Becky and Her Friend's Dad

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2014 by TheWatcher58

Coming of Age Sex Story: Becky comes to see her friend after school. Kev, the dad, is at home and keeps her company after lying about how long his daughter will be out. He asks her about her sex life, and adds to her experiences by seducing her with gentle foreplay followed by great sex.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   .

Becky had walked the few blocks to the Megan's home after her club meeting at school. She'd made plans to hang out for a while with her friend Megan.

She still had on her school uniform, a plaid skirt and white blouse, but in her bag she carried a pair of jeans and T-shirt to change into.

When she rang the doorbell Megan's dad answered it, informing her that Megan's had popped out with her mother and that she should be back soon. Becky accepted his invitation to wait rather than walking the extra blocks to her own home.

Settling onto the couch she looked around and thought about why Megan had left without her again!!!.

"You want a drink?" Megan's dad, Kev, called from the kitchen.

"MMMM, Yes, please," she answered.

Becky looked at the television screen, some news program was playing, and thought about the situation.

Megan's mum had up and left her husband and daughter a few years previous and ever since she would occasionally just show up out of the blue to take Megan shopping or something. When this happened Megan would forget about everything else and jump into her mother's car, sometimes they were gone for twenty minutes, sometimes for three or four hours. Becky decided she would only wait a little while then forget about their plans and simply go home.

"Here we go Becky," Kev came in carrying two cans of soda.

"Thank you," she nodded, accepting one and setting it on the end table.

"So how's school going?" He dropped onto the other end of the couch.

"About the same as that old question ... Boring," she smiles at him.

"Ok, ok," he returns the smile. "I won't ask any more boring parent type questions."

Becky looked at Kev sitting on the couch, he was wearing a tee shirt and shorts.

The TV droned on and Becky sat wondering about this and that.

"Ok, so what do you think about that?" Kev interrupted her thoughts.

Coming back to reality Becky realises she has no idea what he's talking about.

"I'm sorry, I was in my own little world," Becky admits.

"Oh, well then, this item on the news was about teenagers and their sexual activity," Kev grinned. " ... Aaannnd, since you didn't seem like a boring parent type conversation I thought I'd ask you what you thought."

Becky feels her face growing a little red and can't stop the nervous grin parting her lips. From across the couch she sees a mischievous hint in his expression as he recognises her embarrassment.

"Soooo," he prods. "What do you think?"

"Umm, I- I'm not sure what you mean." Becky replies more nervously now.

"Alright," Kev turns on the couch toward Becky and slides himself closer. "They said that teenagers are more sexually active today than they were even five years ago. That today's teenager, by the age of eighteen, has already had multiple sex partners."

"Umm, okay," was all Becky could muster.

"So, Becky, you're eighteen," his eyes were growing intense. "Have you been with more than one boy?"

"MMM Mrr, I ... um ... I don't know if..." Becky wasn't sure what to say.

"It's okay Becky," Kev replies. "It's just you and me, no one else has to know what we talk about."

Suddenly Becky's mouth was very dry. She turned and took a big sip of the soda. When she turned back she saw that Kev was still looking at her. His eyes stared into her face with a deep intensity that she had never witnessed before. Becky thought to herself that maybe she should excuse herself, get up and leave, but for some reason she couldn't make herself budge. Becky didn't want to.

"Ma- may- maybe," Becky had to avert her eyes to keep from giggling nervously.

"Come on Becky," his voice was soothing, relaxed and confident. "You mean you have had sex with more than one boy?"

"Na- not at once," she explained.

"Oh, I see," Kev smiled at her. "Its OK Becky ... so how many boys have you had sex with?"

Kev moves even closer now to Becky ... she can feel him alongside her, she feels a light touch as his fingers move to her face brushing aside a few strands of her hair. His touch was gentle, caressing, and it felt good. A small shiver ran through her body and Becky could feel something inside of her kindling to life.

"Mrrrr, uh Kev," Becky stammered, "Please ... I'm not sure if..."

