Sleeping Bag Frolic

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young girl and a horny boy have fun together.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Size   .

I had never even touched a girl much less kissed one and here was the pretty little kid, naked as far as I could tell although I was trying not to touch her, here she was in my sleeping bag, kissing my belly and chest and then my neck and my mouth, her hands pawing everywhere.

And sticking her tongue in me, wiggling it in my mouth. She pulled it out, leaned back, smiled in the moonlight and said, "Hi, Billy, aren't you glad to see me? Your cock sure is." And she stroked it with her fingernails. I just about died and I made a weird noise, a whimper I suppose.

But she was right. My cock was erect and it had been for I guess an hour or so while I played with it. I could think it up with my fantasies and keep it hard and jumping until I got tired of playing and went to sleep. I didn't even have to ejaculate, just let it sink and relax. My balls were used to it.

"Your sister told me how big it was. I thought she was lying. Oh, it feels so nice." She squeezed it and then stroked it up and down and tried to unscrew the head. "I want it in me, Billy, all the way in me."

And she rolled around so her back was to me and pushed her round little butt into my stomach.

"Stick it in. I'm ready," she hissed, turning her face toward me in the dark.

"You're crazy," I said as she brought my hands to her breasts and made me grasp them. "Ginger, please don't."

She giggled. "I can feel your big, hard thing poking me. Keep doing that and it will find the place; here I'll help it."

I felt her thumb and fingers on my cock. She rubbed it up and down her slit and she put right in her hot, wet hole, grabbed my ass and said, "Push, you silly boy." Her nipples were getting hard.

I was fifteen and a geek and she was fourteen and the prettiest little girl in the world. At least I thought she was.

I pushed and my heart stopped. Her body swallowed me, swallowed me and pulled me deeper, swallowed me and quivered and rippled as I tried to pull it out. She was tight and wonderful, one hundred percent pleasure.

"Stop that," she hissed. "Go deeper."

I pushed again, eyes closed, teeth clenched, and she sighed, "Nice, nice. It's so big." Her vagina massaged my length, my whole length which was now well over seven inches.

I started to back out, reflex I suppose, and she smacked my thigh and hissed, "Deeper, you dolt, all the way in."

I nodded and shoved. She was very tight and I guess the word is sinuous, quivering and pulsing all around my big ram. It really was big; I knew that and I was proud of that. I was only a soph, but there were maybe only one or two guys at school that had a better piece of meat. Sometimes we compared in the showers, but I stayed out of the jerk-off contests.

"Ah, Billy, you're doing fine. Dig in your toes. I want to feel your ball sack rubbing me." She smacked me again and wiggled wonderfully. "Ram me hard!" she gasped. "Do it, do it!"

Ginger was a miniature goddess, a perfect sex symbol and it was hard to look at her or watch her walk by without feeling your cock tremble. Long-legged for her five-two, she had decent hips and a great rack; the pair of round beauties the size of softballs that now filled my hands. I squeezed. She purred and gasped, "Deeper damn it. Fill me up." She was young but maturing very rapidly.

I rolled over so I was atop her, got up on my toes as my sleeping bag slid down my back and left me naked in the chilly night, bent my knees and gave it to her, hot and hard, gasping with every thrust. Ram, ram, ram!

"Yes, yes, yes," she sobbed so I eased back down, and she pushed me back and rolled over so she lay on me with my bent horn buried in her.

I pulled the sleeping bag up over us and asked, "Satisfied?"

"It's good, really good," and she shook her head, sniffed and sat up. I had to let go of her tits as she wiggled on my belly and then began bouncing, exhaling loudly with every single thrust of my rigid ram up into her seething slit. I watched her big jugs bounce.

She shivered, squeezed hard on my manhood and climaxed, oozing liquids down over my balls and then flopped back on me and rolled off. My cock sprang out of her and stood there, unsatisfied.

I climbed atop her, pulled up the sleeping bag and smiled down at her satisfied face as I eased my spear back into her slippery vagina. Her eyes got real big and she gasped, "I thought..." and then she sucked in air as I rose high on her lush body and crushed her erect clit into my belly hair. 'Ah," she sighed. "Don't hurt me."

I licked my lips and bent to kiss her open mouthed, starting with deep gentle thrusts, six inches at least, and holding each one until it jumped and she sobbed. I worked it up to I guess one a second, smacking us together, felt my semen flowing and my balls throbbing and asked her, "You protected?"

She shook her head and I quickly yanked it out, grasped it and ejaculated off into the dark while she squeezed my scrotum and gasped for breath, like an exhausted runner.

When I was spent, after five strong blasts and a couple of weak one, I lay beside her with my long cock on my hard belly.

She turned toward me and petted it, whispering, "That was awful good, Billy."

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