Service Days

by realoldbill

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Sex Story: A young man describes in sexual adventures as a school stud.

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The school called them "service days." But we always looked forward to them as "fuck" days, days when we would visit one of the nearby girls' schools and give their 4th and 5th formers a meaty treat. For a lot of my classmates, this would be the first time they had sex with a female, a real female, willing or unwilling although I am sure those stories about rich fathers hiring girls for their sons may be true. I was more fortunate since I had been able to tumble several girls including my luscious sister by the time I was fourteen. And I was lucky in another way as well; I was superbly equipped to do the job. Many of my young compatriots sported four or five-inch dicks while mine, which curved slightly upward, was just under seven, and I was looking forward to another growth spurt. My father's was a thick eight-and-a-half.

My sister, who is about a year and a half older than me, was the first to discover my talents and my tool. This summer she undressed me in the shower at the beach and sucked my rod until I screamed and filled her mouth with my immature semen. After that, we copulated or ate each other every chance we got, and since our parents were in the process of getting a divorce and were both courting other lovers, we had plenty of opportunities. My sister was using a long-term contraceptive she assured me.

And, of course, it was sister who got me started on other girls by bringing pretty Annaleigh to my bed and encouraging me to deflower her and use all her orifices one sunny afternoon when we had the house to ourselves. Susan lay beside us as we copulated and gave a running commentary as well as advice. It was a very interesting day, as she recorded everything on her cellphone. I found out later that the girl was barely fourteen. But she had friends and they had friends, so I stood at stud all summer and had to eat an extra meal to keep up my strength as well as eating out a number of prime pussies. Some days, I enjoyed three young girls and the key word there is "enjoyed." And it was growing and strengthening, and the more I did it, the better and more durable I got.

In November when I was 15, we had bussed down to St. Catherine's and humped their 4th and 5th form females, some twenty-two of them, and had come back that evening telling each other lies. The next week they showed us the game tape, as they called it, and criticized our techniques with the general advice to go slower and deeper and to be more sensitive to our partner's desires. We all wore numbered jerseys so the critique would be easier. Since most of us insisted on starting missionary, we received instruction on other opening positions, especially what they called animal or doggy, the "old way" one of my instructors insisted. They had crude and smelly dummies for us to practice on. I certainly enjoyed watching myself hump three lovely young prudes and bring each of them to screaming and kicking climaxes at St. Cat's. I came away clawed and bruised but very happy with my performance, and my teachers agreed and awarded me the golden prick to put on my desk until the spring.

Now it was the merry month of May, and we were preparing to head north to the Montjoy School where we would have another bevy of young and wealthy girls to teach about boys, balls and penises. Both our sex ed classes and those at our sister school were geared toward these culminating events and, I hope, youngsters on both sides looked forward to the day, in the case of St. Cat's, or the two days in the spring as part of growing up.

During the winter break, I had many opportunities to improve my techniques and practice new positions, and I grew a bit as well and now measured a solid 20 cm on my ruler, about eight inches, although it may have been a bit more since my woman pleaser is upcurved.

I knew a couple of girls at this school, generally called "Joyful," and had mounted one during the break and ridden her like a colt. There was a spurious fiction that all the girls were virgins at the time of this activity, in fact it was true for only a very few.

However on this weekend, on this venture about which I am telling you, I popped two cherries and fucked seven or eight girls (I may have done the same one twice) and two full-grown women, a teacher and a nurse, as well, a personal best so far. And as you might guess, the golden prick became mine to keep.

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