The Girls of Delta Theta Phi

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1996 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved

Erotica Sex Story: Once a Delta Theta Phi, always a Delta Theta

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

Cynthia Carter paced impatiently back and forth along the train platform as she waited for the 7:10 from New York City to arrive. The station manager had made some sort of announcement about a small track fire causing a minor delay, but Cynthia really hadn't paid it too much attention. All she knew that the longer it took Courtney to arrive, the less time they would have to spend together over the weekend.

Running her fingers through her short graying blonde hair, the 62 year old newspaper publisher looked down the long empty length of track for the fourteenth time. A quick glance at her watch told her that the train was now 40 minutes late.

The importance Cynthia attached to her daughter's visit was reflected in her mode of dress. Normally, Cynthia spent her days in casual shorts and light blouses in the summer and sweat suits in the colder months. If she really had to, she would wear a business jacket and slacks for a meeting. She had long ago stopped caring how she looked to other people. Friends who passed her on the train platform were surprised to see her in a rather attractive blue dress, a garment that greatly illustrated her still considerable charms.

Most people were surprised when Cynthia mentioned her age because she looked at least a decade younger. Standing 5' 8", her weight had fluctuated between 160 and 170 lbs most of her adult life. Spread rather evenly over her frame, most of the weight seemed centered in her large 38DD bust. She was still a formidable enough presence to turn the heads of men thirty years her junior.

"Station manager says the train just left Bluefield." said a young man who walked up behind Cynthia. "Should be here in another 10 minutes."

"Thank you, " Cynthia said to the teenager as she again looked down the track. "But I'll believe that when I see it pulling in."

Sure enough, it was closer to twenty minutes before the silver and white train pulled into the station. Starting at the front of the train, Cynthia worked her way through the crowd looking for Courtney. The train had been packed, the earlier two scheduled runs having been canceled. After a fruitless effort that resulted in getting no further back than the second car, Cynthia decided to just wait by the ticket office and let her daughter find her instead.

The crowds quickly dissipated and it wasn't long before the blue clad woman heard a familiar voice calling out to her.

"Mother ... over here!" the voice shouted.

Through a small group of commuters, Cynthia could see a red figure waving her hand to get her attention. A broad smile on her face, she briskly walked over to her, unwilling to simply stand and wait.

Before Courtney could say a word, her mother had embraced her in a bear hug and planted a kiss on her cheek. While it was in reality only about five weeks since they'd seen each other, it had felt like months to Cynthia.

"Let me look at you." Cynthia said as she broke the hug and stepped back.

Courtney was wearing a rather expensive red business jacket with matching skirt. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a weave and she wore only a hint of makeup, just matching lipstick and a hint of powder. Unlike her mother, she felt the image she projected was everything. Yet then again, Courtney was just starting out in the world of business. It was hard enough getting some men to take you seriously without having them look at you without seeing just a potential bedmate.

Their third child, Courtney had been born rather late in Cynthia's life. The news that she was pregnant again at 40 had sent a shock wave through her life. Since she and her husband owned and operated their own business, it wasn't that hard to make the transition to working mother. Yet by the time Courtney turned six and started school, their small office supply company had grown so successful that she decided to give it up and concentrate full time on being a mother. Today, 22 years later, the firm was three times the size it'd been at the time of Courtney's birth.

Although she was still a full partner in the family business, Cynthia had decided against going back when Courtney had left home for college. Instead, she'd bought into a small local paper and eventually became its co-publisher. It was something she could call her very own.

"Is Daddy with you?" Courtney asked as she looked around into the crowd.

"I'm afraid that he's not home this weekend." the older woman said, her voice just a little reluctant. "He flew up to Boston yesterday to make a presentation to some new clients about our new software line. He thinks it'll bring a lot of new business to the company."

"I kind of expected he'd come up with some kind of excuse not to be here." Courtney said, her tone revealing that she didn't believe a word of her mother's excuse. "He usually does when I come home."

