The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Mark Goes Back to Highschool

by mypenname3000

Copyright© 2013, 2014 by mypenname3000

Mind Control Sex Story: Takes place during Chapter 18. Mark needs to find a pair of virgins and heads to the local high school. Only problem, virgins with intact hymens are hard to find these days and Mark has to do examine a lot of girls to find what he's looking for.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Mind Control   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Double Penetration   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   School   .

Note: This takes place during Chapter 18 while Mark is hunting for the virgins at Rogers High School. Melody from Chapter 4 and the Cunningham Twins from Chapter 6 make appearances.

I parked my car in the crowded parking lot of Rogers High School. It was a rambling collections of red brick buildings and gray portables. Class had already started and the outside of the school was deserted. I headed for the school's office, the sign out front said visitors had to check-in. The office was on the first floor of the main building, a two story building who's hallways were lined with lockers painted an ugly green-gray.

The office was small, a cluttered receptionist desk, a short hallway that lead back to the principle and vice principle offices, a few chairs for people to sit in. The receptionist was a short, stout Indian woman named, according to a brass nameplate, Archana Korrapti. Her black hair was graying and cut soccer mom short.

"Hello," she greeted pleasantly. "How may I help you, sir."

I grinned. "I'm here scouting for some pussy."

She blinked. "I'm sorry, what did you say, sir," she asked with some heat.

"Relax, it's okay. I'm Mark, and its perfectly all right for me to fuck any of the girls here."

"Oh, yes, of course," she said blushing. "You're going to be ... with our girls. Yes, that's perfectly all right." She knocked over her pen jar. "Oh, dearie. Yes, I'm sorry, I'm a little flustered."

I smiled at her, reassuring. "Of course, of course." Who wouldn't be flustered when a man walks in wanting to fuck your students.

She pulled out a binder labeled, "Visitor Badges," from a drawer. She dug around the spilled pens and found a permanent sharpie and wrote, "Mark, Pussy Scout," on the badge and peeled it off the page. "This needs to be worn at all times, Mark."

"Thanks," I said, sticking the badge to the front of.

The door leading into the office swung in and a cute, sixteen year old with a heart-shaped face framed by black ringlets. She had small, pouty red lips and brown eyes that sparkled with energy. Her skin had a nice, olive complexion. A tight, white t-shirt with a rainbow across her breasts, emphasized her nice pair of tits. A short jean skirt over white leggings clung to her perky ass.

"Aren't you a pretty thing," I growled, looming over her. She shrank back, bumping into the door. It swung inward so she was trapped between me and the door.

"Mrs. Korrapti," the girl said.

"Oh, it's alright, Jerri," the receptionist said. "Mark's scouting for pussy."

"And aren't you some pretty pussy." I stroked her trembling face. "Are you a virgin, Jerri?"

"No," she muttered, looking away from me. Well I didn't think I'd find my virgin on the first girl.

"Well, drop your leggings and panties," I told her, my cock hard in my pants begging for some relief.

Jerri kicked off her shoes and reached under her skirt and pulled down her white leggings and blue panties in one motion, exposing her creamy, olive thighs. She used her feat to get the leggings off, her left foot pushing the leggins down off her right leg, pinning the fabric to the floor so she could step out, then repeated with her other leg.

I reached out and stroked her thigh, feeling her smooth leg. "Unzip my pants and pull my cock out."

Her hand, trembling, reached out and fumbled with my pants button. Finally she got me unfastened and then pulled the zipper down. My jeans fell around my knees as she reached into my boxer, her hand cool on my cock. She pulled me out, my cock hard cock.

"Relax," I told her, "I'm not going to hurt you, just fuck your tight, little pussy. You're cunt's wet for my cock, right." She swallowed and then nodded.

Her legs parted for me as I lifted her up, her arms wrapped around my neck. I gripped her ass, guiding her body so my cock could find her pussy. It took a couple of tries to get my cock into her opening. My cock slid around her pussy lips and bumped her clit. And then I founded it, her silky lips parting for my cock, as I slid into her warm, tight opening. Jerri moaned as I plunged into her tight opening. Her soft, wet pussy giving way as I slid into her cunt all the way.

"Oh, wow, wouldn't you like some privacy?" the flustered receptionist asked.

