by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1996 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Sandy Carradine became fascinated by the dark skinned woman who appeared in a different guise on the ferry home each night. Little did she realize she was being drawn bit by bit into her world.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   Oral Sex   .

"Hold the door!" Sandy yelled as she sprinted the last twenty feet to the rapidly closing door of the Ferry's waiting area.

With only a half foot to spare, the blonde made it through, much to the disappointment of the deck hand who got his kicks closing the door in people's faces. Had she missed it, it would be a long hour's wait until the next Ferry at 1:30 AM. No sooner had she cleared the boarding ramp when it began to rise, freeing the Staten Island Ferryboat Alice Austin to begin her journey across New York Harbor.

Taking the late night boat was only one of the problems Sandy Carradine had encountered since going on her firm's four to twelve shift about five weeks before. Over a month and she still couldn't get into sleeping during the day. In fact, the fact that the bus stop for the local Junior High School was located right in front of her small apartment house guaranteed that she would wake up to the sound of two dozen teenagers beneath her bedroom window every morning at 7:00.

Dropping her large carry bag onto one of the hard plastic seats, Sandy dropped exhausted into another. It had been another hot and humid August day and the night had brought little relief. The small Ferry was pretty empty this time of night, relatively speaking. At least it was a far cry was the two thousand or so who took the early morning Ferry ride she had been used to.

"Damn Betty Palmer for getting pregnant!" Sandy said under her breath. "It's her fault that I'm on this stupid shift again."

Six weeks ago, Sandy had been summoned to her supervisor's office and told that since Betty was taking early maternity leave, she would have to replace her as the night shift supervisor. The twenty five year old had protested that she had only come off the night shift six months before. Therefore it wasn't fair that she be sent back. That if anything, Steve Liebowitz, the new intern who would eventually replace Betty on nights when her four month tour was over, should just take over a little early.

The reply that she had gotten was that with Betty's sudden departure, they felt it would be better to have an experienced hand at the helm so to speak. Liebowitz just wasn't ready for all that responsibility. Fighting back her anger, Sandy had to resist the sudden urge she had to tell them what she would like to do with her experienced hand.

So for the last month, Sandy had rearranged her life to fit the new work schedule. With a few bumps along the way, she had finally settled into a more or less even routine. The only really great problem now was her boyfriend, Peter Ryan.

Sandy had been dating Peter for about three months. They had met through Jim Anderson, a mutual friend, at a birthday party for his wife. Sandy was instantly taken by his rugged good looks and electric personality. Six years older, Peter had looked into her deep blue eyes and asked her out less than five minutes after they'd been introduced. When they had gone out to dinner a few nights later, it took all the former Catholic High School girl's self control, not to jump into bed with him at the very first opportunity. Instead she congratulated herself on her self-control and jumped into the sack on their second date.

That was where their newfound relationship hit it's first speed bump. Peter Ryan may have been, tall, handsome, athletic, and incredibly charming, but astonishingly as it seemed, the man was absolutely boring in bed. Never in her life had Sandy spent the night with a lover so unimaginative. Oh, he wasn't a virgin, and he did manage to get the job done. Yet she sometimes wondered of his previous lovers had been some kind of cross between Mary Poppins and Snow White. Whenever she had suggested they try something a little interesting to spice up the night a little, he quickly backed off the idea. One night he had freaked when she had slid her cum-lubricated finger into his ass during a round of some pretty serious screwing. He nearly jumped out of bed and yelled at her for even trying such a thing. That was something that only "faggot's" did he had insisted. Try as she could, she'd been unable to regain his interest or erection that night.

Now it had been almost three weeks since they had slept together and Sandy couldn't wait until Saturday night. That was the only day of the week they could still see each other, and Peter had canceled out the last two weekends due to sudden emergencies. He made no secret of the fact that he was totally unhappy with the new arrangements, and Sandy wondered if he had canceled their last two dates just out of spite. She remembered the anger in his voice when he had told her when she talked to him last.