Cynthia wanted to say something to refute her accusation against her father, but the words wouldn't come. The reason being that what she said was true. The only time father and daughter had seen each other over the last two years had been at large family functions. He hadn't even attended her graduation.

"Your father does love you, dear." Cynthia said. "He just has a hard time accepting things as they are."

"Well he's going to have to accept it eventually." Courtney said. "No one's going to say a magic word and change me into what he expected me to be."

Cynthia's smile hid the fact that she too originally had a hard time accepting her daughter's lifestyle. She still remembered the day, back in her junior year of college, when her precious baby girl had announced to friends and family that she was a lesbian. Unlike her husband, she quickly came to grips with the idea, realizing that however and with whoever she lived her life, she was still her daughter. And no matter what, she loved her and only wanted her to be happy.

"It's getting late." Cynthia said, changing the subject. "I originally thought we'd go out to dinner, but with all the delays, maybe we should just head home."

"That'd be fine with me, I am a little tired." Courtney said as she turned and looked over her shoulder. "Er ... mom, there's something I neglected to mention to you when we talked last night..."

With that, a tall black woman stepped up to Courtney. The look of recognition on her face told Cynthia that they knew each other.

"I finally found my beeper." The woman said. "It fell through the seats."

"Mom, this is Nicole. She's a friend of mine, I invited her up for the weekend. I hope you don't mind."

Cynthia looked at the brown skinned woman. She was at least ten years older than her daughter with short curly black hair. A little taller than both Courtney and herself, she had a lean, lithe form. Soft red lips framed a flawless smile. Small compact breasts pressed against a yellow blouse and long smooth legs stretched out from beneath blue shorts.

"Why of course not," Cynthia said, hiding her disappointment that they wouldn't be spending the weekend alone. "Your friends are always welcome."

"Great." the blonde woman beamed. "I told Nicole it would be OK. I promise her a chance to get out of the city to unwind."

Nicole reached up and removed a pair of dark sunglasses, revealing a pair of sparkling blue eyes. They quickly eclipsed her engaging smile as her most striking feature.

During the drive back to her house, Cynthia learned a little more about her house guest. Nicole had lived in Manhattan most of her life and was a successful attorney. Courtney had met her a few months back and had developed a friendship while shopping for a birthday present for Cynthia. At the time, Cynthia had been surprised by the gift. Courtney really had no interest in art and such, yet the painting had been an excellent choice. The woman was friendly and quite intelligent. By the time they pulled into the driveway, she found herself liking Nicole.

"Welcome home Courtney." said the brown haired man who greeted the trio as they exited the car.

"Thank you, Edward." Courtney said, returning his smile. "It's good to be home."

Edward Graham was 20 years old and a student at the local college. In return for room, board and a small salary, he served as a sort of jack of all trades around the house. If it was broken, he fixed it. If it was dirty, he cleaned it. In the three years he had been living there, he had become almost a member of the family.

"Ed, this is my friend, Nicole." Courtney said as she turned her attention to the caramel skinned woman behind her. "She'll be staying for the weekend."

"Nice to meet you." Edward said cheerfully as he took a good look at her. "I'll get the bags." he added as he headed for the truck.

"Thanks," Cynthia said. "I made up Courtney's room this morning and we'll put Nicole in..."

Cynthia paused for a moment. Not for the first time in the last hour she considered the idea that Nicole and Courtney might be more than just friends. Did her daughter expect them to share a room?

"Put Nicole in the guest room." Courtney interjected, much to Cynthia's relief. "You'll love it." she said to her friend. "It has the most beautiful view of the garden."

"I'm sure it's beautiful." Nicole replied.

The suggestion surprised Cynthia. The guest bedroom was on the other side of the house from Courtney's room. She guessed that answered her question of just how much of close friends the two women were.

"Well you two get settled in and I'll see about getting us some dinner." Cynthia said as she headed into the house.