"Naw, like an audience," I answered, fucking Jerri with slow, short fucks as her legs wrapped around my hips. She was light, maybe a hundred pounds, and I easily held her, gripping her ass and kneading her perky cheeks through her jean skirts. "Ever had someone watch you having sex, Jerri?"

"No," she gasped, then stammered, "Umm, your ... um ... cock, it ... it feels good in me."

"It's exciting, being watched, isn't it?" Jerri's breath was hot on my ear as she answered, "Yes."

I fucked her a little faster, a little harder, her cunt felt so great on my cock, wet and tight and warm. Her legs were vices around my waist and she was wiggling her hips, bucking up to meet my thrust, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. Behind her the door to the office banged against its hinges every time I thrust into her, rattling loud through the office.

"What the fuck is going on!" a male voice roared behind me. I glanced back to see a fit, tall man in his fifties. His blonde hair was cut short and turning white with age. Fierce, blue eyes glared at me.

"It's okay," I said. "I'm Mark and its okay for me to fuck your students."

The anger vanished from the man, deflating out of him. "I ... yeah, of course, Mark."

I continued fucking the teenage slut, and asked the man, "You the principal?" He nodded, "yeah."

"I bet you've always wanted to fuck a student," I asked. Jerri's cunt was bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm.

"I always have," he answered, but then quickly added, "But I would never touch one!"

"Today's your lucky day, Jerri here is going to go in your office, bend over your desk and let you have some sloppy seconds. I want you to enjoy yourself."

"Shit!" he cursed. "I ... fuck." He swallowed. "Yeah, okay." Then he smiled, a hungry kind of smile.

It wasn't going to be much longer, Jerri's cunt felt amazing on my cock. I pounded her harder. The door banged loudly behind us. She was panting in my ear as pleasure rushed through her body. I squeezed her ass and groaned through my gritted teeth as I flooded her teenage cunt with sperm. Panting, I pulled out of her and she slid to the floor.

"The principals waiting," I told her and she stood up.

With an excited smile, and bulging crotch, the principal took her by the hand and led her into his office. I watched them disappear, and saw my cum trickling down her thighs. Moments later, a low, throaty moan and the slap of flesh came from the principals office.

"Oh God," the principal moaned. "Teenage cunt is as tight as I thought! Oh, you're one nasty slut, Jerri!"

I left the receptionist masturbating to the sounds of the principal nailing little Jerri, and started walking up the halls until I came to the first classroom and walked right on in. "Sorry to interrupt."

"Who are you," the teacher asked, standing up from his desk. "I'm in the middle of a lesson!"

"Mark Glassner, Pussy Scout," I introduced myself. "I'm looking for some nice, virgin cunts." The teacher spluttered in outrage and I just talked over him, "Teachers and students, you just sit quietly until I tell you otherwise or until I leave," I ordered. The teacher sat back down, blinking in surprise. "So, stand up if your a virgin."

Five boys and seven girls stood up. I didn't mean for the boys to stand up, then I thought about it. I was a virgin through high school and it wasn't fair that all those girls didn't put out for me. Maybe I could help a fellow shy or unpopular guy out. There was plenty of pussy in the school go around.

"Huh, girls, how many of you still have your hymens, then?" I asked, wanting to get the important stuff out of the way.

"I used a hairbrush," a redhead blushed while a Black girl muttered, "Gymnastics." A brunette and a Latina girl both lost theirs horseback riding. The other three just blushed, not admitting how they burst their cherries.

"Well, which girl in here's the sluttiest?" I asked. Most of the class pointed to a slightly chubby girl in the back with a cute face, named Addison. "Well, slut, bend over the desk and let these guys bust their first nut."

"Sure," Addison answered gleefully, and I blinked. The girl seemed excited and pulled down her panties and flipped up her skirt exposing a pleasantly plump ass and a shaved cunt dripping with fluids.

The first virgin teenage boy, nervously, walked up to the girl, pulling his hardening dick out. "I ... uh..." he stammered.

"Ohh, just slide it into my twat," Addison moaned, wiggling her hips. "You can do it. I won't bite!" She giggled and the guy rubbed his cock on her pussy and found her hole. "Umm, that's a nice cock!" Addison moaned as he slid in.

