Eager Virgins

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A pair of young beauties try to seduce the neighborhood stud.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

The girls' mother had given them an envelope with the money for the boy mowing the lawn and made them promise to behave, saying she would be back in a couple of hours. The tall blondes nodded and promised and smiled at each other. They had the town's number one young stud to do with whatever they wanted with and what they wanted was to have their cherries popped by the biggest and hardest cock they had ever heard of. Half a dozen girls had told them about Billy and bragged about how many times they had climaxed on his jutting spear.

The twins had been maturing rapidly. In the last six months and now halfway through their fifteenth year they were stunning. Nearly six feet tall and about 130 pounds, with long and shapely legs, hard and rounded asses and well muscled bodies from gymnastics and swimming. They had led the JV cheerleaders, starred in both variety shows, been joint queens of the freshman prom and now they were, they assured each other, ready to fuck.

They brought each other off regularly and had invented several exciting positions that got their tongues into each other. Their favorite toy was a big marker with a knobby base; it reached right to their hymens and excited every sensitive nerve in the entrance of their tight little pussies.

Dressed in well worn college t-shirts, they wiggled out of the tiny shorts they had donned for their mother's benefit and went out on the screened porch, their hairless pussies warm and wet, their young minds fixed on their target, their goal was seduction, playful growls deep in their throats.

Billy was finishing, trimming around the gardens when he became aware of being watched. He had met the twins, of course, had known them for a couple of years, but since they were some years younger than he was hadn't paid them much attention.

"Look at his chest!" Linda said, lying head down on the chaise and watching the world upside down, her fingers in her slit, heel of her hand on her flesh-covered clit, gently massaging. "What wonderful muscles. His shoulders are so wide."

"Uh huh," agreed Meredith as she sat on the creaking swing, with her long legs curled up beneath her, fingering her bulging sex lips. "And his abs, oh god, his abs. And those muscular thighs. Do you see how his groin bulges? I'm glad you're going first. You can tire him out."

Billy came out on the screened porch, dripping with sweat, his t-shirt in his hand and smiled at the lovely girls, surprised to see how they tented out their shirts. "You got something for me?" They unfolded their long legs and grinned, nodding.

The girls laughed and looked at each other. "Uh uh," Linda said, "we've got something for you." And together they yanked their flimsy shirts over their heads and displayed their bare bodies. "Do me first."

"Wow," Billy said, taking a step back. He felt his cock surge.

"Please Billy," Meredith begged. "It won't take you long, honest."

He shook his head and pulled his shirt on, feeling his balls throbbing. "Uh uh, you guys are too young. You're very pretty, but you know I can't. What are you, fourteen, fifteen?"

"We're legal, honest. We won't brag or anything." Linda rolled off the chaise and stood before him, nearly as tall as he was, her nipples hard and jutting. She reached out with both arms and he backed away.

"Just give me the money your mother left for me. When you get older, I'd love to, but I can't. Honest. You know the law. You aren't sixteen yet."

Linda pushed him back to the brick wall and rubbed her body against his, her lips parted as her hands went behind his head and pulled his mouth to hers. Her tongue searched inside his mouth as her belly rubbed his.

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