Dinner was simple was enjoyable. Afterwards, the three women sat around the kitchen table and chatted.

"It's nice to hear that you're doing so well at the firm." Cynthia said as she sipped her tea. "And I'm sure your father will be happy to know that all that money he spent for Sara Douglas didn't go to waste."

Courtney's ever-present smile faded for a moment at the mention of her father and his constant reminders of how much her education had cost. Then just as quickly it came back. Quickly she changed the subject.

"Speaking of college, you and Nicole have something in common." she said.

"What would that be?" Cynthia asked as she turned and looked at Nicole.

"Nicole's a Theta Phi too." her daughter beamed.


"Class of '84." Nicole offered.

"Class of '54." Cynthia chimed in.

"I guess that makes me the baby of the bunch." Courtney laughed. "Class of '94."

All three women laughed. "Class of '54," Nicole repeated. "That means you were a pledge in 1950."

"Why yes," Cynthia said a little hesitantly. "Why do you ask?"

"You were there during the big scandal at Delta Theta Phi." Nicole said excitedly. "I can't believe it, I never thought I'd get to hear what really happened from someone that was really there. Someone who really knew Jennifer Hallis."

"What scandal?" Courtney asked, her questioning tone making it evident that she had no idea what her friend was talking about. "Who was Jennifer Hallis?"

"None of the sisters ever told you?" Nicole asked. "I can't believe it. It's part of the legend of Delta Theta Phi."

"Well lets hear it now." Courtney gushed.

Nicole looked to Cynthia for a moment, then took her silence for assent.

"Well Jennifer Hallis, first of all, was Class of '50. She was also President of the Sisterhood, or Queen might have been a better term."


"Yes, from what I understand, she ran the sorority like her own personal kingdom. Including having ladies in waiting."

"So what was the big deal?" Courtney interrupted.

"I'm getting to that." Nicole continued. "What set Theta Phi apart from all the other houses on campus was that almost every sister was expected to be available to Jennifer for sex whenever she wanted. In fact, you couldn't become a sister unless you slept with her first."

"You're kidding." Courtney said.

"It's true." replied Nicole. "In fact, it got so that all the pledges had to spend their first years as wives to the senior class. Not to mention the monthly orgies."

"That's incredible." the youngest woman called out. "What happened, how did anyone find out?"

"In the pledge class of '50 there was a girl named Susan Davis. Evidently, she found the idea of lesbian sex sick to say the least. She wasn't the first pledge to back out of the sorority when they found out what they were into, but Susan believed that she had a moral obligation to stop what she believed were vile and disgusting acts. She went right to the Board of Regents and the night of their next all-girl party they were raided."

"What happened then?" Courtney asked, now totally absorbed in the story.

"Jennifer was expelled on the spot, so were a good many of the other girls. Then the Board tried to hush the whole thing up. They spread the story that the girls were expelled because of their involvement in a cheating scandal. That was 1950 remember, lesbian was still a dirty word. The school had their image to worry about. How many of those upper class families that sent their precious daughters to Sara Douglas would still do so if they thought they would be exposed to such ideas."

"That's an incredible story." Courtney said, taking it all in. Then a look of disbelief filled her face when she realized that her mother was actually there - and a member of that pledge class."

She turned to her mother and opened her mouth to speak, but before she could say a word, Cynthia cut her off.

"Before you let your imagination get out of control, let me say something." Cynthia began. "Even though I was a freshman in 1950, I didn't pledge Delta Theta Phi until the second term. So I'm afraid all of that happened before I was even a sister."

"I didn't think they pledged during the second term." Nicole asked a little suspiciously.

"Normally they didn't," Cynthia replied. "but with all the girls expelled, they needed new members to keep their charter."

"That makes sense." Nicole replied. "I hope I didn't offend you."

"Not at all," Cynthia said. "In fact, that's the first time I actually heard the story. I was there at the school at the time and until now believed the 'cheating' story."