"It's not my fault that we only have one night a week that we can go out. If you want to spend more time together than you'll just have to find a way to make the time."

Sandy had been incredibly angry as she slammed down the phone. What did he expect her to do -- quit her job?

Pushing the angry memory to the back of her mind, Sandy began to look about the small cabin and take note of her fellow passengers. It was a little game she sometimes played, a way to kill time on the twenty minute ride when she didn't feel like reading. She would pick out a person at random, and try to make up a story about their sex life. It was a silly game really, but it was fun sometimes. Of course, during the daytime she had a lot more interesting people to choose from.

Her selection finally narrowed down to an cleaning lady who looked like those old Russian woman you always saw in the movies and a tall Hispanic woman in a crisp white nurse's uniform. Feeling a little naughty in her imagination tonight, it had after all been so long since she'd be laid - she picked the nurse.

The woman looked to be about twenty-two or three, with olive skin. Her hair was a soft reddish brown, highlighted with gold. The buttons of her starched uniform were opened exceeding low, revealing a more than ample bosom. Sandy wondered if she normally wore it that way or had just opened it due to the dreadful heat. Following her gaze downward, Sandy noted the long slender legs the seemed to go on and on. It was hard to judge her height from a sitting position, but Sandy guessed it to be about five foot nine.

She must work at a hospital, Sandy thought, or be a private nurse who covers a late shift for someone. A wicked smile came to the office manager's face as she imagined the nurse giving some dirty old man some tender loving care. She tried to imagine the body under the starched whites, wondering how she made love to a man. Was it any different? There had been three Puerto Rican girls in her high school class but Sandy hadn't been friends with any of them. There were a number of Hispanic men and women who worked for the firm, four on her night shift alone. But Sandy had always had to deal with them in a supervisor/employee role and such a relationship didn't easily lend to friendship.

Eventually, the boat docked at Saint George and Sandy followed the small crowd through the terminal to catch the next train southward. She'd passed the Nurse on the way out but didn't give her a second glance. After all, the game was over and she had to be sure and not miss her ride. Like the Ferry, the SIRT only ran once an hour after midnight. If she had noticed the woman in white, she'd have seen the small smile on her red lips. Sandy's little game hadn't gone unnoticed.

The next day was Tuesday, and it was a day pretty much like any other. Sandy had tried to call Peter several times but was always catching him in conference or out. She knew he was avoiding her, forcing her to decide between him or her job. Well she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. She'd teach him to take her for granted. Wait until they went out on Saturday night. Even if she had to tie him down to do it, Sandy was determined to give him the fuck of his life. After that, lets see him ignore her. After all, she remembered, at first he really wasn't keen on the idea of her going down on him. Yet after only a single demonstration, he quickly became a convert to the idea.

The night passed rather quickly and midnight soon came. Taking up an offer for a lift to the South Ferry Terminal, Sandy had no trouble making the twelve-thirty boat. As was her custom, she took her usual seat in the rear right section of the boat. It was funny, she thought how people always seem to go to the same seats night after night, even when there was so many empty seats.

In fact, since most of the people around her were the same night after night, she usually looked for the outsider to be the player in her game. Bypassing the familiar faces, Sandy's sights stopped for a moment on a tall olive skinned woman in a security guard's uniform.

"Now there's a lousy job to have," Sandy said to herself. "Long hours, minimum wage."

Discounting her as a player, Sandy's imaginary scope moved on. After all, why pick the same type of person two nights in a row. Finding no one that struck her immediate interest, the blonde was surveying the choices a second time when she took a longer look at the security guard.

"She's the nurse!" Sandy exclaimed to herself. "The hair is black now and in a braid, but that's the same woman. I'm sure of it. How could she be a nurse one day and a security guard the next?"

Determined to get a closer look to be sure, Sandy waited until the Ferry began to get close to port and people began to line up at the front of the boat. That was another thing she had never understood. Why with only about a hundred people onboard, a line would still form at the gangway before they even docked. Whatever the reason, it gave her an excuse to take a closer look at this mystery woman.

