Vixen Celebrates

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Vixen rewards herself for her highly stimulating first year of college.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   .

When her first year of college was over, and having aced her finals and piled up a 3.75 GPS, Vixen treated herself to a couple of weeks at the beach at an empty cottage that belonged to one of her father's friends.

Toward the end of that vacation, after ten days of relaxation and no sex, Vixen strolled the narrow beach wearing her favorite tiny bikini and carrying her iPod, scanning the water's edge from behind oversized sunglasses, her tunes turned down low and a dark green baseball hat shading her freckled face. She was trolling for cocks. Last night's dreams left the sheets wet and her vagina thoroughly lubricated.

The lithe girl felt dangerously horny, as if she might jump on some poor man and screw him to death to satisfy her body's aching needs. She smiled at the thought and almost laughed aloud. There had been boys, and a few men, who had begged her to stop. She chuckled and remembered poor Nick, the big football player who thought he had seduced her. She left him begging in the back seat of his car and went back to the country club party to seek a more adequate stud when she was only fifteen.

Her colorfully printed suit was about two-inches wide on the top triangles that displayed her jutting nipples as well as about two-thirds of her over-sized boobs and less than that on the bottom where a miniscule thong disappeared between the girl's wonderfully rounded buttocks with their deeply dimpled cheeks after cupping her tight-lipped vulva beneath her little bump. The top tied behind her neck and between her incredible breasts with short string ends dangling, inviting a tug, and the miniscule bottom knotted at the sides, right on the flaring hipbone.

Despite being a redhead, her tan was golden and nearly complete but she had, of course, a galaxy of freckles across the bridge of her nose and the swell of her chest ... Only her bulging mons and her big nipples were still pale, and she had been working on those most mornings. She kicked the ebbing water idly with her bare feet and dodged a few bigger-than-usual surges from the calm Atlantic, bobbling her high breasts in the process of hopping away and getting wet up to her knees. Colleges were out but the high school surge was yet to come.

A mile or so down the strand, when she was about to give up and resort to the big vibrator in her Mustang's glove compartment, the one that plugged into the car's cigarette lighter and had an exciting clit stimulator, she spotted two young men lolling in the shade of a huge umbrella and smiled to herself, licking her lips and feeling her labia quiver. Just what she needed, her talented pussy informed her with a warm tingle as she saw they were full-grown, bare-chested, hairy-legged and good-sized.

She took a deep breath that stretched the lycra and moved up on the hot sand, hips rolling slightly, the underside of her high breasts bare and the eager nipples poking hard against what little covered them. Vixen was well aware of how she looked. One friend at school had called her an erection engineer, a long-legged wet-dream. She was also aware of what she needed and was determined to get - sexual exhaustion was her goal.

On her toes the girl was nearly six-feet tall and usually weighed about 130. Her legs were long and shapely and her in-seam was 36, her waist about 22. Her hips were still rather girlish, but her buttocks were full and rounded, and they not only rolled wonderfully when she walked, they seemed to snap on the recoil before moving in the other direction. Her belly was a soft puff and her augmented breasts stood high and firm, 39 or 40 D's depending on how they were measured, and the nipples, in repose, were like the top joint of her thumb, the areole small and pink and pebbled. She jiggled when she walked, a symphony of horny motion, and when she ran, male hearts stopped altogether.

"Hi," she said standing between the young men's extended feet and watching them leer up at her, "you guys lend me a little shade?"

"Sure," said the man on the right, quickly making room on his big towel. "Put it right here." His hairy chest was broad and hard, and he very much liked what he was seeing as he looked up at the girl's jutting knockers, bare belly and barely covered slit. He admired the puff of her mons and the shape of her slot.

Vixen sat, baring her uncovered buttocks, exhaled loudly, wiggled her rounded butt into the sand and held out her hand. "I'm Vixen. I didn't realize the sun was so hot this early. Just got here. I should have worn a bigger hat." She smiled and looked from side to side, wondering how long it would take to satisfy them both. The challenge excited her.

"Brad," said the boy who had moved over and whose hairy leg now touched her smooth one. He held her hand and smiled, feeling a pleasant jolt of adrenaline and testosterone as her admired her nearly bare and bulging chest and trim body with the soft mound of her pudenda barely covered by her bright swimsuit, almost invisible when she sat. From where he lay, he could admire the full thrust of her pneumatic left breast which was barely covered at its jutting apex. It looked like the business end of a torpedo. He felt his cock surge.

"That's Jim. He just got out of Princeton; actually graduated. I'm a junior at Rutgers, business school." Both young men were fairly pale, but both were lean and well muscled with broad shoulders and taut stomachs. Vixen was almost sure they had what she needed. She had just a brief thought that perhaps they were queer, but shook her head and that disappeared. She knew the lustful look in this boy's eyes; she had seen it many times.