"Oh come on that's OK," his voice soothed. "Just answer my question. It's gonna be all right. I won't hurt you."

Becky sat in the corner of the couch, her body had somehow turned a little so that she was facing him, and thought about what was happening. She felt his fingers delicately tracing the contours of her face, felt them brush her hair back behind her ear, felt them slip down along her neck and to a small portion of her shoulder.

She thought about the boys she had been with, the way they had touched her. Their hungry, hurried grabbing and prying had felt nothing like Kev's gentle fingers. She found her face leaning into his hand as he cupped her cheek, his thumb tracing small circles on her flesh.

"How many Becky?" he whispered.

"Th- Three," she responded in a hushed voice, hoping that no one else would hear her confession.

The mental pictures of those three boys on top of her, panting, grunting, and slobbering above her as they pawed at her breasts and rudely stuck their cocks into her, filled her mind.

She wasn't sure why she'd let them do those things to her, only that at the start she'd felt warm and cosy, like she was starting to feel now. But those times, as the events grew in their intensity, and the boys had fumbled their way through it, she'd lost that cosy feeling. She wondered if that would happen again, now, if she allowed Kev to do those things to her.

"Three, huh?" he smiles. "Tell me Becky, are you on birth control?"

"Y- Yes," Becky nodded weakly in his cupping hand.

Something warm touched her thigh inches below her skirt's hem, she saw that it was his hand laying there on her flesh, not moving, just laying it's warmth on her.

"Three boys huh ... and you're on birth control," he hums. "You are a naughty girl, Becky aren't you?"

The question sent a shock through Becky's body. Not recognising the feeling, she popped her eyes up to look at him for the first time in several minutes. She recognised the look in his eyes, she'd seen it before in the eyes of those boys, but in Kev's eyes it seemed different. He smiled widely at her as their eyes met and leaned forward. He had moved so that their bodies were within easy reach of each other and his lean brought his face quickly into hers.

His lips pressed into hers with a smooth, even pressure. Becky felt a fire growing inside of her and pursed her lips to return the kiss. They exchanged a few of these closed mouth kisses before he lingered on her mouth and pried at her lips with his tongue.

She opened her own mouth and accepted his French kiss without apprehension. Instinctively her hands went up to his shoulders and her fingers reached out to brush at his hair.

They continued to kiss, his one hand remaining warm and comforting on her thigh, his other cupping her cheek ... or he ran fingers up, over and around her ear. She felt the fire growing hotter still and her breathing grew shallow. She felt the room growing warmer and her face heating up.

His hand slid from her cheek, down across her neck, her shoulder, to run down the opening of her blouse and caress the flesh bared there. They run along the upper, inner edges of her pert breasts and she sucks air in sharply from the sensation this stirs inside of her. After he traced this exposed flesh for a few minutes, his fingers worked on the material of her blouse, scratching their way across the mounds of her jutting tits. She felt the pressure of them through the material and a soft moaned rattled in her throat.

Becky breathed in deeply as their lips parted. Kev covered parts of her face with light, delicate kisses. He turned her head to one side and kissed his way back to her ear where he licked the outer edge.

"You're so beautiful Becky," he whispered.

The feel of his warm breath in her ear sent shivers through her body. Another moan rattled her throat as his hand cupped her tit and massaged it simultaneously. She felt her nipple brush against the material of her bra.

"So beautiful," Kev whispered again.

His hand massaged her breast through her blouse and bra, the pressure growing firmer and firmer. It felt so good to Becky and she sighed as the fire of her desire continued to expand in her pussy. She had pulled one leg up a little, effectively spreading them open some and she could feel the air reaching up her skirt to her panties. Kev's hand remained on her thigh, not moving in any direction, but only rubbing in place lightly, his thumb traced small circles on her flesh.

Becky laid her head back against the couch back as he licked and nibbled her ear, neck and shoulder. His hand moved away from massaging her breast and she felt him undoing some of the buttons to her blouse.

"Ohhhhh ... Kev..." she sighed. "Arrr - are we going to..."