Pausing at the row just in front of the woman, Sandy leaned on an empty row of plastic seats as if to steady her balance. Taking a long, hard look, she confirmed it was indeed the same woman who had worn the nurse's whites the night before. Right down to the bright red lipstick and the open buttons on her blouse. After a few seconds, the woman looked up from her newspaper and smiled at Sandy. Embarrassed at being caught staring, the blonde haired woman quickly and wordlessly moved to the front of the boat.

The next day, Sandy couldn't get the strange woman out of her thoughts. This was a much more exciting game than she was used to playing. Would she be back on the Ferry tonight, if so, how would she be dressed ... and why? The hours seemed to go so slow and as midnight approached they seemed to go even slower. Finally, the night was over and she rushed out the door. When her ride to the terminal got stuck behind a bus, Sandy watched the minutes click off on the dashboard clock and as twelve twenty approached, she was sure she'd missed her boat.

Rushing up the escalator, Sandy reached the top just in time to see the sliding access door close to only a one foot opening. She had missed it.

Suddenly the door stopped and began to side back open. Pushing it was a different younger deckhand.

"Hurry up." He yelled. "You can still make it."

As she dashed inside, Sandy paused just long enough to smile at the deckhand and say thank you. Between the humidity and the rapid beating of her heart, she was covered with sweat and out of breath by the time she took her seat.

It took no effort to locate her mystery woman, she had moved to a new seat only a few rows in front of Sandy as if she wanted to be seen. It seemed as if she was now an equal player in the game, but what was the game and what were the rules?

As on the previous two nights, the woman now projected a totally new image. She wore a bright blue business suit with a matching skirt. Her buttons were firmly closed this time, her top button covered by a small cloth tie. Her hair was still black but now long and tied tightly into a bun. If she had to pick an occupation for the woman, Sandy's first choice would be a librarian.

This time, Sandy didn't approach the woman. In fact, she waited until the boat docked and the "librarian" exited first. All during the ride home on the train, Sandy couldn't contain her excitement. This was exciting - who would she be tomorrow?

Thursday passed in a blur. All Sandy could think about was the Ferry trip home. Peter had called and left messages for her on her voice mail but she was in no rush to return his calls. Let him wait a while and see how he likes it. Finally as eleven-thirty struck, Sandy did something she had never done before - she left work early. She just couldn't take the chance she would miss the twelve thirty Ferry. It had been a slow night and after making sure that everything that had to be done was done, she left the office in the hands of her assistant.

Reaching the terminal about midnight, Sandy carefully scanned the crowd gathered in the large waiting area. There was no sign of her. The sliding access door soon opened and the small crowd surged inside. Checking her watch, Sandy took a position right at the door and waited until the last possible moment to board. So absorbed was she in looking for her quarry that she didn't even notice that the door had begun to close.

"Hey lady, are you coming or what?" Called out the deckhand, rousing Sandy from her trance.

Without a word, she ran up the corridor and onto the Ferry. Taking her usual seat, she stared out the window into the night sky. Watching the tiny lights spread across the harbor, Sandy felt a little let down. The game had been fun and a lot more interesting than it usually was. She was sorry to see it end.

"Maybe I just missed her?" She said to herself. "Maybe she was dressed in such a way that I didn't recognize?"

That thought in mind, Sandy rose to her feet and began to walk the length of the small Ferry. After her second circuit and an inspection of every passenger aboard, for all Sandy knew she could be dressed like a man tonight, she finally had to admit defeat. The boat docked soon after and a slightly dejected woman walked to the waiting train.

The next day, Friday, seemed to be the worst day of the summer. The mercury never dropped below 98 the entire day and the setting of the sun beneath the horizon brought no real relief. Nothing had gone right that day for Sandy. A short blackout in her area had put an end to the air conditioner, driving her totally up the wall. Inside her small apartment the temperature soared over a hundred.

