Twin Trouble

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: At the beach, a young man is eagerly devoured by a pair of lovelies.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

So anyhow my father's boss invited us to his beach cottage and then the folks decided to take a trip to visit some people in Canada so I went alone on the bus down to the shore and was warmly welcomed.

The Jefferies, I found out, are pretty rich and their "cottage" was a sprawling place with dozens of well-furnished and air-conditioned rooms. The place was crowded with guests, and I got assigned a small bedroom on a side wing with a screened deck, changed quickly and hurried off to their private beach and a big, blue umbrella.

Under the umbrella, lying on their bellies, their beautifully rounded butts nearly bare, tiny swimsuits buried in the ass cracks, were the family's twin daughters, Tina and Valerie, obviously fraternal twins who did not look much alike.

I hurriedly introduced myself and then ran into the surf. I had heard about them but we had not met. They were both hot. When I'd had enough salt water, I came and sat between the two, almost-naked girls. The blonde, Valerie, sat up, tied the top of her minuscule bikini between her lovely jugs, smiled at me and then shook my hand.

"A boy is just what we need," she said with a smile. "How big's your cock?"

I blushed and stammered, and she laughed and hurried off toward the ocean with a wave back at me. I watched her incredible ass gyrate as she dove into a breaker, you could actually see her bulging cunt. My eager penis shuddered.

The other girl giggled and sat up, not bothering to cover her high, globular breasts with their tiny, pink nipples which pointed upward and outward and made my blood pump faster and my cock swell longer. "Don't mind her," she said. "She's really a lesbian, but she enjoys teasing boys, getting them all excited and then leaving them blue-balled. My name's Tina, hi. I like men, especially young men with big, stiff cocks. I collect them. It's my hobby."

I shook her hand and tried not to look at her lovely breasts. Her excited nipples seemed to be pointing slightly away from each other and the valley between them was deep and quivering. I failed. They were beautiful, and I felt myself hardening.

"Oops, sorry," she said. "Forgot they were hanging out." She reached back and found the top of a string bikini and looped it on and then adjusted her boobs in the tiny triangles of cloth and grinned at me. "Better, huh. Now you can look at me. They've been a problem for about a year now."

I nodded and licked my lips. She was lean and dark haired while her sister was blonde and plumper. Both were very pretty and, I found out later, just sixteen. They were big and confident. I was anything but confident around females, especially pretty ones. They went to a very expensive private school in New England, but were coming to my high school in the fall. Evidently their father's business, where my father worked, was in some sort of difficulty.

We chatted and then she sniffed, looked away and said, "My dear sister is going to tease you and make you think she wants to have sex with you. It's just a game. She really doesn't like boys." She wiggled her cute nose and then said, "But I do." She got up and walked down to the ocean and then dove into a wave. Her bulbous ass was just as good as her sister's.

Her blonde twin came out, shaking like a dog, her long hair flailing about. She plopped herself down on the big towel, grinned and said, "Having fun?" She raked back her hair with her fingers and said, "Put some of that stuff on me, please."

I got the sunscreen, squeezed some out on her golden back and spread it around. She took off her top, dropped it between her feet and then turned to face me. "Do my front," she almost demanded, smiling. "Enjoy yourself." She grinned.

My cock surged.

Her breasts were full and firm and dark tipped, almost what some people call puffies, really big nipples and areoles, bulging out. They were bigger and higher than her sister's pair of globular beauties, I enjoyed feeling them as I spread the lotion. They were, I must admit, the first set of naked boobs I ever handled.

She smiled, licked her lips and whispered, "How big is it, really?" Her hand went right to my groin and then slipped inside on open leg and grasped my swollen cock, stroking it. I could feel it swelling, hardening, about to poke out of a leg hole.

"Not very big," I managed to say.

She wrinkled her nose, looked right at me and smiled.

"Big enough." I guess I bragged. I was a virgin, of course, but I had enjoyed a couple of growth spurts and my cock, when fully engorged, was more than seven inches long and about the same in circumference, seven inches. I could ejaculate across the bathtub two or three times and then get it back up in few minutes of one-handed pleasure giving. I did it daily, sometimes twice.

She measured it with her fingers, licked her lips and sighed, "How would you like to stick it in me?" She scratched it gently.

"Tina told me that you liked to tease boys."

"She's queer. Don't pay any attention to her. She still plays with dolls. Come on, take it out and show it to me. No one's around." She took her questing fingers out of my swimsuit.

I saw her sister coming up from the surf, her boobs jiggling and said, "OK, let's ask her."

"Shit," said Valerie, taking her hand away and pouting, her jugs still standing there, bare and beautiful.

"Having fun?" Tina asked as she sat down on the other side of me, her round pair bobbling in and out of her tiny swimsuit.

"We seldom have a boy to play with." Valerie said, looking disappointed. "All the girls at our school get it regularly. It's just sex, sex, sex - every weekend." She grinned at me. "Tina had two steadies, a boy and his sister."

"Yeah, but you ended up with Kim, didn't you?" She made an angry face.

"I do like girls better, but I do boys. Show it to us, please," Valerie pleaded, leaning toward me and displayed her big jugs. "We won't bite."

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