Boning a Sub-deb

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young man has a rare opportunity to improve his reputation and grasps it, well, actually humps it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

When I finished cutting and trimming the big lawn, I went to the back door to get paid, hoping the cougar who was the lady of the house was in the mood for some bedroom action. She was not only enjoyable; she paid well.

So I was surprised when Andrea McGinnis answered my knock. Andrea was one of the sub-debs, the clique that ran our school, a small group of beautiful and haughty females. She smiled at me and held the door open.

"Billy, right?" she asked as I brushed past. Andrea was wearing a filmy, short and nearly transparent chemise or shift, a shapeless garment of silk that hung from ribbons, clung to her lush body and reached just the top of her plump thighs. It might have been her nightgown. She was barefoot and her nipples appeared to be excited for some reason. My cock jumped.

"Momma left you some money and told me that, well, that you were terrific in the sack. I didn't know you went around bonking women, Billy." She grinned at me and licked her lips.

I smiled at her and sat where she pointed. Her mother was a great lay and she paid well too, usually a hundred a fuck

She sat on my lap and put her arm around my neck and kissed me, seriously and deeply kissed me. I slid my hand up her bare back and pulled her closer and kissed her, open-mouthed. She writhed, leaned back and said. "Momma said you were a gentlemen, that you ever told. That true?"

I nodded and we traded some more spit as I peeled a thin strap off her shoulder and one cherry-tipped breast emerged. I sucked that tit and bit her gently, stretching it out.

She moaned and wriggled. "Let's do it," she sighed. I was going to bone a sub-deb. It was hard to believe. She was a junior; I was a freshman. It did not happen.

"Here?" I asked, eagerly, feeling my arousal growing.

She giggled. "I guess we could, but let's go up to my room. OK?"

I followed her rolling butt up the stairs and into her big, lacy bedroom. She turned to face me and I ripped her light garment from her and tossed it aside. Damn, what a body, ripe and firm, toned and ready. I was quickly iron hard.

She stepped back and sat on the side of her high bed and watched me undress, legs spread, pussy bared, pink lips wiggling. I kicked off my shoes, peeled down my shorts and took off my pouch boxers, and she screamed. I mean screamed and then gurgled, both hands to her mouth, as my big cock unfurled, filled and jumped up, thick and arching. It is a first class beauty, the biggest and best in our school I'm sure.

"Ohgod," she sighed as I stepped closer, smiling, my thick, nine-inch rod in my hand and my balls swelling and clamping at its hairy base. "Don't hurt me," she begged, fright in her eyes.

"Of course not," I assured her as I held it down and screwed the helmet-shaped head into her fluttering pink lips with her long legs on my shoulders.

She looked up into my eyes, her mouth hanging open as I slowly drove it six inches or so into her, tearing her open, spreading her tightly clamped flesh. She made very odd sounds as I pulled back and then thrust deeper, out again and deeper and then right to the balls.

She writhed and kicked; I humped her hard. She was very tight and very hot. I was crying something like, "Hah, hah, hah," and she was grunting and squealing like a small animal, snapping her head from side to side, eyes wild.

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