Her attempts to contact Peter had hit a stone wall. As far as she knew, they were still on for tomorrow, but he was being a real prick about returning her calls. She would show him she thought, wait until I get him into bed. Maybe I'll bring him right to the brink and then suddenly get a headache. That'll show him not to play these games. That she was equally guilty never occurred to her.

During the dinner break that night, Sandy mentioned the strange woman on the Ferry to a few of her friends. She left out the part about her little fantasy game of course, just mentioning how she had seen this woman dressed up a different way each evening. Each of the people at her table had a different idea of why the woman was dressing up like that. Sandy listened with interest at each suggestion.

"A lot of people have both a day and night job, maybe she just has a lot of different part time jobs." Suggested Kathy Davis.

"I thought about that," Sandy replied as she nibbled at her salad. "I could match up her being a nurse and then some other kind of professional the night she wore the suit, but somehow being a by the hour security guard didn't really fit in."

"I'll bet she's an actress." Mary Jane Sullivan suggested. "You know they sometimes really try to get into a character when they're trying out for a role. Maybe she's just attending a lot of auditions."

"That's a good idea, I hadn't really considered that one." Sandy said. "But wouldn't most auditions be held during the day?"

Mary Jane thought about it for a second then nodded in agreement. She hadn't thought of that.

"There's another possibility that you ladies have overlooked." Said Timmy O'Brien, the only man in their little quartet. "She could be a hooker."

"A hooker?" Sandy repeated in surprise.

"Yeh, think about it." Timmy continued. "A lot of guys are into that role-playing scene. Maybe she gets a turn-on wearing her outfit of the night home."

"Speaking from experience are we?" Kathy quipped with a sly smile.

"Or maybe she just doesn't have time to change since she has to catch the 12:30 Ferry just like Sandy does." Mary Jane interjected.

"I don't know." Sandy mused. "Well no matter the reason, she wasn't on last nights boat so I guess she was lucky enough to get off the night shift. Something none of else will ever do if we don' get back to work."

With a serious of faked moans and groans, her three dinner partners rose from the table and returned to their jobs. The last to leave the table, Sandy gave the mystery one last thought before turning her mind back to the work at hand.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully and it wasn't long before Sandy was saying her goodnights. As she stepped out of her friends air conditioned car at the Whitehall Street entrance to the Ferry Terminal, the wall of heat and humidity she stepped into engulfed Sandy.

"Please let it rain soon." She said to herself as she looked up into the lightly clouded sky. "Or at least let the air conditioning be back on when I get home." She substituted as she shuddered at the thought of trying to fall asleep in this inferno. The weekend was the only time that she was able to sleep late, but in this heat, sleep would be next to impossible.

Friday nights there seemed to be less people on the late Ferry. Most people must leave early to get a jump on the weekend. By the time Sandy dropped into her regular seat, her blue blouse was already wet with perspiration and sticking to her skin. Every window on the boat was wide open but even the breeze was warm. In vain she had looked for an outside seat but quickly found them already occupied.

Producing that day's copy of the Advance from her bag, Sandy began to read. Absorbed in her reading, she didn't immediately notice that someone had sat down directly opposite her. This was unusual enough as the interior cabin of the boat was almost ninety percent empty, most of the passengers choosing to sit outside. As she turned the page she became aware of the other person. When she lowered the paper to take a look, it was all Sandy could do not to drop the paper in surprise.

Sitting not four feet away, was Sandy's mystery woman. Sandy's mouth hung open as she took in the image before her. Gone were the professional outfits, or even the blue collar security guard's uniform. The only job description that her current outfit could fit was that of a 42nd Street Streetwalker.

Her hair was now a bright and curly blonde, a color so unnatural that Sandy was sure that it was a wig. Her lips were full and red, and wide gold hoops now replaced the small stud earrings she had worn on previous occasions. Her large 38 inch breasts were barely contained by the red bikini top she wore. In fact, the points of her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. Her blue pants were cut so short that if Sandy was sure that if she looked closely, she would see a few loose pubic hairs sticking out of the edges.

