Two Cherries

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young brother's opportunity to bed his older sister has surprising results.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Size   .

Hot damn! My brother is headed for college. He's leaving today and won't be back until the semester break at Christmas. That means I've got almost four months of having my luscious sister to myself.

Now don't get me wrong, I've never bonked a girl, not even one, but I'm more than ready to get started, and I can't think of a better place to begin than between my sister's long legs.

Let me explain. My brother's 18 and my hot sister, who will be a senior this year is 16 and I'm 14 and ready to start high school. To the best of my knowledge my sister and brother have been getting it on since she was about my age; I don't know how many times I've come just listening to them grunt and groan. And I think he's the only guy my sister bonks, but he's got dozens of girls, of hook-ups, two or three every week, all summer.

He is very popular and, evidently, a real stud. She seldom dates anyone alone and never stays out late, but dozens of guys hit on her regularly. I mean, at the pool, she really draws a crowd, and she doesn't wear tiny bikinis either. I see it and hear it all the time. She's hot, really hot. But at school, she's thought of as an ice queen and blue-ball maker and in fact, my folks wouldn't let her date until she was sixteen.

We're both well hung, my brother and me; it runs in the family, so I'm sure I've got the equipment to do the job. My cock, after that last growth spurt that got me up to over six feet tall, now measures almost eight inches long and seven inches around. It stands almost straight out from my hairy groin and my balls, when I'm aroused, which is pretty nearly all the time these days, feel like golf balls or something.

I've seen my brother's in the showers at the pool, and he's not any bigger than I am, thicker maybe, but I'm just as long, or just about as long anyhow. I mean, seriously, it's impressive just hanging there, half way to my knees.

So we all drove to the airport and saw him off, and I'm pretty sure he and Tiff had a quick farewell fuck this morning. I could hear them grunting in the bathroom with the shower running.

Tiffany is almost as tall as I am and probably weighs 125-130 or so and she is some kind of built, an absolute stone fox or whatever the slang for babe is now. Most of the guys I know call them honeys or cuties. I get a hard-on every time I see her no matter what she's wearing, and she's kind of careless about how she dresses around the house. I haven't seen any Tiff pussy, but I had gotten a lot of Tiff nipple views because she hates bras.

Anyhow, we sat together in the back seat on the way home and although I was tempted, I didn't try anything, just sat there enjoying the way my cock felt, straining in my Levis and the warmth and smell of my sister as she played with her iPhone. But when the folks then went out grocery shopping and left us home, I figured it was time to make my move, to get initiated.

So I went over to her room and didn't bother to knock. She was lying on her belly in just her tiny panties talking on her phone, and she looked at me and stuck out her tongue. I walked up right beside her bed and pulled off my t-shirt, tensed my abs and then opened my belt, smiling down at her.

She clicked off, closed her phone, set it aside and sat up, swinging her long legs around and looking annoyed.

My cock surged. Her pussy looked to be clean shaved, absolutely bare, just waiting for me, tight lipped like a little mouth under her thong underwear.

What a body, what a set of jugs, what a rack! They stood up firmly and jiggled wonderfully.

"Get out," she yelled at me, pointing at the door, her tits jiggling, hard nipples pointing upward.

"Come on, Tiff," I said as I pulled down my zipper and let my shorts fall, "Jimmy's gone and I'm here. You need it, right?"

"I sure don't need you, kid."

I dragged off my boxers and my cock jumped out and up, jerking about, quickly getting longer and thicker.

She squealed.

I never felt it so hot and hard; it was actually throbbing in anticipation, oozing out globules of lube when I stroked it and maybe sort of curved upward a bit, the skin really stretched. And my balls had solidified at the base of my shaft. I grasped them, and my scrotum was about baseball size and hardness. She moaned and tried to push me away.

I reached out and stroked her left breast and climbed up on her bed and pushed her down, my hand on her neck, ignoring all her pleading and kicking and stuff. She looked up at me like she was scared, and her mouth fell open as I pulled off her thong undies and threw them behind me. Her pussy was absolutely hairless, but I guess it had to be for the bikinis she wore.

Then I went down on her just like I had seen dozens on guys do in the porn sites. I licked and I sucked and I stuck my tongue in her and found her little love button and tried to suck it up while I held her buttocks with both hands, smooth and warm.

She begged me to stop and tried to pull me away, writhing and kicking, but when I got her clit in my lips, she stopped complaining and just lay back, sobbing while I kneaded her hard butt.

I dug deeper as she got wetter, rolled up my tongue and pushed into her fluttering pink lips. She gasped and then cursed me, called me names and beat on my back.

She writhed and pushed on my shoulders and kicked her feet and groaned and sobbed and, I'm sure, climaxed because I got a face full of her juices.

I wiped my face on my shoulder, smiled down at her and moved up so that my big cock was lying on her soft belly. She whimpered and looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "Don't, Billy," she sobbed. "I've never done it, honest."

"Oh sure, all those showers with Jimmy and all that bed wrestling. He's had you a hundred times, two hundred."

"But he never boned me. We just played, and he rubbed it in my slot, and we tit fucked and stuff." She sniffed. "I did suck his thing, lots of times. I'll do yours."

"Really," I asked, surprised and not sure I believed her. I grasped my throbbing shaft and screwed the hard-flanged head into her pink-lipped vagina.

"No, no, stop," she squealed, and I eased it back, slid it up her warm, soft body and laid it between her gorgeous breasts.

She nodded, gasping for breath, pushed her breasts together and gave me a small smile. "It's so big," she sobbed.

I started moving it up and back slowly.

She closed her eyes. "That's nice. Do you like that?"

"Uh huh," I told her. "But this is just the warm up. It's going in and up, right in your belly, to the balls, baby. If you've got a cherry, this is its last hour."

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