Vixen Graduates

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: An eager young female devises a way to achieve her goal.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Vixen stepped down from the school bus, extending her long leg clad in skin-tight two hundred and fifty dollar designer jeans, and a slim foot wearing lizard boots that cost twice that much. Her pussy still steamed from the pawing her father had given her that morning, while she ate her breakfast cereal, massaged his cock and watched the climax of his latest porn flick on the kitchen TV. He just loved her tits, for which he had paid a lot of money, and her tight-lipped pussy, which he claimed to own.

"You're gonna wow 'em, kid," he had told her, patting her shapely ass after they disentangled.

"New schools are always a pain, Daddy," she had pouted as she used a paper towel between her legs. "Can't I just stay home and play with you?"

He laughed and smacked his luscious, sixteen-year-old daughter's bare rump loudly. Vixen knew it was her fault, again. She had been asked to leave her private school after seducing two of her young, male teachers, both of them happily married, and then being caught in the lesbian embrace of the school nurse, doing sixty-nine vigorously when she was supposed to be in history class.

She did not really mind leaving that expensive place since, in her opinion, there wasn't a boy worth fucking, and she had tried two dozen in her six weeks there. But now, for the rest of this year, it would be a public school. Eew! How the mighty had fallen.

Putting one foot directly before another, Vixen quickly spotted the group of self-styled beauty queens, the knots of smelly jocks and a few bookish nerds hanging around the flagpole. Taking long strides that bounced her beautifully augmented breasts and rolled her boyish hips and firm buttocks, she headed for them and introduced herself to a tall boy with heavy glasses and unruly hair.

He gulped as she rubbed a hard tit along his arm and gave her the names of some of his buddies, none of which she bothered to remember. They all just stared and nodded. One actually drooled when Vixen unzipped her jacket and tossed back her hair, tensing her pecs and feeling her augmented breasts surge. Her jeans were so crotch-tight that the heavy seam kept her pussy excited.

"Will you show me around?" Vixen asked the blushing boy. "It's my first day at Jefferson." She smiled up and him and licked her carmine lips.

"Sure," he said, gabbing her hand and trying not to look at her jutting chest, "come on." He took her to the main office where she picked up her schedule. He then walked her quickly around the building, showing her the rooms she was to be in and pointing out the fastest way to get from place to place. Just the sound of her spike heels on the tiled floors was exciting to his young mind and immature libido.

"See you at lunch," the girl said as she left him at the door of her first period math class. She thrust back her shoulders and smiled, knowing her hard nipples were clearly displayed in her loosely knit sweater that rose three inches from her low-hung jeans and wide leather belt.

The boy staggered off to the nearest rest room and masturbated until he was relieved enough to go to class. He had noted that they were both juniors although they had no classes together.

At the end of math class, Vixen stayed behind and introduced herself to her algebra teacher, saying she knew she would have trouble getting caught up. The teacher, a mature man who had seen all kinds, suggested that he would be glad to help her after school almost any day, and that he tutored some students on the weekends.

She smiled and licked her lips. His cock shook, and he thought about what he could do with her on the weekends. He watched her denim covered buttocks as she left his room and tried to remember when he was in high school. He was sure there were not any girls that looked like that.

At lunch the lithe girl plunked her tray down next to Brad Williams, the nerdy boy she had charmed that morning. She chatted with him about school gossip and upcoming activities, well aware that he could not stop looking at her high, firm boobs in their soft knit covering, her big nips excited by the constant rubbing of the coarse wool.

By then she had fielded about two dozen offers for dates, dances and games, dodged several attempted gropings and ignored twice that number of groans and make-believe sobs.

Brad managed to gulp out groups of words in response, nearly overcome by her smell and nearness. He was very much a virgin, and his only sexual experience had been via the Internet and his left hand. He had never even dated a girl, and he had never seen a pair of breasts like Vixen's, at least not close up, only in 3-D cartoons as far as he could recall.

Suddenly the boy sitting across from them was yanked to his feet and replaced by a hulking young man with broad shoulders and tattooed forearms. "Hiya, cutie," he said with a grin. "Yer new, ain'cha?" His letter-sweater bulged with muscles and the crotch of his jeans bulged as well.