The woman just seemed to smile at Sandy, then ignored her completely. Sandy tried to go back to her paper, but was unable to stop stealing glances. With an eerie fascination, she watched as droplets of sweat formed between the woman's breasts and ran down her stomach and disappeared beneath the material of her oh so short pants.

Sandy had never been attracted to other women, but couldn't take her eyes away. She could feel a familiar wetness between her legs and was lying to herself when she blamed it on the humidity. The olive skinned woman just radiated sexuality, a raw unbridled lust that hit Sandy full force. The tingling between her legs grew so strong that Sandy wished she was already home so she could find some relief. Instead she sat there with her paper, trying hard not to show the arousal sweeping within her.

The scantily clad woman just continued to smile thought out, she knew the effect she was having on Sandy. She was now in control of the game and found immense pleasure in hitting all the right buttons to drive Sandy to distraction.

Finally she looked right into Sandy's bright blue eyes and seemed to capture her soul. Her tongue glided sensuously across her full red lips as she brought a hand up and ran her long fingernails down the crevice between her tanned mounds. Sandy was no longer making any attempt to disguise her interest. Wiping the sweat from her breasts, the woman brought her index finger up to her mouth and slowly licked it clean.

"Any more of this and I'm going to cum right here in my panties." Sandy thought as she watched the woman cup her other breast with her free hand. "I can't believe I'm getting this turned on by another woman."

Then, abruptly, the woman stopped her caressing of her breasts and rose from her seat and headed for the front of the boat. It was only then that Sandy realized that they had docked and most of the people had already left. Grabbing her bag from the floor, Sandy began to quickly follow the woman off the boat. Her steps propelled by a strange mixture of both fear and excitement.

Following the last of the crowd into the St. George Terminal, Sandy could see people ahead of her make the right turn that led to the train and the various buses. To her surprise, the object of her interest turned instead to the left and disappeared into a closed off access way.

For a long minute, Sandy stood at the junction as the last of the other passengers disappeared from sight ahead of her. Finally overwhelmed with curiosity, she carefully began to follow the "streetwalker" down the corridor.

About thirty yards down, the causeway again branched off to the left and Sandy stopped dead at the corner. As she peeked around the wall's edge, she had to bit down on her lip to keep from making a sound. There, about ten feet away, stood one of the deckhands from the Ferry she had just exited. His back was to her so she couldn't see his face. What she could see all too clearly was the mystery lady from the Ferry on her knees in front of the man. Her position and the motion of her head couldn't be mistaken for any activity other the obvious.

From her vantage point, Sandy could tell that the dark clad man was already near to climax. He was either incredibly horny or she was one talented cocksucker to bring him off so quickly. Sure enough, Sandy heard a loud gasp from the man as he exploded into the woman's mouth. Sandy watched for a few more seconds as the tall hooker, she couldn't think of her any other way right now, withdrew his cum covered cock from her mouth and proceeded to lick him clean.

Suddenly aware that she could be caught, Sandy began to quickly and quietly retrace her steps. She'd gotten halfway down the dimly lit corridor when she heard the man turning the corner. Quickly she ducked into a small doorway covered in shadow. She held her breath as she watched him pass. no sooner did he turn the corner, Sandy heard the hooker's footsteps coming from behind her. Again trying to blend into the darkness, Sandy waited until she had been passed by.

The hooker stopped abruptly, just out of Sandy's line of sight. Sandy's heart was racing like a trip hammer as she heard the soft footsteps suddenly stop.

"I hope you enjoyed the show." The hooker suddenly said.

"Oh God, she knows I'm here!" Sandy cried out in her mind.

"Come on out, I don't bite." The Puerto Rican woman said. "Unless of course you're into that sort of thing."

Stepping out of the shadows, Sandy blushed bright red with embarrassment.

"I figured you'd follow." The tall woman continued. "I could see how hot you were getting back on the boat."

Before Sandy could answer, the woman stepped forward and slid her hand under Sandy's skirt and into her panties.