Then, the youth just started pumping away at her, delighting in his first feel of a woman's warm cunt. The other four virgins watched, excited to finally get to fuck a girl's pussy, and jealous of their classmate who beat them to it.

Addison moaned wantonly. "Ohh, such a nice cock! I love a cock up my naughty snatch! Umm, harder, harder, stud!"

Her moans followed me into the hallway. Those were some lucky boys, Addison was definitely slutty. In the hallway I saw an Asian girl disappear into the bathroom. Last night, I had promised my friends to get them their own slaves and Tom was the last one I needed to get. Tom asked me to find him a petite, Asian teenager with a hairy bush for a sex slave. This girl was petite and Asian. Hopefully, she had a hairy bush.

I followed the girl into the restroom and she jumped in surprise when she saw me, exclaiming in some Asian language. She was short, her breasts small, barely bumps beneath her violet blouse, her blue-black hair long and straight. Her skin was pale as any Caucasian but with a slightly olive, creamy cast to it that transformed her into some exotic creature.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked her.

"Hai," she answered, nodding her head.

"Do you have your hymen, then?" She frowned. "Your cherry? Your maidenhead?"

"Sorry, I do not understand," she said with a thick, melodic accent.

"Where are you from?" I asked, curious.

"Shishibone, Japan," she answered. "I am exchange student."

"Get undressed."

Looking downcast, she pulled her violet blouse over her head, exposing a plain white bra. She bent down and untied her shoes and pulled them off, followed by her socks. Then her blue jeans came off. She was slim, with boyish hips and a flat ass. She flushed when I saw her panties, still looking down at the floor. She reached behind her, fumbling at her bra clasp, and her breasts were revealed as she slipped her bra off her shoulder. Her breasts were little puffs of flesh, with dark, hard nipples. Finally, she peeled off her panties, exposing a black forest of pubic hair, so thick I couldn't even see her cunt.

"Well, you're what Tom wanted," I whispered to myself, and reached out for her pussy. She backed way and I snapped, "Don't resist!" She stopped and I slid my hand through her soft, silky pubic hair and found the tight slit of her cunt. I slid my finger in, sinking to my first knuckle, then my second knuckle, and then I was all the way up inside her, feeling no resistance. I sighed, oh well she had already burst her hymen.

"What's your name?"

"Hikaru," she whispered as I started to finger her. My thumb found her hard clit, rubbing it in slow circles. Her cunt started to moisten and her breath quickened.

"Hikaru, you're going to be Tom's sex slave," I told her. "When school gets out, you will wait outside at the drop off zone for him to pick you up. He drives a red Toyota pick-up truck. You will do whatever nasty, dirty thing he wants. You love him and will be his for as long as he wants you. Do you understand?"

She nodded, her head bowed submissively. "Yes. I will be a good slave for Tom."

"Bend over the counter," I ordered. "I'm going to break you in for Tom."

Hikaru bent over the counter. From behind she looked almost like a child until you saw that bushy, black forest between her legs. I pulled out my cock and my phone and called Tom. As the phone started ringing, I slid my cock into her wet cunt. She tensed as my cock started to push inside her and her face contorted in a mix of pain and pleasure.

"Hey," a sleepy voice growled into the phone.

I started fucking her with slow thrusts and she sighed softly. "I found your slave."

"Really," Tom said, excited.

"Yeah, she's a cute little Japanese exchange student," I told him. "Nice, tight cunt."

"You fucked her?"

"Fucking her right now," I told him. "She's looking over her shoulder at me and she has a beautiful smile on her face. I'll send you a pic."

"Thanks," Tom answered, voice thick with excitement

I hung up and snapped a photo of Hikaru, her doll-like face framed by her blue-black hair and sent it to Tom. I slipped my phone back into my pocket and grabbed her hips and started to fuck Hikaru hard. She just sighed, biting her lip. She was strangely quiet and I liked my women to make noise when I'm fucking them. I could order her to moan, but I'd rather she did it on her own. So, I slid a hand down her side, reaching down to her groin and started to pinch her clit with my fingers. Her cunt tightened as I stroked her clit.

