Sweet Sixteen And

by realoldbill

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Sex Story: A young man initiates his lovely sister with very satisfying results.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   First   Size   .

At her "sweet 16" birthday party my sister's friends got together and gave her this very realistic dildo. I mean it's realistic if you think there are some foot-long cocks out there. The thing is huge and curved like a banana and made of stuff that really feels like skin. And it has a big set of balls in a wrinkled sack as a kind of handle and a head that looks like a helmet. I found where she hid it two days after the party.

Now my sister is a very pretty girl, and she has lots of eager boy friends but, as far as I know, she's never done it. I mean, she never had done it before I popped her cherry and made her my cumslut and then started sharing her with my buddies. You know how it is, right? I mean, what are girls for?

In case you're interested, I'll tell you how I did it, drug free too. I mean with a little X, it would have been easy. I even use some on her once in a while when I take her to a gangbang or some sort of special event, like when she's going to get dp'd. I've got her eager for my big cock, but sometimes she doesn't like being shared or rented out. But if she wants what she needs, she does what I tell her and does it well.

My sister, her name in Morgan, she is two years older than I am and a real fox. Her bra is size 36C and her jeans are 18x35. That means legs are almost a yard long. She's a blonde, a natural strawberry blonde with long hair and a real pretty face, like a model or Playgirl only she has a pug nose and few freckles. And she loves to fuck, now she does.

So the Saturday after her birthday when the folks went out shopping, I went up to her room, didn't bother to knock and found her lying on her bed licking the head of this monster dildo. She wasn't exactly naked since she wears an old t-shirt for a nightgown. It barely covers her pussy.

She squealed and yelled at me to get out. I laughed. "You like that stupid thing?" I asked, pulling my shirt over my head and then shedding my shorts and boxers. "I've got one that even better, and it's hot and spurts cream."

She glanced at me and screamed and threw the big dildo at me. I caught it and held it down next to my rearing girl pleaser. "Look, mine's just as fat. It's not curved like this toy, but I've never had a unsatisfied customer." My big cock was standing straight out from my groin, a dripping spear.

She rolled off her bed and cowered in the corner, never taking her eyes off my jumping ram that was now bubbling out lube. She was shaking her head and making funny noises, saying, "No, please, Billy, no, don't, you can't, that's awful, please don't'" A whole string of things like that.

I smiled as I pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Damn, what a body, and her hair was so pale it looked like she didn't have any between her legs. I suppose, thinking back, she had shaved it in the summer to wear those tiny bikinis, the ones that barely cover her tits.

I reached out and tweaked one of her small, pink nipples and then pulled her to me and captured her mouth with mine as we crushed my rigid cock between our young bodies. It was almost up to her boobs.

We were just about the same size, five-ten, one-forty or so, but I was stronger and better muscled, and I had enjoyed a lot more experience, sexual experience, than she had. By the time I raped my sister and enslaved her, I had humped dozens of girls and women. I never counted them. It was just find, feel, fuck and forget.

One of my lawn cutting customers had seduced me that summe, when I was barely fourten, and I had given her such pleasure since even then my cock was big and revived in minutes after ejaculation, that she told her friends and pretty soon I was bonking a woman a week, sometimes two. And getting paid for it too.

That led to me doing some of their kids and then that led to my reputation preceding me to high school. I just about had girls lined up and taking a number.

And, of course, sex takes practice and the more you do it, the better you get. I was good and generally could go for twenty or thirty minutes including at least one climax before I needed a break. It got so I could actually ignore I first ejaculation, thinking of it as making the next one easier. That left most females satisfied.

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