Betty's Big Bun

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The married cop had a strange fetish and I didn't mind it at all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Public Sex   .

I wanted to say right up front before anyone gets any funny ideas about my character or morals that I am a respectable girl and seldom let my female needs dictate inappropriate behavior counter to my "well-raised" reputation. I will admit that I have been fairly active in the granting of oral favors to a large percentage of the study body but I certainly don't brag about it or do it in public or anything of that nature.

My older sister Veronica on the other hand is a stone-cold foxy slut and spreads her knees at the hint of an invitation. I have even seen "Vicky" take it up the ass on the beach right in front of anybody walking past our blanket and umbrella. She is so animalistic in her whimpering orgasms that I wish I could just pull down her panties and give her a tan right on her sweet cheeks. I tend to be pretty shy and quiet about such matters and would find a secluded spot before giving anything up to horny boys.

Vicky and I look a lot alike except for the fact I wear thick glasses and my hair is a lot longer than hers. I used to wear my hair up in a pony-tail, but recently have taken to swirling it in a comfortable bun at the back of my head. I decided to move on from the pony-tail because my former boyfriend Carl had gotten in the habit of pulling my head back when he was doing "it" to me from behind by grasping my pony-tail and yanking it back and in every direction making me sink a little further down on his shaft.

Unfortunately, the well-hung Carl and I split-up 15 minutes after I caught him giving his manhood to the slutty Vicky from behind on the upholstered back of my mom's antique sofa. I was more upset at the fact they probably left some pungent stains on the beautiful material than I was over getting rid of Carl who had become a major pain in the rear-end both metaphorically and physically.

I must ask all of you for your discretion in not revealing the fact that I am still technically a virgin even though I am 18 years of age. Vicky at 19 has had so many boys' tool's in her that if they were quills, she would look like a porcupine. She was real apologetic after that incident and I kept her on her toes by pretending I hadn't quite forgiven her as yet. I am ashamed to admit that I allowed her to shave my slit with tender attention all the while giving her nasty comments about her slutty ways. I was a little embarrassed when her ministrations caused me to lose some juices that sprayed all over her fingers and hands. I think it was my female juices but I am certain she thought it was some accidental pee because she just laughed and wiped them off on her skirt.

After that, we seemed to be a bit nicer to each other and I even let her borrow my panties and bras providing she washed them off real good before returning them. She was a size bigger than me so she could wear my stuff even though it was tight but I could not wear her stuff because it would look far too baggy.

When Carl went out of my life, I was sort of turned off by boys. I was really tired of their shit never knowing if they really liked me for my personality and my brains or just a convenient hole to drain their silly rods into. Somehow, and I have absolutely no idea how it happened, I took up with a married man who lived next door with his wife, his mother-in-law, and 2 small bratty kids who seemed to be always getting into trouble. The girl was all right because she was a bit shy, but the boy was a terror with a garbage-can vocabulary that was way older than he was. I avoided both of them because they spelled trouble with a capital "T". They were both 16 but were not twins and I have not a single clue how that could be possible. The wife was a real bitch from the get-go and she never let an opportunity pass to spew out a sarcastic comment or a mean-spirited remark. I just turned my ears off whenever she was around and pretended I didn't hear her. I think the mother-in-law had Alzheimer's or something because she had this disconcerting blank stare that gave me the willies.

The married man was a cop and he had more muscles than one of those wrestlers on TV. His name was Mike and he used to feel me up on the staircase in a funny sort of way that left me breathless and him with a smile on his face. I guess I had a crush on him but wouldn't want anyone to know especially not him. One thing led to another and one Saturday morning when I was feeling a little depressed for not having a boyfriend, he ran into me at the mall in his off-duty civilian clothes. I was on my way to a movie and he decided to join me.

When we sat down in the last row in the balcony, I figured he was looking for a little touch and tickle session in the darkened theater. It was just like I figured and it didn't take me very long to have a very satisfactory orgasm. He was still short on getting his rocks off and it was a bit too compromising for me to fall to my knees in front of him to suck him off and the seats were far too narrow for such fooling around.

"Betty, you move down the row right in front and sit in the seat right in front of me."

I followed his instructions not really knowing what he had in mind. My panties were wet with my juices and I tried to keep my knees together to keep my seeping juices inside. I reached up in the dark and rubbed my nipples feeling them get hard and stick out inside my tight fitting sports bra. I could feel and hear Mike get closer behind me and I wondered what he was up to.

After a few moments, I became aware of his thing pushing into the back of my head buried inside my rounded bun of silky hair. It was so strange to feel his tool-head bouncing into my head and neck from behind knowing that my thick hair surrounded him completely like an envelope custom fit to give him pleasure. I knew he was really into it because he accelerated and reached forward to grab hold of my ears and hold me steady for his humping strokes. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have his thick shaft robbing me of my cherry or even stretching my sphincter muscle to allow him entry. I knew at that moment if he wanted either of my openings, I would gladly let him make me do it. Of course, he didn't know it but I was dreadfully in love with him and would have done anything he wanted no matter how uncomfortable or kinky.

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