Her breathing quickened as I played with her clit. A low, throaty moan escaped her lips and then her dam broke and she panted, "Oh, your tool is stirring me up! Stirring up my cauldron!" She moaned, throatily. "Stir me up! Stir me up! My cauldron is boiling over!" Her cunt twitched on my cock as she came. "Yes, I am boiling! Iku! Iku!"

The bathroom doors swung in. "Oh my god, Mr. Beck is such an asshole," a Black, teenage girl complained as she entered in.

"Right, graduation's Sunday, why is he ... What the fuck!" her friend gasped, seeing me plow Hikaru from behind.

The Black teenager was beautiful girl with a cute nose. Her skin was the color of chocolate, her black hair was braided in rows across her scalp ending with beaded braids at the base of her neck that clicked as her head moved. She wore tight, blue jeans and a black, Lady Gaga concert shirt. Her friend was fair skinned, with a round face, hazel eyes and long, brown hair. She wore a black skirt striped with red and a red halter top.

"Don't leave," I ordered quickly, "and don't shout. Everything's okay. I'm allowed to fuck teenage girls. I'm a Pussy Scout, here to check the talent of all you slutty gals!"

"Oh," the Black girl swallowed, her eyes widened as she drank in the sight of an adult male fucking a tiny Asian teen.

"Either of you girls virgins?" I asked. Hikaru's cunt felt tighter as she looked down in shame at people watching her fucking, no longer moaning her pleasure. She stopped moaning when the girls came in, biting her lip and looking away in shame.

"No," the Black girl admitted while her White friend nodded her head.

"Do you have your hymen?"

"No," she whispered, mortified. Her Black friend laughed, "She popped her cherry with a carrot." The girl blushed even brighter.

"I bet you girls have to take a piss?" I asked, smiling at the thought I just had. Both girls nodded. "Good, Black girl, drop your pants and panties and White girl, get down and let your friend pee in your mouth."

"Damn!" the Black girl exclaimed. "You're one nasty cracker." She was unbuttoning her pants, and slid them down her chocolate legs, followed by her red thong, exposing a hairy, black bush. Her friend knelt down and placed her lips at the Black teen's cunt. "Hot damn, you're going to let me pee in you mouth, Petrina?"

"Yeah," Petrina muttered in disbelief.

"Petrina, you should be happy, you get to be a cute little pee slut," I told her. "Nothing makes you happier than to drink someone's pee."

"Oh, Fernie, let me drink you pee," Petrina begged, my commands transforming her thoughts. Fernie shrugged and yellow urine splashed into Petrina's mouth. Petrina sealed her lips over her friends cunt, swallowing as fast as she could.

"Damn this is so nasty," Fernie purred. "Christ, my pussy is getting wet."

"I guess you'll have to eat her pussy, Petrina," I ordered.

Petrina started licking Fernie's black cunt, glimpse of pink pussy amidst the forest of black hair could be seen as Petrina ate her friend. I pounded Hikaru hard and felt that moment of release cumming as I watched the pee slut lick her friends pussy clean. I groaned and shoved my cock deep into Hikaru's tight cunt and shot my load hard into her pussy. I pulled out of her tight cunt and her lips were so tight, my cum didn't leak out. Hikaru panted, looking downcast.

I watched Fernie writhe on Petrina's lips, panting loudly. I felt pressure in my bladder and was about to head into a stall, when I stopped. There was a cute little pee slut here. Why waste my piss in the toilet when Petrina would love to pee. And then an even nastier though entered my mind.

"Hikaru, take Petrina's place licking Fernie," I ordered. "Petrina, take off your panties and come suck my cock."

Petrina stood up, reaching under her skirt to pull off a blue thong, her face was messy with piss and cunt-juices. Hikaru knelt gracefully beneath Fernie and started to gently lick Fernie's cunt. The Black girl growled, grabbed Hikaru's head and shoved her head into her cunt.

"Eat me better, bee-atch!" Fernie barked. "Yeah, that's it, dig that nasty tongue of yours into my cunt. Mhh, you just might be a Grade A cunt eater."

Petrina knelt before me, and sucked my wet cock into her mouth. She was on her knees, and I ordered her, "Spread your legs and start peeing, bitch."