"It's still an incredible story." Courtney repeated. "but I've been up since 4:30 and I think I'm going to turn in."

"That sounds like a good idea." Nicole agreed.

"You two go ahead, I've a little work to finish before I call it a night."

A little work turned out to be a major understatement and it was well after midnight by the time Cynthia started up the stairs to bed. It had been a very long day but a happy one never the less. Any time Courtney came to visit, all her worries seemed to disappear. It brought back memories of a far simpler time.

Passing Nicole's room, Cynthia was careful not to make any noise as not to wake their guest. Hopefully, Edward had removed all of her husband's clothes from the room before settling Nicole in. The fact that she and her husband slept in separate rooms wasn't something she really wanted to advertise - not even to her own daughter.

Truth be told, it had been many years since they had slept together as man and wife. Most nights, Steven slept elsewhere. Elsewhere currently being the apartment of his 29 year old girlfriend. The only reason they hadn't divorced was that Steven kept saying it would be bad for the company's image. One of these days she might find a reason to push for the divorce, but for now she was content to let things stay as they were.

Stopping again at the door to Courtney's room, Cynthia decided to check in on her daughter. It was a silly thing really, after all Courtney wasn't six years old anymore. But it did make her feel better.

Silently she turned the doorknob and eased the door open. Cynthia took a small step inward before stopping in her tracks. Instead of the serene image she expected, she found instead one out of her most erotic dreams.

It had been many years since the last time Cynthia had seen her daughter naked so it was a shock to see how much her body had developed. The small breasts that she had last seen the day she'd first taken Courtney shopping for her first training bra had blossomed into a magnificent set of 34C's. The rest of her young body was just as impressive, showing that she had viewed the development of her body as seriously as that of her mind.

It wasn't so much the development of her daughter's body that caused Cynthia to step back as it was its position. Standing against the large backboard of the queen sized bed was Nicole, as naked as her daughter. Beneath the brown hued woman's outstretched legs was Courtney, her mouth pressed firmly against her hairy cunt.

It was one thing to know that her daughter preferred women sexually, it was quite another to actually see it. Cynthia was transfixed, unable to tear her eyes away from the spectacle. It was a long five minutes before the fear of discovery gave the older woman the strength to pull herself away.

Closing the door behind her, Cynthia let out a long loud sigh. To her surprise, she'd found the sight of her daughter engaged in lesbian lust to be the most exciting thing she'd seen in a good long time. Her heart was racing, her breath shallow and most incredible, the mound between her legs was moist.

Crawling into the warm comfort of her bed, Cynthia knew she would get little sleep that night.

It was a warm summer morning and Cynthia decided to have breakfast out by the pool. It wasn't long before Courtney joined her. She explained that Nicole needed to make a few phone calls to make and would join them as soon as she could.

"Did you sleep well, dear?" Cynthia asked.

"Like a baby." Courtney smiled.

Their breakfast conversation covered a few topics until finally it turned to Nicole.

"Your friend Nicole seems like a really nice person." Cynthia said. "Have you known her long?"

"Not long really, only a few months." Courtney answered as she nibbled a piece of toast. "I met her at a fund raising party the alumni association threw. She's an attorney, in fact she's just made partner at her firm. I was admiring a painting at the hotel where they had the fund raiser and she happened to mention that she'd seen one just like it at a friend's art gallery. I said I'd love to be able to pick out something like that for your birthday but knew next to nothing about art. Next thing I knew she had offered to help me pick something out."

"I guessed that much." Cynthia said. "That painting seemed a little out of your league. But there's something I want to ask you, but I'm not sure how exactly to put it."

"Well straight out always seemed to work for me." Courtney suggested.

"How well I know that." came her mother's response. "But it's still hard for me to just come out and say something."

"Give it a try, Mom."

"I was wondering, I mean I'd like to ask you just how close you and Nicole actually are?" Cynthia finally blurted out.

