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Fiction Story: So, Your wonderful wife is notified to report for termination. What do you do? How do you manage? Some of the ideas of the men who were more involved. Read Classy Conversions First. You are Warned.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Snuff   Swinging   .

Liz wasn't much of a diarist. But Carol (Jim's wife) has begged me to jot down my thoughts and feelings about what happened since Elizabeth was selected and ended up at David Findley's slaughterhouse. Some of it is fairly accurate, and I have tried to keep the conversations fairly accurate for what passed between Liz and I after she was selected. It hasn't been easy. And considering how she died, I have to say that it has made angry about how things ended. And I owe David Findley and Carol a lot for the time I had which otherwise I wouldn't

Liz was singularly the most amazing woman I have ever known. She was the ultimate partner in college, and my soul mate for a long time. After she died, I was almost totally destroyed. And I never expected to meet anyone like her again. It was incredible that I would meet someone else in a very short time. And the way that I met her was equally amazing, but that is another story.

I was with our girls visiting her mother in London when Liz called me to tell me she had gotten a selection notice. I immediately tried to get back with the girls, but there were no seats available until Sunday. It wasn't possible to get home before she had to report for her termination. We were stuck.

We had a lot of tearful video calls Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and a lot of angst, as I couldn't get back with the girls. I couldn't get back by myself even. It was so damned unfair. Finding that her best friend Carol was also selected this same week was a double tragedy, as both Jim and I were great friends for several years. We both talked ourselves about what we were going to do. Jim promised to be there for Liz as long as he could and support them as much as he could. And even offered to buy her whole, so we could arrange for our own ideas of services.

(The idea of her body in a bunch of packages in a store made me sick to my stomach.)

Late Friday night, when we were packing up to travel, I was amazed to get a call from Jim that something had changed. He could not tell me all the details, other then to say he was going to be with both of them that evening, and that there was some situation they had arranged to allow us to have a last meeting with her on Sunday.

I cannot explain the whipsaw of emotions I was having. All this week I had prepared myself to never see Liz again. And to hear as we were headed to the airport, that she was alive still and would be when we got home was an immense relief. I told Jim to find out how and who we had to pay for this. He laughed and said that I should wait until I heard what my wife was involved in before I started to calculate payment, because he figured the responsible party was getting his money's worth.

I admit he had set me back on my heels a bit with that statement. I didn't really care for the undertones of that. I was wondering what my wife had to do to stay alive.

Then I shook myself. Liz was alive. I would see her. She could see the kids. Regardless of the price, I'd pay it.

I had only met David and Margaret a couple of times. They were friends of Helen and Mark, and we didn't know them well. Margaret was a firebrand, and a real outgoing women, like Liz. David was pretty reserved, and I never really got to know him before my wife was selected.

When Jim explained to me in an e-message what was going on, I was shocked. I had never heard of such a thing. All I knew of the Selection act and the activities was the usual result. I had no idea that there were such things as "Goats" and that there were "extended uses within the business". Even more of a shock was that I had actually known someone in the slaughter business for years. I only knew David from his real estate business. I had always thought that the Human meats business was full of gangsters and slime-balls that were one step up from car salesmen. The only one anyone knew in the Chicago area was Merle Hill.

When I found out that was where Carol and Liz were supposed to go initially, I had nightmares of the worst kind. Then this. I had no idea of how to cope with this.

We got stranded in NYC on Saturday and the earliest we could leave was Sunday night. Again it seemed that the world was working against us. Sunday at noon, Jim called me and said that he was seeing Liz and Carol that afternoon, and that there was no pressure. Liz would be alive and healthy for at least another twenty days. And that we could visit any evening late at night.

Biggest jolt was being told that my wife was now doing interviews and market development for David and that she had to be naked. Now I was not a prude, but I did think that would need some explanations to the girls when we finally did get to visit. Jim had a good point though. "Better naked and talking then pieces in a meat case."

When we finally got back home Monday night, there was a whole list of things that Jim had dropped off for me to take care of. Apparently he had been to the house and picked up a lot of things that Liz had packed up so I would not have to, and had taken them to where Liz was staying. The sitter was able to stay with the kids on Monday night, while I did a short visit to spend time with my wife.

Initial Impressions

How do I describe my first trip to the Slaughterhouse? I had never visited one before, and I even avoided the meat cases where H-meats were in most of the stores. We ate a lot of Tofu.

Driving to the older side of Chicago where Findley was located was not what I expected. The building was in a strip of three in a row in an older commercial and industrial street. The exterior of the building was well maintained, clean and with well-defined parking. It was not at all what I expected.

When I called, I was told to park in back and then call when I got there. I called at about six forty-five, and when I did a young woman's voice answered and told me someone would be waiting at the door. I saw a light came on over a door at the rear labeled "Employees", I parked my car, got out and walked over.

When the door opened, Helen Gester answered the door. Naked. I remember thinking that she looked pretty good that way. She gave me a hug and a kiss, and I followed her down the hall to what was the new "Community room"

It looked like a combination den and dinette with a big kitchen on two walls. There was a very large view screen on one wall and a big Pit sofa arranged in front of it. And all of the women were naked. I remember thinking "I could get used to this".

