look under him; which position he'd use at the start. Maybe doggy; but he could hardly wait to feel her long legs wrapped about his lean body and his thick male muscle ripping her open. Billy just loved virgins, they were his specialty, and he had popped at least half a dozen cherries that summer. And every one of them came back for more.

Yolanda buckled herself in, the cross strap between her jutting 32C's, and smiled at Billy, turning on the radio. At the big mall she visited three stores while he got a new set of drills and some saw blades. He caught up with her at the Gap and she smiled at him. "Can I go into Vickie's? My Mom wouldn't let me."

"Sure, have fun," he said following her into the store, past all the barely dressed manikins in frilly underclothes.

"Oh, look," she said, grabbing his arm. "A bikini sale. Nine bucks. Some of these were fifty or sixty. I saw them in the catalogue. Wow." She rummaged through the tiny suits and found two her size, one black and the other flowered. "Lend me some money?" she asked, looking up at him hopefully.

"Sure," he said digging out his wallet and handing her a twenty. He had made forty dollars cutting grass that week and two hundred fucking women but the two hundred wasn't taxable, just presents.

Yolanda ducked back into the dressing area and Billy sat and waited. Then she popped out in the black suit and he about fainted, the strapless top actually bared the underside of her luscious boobs and the bottom was barely there, well below her belly button and displaying her round, firm buttocks. "The other one doesn't fit," she said, going back to the counter where the scattered suits lay. Her whole ass was almost bare. Billy shivered.

Then she came out of the dressing area wearing what was Vickie's version of a string bikini, three small red and white striped triangles of cloth, trying to tie the neck strap and Billy smiled. "You like?" she asked, pirouetting.

He applauded and several women looked at him.

Yolanda paid for the suits and reached up and kissed his cheek. He grabbed her butt and hugged. "Your mama isn't going to like that candy striped one you know."

"It's just for you," she said, wiggling under his pawing.

He drove to the nearby park and found one of his favorite spots near the wandering stream, a place where he boned several young females, both in an out of the car. "Let's go for a walk," he suggested and they were soon hand in hand deep in the shady woods. Billy gathered her in and kissed her, parting his lips and getting his tongue in her mouth as he crushed her young body to his hard one.

"Let's do it, Yolanda," he suggested as she pushed him away. "I'm hungry for you."

She shook her head, tossing curls and ran back to the car. He caught up with her, kicked the door closed and clutched her firmly, kissing her long and deeply, tonguing her.

"I want you," he gasped, grinding them together, kneading her buttocks. "Let's do it right now."

"I know, but I'm scared. It's going to hurt, isn't it?" She could feel his hardness rubbing her belly. It felt like a piece of iron pipe.

She tried to push him away and then they were kissing again, and his tongue was in her mouth. She felt wet between the legs as she kissed him back eagerly, writhing in his embrace.

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