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Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Science Fiction   .

Anyhow, I decided to sell her. I had tried begging and bribes and slapping her around. Nothing worked. She was inert in bed and lazy when awake. So I got a couple of pills in her, stuck her frilly nightgown in my pocket and hustled her down the steps at the Legion hall. We were welcomed with a smile. Admittance was free if you brought one to sell, a hundred if you didn't.

I got a paddle number and a sticker for her, stripped her down, tossed her clothes in the trash and handed her the babydoll outfit I had bought her last Valentines Day. She blinked at me and put it on. She looked good, very sexy, plump and long-legged. Ready for action, but, of course, she wasn't.

When her number was called she stumbled up on the stage and stood there in the bright lights, blinking, looking around, wondering what was going on.

She sold for $2200, not bad, in fact one of the best prices of the evening they told me. The Hall took their ten percent, and I was rid of my mistake.

I stuck the money in my pocket and drove down the road to the hell-and-brimestone church where they sold and rented young girls, run-aways and abandoned kids, homeless for whatever reasons. I had gotten a couple of good lays from them, just girls for a week or so, disposables.

They had nothing I wanted, just a bunch of soft, beat-up sluts.

So I had to go retail and headed for the Mall and the Doll Factory where there were always nice looking youngster for sale or rent. They did and I had a hard time hiding my arousal as I window shopped. There were always some cuties frigging themselves just to tease people.

It took me an hour to figure out I could not afford what I wanted, a first-class piece of ass that looked good bare as well as dressed.

So the next Saturday, it was back to the auction at the hall and very late, after a series of bland doxies and wornout jades, they brought out this stunning young blonde who stood there looking stoned and desirable. My cock trembled.

"Late entry, Jake jus' brought her in. He wants 'least a thousand, says she's sixteen but, well, you know," he slapped the girl's round bottom.

So with maybe ten guys still there, including two wholesalers, the bidding began slowly, and I got in at seven-fifty and then at eleven hundred again and bought her for $1350. I signed and paid and they handed me a leash. "Jake said you might need this." He smiled while I admired the girl's jutting nipples.

She blinked at me as I took her hand and led her out to the car and buckled her in. She was wearing jeans shorts and a man's t-shirt, a dirty one.

"What's your name," I asked as I got the car started.

"Fucker," she said and sniffed.

"No it ain't."

"Might as well be."

"Really?" I patted her firm thigh.

She sniffed.

"Come on," I said quietly. "I'm Bill and I'm a nice guy, honest."

"The shit you are, buying girls in a place like that. You've got to be a weird."

"Way things are," I said, heading for my building.

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