Punish the Plagiarist
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2014 by Shani 34

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sally copies a story from the internet and publishes it, and it becomes a best seller. Life is great until the real author arrives wanting more than just his share of the royalties.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Fiction   Cuckold   Revenge   MaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex  

Just a few minutes earlier, Sally Williams had been reading through today's fan mail, basking in her new-found fame as an internationally acclaimed author. Now she was standing naked facing a man she had never met before and was sure he was going to fuck her. She didn't know what else he would require but she knew she had no choice but to provide whatever he wanted.

As she waited for him to give her more instructions, she thought back over how she had got herself into this awful position. She had been writing stories for years, and some had been published, mostly in local magazines, but the earnings had been poor. She had achieved enough success that she had built up the contacts that an author needs. She had her own publisher, and through him had membership of book clubs and author circles and so on.

And suddenly all that had changed. Finally one of her stories had been published and was proving to be a best seller. The only tiny problem was that she hadn't actually written the story herself. The man relaxing in her best lounge chair, sipping her husband's beer and studying her naked body, was the author, and he had come to claim his rights. Financial compensation, and now it seemed he wanted more. Sally was very aware of her husband Keith sitting on the sofa behind her making no attempt to help her.

Her 'success' had started one night nearly a year ago, after Keith went out drinking with his mates down the pub. Sally had casually opened up his computer just to see what he had been getting up to lately, expecting the normal porn that wives everywhere accepted husbands looked at. She found that Keith had been reading dirty stories on an obscure story-writing website, and had left his account still open. So Sally went in to see what sort of stories he had been reading. Mostly they were what they called "stroke" stories, all about depraved forms of sex, often pretty badly written.

But she found one story that was well written, romantic, with well developed characters and a clever plot. There was just a bit of quite tasteful sex, and she loved it. As written, the story was still quite risqué, but she downloaded it and tinkered with it, amending the heavy sex bits to make it more presentable, and still the story was great.

She suddenly realised that she could modify it a bit more then submit it to her publisher and claim she had written it herself. Surely there was no chance anyone in respectable literary circles would recognise that the story came from that sleazy internet porn site.

The writing matched her own style and the plot was not inconsistent with other stories she had submitted to her publisher over the years, this one was just much better written and the plot was much cleverer than anything she had ever devised. She had no concerns that her publisher might suspect that the story was not her own material.

So, after a bit of re-working, she sent the story off to him as a new draft, and to her delight he came back enthusiastically with an advance and a contract promising her good royalties, the best response she had ever had from him.

Actually his enthusiasm was so great that she almost chickened out and admitted that it wasn't her story. She nearly told him where she had found the original story, but by then she couldn't bear the inevitable humiliation of having to back down and admit to plagiarism. He would never trust her again. And anyway she knew in her heart that she could never write any other story any thing like as good as this one. This was her one chance to become famous. So she allowed her publisher to lead her through the evolutionary process until the book was ready for publication, and every time she heard from him or went to meetings at his office she shivered with fear that maybe he would have discovered her deception. But no, each new communication praised her more heartily for writing such a great story. And finally the book was on sale, and receiving rave reviews.

If she had only known what the future held for her, she would undoubtedly have confessed right then and walked away from the awful consequences.

They gave the book the title 'Trail Blazer'. Before she knew it, she was committed to a full book launch with signing ceremonies and reviews in all the best journals. Suddenly she had the fame she craved, and her friends were ringing her up to congratulate her on a wonderful new book. And she also had a huge advance payment, and the prospect of substantial royalties!

There was only one flaw. What she had not really considered when she submitted her story to her publisher was that out there, somewhere, was the original author!

And indeed the story's original author had been out there, and now he was in her living room. His name was Phil Stark, for whom writing was just a hobby. Over the years he had written many stories, but very few had been published. Unlike Sally, he never really tried to make a living out of writing, he was an engineer by profession and earned a comfortable living from that. He wrote in his spare time, for his own amusement, and he enjoyed writing sexually explicit stories, of the sort that were absolutely not suitable for the general public. A long time ago he had found this website that would publish anything he wanted to post, and he used various pen names to post stories of varying degrees of depravity on it.