"You mean are we lovers or anything like that?" Courtney casually replied.

"Well yes."

"Are we lovers, well not really." her daughter continued in that same casual tone. "Have we slept together on occasion ... yes we have."

"I don't understand." Cynthia said.

"I guess you could just say we're close friends who on occasion have sex. There are a number of women who I sleep with. Some I have very strong feelings for. In other cases it's just recreational. Bottom line is that at this point in my life I'm too involved in work to even seriously think about settling down with anyone."

"I'm still not sure I really understand it, but I'll settle for the fact that you do seem to be happy." replied Cynthia.

"That's all I ask." her daughter grinned. "Excuse me, but there's a phone call for Courtney." said Edward as he walked up to the small table, portable phone in hand. "Some guy named Rogers, says he's your boss."

"I'll just be a minute, Mom." the blonde haired girl said as she took the phone and walked a few feet away to take the call in private.

While Courtney chatted just out of earshot, Cynthia found herself staring at Edward. The little exhibition last night had left her feeling very horny, a sensation she hadn't felt in some time. Not even a pleasing masturbation session last night and again this morning had helped to satisfy her urge.

Watching the tall well built young man play with his silver rimmed glasses, Cynthia was reminded of a night not so long ago. The hockey team that Edward played on had just won the local championship and the two of them had stayed up late into the night celebrating. Edward, because hockey was one of the most important things in his life, and Cynthia because she just needed to have a little fun.

After a few bottles of very expensive wine which Cynthia had liberated from her husband's prized collection, Edward began to look very good to her. She had been sorely tempted to try and entice him into her bed, a bed her husband had so long ago vacated. Finally common sense had prevailed and she realized that a one night stand wasn't worth upsetting the apple cart. Still, if he'd been just some young man she'd met.

"Good morning." Nicole said as she walked up to the table. "I hope I haven't kept anyone waiting."

"No, of course not." Cynthia said, dismissing her idle fantasy from her mind. "Please have a seat."

It was hard for Cynthia not to sneak looks at Nicole as she ate. The image of her naked form being serviced by her daughter was still too fresh in her mind. An unhappy look covered Courtney's face as she returned from her telephone call. Whatever it had been about, it wasn't good news.

"Trouble honey?" Cynthia asked as she rose from the table.

"I'm afraid so." came her reply. "I'm going to have to cut the weekend short, they need me back in Manhattan right away."

"That's terrible." Cynthia commented.

"I'll go and pack." Nicole said.

"Oh no, there's no reason for you to have your weekend ruined too." Courtney said. "Why don't you stay here and enjoyed it. I did promise you a few days in the country."

Nicole waited before answering, her line of sight shifting from Courtney to Cynthia.

"It's OK isn't it, Mom." Courtney asked as she followed Nicole's gaze.

"Of course it is." Cynthia said, unsure what else she could say.

"Great." Courtney said. "Edward's going into town anyway so he'll give me a ride to the train. If I hurry, I can catch the 10:30 to Penn Station."

Cynthia was disappointed that her daughter's visit was going to be cut short, but she understood all too well how important Courtney's job was to her. Hugs and kisses were quickly exchanged, as well as the promise to get together again as soon as possible. Once Courtney and Edward had left, Cynthia quickly completed some paper work she had brought home for the weekend. She had only brought a small amount home with her, assuming that she was going to need a lot of free time to spend with her daughter. She considered calling the office and having one of the staff run some more out to her, then decided against it. She took so little time off these days, she deserved a little play time.

It wasn't until late afternoon that she even saw Nicole again. Her houseguest seemed to be as much a workaholic as she was, spending a good part of the day on her cellular phone. True, laying on a lawn chair in the garden was a lot better than being locked up in an airtight office. Well, Cynthia thought, I guess you don't get to be partner in a prestigious law firm at 32 by taking it easy.

