Strip Mall Exhibition

by Victor E

Copyright© 2014 by Victor E

Humor Story: A nude male model attracts many women and one old man in a shopping mall.

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Humor   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   Nudism   .

There were several women at the mall that day. Post Christmas sales meant the place would be jam-packed with shoppers, mostly women, and college girls because school term had yet to resume. Those 18 to 19 year-old girls would be returning gifts or taking advantage of bargains. Guys don't shop the malls, they cruise them, so it was inevitable they're would be mostly women in the mall food-court at noon when I happened by.

What I did not know was that the mall's Art Studio would be holding classes that morning. Dozens of young girls from the Life Class were there for their lunch break as was the male model in his middle twenties.

The model, Jim was his name I learned later, was somewhat of a legend in the art world. Not many male models can sit for hours in one position much less stand erect for any length of time. But Jim could and not just stand still on his feet. I mean he could keep his cock erect throughout the pose ( usually 15 minutes long ) all through the four hour class session. In fact, even during his five minute breaks he was known to flirt with the lady artists by slowly stroking his already hard cock and drawing out beads of clear, sweet pre-cum much to the delight of the class. Jim was such a stud that no one complained.

This model was seated in the middle of the food court and he was holding court to shoppers and students alike. As it happened, I was the only male in sight. All the other men and lads had taken one look at Jim's nine inch cock and the entourage of his devoted female fans and these guys looked the other way and wandered off. Competition is one thing, but every man was in total rout when Jim was around. Everyone except me, that is.

Not that it wasn't humiliating to think of comparing Jim's massive and potent penis to my puny, pathetic pee-pee ( I dared not think of it as a cock. ) I was not well hung. Rather, my puny penis was playing peek-a-boo within my groin mound with the flesh of its shaft covering my lack of manliness like a toddler's security blanket.

But at age 67, a severe drop in testosterone and resultant impotence is not uncommon. Nor is my failing hearing especially on days like that when the batteries of my hearing aid died...

But I did hang around the food-court, if for no other reason than to dream about what I hadn't got and to imagine how those admiring women and girls would laugh their heads off if they ever got a glimpse of what was under my underwear. Strangely, the thought of such utter humiliation had a pleasant effect on my body. My puny penis stirred to life and I was creaming.

I am unabashedly aroused by reading stories, seeing videos and imagining myself involved in anyway with that special genre of porn, CFNM ( Clothed Female, Naked Male. ) So the sight of this handsome thirty something male model all but buck naked ( he wore flip-flop slippers and that was it ) spread out in all his glory before dozens of women shoppers and students, well I was entranced and feeling so horny and envious.

I noticed many women chatting amongst themselves while staring directly at the model. They had smiles on their faces that ranged from sly smirks to broad grins and everything in between. A few girls seemed to be looking in my direction and laughed as they commented about me. As I said, I was without a functioning hearing aid so I could barely make out what they were saying, but the gist of it seemed to be how odd it was for an old gentleman ( I think one girl called me a 'geek' ) to be staring so fixedly at the crotch of a nude, male model.

Their conversations seemed directed at me and I was caught up in the thrill of the moment. I confess I started to fantasize that all these clothed women were my many Mistresses and I had to obey their every command. I want to be clear. I was totally complicit in what followed as I heard things said but, with my confused mind and imperfect hearing, I misunderstood what they were saying. What was said, what I mistook for what was said and how I reacted went sort of like this:

Female voices around me giggled. One woman said, " Don't stare too hard, but you should get a look at this hard cock. Let's get close enough to smell some of that manly musk!"

But I heard, " Stare hard at that hard cock and smell that manly musk!" So I nodded in agreement and walked over to the nude model and crouched down before him. He greeted me with saying a word, but with a smile he moved his knees apart and put his hands behind his head, leaned back in his chair and let his cock stand up straight.

Then another girl's voice said, " You have to like it, don't you?"

But what I heard was, " You have to lick it, don't you?" Because I was entranced by what I saw and with the female voices around me, I murmured, " If you insist" and then I gave a tentative touch of my tongue on his throbbing man-pole which began to ooze clear, sweet pre-cum. One drop slowly slid down his meat shaft and on to the tip of my tongue.

"That male model is certainly the best, the cream of the crop." said a girl all a-giggle.

But I heard, " Taste the cream of his cock." And I did, relishing his manly issue and smacking my lips.

Another female voice: " This is why I'm fond of these malls and I enjoy coming here. But I don't get a chance so often. That makes it hard."

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