It was some time after Trail Blazer was first published that Phil read a mention of it in a magazine. By then it had already become a bit of a classic. Even after Sally's alterations, the story had more kinky sex in it than most books available in mainstream bookshops, but evolving tastes were outrunning censorship and such stories were now seen as exciting and modern rather than depraved.

Phil read a review of Trail Blazer in a newspaper, and he realised immediately that the plot of the story was very much like a story he had written more than ten years ago. Curious, he bought the book and read it, and immediately recognised that it was not just similar. Comparing it with his original, he found that most of it was word for word the same, and he knew without a doubt that Sally Williams had copied his story. As he studied her version, he was disgusted how little effort Sally had made to hide her crime. Really all she had done was to excise the explicit sex that the original contained in order that it could get through the censors.

Phil had been very proud of the story when he first wrote it, one of his few attempts at a full length romantic novel. But back then he had lacked the contacts and the confidence and the publishing knowledge to set about getting the story published. His reward for his efforts was to see how many people downloaded his story and to receive complimentary emails from a few of them telling him how much they liked it. But most people visiting that website were after hard porn stroke stories, and not many bothered to read long romance novels. So for some time he had concentrated on writing stories that suited the more extreme tastes of the internet readers.

But now, seeing his story, only marginally modified, being published and widely praised as a great book made him feel very proud and happy. Okay, nobody knew he had been the original author, but he knew, and he was thrilled to read the gushing reviews in the press, knowing it was his book they were reviewing.

There was just one small flaw marring his pleasure. He wasn't getting the public or financial rewards. This other so-called author, Sally Williams, who had stolen his creation, was getting not just the fame he deserved but also the royalties. He decided to do something about both.

Just as they say 'Revenge is a dish best served cold', Phil took his time preparing his response. First he researched Sally's earlier published stories and articles, and realised she was not really a good writer at all. It was quite surprising that her publisher had accepted Trail Blazer as her creation.

He investigated her husband Keith, and read everything he could about their married life. There were lots of signs that Sally was the boss in their marriage, and Keith did as she told him. He suspected that she would not have told him about how she had found and stolen the text for Trail Blazer but he felt he needed to be sure of that before deciding to what extent to include Keith in Sally's impending punishment.

Phil explored the town where they lived, looking for ideas of how to progress his plans for revenge. He found a sex shop, and went in there to see what resources were available there. There was a row of video cubicles at the back of the shop, and that gave Phil a delicious idea for how things might evolve if he played things right.

He realised he couldn't just challenge the copyright. If he did so, the book would be withdrawn from the market and the income stream that was now flowing so freely would be cut off and could never be restored, to either Sally or himself. He could claim damages from Sally, but there was no sign they had owned anything of value before Trail Blazer went to print.

He decided that Sally could keep the fame, but that she needed to be punished for her crime, humiliated privately in a way that would avoid any damage to the book but which would make sure she never ever cheated again. She would have to hand over a significant share of the money she had already received, and of the future royalties. He would have sex with her, repeatedly and in ways of his choosing. And he had ideas for how to take her further into the depraved world of the 'stroke stories' that he had been writing recently.

As he finalised his plan, he was looking forward to discussing his proposals with the dishonest woman and her probably guiltless and unsuspecting husband. He worked out a plan that would punish Sally, give him much pleasure, and allow the book to remain in unchallenged publication.

And so when he had made as many preparations as possible Phil knocked on their front door. Keith Williams answered, by now used to greeting admiring readers of Sally's book who came to the door to ask for their copies to be autographed or to tell her how much they loved the book. So Keith was smiling as he asked, "Can I help you?"

"Yes, I would like to see your wife please, Sally Williams. Please tell her that George Gee is here to see her."