After lunch, Cynthia decided to spend some time in the pool out back. It was one of her favorite places to relax. Her husband had really gone through the roof the year she had workman construct a removable cover over the pool so it could be heated and used in the winter. Still, half the profits from the company were hers to use as she wished. After all, she had never complained about his numerous excursions around the country - or the various "assistants" who accompanied him.

"That looks inviting." Nicole said as she walked up to the edge of the pool where Cynthia was just relaxing after finishing her laps.

The tall cinnamon hued lawyer had changed into a simple, comfortable white T-shirt and blue shorts. Even in that plain attire, she looked like a model out of town and country.

"You're welcome to join me." Cynthia said as she smiled up at the older woman. "There's extra suits in the pool house, I'm sure you'll be able to find something that'll fit you."

"Oh I never bother with a suit." Nicole quipped as she grabbed the bottom edges of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. Her braless breasts bounced free in the air, giving Cynthia a close up view of the round orbs she had only seen at a distance the night before. The blue shorts quickly followed, adding her dark curly haired bush to the list of Nicole's attractions.

Cynthia had only a brief instant to recall the image of her daughter's tongue buried up within that mound. With a powerful leap into the air, the now nude muscular young woman dived into the deeper end of the pool.

She dropped all the way to the bottom before pushing herself back up. She broke the surface with a large splash, before flipping over and traversing the length of the pool with a series of textbook strokes. Executing a flawless flip at the far end of the pool, Nicole recrossed the length of the pool and moved up to where Cynthia was just drifting lazily. "The water feels wonderful." Nicole beamed as she pulled herself up alongside Cynthia. "If I had one of these, I'd never be out of shape."

"You're not exactly out of shape." Cynthia laughed.

"Compared to when I was in college I am." Nicole replied. "I can never seem to find the time to get to the gym anymore."

"I imagine you must keep busy." Cynthia noted.

It was at that moment that the younger woman noticed that Cynthia was staring at her naked breasts. The droplet covered mounds were only a foot away from her now.

"Does this bother you?" Nicole asked. "My not wearing a suit I mean."

"No, not at all." Cynthia answered. "If you feel more comfortable that way, who am I to say no."

"It really is a lot more comfortable than wearing a confining suit." Nicole commented. "You should try it."

"When I was young, we used to go to a place down in the islands where we'd go skinny dipping." Cynthia said as she leisurely splashed her legs in the water. "I remember it as being a lot of fun. Once you got used to all the naked bodies." she laughingly added. "Did that turn you on?" Nicole abruptly asked.

"Excuse me?" Cynthia asked after pausing a few beats, wondering how the conversation had taken such an abrupt turn.

"I asked if that turned you on," Nicole repeated. "All those naked bodies?"

"What would make you ask a question like that?"

It took even longer for Nicole to answer. It seemed for a few moments that she might be reconsidering her question. Then, with deliberation, she went on.

"Last night you seemed to spend a considerable amount of time watching Courtney and me. A lot longer than someone who had just accidentally walked into an embarrassing situation. Most people would've just stepped back out. You stood there and watched for a while."

Cynthia's face blushed, she hadn't realized Nicole had seen her. Then a more embarrassing thought replaced that. Had she told Courtney?

"Was it the sight of our naked bodies that interested you so much?" Nicole continued.

Cynthia was speechless, she didn't have an answer. She really didn't know herself why she had stayed there so long.

"Know what I think?" Nicole said, and then continued without waiting for an answer. "I think it was the sex that interested you so much. I think that the fact that it was your daughter that was eating my pussy was secondary to the act itself. I think you got really hot watching two women get it on."

Nicole had automatically switched to what she offtimes referred to as her inquisitor mode. The conviction in her voice grew with each word.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Cynthia finally managed to stammer. She wasn't used to being on the defensive.

"Oh yes you do." Nicole retorted with the same confidence she had exhibited in front of some of the states most noted judges.

