Stud Service

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young woman in heat uses the services of the neighborhood lawncutter and woman pleaser.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Size   .

Virginia stood before her tall mirror, flexing her favorite G-spot dildo, the odd-shaped knobby one, in and out of her tight-lipped vagina as she did her pectoral exercises and watched her expensively augmented and purple-titted jugs rise, tense, quiver and bulge out before they relaxed again, jiggling, nipples hard, pink incisions disappearing as they settled back.

She smiled at her image and began on a hundred Kegel crunches, shuddering and closing her eyes as her vaginal muscles did their thing over and over, moving the flexible sex toy between her legs and giving her pulses of pleasure that excited her tiny clitoris, pressing it up against the golden bar in its hood.

Her lush body was wonderfully tanned, and the tiny pale triangle over her jutting tits and bare pudenda, reminders of the string bikini she lost, were almost gone. She had already come twice but was seeking a third spasm of pleasure. "Lost," she smiled remembering that romp with those two lifeguards. They were nearly tireless.

Ginny did a few thrust-squats with arms extended and gritted her teeth as her body begged to be fucked and expelled the double-headed device she had been using for nearly half an hour. She anointed her sore and aching labia with some cortisone cream and put a dab on each tender nipple, shivering with pleasure.

I can't wait until tonight, she said to herself, her forefinger knuckle deep and seeking, the nail carefully blunted. I need it right now.

Her brother was home from school but she was almost sure he had a girl with him. Then she heard the lawnmower in the backyard, pulled on the top of her flimsy baby dolls, tossed back her carefully dyed hair, licked her lips and hurried down the stairs, barefoot, boobs bouncing, pussy already warm and wet, in need of more friction.

In the kitchen sat her lusty mother, looking happy and sipping coffee. Did you do him? the girl asked, sure her limber mother looked freshly fucked, wearing a silly grin, legs spread widely.

The woman nodded, and he was as advertised, sizeable and strong.

Damn said the girl, I really need it. She hurried out the back door, flimsy top flowing behind her, big breasts bobbling, pussy weeping, saw the boy with the mower and sat on the back steps, knees spread as an invitation and admired his bare and sweating torso as her outer labia fluttered.

The kid looked strong, well-muscled, long-legged, hard-assed. She wondered how big his tool was, how long he could last. She shivered and thought that perhaps her randy mother had worn him out. Damn, she cursed quietly.

Billy saw her there out of the corner of his eye and felt his cock squirm. He tried to calm himself, thinking he didn't need any more pussy after that session with the woman in the kitchen.

He had brought her to a pair of gasping climaxes and ejaculated five or six ropes of his thick cream in her while he mauled her generous jugs and humped her feet right off the floor, rearing her up on his rigid tool.

He mowed around the patio trying to ignore the lovely young female who sat here in almost nothing, her mass of golden hair in disarray and her groin absolutely hairless, pussy lips puckered, inner labia rippling in invitation.

Her mother's bush was neatly trimmed but this fat-lipped one was waxed or lasered to baby smoothness. He got harder, much harder, feeling his cock extending down his leg. He could resist some temptations, but he was too well hung, much too eager for pussy. He could smell her need.

He stopped the mower and came to stand at her knees, looking at her lovely face instead of her pouting nether lips. Hi he said and she smiled. Need a drink of water. He was about half hard, bulging his chino shorts, his cock head barely hidden.

I need it, need it right now, my cunt needs it, your big. strong cock, she said clearly, licking her lips and rotating up her pelvis upward, quivering her eager vulva, the inner lips slightly protruding. Ram it into me, boy. She stood as he mounted the steps, and he walked right into her, grasped her hard butt with both hands and pushed her back against the doorway post.

Frightened, she whimpered.

The boy smiled.

She kissed him, open mouthed, and he freed his aching cock and it sprang up, bone hard and thick as the handle of a shovel, pointed at the sky, dripping, nearly nine rigid inches of boy cock.

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