The Cherry Pie Eating King of Pleasure

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Kevin was normal. At least, he thought so. Finally, he has found a way to lose his shyness around girls.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Teacher/Student   .

Kevin Jones was not an impressive young man. His lips were sweetly formed and they looked just like a girl's only without lipstick. The boys in the locker room were not even aware he had a decent looking cock because he tried to keep it covered whenever it was exposed. His slender buttocks were also reminiscent of a female's because of the way they swept up into a heart-shaped design when he was standing up straight and not bending over. He certainly was not muscular looking but if one touched his soft skin, they would marvel at the strong muscle tone under the skin developed by years of swimming practice driving him to the limits of his endurance.

He was shy and tended to avoid conversation with females of any age or shape. It was not that he didn't like the bubbly young things; it was just that he became overly nervous when too close to female flesh.

Kevin was still a virgin.

In fact, Kevin had no girlfriend and he had never even been on a date yet despite having just celebrated his 18th birthday with just his family members and no friends at all. It was something that bothered him because he knew it was not normal. He did have several friends, all boys, who were not aware of his yearnings to have female companionship at his beck and call. They were all interested in things like sports, and cars, and playing the video games they all excelled at.

His best friend Mike was fortunate to have a friend with a sister called Mary. Kevin didn't know either Mike's friend or the sister but he didn't mind when Mike brought Mary along with them to a movie or the mall. Mary had also just turned 18 but she had oodles of experience with giving oral support to the football team and even allowed her math teacher to avail himself of the tight residence inside her back door when he became bored with endless paper grading. She was also a virgin and Mike warned Kevin that her brother, who was a lineman on the football team, promised to break both legs of any boy who tried to steal her "cherry".

Kevin found this information sharing to be so arousing that he had to immediately go to the bathroom and whack his penis until it came back into control. After that, he looked at Mary with different perspective. All he could think of when they were close to each other was the forbidden land of her elusive "cherry" and what would be the best way to dissolve it as an obstacle. Mary, of course, had no inkling of Kevin's depraved thoughts and just thought of him as a "nice boy" with interesting technique in playing video games. She was quite content with her duties in granting oral solace to the football team and had expanded her school activities to include the history teacher as well in her anal pursuits. Fortunately, neither teacher showed much interest in her neatly shaven vaginal slit knowing her brother's determination to keep her a virgin at least until she graduated.

Strangely, it was a stupid splinter that caused Kevin to acquire a startling reputation as a master "cherry pie-busting King" and for causing Mary to lose her vaginal virginity in Kevin's bathroom.

The three of them, Kevin, Mike and Mary were in Kevin's basement playing video games while his parents were busy at a silly cheese and wine party across the street. For some unexplained reason they were taking turns riding Kevin's childhood wooden pony while trying to go to the next level on a complicated video game. It was a lot of fun until Mary gasped and told them,

"Oh, dear, I thing I have done myself an injury right between my legs."

They all looked down at the hobby horse and saw that there was a drop or two of blood on the wooden seat that was not there before.

Kevin guided the concerned Mary to the upstairs bathroom while Mike continued to play the game only not on the horse.

"Maybe I should just go home and let my mom take care of it, Kevin."

He felt an obligation to at least try to solve the issue since it had happened in his house. They sat down on top of the closed seat commode and Kevin told Mary to put her ankles on the towel bar on the wall. He could see her "teddy bear" panties now and thought it strange for an 18 year old girl to be wearing something better suited to a younger girl. He saw right away that the injury was right in the center of her feminine slit and hesitatingly asked her to pull down her panties so he could see how bad the injury actually was. At this point he was thinking strictly in terms of fixing her problem and had no ulterior motives harbored in his devious mind.

It was after she lowered her panties and spread her knees widely that he suddenly realized he was looking at 100% virgin 18 year old pussy offered up by a willing female for his inspection. Right away, he saw the problem was a tiny sliver of wood buried right on the edge of her quivering pussy lips. He could tell from the frown on her face that she saw it at the same time and that it must be quite painful to her.

Kevin wasn't sure if it was a spirit of wanting to make her better or the chance to finally taste the fruits of a "cherry-pie" girl that motivated him to lean forward and start licking the intruder with his soft wet tongue.

Mary did not object.

In fact, she lost all interest in the splinter and concentrated on the wet tongue now invading her virgin territory. The sensation was entirely new to her and she wondered if the many football players felt the same way when she was working her ass off on her knees and bobbing her pretty little head on their sweaty cocks.

Kevin was testing the splinter with the tip of his tongue. It was lodged in deeply and must have been painful. He tried to distract her from his efforts to loosen the thing up by licking her lip edges and even pressing his tongue inside her opening which he found was bubbling over with female juices of anticipatory desire. She lifted her backside up from the commode seat trying to get his tongue in deeper. Kevin got the message straightaway and became much more exploratory with his determined tongue.

The girl was starting to shake all over and her face was contorted with lust and depraved thoughts.

He quickly moved his teeth back to the splinter and extracted it with his teeth discarding it in the waste basket at their feet. There was a little bit of blood but he sucked it into his mouth like a crazed vampire inspired by her gasps of sheer delight.

It was at this point that Kevin should have stopped.

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