Her mind wandered back to the first time she enjoyed a young male who was not a relative. He didn't have much in the cock department, but he was absolutely tireless. They had fornicated for nearly an hour before he begged her to stop.

The smiling girl nodded and pulled her hand loose from Brad to shake Jim's extended hand and smile at him. He was a somewhat more mature young man with a stubbled chin, sunburned nose, well-defined abs and a growing bulge in his tight Speedos. She liked his smile, and what she could discern of his swelling cock.

"You got any sunscreen you could lend me?" she asked him as he sat up to get a better look at the visiting girl in the tiny string bikini, three small triangles of sexual invitation. He hadn't seen boobs like that on a live female in all his twenty-two years and had never seen a bathing suit bottom so small or so low on a woman's hips. Her butt looked completely bare and her mound was soft and inviting. Bet I could bounce up a foot on that, he thought, feeling his cock surge.

"Sure," he said, showing her the tube of cream and feeling his balls churn. Her jugs were bigger than softballs he was sure, about the size of cantaloupe he decided, well more than a handful, and they were just inches from his nose. He felt a throbbing tremor in his testicles as he noted the thrust of her hardening nipples which seemed ready to leap from her tiny top. The taut sides and underside of both luscious breasts was there for him to admire.

"Undo it, please," she said, leaning forward to fully display her incredible melons, almost pushing them into his face. "I never can get that knot loose." The lie came easily, and she saw sweat pop out on the young man's forehead as his hands fumbled in her deep cleavage.

Jim smiled as he loosed the tie and watched the young female pull off her top and then hold it to her bared chest, between her magnificent breasts. He then smoothed a palmful of sunscreen on the girl's smooth back, rubbing in a circular manner from her shoulders to her ass crack while she held the narrow top to her luscious jugs with both hands, cupping and lifting her lovely mounds. He was getting painfully hard ad his heart rate was climbing.

"Um, that feels good," she purred, wiggling and watching Brad's cock extend and squirm under his swimsuit. "Can't anybody see us here, can they, I mean from the Boardwalk?" She rolled halfway over and bared her buttocks. "Do my bottom, please."

"Not unless they're out in the water," Brad said as his heart nearly stopped when Vixen peeled off her top and dropped it by her feet. Her nipples were pink and pointed, high on her globes and aimed just slightly away from each other, their areoles pebbled and small. She was obviously aroused.

He unconsciously licked his lips as he put sunscreen on her ass, for he had never seen a better pair of jugs, live, on the Internet or in print, and they seemed to swell upwards with each breath she took. The high, firm breasts, which were only slightly whiter than her carefully tanned skin, were enough to make the boy's mouth fall open and his palms itch. They had cost her father nearly $10,000, but she had repaid him many times over.

"Do my front, will you?" she asked, lying back between them, her big breasts jiggling as she reclined but still high and firm, standing up instead of flopping back softly. "If you don't mind. I hate to burn." She smiled from left to right as both men reached for her trembling breasts with their jutting tips. The looked like a pair of Burmese temples, thought Jim, or like something Alberto Vargas might have painted for Playboy. His big cock was hard and jumping, demanding friction.

She quickly had two large hands on her thrusting mounds, and she easily snaked her hands down their hard bellies and inside the boys' bathing suits and found their hardening pricks as they mauled her gorgeous hemispheres and rubbed her erect nipples between their thumbs and forefingers. They were both well hung and eager. Vixen's vagina trembled and lubricated.

"Oh, that feels so good," she sighed as they firmly massaged her and squeezed her silicone augmented pair of beauties while she stroked both of them to iron hardness and tickled at their swollen balls.

"Who's going to be first?" They both were very wonderfully engorged her questing hands told her. "I'm ready." She could feel her juices flowing and the pairs of domed glans were wet and slick.

"Why don't you mount Jimbo, and I'll sit up and kind of shelter you off," said Brad as he watched Vixen untie the side of her suit and peel it away from her freshly shaved mound. Her pussy lips were tight but puffy and faintly pink and, while he watched, protruding and wiggling. Her skin was almost uniformly tan and covered with tiny golden hairs and brownish freckles. "I'd like to be on top," she suggested. "Hate to be squashed."

"Sure," said Jim, hard and eager.

"Good," the girl said. "But remember, no hurrying. It's much too hot for that." She got up on all fours so that her oversized boobs hung freely down and swung gently back and forth. Brad resisted the urge to pat her butt as she displayed her sexy lips for his admiration. He watched them wriggle and part, dripping moisture.

Jim laughed with her as he struggled out of his Speedo, reclined and gave his thick cock room to jump up and stand proudly before him. Vixen bent and licked the ram's helmet-shaped head and then swung a leg over the young man's hairy legs, grasped his thick rod and took him in, sliding down his pole with a smile on her face.

"Ah," Vixen sighed loudly as he filled her. "Just what I need." She wiggled some to get firmly in the saddle and then bounced gently, her breasts bobbling freely.

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