His lips retracted from her ear as he leaned back and looked down at her. His hand had managed to get most of the buttons undone and now it slipped inside of her top to trace the top of her breasts above her bra.

"Are we going to what, Becky?" His smile was filled with mischief.

"Arrr-are we going to ... going to make love?" Becky managed to sigh.

Becky was looking up at him through half closed eyes, her chest pushing against his fingers as they traced along the top of first one breast, then the other. Her one leg had pulled itself up onto the couch and she was leaning back into the corner, her breathing shallow and fast.

The hand on her thigh slid up across her flesh a few inches, the fingers disappearing under her skirt which had ridden up. Those fingers were now only inches from her panty covered pussy and she felt the heat coming from it.

"No Becky," he assures her. "A naughty girl like you doesn't make love. We are going to fuck."

Before his words could register in her mind Kev leaned forward to place his lips on hers once more. She responded by sliding her arms around his head and lifting her own mouth into his, her tongue driving into his. Becky pushed her breast into his hand as he cupped it and squeezed lightly. The heat from the hand on her thigh made her slide her bottom forward in an attempt to get it nearer to her now aching pussy.

They continued to kiss, the massaging of her tits effectively working the blouse's bottom most of the way out from in the skirt. Kev's hand left her breast to finish unbuttoning the blouse then slid around her back and unhooked the clasp of her bra. When it returned to the front Kev ran his thumb all around the hard nub of nipple without actually touching it. The anticipation made her moan into his mouth and try to manoeuvre herself so that he would make contact.

Continuing the teasing of her breasts and nipples he worked his lips back across her cheek to her ear. He nibbled on her earlobe for a minute before whispering to her some more.

"You are such a beautiful, naughty girl Becky. So hot and lovely. So beautiful ... So fuckable."

As the last word slipped past his lips, his hot breath coating the inside of her ear, his tongue dove into the crevice and his thumb slid across her nipple.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh, MYYY GODDDDDD" Becky sighed, cramming her tit upward against his thumb.

Her nipple was hard and swollen, red with desire. The feel of Kev rubbing it with his thumb sent shock waves through her body. His wet tongue delving and twisting inside her ear with his hot breath behind it added to the intensity. Becky felt a dampness between her legs and realised she was growing wet down there, wetter than she could remember ever being except a few times when she'd played with herself.

Although Becky was revelling in the feelings that he was causing in her and she could feel her fires burning hot now she suddenly had a thought that made her hesitate. She felt some part of him pressing against her leg which was drawn up onto the couch and realised it was his cock which had grown hard beneath his shorts. This realisation made her suddenly think about what was happening, what was going to happen, and she felt a pang of fear run across her emotions.

"Mrrr ... Kev" she breathed. "I- I don ... I don't know if we shoul ... Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh."

His hand had suddenly moved so that he could roll her nipple between thumb and forefinger while massaging her tit firmly. The sensation this caused made her moan and pull his head into her own, burying his tongue further into her ear. Ignoring her initial plea he concentrated on her response to his treatment of her breast and continued to manipulate it that way. The feeling caused the fire inside her to rage.

She felt his thumb running across the growing wetness of her panties, its pressure building against her slit and pouting lips. Becky's hips pushed forward trying to make the contact harder.

"Ooohhhhh Kev," she moaned when he touched her hardening clit through her panties". "Ooooohhhhh."

He pulled his mouth away from her ear and lifted himself up a little to look into her face. He smiled down at her lusty expression, her breath puffing through partially opened lips.

"You are a naughty one, aren't you," Kev stated with a happy smile. "You like what I'm doing to you."

"Oooohhhhh," was the only response she could manage as the thumb concentrated on her clit. "Oooooohhhhhhh yes Kev."

He took this opportunity to pull her body downwards so that she was laying on the couch, her one leg bent with her foot on the cushions, her other foot on the floor. With her in this new position he was able to kneel between her spread legs, one hand massaging her tits, the other caressing her pantie covered crotch.

"You're going to enjoy this Becky," Kev tells her. "You're going to like being fucked today."

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