His pen name on the website when he published the original for Trail Blazer had been George_G, and he was hoping that Sally would remember it. And she did, and as she sat in her living room with her world collapsing, she thought she would be sick! Weak at the knees, she walked out to the front hall, where George was standing smiling innocently. "Hello Mrs Williams, I loved the story. It's still very readable after all these years, isn't it? Over ten years since I wrote it."

As he said this he was watching Keith Williams, who was standing behind his wife, and the look on Keith's face told Phil what he wanted to know. Keith had no idea that his wife had stolen the story. Well, he had already decided that if Keith didn't know then Sally would have to tell him!

"Let's go inside and discuss this, shall we Sally? I can call you Sally, I hope?" Sally cringed, she knew there was no way to save herself from this awful situation, she was about to be publicly humiliated and exposed as a fraud. She was far too shaken to protest, and meekly led Phil into her living room, where he sat down in the best armchair and casually invited Sally and Keith to sit opposite, side by side on the sofa.

"Sally, I can tell from your face that you know exactly who I am and why I am here, is that right?"

Sally had lived with the enormity of her guilt for long enough by now, and was almost relieved that the truth was finally coming out. Of course she dreaded the shame of having to confess to her adoring fans that she hadn't written Trail Blazer after all. If anything that prospect was more upsetting than the knowledge that she would have to refund the advance payment, and would not be getting the anticipated royalties. They could cope with being poor again. It was the public humiliation that she dreaded.

Phil had already decided that Sally's humiliation would not actually be public, so long as she agreed to cooperate. He wanted the book to continue to be a blockbuster, he wanted his revenge and his share of the royalties, and he wanted Sally. He sat watching her while a puzzled Keith went off to fetch him a drink. He would explain his intentions shortly but first he enjoyed watching her face as the awfulness of her situation swept over her.

"When your husband returns you are to explain to him who I am and why I am here."

"I don't really know why you are here! Please, are you going to tell everyone?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Well no, of course not!" Sally's face was a mix of fear and confusion and shame.

"Well then, first I want you to tell your husband."

Sally went pale. As Keith returned with drinks, she sat shivering, her eyes on Phil. "Please, must I?"

"If you don't tell your husband, then I will tell the newspapers."

She took her husband's hand in hers, looked down at the carpet in front of her, and told him how she had copied Trail Blazer off an amateur story-telling site on the internet, and that the man sitting opposite had been the original author.

Phil was pleased to see how shocked Keith was. He had been wondering how much Sally had told her husband about the source of the story, and it amused him to realise that she had clearly told him nothing. Now Sally was exposed as a fraud to her husband, the first part of her humiliation. And Phil intended that she would be exposed to a great deal more, but in ways that didn't damage the reputation of his book by exposing Sally's plagiarism publicly in the press. His intentions for Sally involved other, even more humiliating, exposure, but so long as she obeyed, it would be done privately.

Phil gave Keith a few moments to digest the situation. He could tell that Sally and her husband were wondering what was going to happen next. Their fabulous new world of public acclaim and wealth was clearly about to come crashing down around their ears. Their plans to move into a bigger house in a better district, mentioned in a recent media interview, would now come to nothing. They were sitting waiting for him to tell them their fate, and they were dreading it.

He sipped his drink then started telling them of his intentions. "I have a bit of a problem. If I tell the world that I was the author and that you stole my story, they will have to withdraw the book from publication, and there won't be any more royalties. So I lose as well as you. I am considering not telling anyone, and just doing a deal with you, whereby you remain the official author and give me some reasonable share of those royalties. Do you have any thoughts on that?"

Sally's face changed, as she realised this might not be the end of her world after all. It seemed she might be able to do a deal with Phil. There was more than enough money coming in to share. "Phil, look, I'm sure we can do a deal, if you don't tell anyone. What are you thinking, half shares?"