Vixen blinked at him. She knew the type and generally avoided the muscle-bound jocks as inferior lovers with over-sized egos.

"I'm Mike Masters," he said, sticking out a hand.

"Really?" said Vixen, ignoring his hand. "That was pretty rude."

"Oh, he don' mind," Mike said. 'How 'bout we go get some air. This place stinks."

"No, thanks," Vixen said. "Brad's going to show me the library."

This was news to Brad who hoped the dumb wrestler on the other side of the table wouldn't make a scene or unscrew his head.

"Huh?" was all Mike said. "How 'bout after school. No practice today."

"Maybe," said Vixen, looking over his head. "If I'm not busy. My math teacher wants to see me."

A few minutes later in the back corner of the high school library, Vixen cornered Brad, got both arms around his neck, mashed them together and kissed him deeply, her tongue in his mouth and her mound rubbing his belly while his hard cock poked her thigh. They were about the same height but she had longer legs.

"What was that for?" Brad asked when he peeled the girl off his face, still feeling her hard tits on his chest.

"Being so nice," the girl said, smiling. "Could you help me with my algebra tonight or right after school?"

Brad nodded as he watched her hurry off to their next class, admiring her heart-shaped ass. He then made his way once more to a bathroom where he jerked off again, spraying the cubicle wall with his semen.

After the last bell, and after fending off several would-be admirers, Vixen found Brad and took him by the hand to the math teacher's room. They obviously knew each other, and the teacher reluctantly agreed that Brad would be a fine tutor.

"See," said Vixen gaily as they headed for the parking lot and Brad's old car. Mike was waiting for them, standing by his red Corvette.

"Hey, cutie," he yelled, "that wimp's driving a junker. Come on, I'll give you a real ride."

Vixen lifted her chin and cuddled closer to Brad, holding his arm with both hands, her book bag slung on one shoulder. Mike trotted over, and got between the couple and the old car wearing several college decals.

"I don' like being turned down," he said loudly, fists on hips.

Vixen fished out her Blackberry and looked at him. "What's your name again?" she asked calmly as Brad kept his fear in check, well aware of the young man's frightening reputation. "I have to look at my appointments."

"Shit," said Mike spinning on his heel.

Vixen giggled and got into the gray Plymouth.

She sat beside Brad on the bench seat and moved over until their hips touched. "That was very cool," the boy said, finding his seatbelt.

"He's a pig," said the girl. "Isn't he?" She stroked his thigh.

"No girl ever turns him down."

"One does now. Take me home, please."

The red Corvette followed the rusty Valiant to Vixen's home, and Mike watched Brad and the girl go inside. He was furious and knew he had to do something. He yanked up the handbrake and as he got out of the car, grabbed three packs of Trojans from his glove box, hurried to the back of the house and found an unlocked window.

He followed the sounds of grunting and groaning to an upstairs bedroom, and opened the door to find Vixen mounted on Brad's lean and still fully-clothed body, bouncing on his slim cock while his hands were under her designer sweater and grasping her large breasts. The girl was bare from the waist down and her body was, Mike thought, incredible, almost as well muscled as his. He was immediately hard.

Mike pulled off his shoes and slid out of his pants and underpants, his gigantic cock springing free and bounding upward, his swollen testicles throbbing. He pulled off his shirt, flexed his muscles and approached the bed as his prong rose and fully filled, almost eight-inches of dripping maleness.

The girl smiled at him, never missing an up and down move on the heaving boy beneath her, and reached out her hand. She grasped Mike's blood hot cock and brought it to her mouth, lapping the head in and stroking the shaft as she ovaled her lips and sucked deeply.

Brad continued to thrust, his eyes closed and his mind turned off, unaware that they had company. His stiff prick was pleasing the girl, but she was well aware that the one in her mouth was much bigger and just as blood hot.

The boy on the bed groaned and gasped, coming in a girl for the first time in his life. Vixen massaged his spent member with her muscular vagina and squeezed him out of her, looking thoroughly spent and sighing, eyes closed tightly.

Then she freed Mike's dripping prick from her mouth and flopped down on her back beside the inert Brad, spreading her long legs, raising her knees and smiling at the naked wrestler.

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