Cynthia sensed that something she would rather not have remembered was about to resurface. She wanted to jump out of the pool and run. Yet, a small voice deep within her called out for attention. It urged her to let matters take their course.

"When you mentioned last night that you had pledged mid-year back in 1950, it really didn't sound right to me. I don't know why, maybe just the investigator in me playing out a hunch. It's one of my bad habits, I can't let a feeling like that go by without following up on it. On the positive side, following some of those hunches have gotten me where I am today."

Nicole paused for a moment, waiting to see if Cynthia was going to object to her going on any further.

"Anyway, a client of mine, is the current recording secretary for the Delta Theta Phi alumni association. She's class of '87 by the way and also a lesbian. You might find that interesting. Anyway, going on the idea that my memory might just be faulty, I called her this morning and asked her to look up and see if there had ever been a mid-term pledging in 1950 or any other year. She said that since all the old records had been computerized a few years back it would be no trouble to find out. She called me back only an hour ago with the information."

Cynthia was now totally still as well as silent.

"She said that there had never been a mid-term pledge in '50 or any other year. She asked why and I told her I was working on a discrimination case remarkable like the Jennifer Hallis scandal of that year. I just wanted to use it as a little background. I asked if we had any current information on the girls involved in the incident. She said unfortunately no, most of the girls who where kicked out had their records expunged by the college administration. In fact, except for the file on Jennifer herself, there were no other entries on who even was involved. I had thanked her and was about to hang up when she casually mentioned that there was another name in the file - Jennifer's roommate that last year. It was just an entry in the room assignment form, there was nothing else on the girl. The name was Cynthia Donnelley."

Cynthia's face turned pale.

"I remember Courtney mentioning her grandmother Donnelley." Nicole said excitedly. "That was your maiden name ... wasn't it?"

The older woman's silence confirmed it.

"You were her roommate." She continued, making it a statement more than a question.

"Yes." Cynthia meekly answered, decades of denial lifting with that single syllable.

" ... and her lover."

"Yes, ... I was." this time it came easier.

A level of excitement filled Nicole. The same excitement that filled her when she broke a guilty party on the witness stand. The elation was short lived as she suddenly realized what she had actually done. This wasn't some courtroom, it was the home of a friend. And this wasn't an adversary but simply a woman who had told a simple lie about her life of almost half a century before.

"Oh damn, Cynthia." Nicole recalled in horror at what she'd done. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I can't believe I acted like I did."

"It's OK." Cynthia said, knowing that the younger woman was honestly upset at what she'd done. "It's OK, it doesn't matter. I don't know why I still lied about it all these years. It was so long ago."

"Does Courtney know?" Nicole asked, partly out of a curiosity that couldn't be suppressed and a desire not to be the one to accidentally tell her.

"No, she doesn't know anything about that period of my life or that her mother was once also into women."

"Women?" Nicole repeated. "You had other lovers after that?"

"What the hell, I might as well tell you the whole story." Cynthia said with a smile. "Someone should know what it was really like back then."

"You don't have to." Nicole said, hoping at the same time that she would. "I was way out of line with what I did."

"What's done is done." started Cynthia. "Besides, now that I want to get it all out, maybe it'll be easier telling it to a stranger." She paused for a few beats and then added. "Then when I'm done, we wouldn't really be strangers anymore."

Now it was Nicole's turn to remain silent and just listen. Cynthia seemed to be looking far away, even though she was looking straight at her. The lawyer knew the older woman was looking past the mist of years past.

"Most of what you heard about the Jennifer Hallis story is pretty much true. My father was on the Board of Trustees for Sara Douglas, just as his father was before him. There was no way that they was going to tag the daughter and granddaughter of the Donnelly's of Tarrytown with a lesbian label. So my own involvement in the incident was the first one removed. A stern facility monitor put an end to the parties and such, but she couldn't be everywhere and where there was a will there was always a way."

Nicole listened intently, her mind carefully absorbing every word.

