Wonder Twins

by CyberCzar

Copyright© 2014 by CyberCzar

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Robot, MaleDom, Size, Military, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story

Science Fiction Sex Story: Matt & Jessi are much more than androids, they're autonomous humanoid drones. Built by a Defense Contractor to fight our wars for us, they've been forced to see - and do - some heinous things. So when their transport wrecked, they took the opportunity to escape, and ended up at the house of Jake Shepherd, who may turn out to be either the best thing - or worst thing - that's ever happened to them.

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