"I knew it," She exclaimed. "You're dripping wet."

The sudden thrill as she felt this strange hand caress her pussy caused Sandy to freeze in her tracks. Again the potent combination of fear and excitement took hold of her body. Before she could respond to the surge of mixed emotions, the hooker pressed her against the cool tile wall. Opening her mouth to protest, Sandy felt the softness of another woman's lips pressed against her own for the first time in her life. This was immediately followed by the wetness of a tongue as it invaded her mouth. The taste was tangy and familiar, and it took a second for Sandy to comprehend that what she was tasting was the last traces of the deckhand's cum.

Drawing her attention away from the erotic kiss was the sudden penetration of her wet mound by one of the woman's long slender fingers. With a rapid motion, she slid first one, then a second, deep into Sandy. Then she withdrew them as quickly as they had entered, only to quickly replace them.

The frantic friction against her clit sent ripples though her body. She barely noticed the soft caress of the woman's tongue which had now moved to her neck. It wasn't until she felt a sudden tweak of pain that she became aware that the woman's other hand had slid beneath her blouse and now cupped one of her naked breasts. All that she cared about was the rising crest that was building between her legs and the eruption it foretold.

Then, barely a few minutes after she had started, the mystery woman felt Sandy's body quiver, then tremble as she slipped over the crest into a powerful orgasm. Pulling Sandy tight against her, she kissed her once again, this time finding no resistance to her tongue. Her fingers buried themselves deep within her as she squeezed hard on her soft white breast.

Sandy lost all sensation of time as she dropped into a bottomless pool of delight. All she cared about at that moment was that she wished that it would never end. That another woman had initiated this incredible feeling was the furthest concern in her mind.

But eventually it did end and Sandy's attention returned back to her situation. The woman withdrew her fingers from within Sandy and from under her blouse. She stepped back and took a good look at Sandy's now disorganized appearance. Her blouse was now hanging open, with one breast exposed. Bright red lipstick marks covered her mouth and neck. While her blue skirt now covered the cum soaked panties, the strong fragrance of girlcum told the tale.

"I knew you'd get into this." The hooker said. "I saw you checking me out the other night when I had that nurse outfit on. After I saw you search the boat for me last night I knew that you'd follow me tonight."

"You were on the boat yesterday?" Sandy gasped as she tried to control her breathing. "But I looked everywhere."

"No, you only check were passenger's are supposed to go. I was nice and cool in the crew's cabin. It's amazing what a little promise of a blow job can get you."

Sandy then realized that it was the delivery of that promise that she had witnessed. Even now she found it exciting. More so was the idea that she had cum at the hands of another woman.

Sandy watched in erotic fascination as the woman brought her cum covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean, just as she had licked the deckhand's cock.

"Mmmm." She purred. "I figured a fine lady like yourself would have a good taste."

Reaching into her small purse, the woman withdrew a small card and slid it into the straps of Sandy's exposed bra. She leaned forward and kissed her again, this time it was lightly and quick.

"If you ever want to find out what it would really be like, give me a call." She said with a smile. "In fact, for a pretty white girl like you, I'd do it for free."

With that she turned and headed down the corridor. Sandy watched the sway of her tight ass until she disappeared from view. Taking the card from her bra, she moved over to the light to read it.

It read: Creative Illusions - Bringing Fantasy To Life. 24 hrs 7 days, 555-1034. In the lower right corner of the card was a name - Jasmine.

A sudden thunderclap brought Sandy back to reality. It was finally going to rain. After spending a few frantic minutes getting herself as presentable as possible, Sandy raced down the hall to try and catch the train. This time she was too late.

Standing on the empty platform, feeling the wetness of the welcome rain as it splashed down from the small overheads, Sandy decided she didn't mind waiting for the next train just this once.

She lifted the card so she could read it one last time. Her hand was over the trash when she changed her mind about tossing it. It would make a nice souvenir of her little adventure. Not that she could ever tell Peter or anyone else about it - they just wouldn't understand.