"Sally, I am sure we can come to some agreement. Not sure I am happy with half shares, I spent over a year writing Trail Blazer. And it's not just that story, I have written quite a few other books, but just never got around to having any of them published. So I've been thinking that I could give you the texts and you can send them all to your publisher, a new story every six months or so, and we can share the royalties for all of them. How do you think that would work?"

Sally looked astonished, she had thought her world was ending but instead Phil was proposing a whole new world of fame and money! "That sounds terrific," she gushed, imagining how her publisher would respond to a succession of new stories as good as Trail Blazer. "I'm sure we can discuss the percentages, I'm not in a position to be greedy."

Phil smiled. "Indeed. Anyway I think we have the makings of a deal. But I want you to understand that this is not a negotiation. It's a deal where I tell you the terms and you either accept them or the whole deal is off. If you are not happy then all you have to do is go to your publisher and admit that you didn't write Trail Blazer, or any of the other stories that I am going to give you. But if you accept my terms, then you just have to do as you are told. Is that clear?"

Sally was still thinking that maybe this was just a deal about writing and royalties, and she nodded enthusiastically. It really didn't matter how much of the royalties Phil wanted, after all he had written the book! She would be happy with what he left her, especially if she was able to keep the glamour of being seen as a famous author. And if he had other stories that she could submit for publication then they could all become rich!

Phil reckoned he had her hooked, and it was time to reveal the full details of his proposed deal. "Okay then. But there's more to this deal than just dividing up the money. I want more from you than that, Sally, and I want to be sure that you and Keith are ready to accept my extra demands. Stand up, please, Sally."

Sally, confused, stood up, not yet realising where this was leading. Phil sat admiring her. She was a good looking woman, wearing an expensive pale blue dress. He already knew that she was 34 years old, and looking at the swell of the blouse he guessed she was probably 34c breasts. He sat still and took some deep breaths. He had been looking forward to this moment for a long time.

"Come closer, Sally." Sally started to flush as she obeyed, beginning to suspect what Phil had in mind as the other part of 'the deal'! Keith, sitting on the sofa looking up at her, was already looking pale, biting his lip, not at all happy, obviously already realising what Phil was intending. "Turn around."

When she turned, Sally looked at her husband and guessed that he knew what was about to happen. She flushed scarlet as she stood still, being scrutinised by the man who, she realised, was soon going to be having sex with her.

Phil was enjoying himself immensely. He sat silently admiring the shape of her buttocks in the tight dress, the panty line just visible through the thin material. He wondered if she had ever been spanked, and resolved that he would do that soon. And probably often. "Okay Sally now turn and face me again."

Sally was trembling as she obeyed, and stood waiting to hear what he was about to demand. She and her husband could both guess that the next few minutes were going to be extremely embarrassing for her. Would he want her on her knees, giving him oral sex in front of her husband? She had never done that, although it featured repeatedly in Trail Blazer!

"Now, Sally, as you know I can expose you to your adoring public by reporting your crime to your publisher, or you can expose yourself to me now by removing your clothes. It's your choice. Don't take too long to decide. First raise your dress, I want to see your legs, and your panties."

Sally stood shaking, wanting to defy him but not quite daring.

"Hurry up, please Sally, I want to see what underwear a famous author wears when she is at home with her husband."

For a minute she stood looking at him, motionless except for the rise and fall of her breasts as she panted. Her face was pale, she was biting her lower lip, her expression a mix of horror and pleading. He knew she was considering her options, and was pretty confident she would not choose public humiliation. What she didn't know was exactly what else he had planned for her, if she gave in now and lifted the dress.

"Can Keith go to the kitchen please," she asked, her voice strained. Phil knew she was now expecting him to demand sex, probably expecting to be ordered to get to her knees and give him a blow job as the female star in Trail Blazers did on numerous occasions, and no doubt she was hoping that would be the end of his demands. If she only knew!!!

"Nope, I want him to watch. Hurry up, before I decide you are being uncooperative."

