by realoldbill

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Sex Story: He decides he has to have her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

The first time I saw Nikki I decided I had to fuck her; she was made for fucking. I was a junior then and she was coming in as a freshman transfer student.

Since I was working in the front office, they gave me her schedule and sent to me to show her around the school and get her a locker. I gave her a quick tour and then cornered her under a stairwell, kissed her gently and grasped her hard buttocks to pull her against my groin so she could feel how hard I was.

She kissed me back vigorously, eyes wide open and ground her hard tits into my chest and then lifted a knee between my legs to rub my balls. We were both moaning with lust and need, and I was tempted to do it there and then.

"How about I give you a ride home?" I asked after kissing her again and slipping my tongue tip into her sucking mouth and palming both her high boobs with my hands under her loose-fitting sweater. They were firm as apples and about the size of a ripe red Jonathans, wonderful palmsful.

"I'd like that," she sighed, dry humping my thigh on tip-toes, eager to do it and do it soon, gasping for breath.

The bell rang, and I pulled down the sweater I had been under, smacked her bottom in a friendly way and told her to hurry to her second period class. Her schedule had her birth date on it, so I knew she was fourteen, a little dangerous but ripe enough to pluck.

In a school full of pretty girls, many of them sexually active, Nikki was, I thought, the absolute cutest and her body, dress and demeanor all said, "Fuck me."

I had to hope that over the next few hours some senior stud or big jock wouldn't get to her first. I had a hard-on almost all day, but after the last bell there she was at the main office, smiling, her book bag hanging from one shoulder and two big basketball players chatting her up.

She came and grabbed my arm and I hurried out to my car, pressing a boob to my bicep. "How'd it go?" I asked as she buckled in and her tiny kilt-skirt rode almost all the way up her long and shapely legs. The belt between her luscious breasts was enough to give a statue an erection. They were absolutely pointed.

"It's great. So many nice guys. You wouldn't believe it."

"Yes I would," I said, stroking her bare thigh. "You're awful pretty, you know?"

She giggled. "Really. You think so, honest?"

"Well," I said, smiling at her as we left the parking lot, "How about cute? You are awfully cute and I'd love to make out with you, make love to you, whatever you want to call it."

"Oh Billy, don't say things like that. I'd not allowed to go out with boys." She sniffed. "I've done it with a couple of girls, you know, with my mouth, my tongue, and I have one of those toy things, you know, a vibrator, but..." She sniffed. "I've thought about it, thought about it a lot."

She gave me direction and pretty soon we were at her big house in an up-scale subdivision of new homes. "Anybody home?" I asked rather eagerly.

She shook her golden curls and grinned. 'Uh uh, not until five at least. Mom's a lawyer and Daddy works for a congressman."

"Two hours, hot damn," I said out loud as my mind calculated, and I started thinking about where to start on her lush young body. We went in the back door with her keys and she dropped her books, took my hand and we hurried up to her bedroom with its stuffed animals and row of Barbie dolls and clinched and kissed and moaned together, tearing at each other's clothes.

"I'm scared," she whispered as I pulled her cotton sweater over her curly head and found her high pair of conical jugs encased in a tiny lace bra, the nipples dark and pointed, obviously aroused.

I devoured her mouth as I unsnapped her bra and pulled it away so I could grasp one of her firm breasts and gobble up the other as I pushed her back to her high bed. I tongued her tit until she shoved my face away, moaning with joy.

"Billy, please don't," she begged, pushing on my chest with both hands. "I'm not ready, honest I'm not. Not today, please."

"Your body is," I said sternly as I slipped one hand down inside her panties and fingered her wet slot. "You're hot and wet and you know it, dripping. You want it; you need it."

I eased my two middle fingers up into her and rubbed my thumb where I figured her clit ought to be. Her breathing got very gagged and her slot very wet. Our mouths clung together and our tongues tangled.

She nodded and whimpered as I hooked my fingers inside her and found a super-sensitive place that brought forth a squeal of pleasure. I tossed her up on the bed, pulled off her shoes, then yanked off her plaid skirt and tiny panties.

She was nearly hairless in the groin, and I hoped she been shaving her pussy and wasn't really twelve years old or something.

I undressed quickly, and she gasped when my well-riled manhood jumped out and rose to its usual upright position of full arousal, at least as thick as her wrist and about as long as her forearm.

I have to admit, it is impressive, about eight thick inches of ribbed shaft with a keel like a ramrod topped by a helmet-shaped head the size and color of a plum but shaped like a split bullet. I stroked it just for fun; it was blood hot and oak hard, already dripping.

"Oh no," she squealed, "you wouldn't" and she scrambled across the bed away from me as I crawled up to join her, grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her to me, capturing her mouth with mine and ignoring her small fists and kicking feet.

In time, the kiss melted her and she hugged me and kissed me back with my throbbing stalk jumping about between us, butting at her soft belly as I spread her open with my knee.

I rolled her to me in spoon position, one hand on a full young breast with a jutting nipple and the other exploring her mons, my rigid cock sticking out between her thighs, dripping with lubricant.

She moaned and turned her head back, and I kissed her again and found her tiny clit with my thumb as my cock jerked and jumped, and I got two fingers back into her, rubbing the length of her tight-lipped vulva, butting her open.

"You're going to do it, aren't you?" she sighed. "You're going to put that huge thing in me, tear me open."

"Yep," I said tightly, "I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to do it again and after the third or fourth time, I might do your other hole just for fun. You're going to love it."

"I'm scared," she said, putting a hand down to pet my cock head. "It's so big, so awful." She stroked its length and then gently grasped my hard scrotum. My balls loved it.

"I can lie back and you can mount me and do it yourself, at your own speed, if you want." I tongued her deeply.

She shook her head and kissed me again, tongue first. "Put it in," she sighed. "Put it in me. I'm ready."

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