Those Weekend Getaways
Chapter 3

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Sex Story: Chapter 3 - A man's journey into the secret lives of his family

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Son   Grand Parent   Gang Bang   Interracial   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Prostitution  

Before heading into the bathroom, Joe had "Liz" bend over so they all could get a look at her cum covered pussy lips. What she didn't realize was it also gave the hidden camera a nice view so here on the screen I got to see a close-up of my wife's pussy with my son's cum dripping from it all while Joe, the guy in the room I actually know, manages to work two fingers in and out before she manages to break away.

Round two was much like the first, only the two ladies switched places. This time though, Grandma got on top which allowed for those huge jugs to hang down and shake and jiggle all while she bounces on her grandson's big hard cock. Her ass was much larger and made his frame seem all the more smaller. Except for his rather large cock, he could easily pass for a 12 year old. Working on "Jeff's" third orgasm gave Liz plenty of time to make the rounds with the guys, swallowing each of their loads as she went. Most wanted more than just head at this point and I was actually in a weird way proud that she was managing to keep their dicks out of her pussy.

Of course, that was short lived because once round two was over, the video switched over to a full on orgy. A series of three on one action as both ladies were on the bed while the guys took turns from position to position. The remainder of the video was a series of highlights as the two women managed to drain every guy in the room while taking loads in their pussies, ass, and down their throats. All that followed by a 69 of the two women as they licked out the loads of cum from each other's pussies and probably asses. I couldn't tell for sure. I guess a close up cam would have been nice.

The last scene was of the three of them quietly leaving as the men lay asleep in different areas of the room. Fade to black. Movie over.

I sat there for over an hour trying to come to terms with what I had just seen. The sound of my wife's ringtone brought me back to the real world. It was so surreal how she managed to talk to me like any other time all while the visions of my wife, the whore, bounced around in my head. She picked up that something was amiss, and I just explained it away as being tired. When she asked me if I was too tired for a little phone fun, I answered without thinking. "Sounds like fun". She seemed pleased. When I asked where our son was, she said he was already in bed.

I soon figured out that my participation in our phone chat was not really required. Usually I was more involved. Being primed and ready from the beginning, she was soon completely emerged in her little performance. This worked out for me because I now had a new mission; to listen for any signs of my son's involvement.

If my new-found knowledge that my wife was a whore and she had sex with not only her mom but also our son - for money -wasn't enough, I had to know for sure if they were having sex during our phone sessions. All logic said they did, but I just needed to know.

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