The girl spread her legs. She sucked harder at my cock and then her urine splashed on the floor, forming a yellow puddle that spread across the tiles. The urine puddled until she was kneeling in her own piss. I held her head tight and started pissing in her mouth, sighing as the pressure in my bladder released. It was almost like cumming, not nearly intense, but that same feeling of ejaculation flowed through my cock, sending a pleasant tingle through my body, made all the more exciting by pissing in a cute girl's mouth. When my bladder was empty I pulled out of her mouth and she coughed, more urine running down her face, her neck, to stain her halter top.

"You got the floor dirty, pee slut," I shouted. "Bend down and lick that piss up like a good little piss slut."

The teen crawled back and bent her hand, grimacing as she licked her urine off the dirty tiled floors. Fuck that was nasty and I felt my cock harden as the teen degraded herself. I moved behind her, flipping up her skirt. She looked up in alarm and barked, "Keep licking, slut, don't stop just cause you're about to get your first dick up your snatch!"

Her pussy was covered by a mat of brown hair, wet with urine. I knelt down on the floor, luckily the puddle of pee didn't reach this far, and rubbed the head of my cock on her cunt and slowly pushed into her. She moaned as she lapped her dirty pee up, her back arching as her cunt gave way to my cock. God, it was nice fucking a tight, teenage cunt, I built up to a steady rhythm.

"That's nasty!" Fernie moaned. Hikaru was really into licking her cunt, now. The Japanese girl's arms were wrapped around the Black girl's waist, hugging her ass. Hikaru had a taste of jungle fever and was devouring the Black girls pussy like it was the tasty thing in the world. It probably was. Nothing tasted better than a woman's pussy juices.

The bathroom door opened and a girl texting on her smart phone walked in, so focused on her phone she reached the first stall before she realized what was going on. Her blue eyes, framed by red-rimmed glasses, widened in surprise, her hand going to her mouth. She wore a long, Black skirt and conservative, white blouse tucked into her skirt. Her hair was black, cut short, with a single red streak down he left bangs that was at odds with her conservative dress.

"Oh, jeepers," she gasped and then flushed, closing her eyes.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked, a girl dressed this conservative must be but she shook her head no. "Well, if you have to pee, Petrina here wants to drink it, right slut?" I smacked Petrina's ass and she gasped, "Yes!" and went back to licking up her piss.

"I ... what," stammered the new girl. "You want me to piss ... is that pee she's licking up?"

"She's a pee slut," I laughed, fucking slowly into Petrina's cunt. "So hike up your skirt and drop your panties and let her drink your piss and eat your little cunny."

A frilly pair of pink panties came out from beneath the new girls skirt and she walked over to Petrina. Petrina rose up, wrapping her arms around the girls hips as her head disappeared beneath the girls skirt. Petrina's cunt squeezed my cock as the new girl relaxed, her mouth open in awe, as she pissed in Petrina's mouth. I kept fucking the pee slut and then she came as she gulped the new girls piss, her cunt throbbing about my dick.

I kept fucking her and the new girl moaned, "Oh wow her tongue fills nice," she gasped. "Umm, she's almost as good a cunny sucker as my cousin!" A delicious shudder went through the new girl, "Her tongue is agile. I bet she's sucked some girl's cunt before."

"Oh she has," moaned Fernie. "We lez out all the time! That's how I know she popped her cherry with a carrot. I watched her do it!" Fernie purred. "And this little Asian slut's learning to do a good job. I'm going to cover your face in my juices, sugar. Just keep sucking my clit, you little lezzie slut! Oh, crap, I'm coming! This lezzie bee-atch is making me cum!"

The new girl gasped, "Yes, right there, pee slut. Lick my dirty pussy clean. Oh yes, oh fricking yes, that's amazing! Oh, oh, here it cums, baby, here it cums. Drink my girl cum like you drank my pee!"

The new girl bucked on Petrina's face and stumbled back, and slipped on the pee and fell on her butt. "Oh shoot!" she gasped and quickly got up, looking at her ass. She landed right in the puddle and had a huge wet spot on her ass.

Flushing in embarrassment, she walked over to the sink and pulled off her skirt, washing it in the faucet. Her bush was black, and neatly trimmed, and drenched with pussy juices. I watched her nice ass as I fucked Petrina. The bell tolled, ending the period, as I shot my load of cum into Petrina's cunt. She gasped and panted as I pulled out. Fernie was pulling her pants up, a satisfied smile on her lips.

