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Erotica Sex Story: Nursing a young boy to recovery has its rewards.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Babysitter   .

He had been delirious for two weeks. His friends had moved him from the school hostel and dropped him off at the house like old laundry. His roommates reckoned that having his guardian who was a nurse be his care provider was better than a slow expiration at the school clinic. Now he laid in her bed, shivering and sweating with the worst of his illness about to be over.

His large muscled frame filled the entire bed forcing her to move to another room even though he babbled like a baby when the fever took him. Not that she would have shared the bed with him anyway. She had to maintain a a strong sense of propriety as his guardian and as a single woman of 36.

She sat in the parlor of her tiny civil service bungalow and stared at the insects hurling themselves at the flickering fluorescent on the veranda. Their tiny carapaces made flick noises like little pebbles against glass. Almost like a young man calling to his lover to come out for a midnight rendezvous. She smiled to herself laughing inwardly at her romantic foolishness. "it was time for his evening bath" that was her rendezvous.

She slowly rose from the creaking furniture and slid her feet into her comfortable rubber slippers. Her footfalls echoed in the dark corridor as she carried the pail to her room, her favorite pink towel on her left shoulder. She got to the room and almost dropped the pail.

He was sitting fully upright and mumbling to himself as his eyes stared into space. His strong muscled body was glistening with his sweat and he had moved his feet over the side of her tall bed. She quickly set the pail down and moved to push his shoulder back. As her hand touched him, he grasped her and his wild eyes burned with intensity. She was used to such fervour especially in the ward but he was big all over. She threw all her weight into the push and found herself lying on him and in his naked embrace.He was erect and his formidable penis was now upright in between her thighs though far from her crotch. He was hot to touch and grip on her was unyielding. Every move she was making seemed to inflame him.

In the ward, she would have cried out and other nurses would have come to her aid. But she was on her own now. She felt him rotate his hips to bury himself into her warmth. She kept as still as possible and balled her hands into fists against his shoulders. She timed the moment for her shove that would put her safely out his grasp. He moved his massive hands to her buttocks and trapped her on his still engorged phallus.

She was dressed only in an african print wrapper and a T-shirt so was very exposed to this young man's ardor. What was worse was knowing that he wouldn't do such a thing in his normal; state. He treated her so respectfully like she was his family though she was only a friend to his elder sister. She suddenly pushed against his shoulders as she attempted her escape. Her hands slipped off his sweaty chest and she slid down his torso and ended with her crotch now nestling his massive hot erection.

His unseeing eyes blinked at the warm contact and he pressed her buttocks so her crotch would press against him.

She couldn't allow him to go any further, he certainly must not penetrate her. She remembered the old nurse's trick for priapric patients. It would certainly dowse his ardour.

She reached behind herself and grasped his penis at the base. She felt like she was holding a club. She moved it out from underneath her and faced it out in the open air. She was would now just whack the cap with two fingers and end his wet dream. Order would be restored and she would proceed to sponge him off ... business as usual.

She felt her hand move over the base, the sweat lubricated the shaft and he thrust into her soft hand. She grasped it tightly and she felt the muscle move through her hand. She felt it surge and thicken...

"Now is the time to strike. You are not helping matters" She muttered to herself.

His eyes wer tightly shut and he threw his head from side to side, clutching her ass to him.

He had a look she remembered from when he was much younger ... during the days she would visit in their home. He looked so helpless.

His cock was as hard as granite in her fist now but his face was innocent.

He didn't deserve the punishment that would have stung him awake.

She looked at him stroked up and then down while watching his face and in his embrace. She felt his heart beat against her bra less breasts. Her nipples slowly hardened.

She was getting turned on... "Shame on me" She whispered to herself.

But she didnt stop stroking him, grasping his warm hardness, she massaged his dick absentmindedly while she thought about his youth and reasoned with herself why she shouldnt be doing "this'.

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