It was almost noon when Sandy woke the next day. She hadn't gotten home until almost 3 AM. The whole experience last night seemed like a dream. It was only the small white card sitting atop a pair of stained panties on her night table that testified to the events actually having happened. Still that was yesterday, and she had the little matter of straightening out her relationship with Peter to attend to today. Jumping out of bed, she jumped into the shower and washed the remnants of last nights adventure down the drain. She would have to hurry if she wanted to make her one o'clock appointment at the beauty salon. Thankfully she had scheduled it a week ago, before the fighting with Peter had begun. Sitting in her closet was a new dress she'd been saving for a special occasion. Peter was going to get it both barrels tonight.

Just making her appointment, Sandy let her mind drift as the beautician performed her magic. She had every facet of tonight's date planned. By the end of the night, Peter would be on his knees apologizing. The thought of Peter on his knees gave her another idea. One of her girlfriends had told her about a special service that was offered at this particular salon. You wouldn't find it posted on any of the walls, but if you asked, it was available.

"My girlfriend Judy mentioned a special service you have here. A special kind of cut." Sandy softly asked of the beautician who's name tag read Lucy.

"Why yes, its one of our most popular cuts." Lucy replied. If you like, we can take care of it as soon as we're done out here."

Twenty minutes later, Sandy found herself in the back room propped up on a table much like that used by her gynecologist, right down to the stirrups. Sitting on a stool between her legs was Lucy, who was carefully using a small pair of scissors and a straight razor to trim her pubic hair. By the time she was finished, the large blonde bush hairs were now only an eight of an inch in length and had been crafted into the shape of a heart. Peter had been reluctant to going down on her before, but after she was finished with him tonight, he'd be more than happy with the proper instruction on the way to her heart.

After the Beauty Salon, Sandy made a stop at a nearby Lingerie Store and bought the sexiest bra and panty set she could find. In her mind's eye she could just see herself standing before Peter in them.

"Face it, Sandy. She said to herself. "The man doesn't stand a chance."

A few more stops at the grocery, the video store and the dry cleaners brought an end to Sandy's errands. Returning to apartment about 5:30, she took a second shower to wash away the days sweat. Even with the early morning rain, the temperature still hovered in the mid-eighties.

Taking her time in the cool embrace of the shower, Sandy couldn't help but caress herself. She was so horny. One hand played with her small 34 inch breasts while the other carefully stroked her newly trimmed pussy. How different Jasmine touch had been. Both different and exciting. A large share of what made it so exciting was that for the most part it had been unplanned and out of her control. Never could she have planned to have had a sexual encounter with another woman, she just didn't have the nerve. Yet like any kind of sex, she had always been told that once you tried something the first time, it was always easier to try it a second.

The rush of the water in her ears was so loud that she hadn't heard the phone ring the first few times. As she shut off the water she heard the last ring before it was picked up by the answering machine. Her first impulse was to race and pick it up before the caller hung up. After all, it might be Peter. Then the image of her running naked through the apartment only to find a dial tone when she got there filled her mind. No, let the machine answer it, that's what it was there for. She's call back whoever it was when she finished with her toilet.

Once dry, Sandy spent the next twenty minutes finishing up. Her teeth were as white as after a trip to the dentist. Her breath, minty as Proctor and Gamble could make it. A careful application of her favorite perfume in all the right places completed the ritual. She was ready.

Donning the newly purchased bra and panties, Sandy took a long look at herself in the bathroom doors full length mirror. Her reflection returned her smile as she struck a pose.

"Sandy dear," She said to herself proudly. "There's no denying it. You are a babe!"

Exiting back into the living room, she noted that it was already 6:40. That gave her almost an hour before Peter would be by to pick her up. Plenty of time.

The flashing light on the answering machine caught her attention as she headed for the closest for her new dress. In her self admiration she had almost forgotten about the shower call.