"Hikaru, get dressed and remember to wait out front," I ordered, zipping up my pants and bumped into a pair of girls that gaped at a man walking out of the restroom. I questioned them and neither of the girls were virgins, or that cute, so I excited out into the crowded hallway.

It was chaos in the hallway. If a girl walked by I'd grab her, ask if she was a virgin, shouting over the noise of all the students. While I was questioning that girl, three more girls would walk by that I didn't get to ask. Then the hallway thinned, suddenly, and another bell rang, starting the next period. I walked into the next classroom and found a very attractive teacher, young, probably fresh out of college.

The teacher, Miss Blythe, according to the plaque on her desk, was a fiery-redhead bombshell with a pair of big tits straining a sleeveless, tan blouse. All the boys in the class started lustfully at the teacher as she wrote on the whiteboard, her breasts jiggling beneath her blouse. Her nice ass was covered by a tight, knee length pencil skirt, that was a the same tan as the blouse.

Miss Blythe's class contained three boys and five girls who were virgins. Disappointingly, all had broken their hymens, one riding a bike, two with pencils, and two doing sports. I decided to give the virgin boys a treat and Miss Blythe was more than happy to bend over her desk. She hiked up her skirt and pull down her black thong, exposing a pussy bare of any hair. All the boys in the classes groaned in lust, and a few of the girls, I noticed.

I enjoyed a lusty Latina girl with a nice set of breasts as the boys took their turns on the teacher. The Latina girl had a tight pussy, the only thing she had shoved up her cunt was a pencil. I enjoyed her pussy as I watched Miss Blythe get mounted by the first teen boy, a tall, pimply sixteen year old.

He barely last a thirty seconds. When he stuck his dick in his teacher's cunt, he pumped five times, and shot his load. He stumbled back, muttering, "Thanks Miss Blythe," and the next virgin took his place, an overweight kid that wheezed as he fucked his teacher. He had some stamina, though, lasting a full three minutes before he shot his load into his teacher.

A few of the other boys in the classes had pulled out their cocks and were jerking off, watching their teacher get fucked by the third boy. One of the teens jerking off wore a Letterman jacket and a few of the girls were watching his cock with interest. He motioned at a cute, blue-haired girl and she blushed and knelt down and sucked his cock into her mouth.

It was like the dam broke when that girl sucked the jock's cock into her mouth and students were pairing up, seemingly not caring who they were with. Girls were fucking and sucking all over the classroom. A Black girl was bent over a desk and fucked by an Asian boy from behind. A plain looking red-head lifted her skirt and shoved her pussy in the Black girl's face and she just started lapping at the plain girl's clit.

A second girl joined the blue-haired girl sucking on the jocks cock. The third virgin creamed Miss Blythe's cunt and a tall, lanky Black teen took his place and Miss Blythe moaned her appreciation as she came on the Black guy's cock. Two girls made out while a pair of boys jerked off watching them. One girl's blouse was open and a load of cum splashed on her tits and the other girl bent down, licking cum off her friend's tits while the other guy shot his load into her hair and cheek.

I groaned and creamed my lusty Latina's cunt. When I pulled out the first boy to fuck Miss Blthye slipped his cock up the Latina girl's pussy and started pumping away. Maybe he would last longer on his second time. As I walked to the door I heard an exclamation and turned to see the boy pull out, a big grin on his face. I guess not, I thought as I left the orgy.

The next classroom had a few familiar faces, including Hikaru and the conservative dressed girl who pissed down Petrina's mouth. Only one girl in this classroom was still a virgin. Her name as Felicity and she was a black-haired girl, tall and gangly, with her black hair in a long, french braid. Not only was she a virgin, she said she still had an intact hymen.

There were two virgin boys in the class, and I let Hikaru and the conservatively dressed girl, Maya her named turned out to be, make men of them as I unbuttoned Felicity's jeans. I slid my hand down her panties and she sucked in her breath, trembling as I invaded her panties. Her pubic hair felt silky on my hand and I gently probed her cunt and felt a thin membrane stopping me from going too deep.

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