Her hands were shaking as she drew the skirt up in front of her, pausing with it just exposing the crotch of her panties. He signalled that he wanted it higher, and she raised it until he could see not just her panties but the bare flesh above them. "Very pretty. I like full brief panties, much sexier than the skimpy things young girls wear nowadays. Remember that, won't you, Sally? When you next go shopping. Okay. Turn round, let me see you from behind."

Definitely spankable, he thought, letting the tension rise.

"Yes, very nice. Okay, turn to me again. You can drop the dress. In fact I want you to take it right off."

She moaned softly, but without protesting she reached behind, and started to undo the zip down the back, but in her nervous state she couldn't reach it. Phil said softly, "Help her with the zip, Keith." He wanted Keith involved in his wife's humiliation. Keith stood up and went behind his wife and pulled the zip down to below her waist, and before Sally could finish removing it Phil said, "Now help her get the dress off."

Keith's face was a picture as he eased the dress off her shoulders and off her arms, then slid it down her body, exposing her bra. Phil said, "Sally, put your hands on your head, let Keith do the rest."

Keith seemed to be panting as he pushed the dress down below her waist, now exposing her deliciously bare tummy and the top of those panties, but the dress got caught on her hips and he looked at Phil, who gestured for him to go on. Keith pushed the dress further down and helped his wife to step out of it.

When Sally was standing in just bra and panties, Phil casually slipped his shoes and socks off, knowing how Sally would interpret that.

"Stay behind her Keith, in a minute I will want you to unclip her bra. But let's do this slowly, it's much too nice to hurry."

He sat silently for a minute, enjoying Sally's obvious unhappiness.

"Do you like touching your wife's breasts, Keith?" From his mumbled response From the look on Keith's face, Phil suspected Keith might never have been allowed to see his wife's bare breasts. If so, today would be Keith's lucky day. Sally's eyes were open and fixed on his, he was sure that Sally had already accepted that he was soon going to fuck her. He wondered what she thought of that, having only known him for a few minutes. He thought it would be easier for her to accept if he didn't rush her into getting naked and spreading her legs. But looking at her standing there, he had to say she was very sexy, very desirable. And deliciously vulnerable.

Phil stood up and stepped close to the trembling woman, and tentatively ran his finger tips over the swell of her bra, feeling her nipples through the thin material, then he ran his hand down her front to Sally's pouting camel toe and rubbed it gently, then sniffed his fingers and smiled at this clear confirmation of the woman's unwanted arousal.

"Okay let's have that bra off, please Keith. You can put your hands down by your sides now, Sally."

Sally screwed her face up in shame as her husband fumbled with the catch of the bra and finally released it, pushing the shoulder straps forward so the bra fell down and her breasts were presented to Phil.

Phil stood close to Sally, and put his hands over her breasts, gently exploring their firmness, and teasing the nipples.

"Very pretty."

He moved closer, and gently kissed her on the mouth. Sally tried to turn her head away. "Oh, Sally, you still don't understand, do you? I own you, girl. If I want to kiss you, then you will not only let me, you will open your mouth and put your tongue out, do you understand?' Sally was trembling as she reluctantly nodded.

"Okay, do it."

Keith watched in awe as his wife presented herself to be kissed, mouth open and tongue ready to explore Phil's mouth.

"As I kiss you, I want you to unbutton my shirt and take it off, so I can feel those lovely breasts against me."

While Sally's hands fumbled with the buttons on Phil's shirt, he kissed her deeply, then when the shirt was off he drew her tight against him loving the feel of her firm breasts, the nipples already hard. He broke the kiss long enough to say, "Sally, while we kiss, I want you to undo my belt and my trousers and push them down."

As his pants slid down, he made Keith kneel behind him and tug them down to his feet and help him step out of them. He and Sally were now naked except for her panties and her high heels. He gently pushed his hand down the front of her panties.

"So, Sally, you know that I am soon going to fuck you. But first I want to explain that this won't end at that."

Sally nodded nervously but said nothing.

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