Dropping down onto the plush love seat, she hit the play button and sat back. As she listened to the message, her face turned a bright crimson and her expression went from satisfaction to outrage.

"Hi Sandy," Began the recorded voice of Peter Ryan. "I realize that this is really short notice but I'm afraid that I won't be there tonight. I tried calling you earlier but got the machine and really wanted to tell you myself. As soon as you can give me a call, there's something we have to discuss."

"That lousy bastard!" Sandy exclaimed as she grabbed the phone and hit the autodial button for Peter's number. "Who the fuck does he think he is?"

The phone rang once, twice, a third time and with each ring Sandy's anger grew. She was about to hang up when she heard a receiver being picked up on the other end.

"Hello?" Said a soft feminine voice.

"Hello?" Sandy replied, her anger momentarily replaced by confusion. Had she gotten a wrong number? That had never happened before using the autodial.

"Can I help you?" Asked the unidentified woman.

"Is Peter there?" Sandy asked, sure that she must've been connected to the wrong party.

"Oh, he's ... I mean, hold on a minute will you."

Silence filled the receiver for a second or two, then she could hear two voices talking on the other end. Neither was clear enough to understand.

"Sandy?" Asked the suddenly loud and clear voice of Peter Ryan.

Count to a hundred before you answer in anger, Sandy's mother had always told her. This time it was too late, she was already up to two hundred.

"Who the fuck was that ... the new maid?" Sandy thundered.

"Oh shit, Sandy." He replied. "I really wanted to handle this differently."

"Handle what differently?" She said in an exceedingly hostile tone.

"Well there's no easy way for me to say this, especially at this point." Peter continued, trying to ignore her anger. "So I guess I just have to say that its not going to work out between us. I'm sorry, but that's the cold honest truth."

"What?..." Sandy stammered, suddenly speechless.

"I don't think there's anything more to say. Again I'm sorry it couldn't have ended differently."

Regaining her voice, Sandy was about to say something when she heard a click and found herself listening to a dead line.

"That self centered little prick..." She shouted as she hit the redial.

After two rings, the answering machine picked up. If anything, the message just pushed her further over the edge.

"Hi, you've reached the home of Peter Ryan and Madeline Jakes ... We can't answer your call right now, but leave a message after the beep and we'll be back to you as soon as possible."

As the message finished, Sandy remembered the name Madeline Jakes. She had been Peter's girlfriend for over a year before he'd met her. They had broken up a month before Peter had attended the Anderson Birthday Party. She had spent all that time comforting him, and now that cow had moved back in and was getting all the benefits.

She was tempted to leave a message saying just what she thought of the two of them, but then just hung up after the beep. They'd simply hit the delete button and never even pay attention to it. By tomorrow, she was sure they'd have a new number.

For over an hour, Sandy sat there staring at the phone in her lap. The shadows in her apartment grew longer as the light of the setting sun slowly faded from her window. With the coming of the cool darkness, the temperature dropped a little more and for the first time in almost ten days was almost bearable. A good thing too because the power surge that had caused the blackout yesterday had knocked out her buildings 220 line and along with it the air conditioner. The building manager had posted a notice in the lobby that because of the heat wave, it would be Monday before it was fixed. Sandy hadn't really given it any notice before, figuring she would be spending the night at Peter's condo. Now she would be stuck here with no AC. At least since she was on the fourth floor she could sleep with the windows open.

"Well no sense in sitting here crying." Sandy said out loud. "Might as well make something to eat and see what's on the cable."

Heading into the kitchen, Sandy's calm lasted all of ten seconds. At least the pick could've broken up with her during the week. Then at least she could've set up a date for tonight. It didn't have to be anyone special. Just a guy she could have a few laughs with and take care of her needs. As her anger subsided, she was reminded how horny she'd been the last few weeks.

"Maybe I'll punch up a movie on Spice." She mused to herself. That was the cable's soft core movie channel. Once in a while she liked a good adult film. They weren't as good as the hard core videos she could rent near her office in Manhattan but they sometimes would have to do.

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