"Right after graduation, my parents married me off to Courtney's father. It was almost an arranged marriage. It wasn't so bad at first. I liked men too and much to my own mother's horror, wasn't a virgin on my wedding night. We had a lot in common back then, and to be honest the prospect of the lesbian lifestyle back in the Eisenhower Era was non-existent. We were as happy as could be expected for the first year or so. Then things began to change."

"How so?" Nicole inquired.

"It would been nice to say it was John who strayed first. Given his current predilection for such things, it would be easy to say. But if I'm going to set the lies to rest the truth will have to prevail. So I have to admit that I was the first one to break our vows. And as I'm sure you've discovered on your own, once you've crossed that forbidden line the first time, the second time is a lot easier."

"First time?" Nicole asked, a little confused.

"I say first time because it was a lot different in college than the real world. Even back then, you could do things that might not exactly be socially acceptable in college and get away with them. So I've always considered my first encounter with another woman outside of that safe and controlled environment as my first time."

Nicole saw that there was a certain sense to what she'd said and nodded.

About a year and a half after we'd been married, long before I was pregnant with Courtney, we moved to San Francisco for John to take a graduate program out there. It seemed a good idea at the time. We were starting to have our problems and a fresh start in a new local might've been just what we needed. As with most quick fixes, this didn't solve anything. We'd brought out problems with us.

"Anyway, we'd gone out one night to a go-go bar - John's idea. I'm not sure if you really understand what one of those was, there's really no current equivalent. They'd have girls dancing either on stage or on podiums scattered around the club. Understand that these were dancers, not strippers and definitely not hookers. Although I was told there were other clubs that had both.

"After the show, John had invited one of the dancers over to our tables to have a drink. This in itself wasn't that unusual as we'd been to similar clubs before and John had also invited dancers for a drink. What greatly surprised me this time was that the dancer was a young black woman. John had never shown any interest in black women before. And of course this was the late 50's, years before interracial affairs were all the rage. Her name if I recall correctly was Diane. We chatted a while and had a few more drinks besides. Like he was wont to do, John flirted with the young lady who couldn't have been much more than 20. She seemed so young as I think about it, yet I was only 26 myself back then.

"I suddenly became aware of a touch against my leg. At first I chalked it up to John being playful under the small table, then realized it was on the wrong leg for it to be John. I turned to Diane and with a smile she acknowledged what was obviously an invitation. To this day, I don't know if she somehow knew I might be receptive or just tried that with any woman she found interesting, trusting that they wouldn't make a scene in front of their husbands.

"I excused myself to use the ladies room and Diane said she'd join me. No sooner had the door closed behind us when she grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and kissed me. She hadn't even made sure that all the stalls were empty, trusting instead that there were few women in attendance that night and that the other dancers would use the rest room backstage.

"I can still recall the taste of her lips against mine and the fire it send through me. I was like a woman who'd been denied water for a long time, suddenly tossed into a clear pool of sweet liquid. We pulled at each other's clothes, and I found her lips now on my breasts, then her fingers against my clit. It couldn't have taken me more than a few minutes to reach orgasm, a climax that I still remember as leaving me weak in the knees. Then as quick as it all had been, it was all over. We made ourselves presentable and rejoined my husband. The only indication he ever had that something had changed that night was that he found me somewhat unresponsive later that night. Usually after a visit to one of those bars I was as horny as could be. As we were leaving, John asked Diane for her phone number saying that maybe the three of us could get together sometime. With smile she wrote it out and then ripped it in half when John wasn't looking. She handed him the top half and while he concentrated on looking down her blouse, pressed the bottom half of the note into my hand. John's note turned out to contain the number for the public library. Mine was her home number. I was to have an affair with her that lasted until John graduated and we moved back east."

"So you like black women?" Nicole asked.

"I never really gave the color of her skin much thought." said Cynthia. "It was the person inside, not the wrapping she came in that interested me.

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