I could especially get used to the young blonde. She must have been about nineteen or twenty. Tall, not skinny, and with the calmest grey eyes I have ever seen. She was sitting there talking actively with both Liz and Carol, and I noticed something a little unusual.

Now let me explain. Liz was one of the most competitive women I have ever met. She is great and loving, but she is an alpha bitch. I have only seen her let her hair down with Carol and a couple of other people. But here she was as relaxed and totally at ease. And both her and Carol were looking at this young teenager as an equal. In fact, their body language and conversation tone was deferential, which was something I have never seen from Carol in all the years I have known her and Jim.

There was another darker haired women (I later found out she was a associate professor at U of Ill) and she was just as involved in the conversation. And she was also strangely deferential.

When Liz saw me, her face lit up like I could never describe. It was almost a glow. There was an excitement there and no angst or stress. Just her total personality at full glow.

She introduced me to the blonde as "Candy" and then to Nancy Ayers. I knew of Nancy's articles on from some of the market research that Liz had done in the past, and she was much more attractive then I thought a college professor should be. Of course, she was naked, so that was even more attractive.

I had to admit, looking back at Liz, that she was holding up pretty good for thirty-five. Still the same lean dark female animal I had met in college. I thought Helen was a little heavy, and Carol was a little top heavy. I like my woman's tits small. More then a mouthful is overkill to me.

Looking around, I saw we had a lot of comfortable restaurant type chairs and tables, and I motioned Liz to one of those so we could talk. She would not have it. With a wave of her hand, to her friends, she grabbed my arm and took me upstairs.

I admit I was a little shocked. She was horny. Very horny. And the door was no sooner closed then she was working to get me naked and erect.

Our lovemaking that first night was pretty energetic. More so then we had in years. When we exhausted our first round, and were sitting down, I asked her how she was.

I remember exactly what she said. "I have been up higher and down lower in the last week then I have ever been in my life. And right now, I am actually on a high."

She also kidded me about my shock at all the nudity. "See anything you like? Candy for instance?"

I never lied to my wife. "Sure. She looks nice. But you look better". And she did. She was alive and in my arms.

We talked a lot. And she filled me in on some things that Jim had told me and that I didn't understand. For starters, she could not leave. Under any circumstances if she was off the property and without the collar, she was subject to spiking. And the reason she was alive was David Findley.

Apparently things were changing just in time for her to not be in a meat case. Apparently David wanted to change from a "Meat Commodity" business to a "Termination service" business. And he had fished my wife out to help him develop a marketing plan for it. And he fished out Carol for legal advice and Nancy for some sort of research studies. So for a "day job" my wife was working as a "front end" advisor and interviewer for women coming here to be terminated.

The other thing I found out was that Candy and Margaret were the main murderers here. They had each killed over thirty women today alone. No wonder my wife was so deferential to a woman who was a mass murderer.

She kidded me about Candy being the better of the two, because she worked harder at keeping the pain low when she cut a woman's throat. And that both her and Margaret spent time talking with the women while they bled out to make sure they were stress free. She said that her, Carol and Nancy agreed that when their time came, they wanted Candy to do it instead of Margaret.

She also told me that Candy needed to get laid too and that I was next up on the stud list for her.

I didn't know what to think about that. I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with a woman who was supposed to kill my wife. I asked her why and she said to me with a straight face "Well you are supposed to pay the headsman".

I got a cold chill when she said that. Seeing my face, Liz said, "Don't get upset, darling. I was kidding, a little."

I remember saying, "Liz, this isn't very funny to me".

"It isn't to me either. But after the last few days, and especially today, I can see that there is such a thing as killing someone kindly. Especially when you think of the alternatives."

Then Liz told me about sending a young woman home pending validation of the sex of her pregnancy. And that David had been doing that for years. Strict adherence to the law and that he wanted to exclude and exempt anyone that was on the borderline. "I'm not borderline. Helen and Carol aren't either. And Candy is definitely not. We all have this chance to make things easier for others like us."

I remember being very conflicted and emotional. But I also remembered to keep it under control, because Liz was the one I had to be strong for. I also remember her saying to me that first night "Serve the table, or be served on the table. Here, for a little while, I have a choice."


Monday Night was for me alone. Tuesday was with the kids. David and Margaret had a schedule we could come and visit after business hours. Usually they finished intakes at 4 PM and were finished processing at 5 PM. The front doors were locked at 5:30. At that time, people seemed to collect in the break room near the kitchen and dinner got started And there was room for kids to act and play.

The first night I was there, after Liz let me out of bed, I was struck with how clean and well set up the rooms were. There were eight in the first section, a double-dutch door to the next part of the building. The sections were separated by a small lounge "party room" and at the far end were showers, just like at our end of the building. The offices were all ten by twelve or twelve by fourteen, with high ceilings and slider closets. All of the rooms had lots of room for office furniture and queen or king beds.

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