Black Dahlia Avenged
Chapter 11

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 11 - 1947; a girl's dismembered body was found, placed by the roadside as though she had simply lay down there, her body halved. The police allowed the evidence to be compromised by the hacks who trampled over everything and the murderers were never caught; not by the police anyway. This is the story of what I like to think happened; vengeful women carry out their own investigations and bring those guilty to a justice of their own, one weak link gives up the others; retribution is divinely served.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

Anna watched from an upstairs window as a an obviously rattled Monroe looked furtively about him, before stepping into a car which had arrived to take him to a meeting about a proposed production; she was both pleased and disappointed with his reactions; pleased that he was still in fear of the unknown would be assailants, and disappointed because she needed him to relax and let his guard down, then she would have him. It gave her a bittersweet feeling. She was thankful for the knowledge that his sheer arrogance led him to believe he was safe in his own little castle; he had no notion that the young woman with whom he was presently engaged in a sexual relationship, which so gratified a satisfying twist to his lurid perversions, was using it to seek his demise from within.

She delved in her purse for the card with Hortense's address as she descended the stairs, and was greeted by a smiling Ruby, pleased to have witnessed her tyrannical employer's departure. Anna looked her up and down, making a mental note of her shape and bust size.

'How would you like even greater freedom in this house Ruby? And I'm sure you could do with a more luxurious bedroom.' Ruby looked at her with puzzled eyes.

'There are a lot of things I'd like, starting with seeing you or other women have him in the position you started out from last night ... why, I'd love to give him a good whipping myself.' Anna's cunt tingled at the sincerity in her tone as she delivered the last line.

'There are going to be some changes around here Ruby, and you shall change with them but your attitude toward Monroe is just how I want it, though you'll want to more than whip him when I give you the full story. When the time is right, I want him to see you as the woman I know hides inside you; it will do you a power of good and will be a nice surprise for him.' Ruby' warmed to her words, her sex tingling at the thought; having seen Monroe at this girl's feet, she knew her ideas were more than pure fantasy, her dour world was suddenly filled with a strangely erotic enthusiasm.

Anna was greeted by Dee and Hortense when she arrived, and her dominant pleasure was instantly aroused on seeing how the stern matriarch liked to keep her males obedient; the gagged and naked Hammond's bell jingled as he drooled through the gag at the stern young female, his cock stiffening eagerly as he indulged in the submissive pleasure of humiliation before a younger woman, the cock cage removed for her visit so that he may show his appreciation of her. His anus tingled wildly as it clenched at the plug, having been teased cruelly with the significance of her visit. Hortense pulled his leash tight as she welcomed the slender black haired dominant.

'This is Hammond, the only other member of the criminals to retain his balls and repent on his sins. I know he has been very keen to be dominated by you, and know your opinion on his fate.' She sneered viciously and choked him sweetly with the leash.

'Isn't that true Hammond?' Anna's cunt tingled wickedly as he grunted pathetically and aimlessly through the gag, feeling obliged to attempt as response to the command of the woman who owned him so completely, Hortense and Dee laughing contemptuously at the beaten male's blind obedience. Hortense indulged his submissive pleasure further.

'Though he has been very useful in supplying us with information which has helped lead us to those who have been duly punished, just the one remaining to enjoy his fate, he was present at the crime and is just as guilty; he knows you are key in deciding what becomes of him, and will be more than pleased to be at your disposal before you offer your opinion on whether his misery is to continue, or be disposed of by a method which would offer us some pleasure.' Hammond's cock boned hard and dribbled as he imagined the spite the youthful dominatrix would offer him, beaten, reduced, and immersed in total submission to all women, he yearned to hear such a young and dominant example take pleasure in announcing he should be snuffed.

Anna's arousal was equally strong, just the the totally degrading visual level of the gagged and naked male with bell jingling humiliatingly from a butt plug, had her cunt buzzing urgently at the perfect ideal of a male in total servitude; knowing that he had been led to believe that she would determine whether he continued a life of humiliation or was to indulge the women's ultimate pleasure in being satisfyingly executed, brought out a deliciously vindictive streak in her. The last actions of Monroe had seen him in the position of dominance over her now quickly receding submissive side, and vengeance over any male would be gratefully welcomed. Seeing this one shoot his mess at her whim on being punished physically and wickedly tortured psychologically, promised immense and wholesome satisfaction. The two older women sneered and Hammond's cock pulsed bone hard as the young woman lifted her foot and toyed with his rigid member.

'I will be delighted to thrash him and have him beg for forgiveness ... and my mercy. Why, he may even beg to be snuffed, I've had many a male do that for me of their own free and submissive will; their is nothing quite so exquisitely pleasing; he has good reason for my granting him that final and permanent pleasure.' The women sighed and chuckled softly on Hammond's cock dribbling a sticky line of pre-cum onto the dominant young woman's shiny stiletto toe-cap, which she curtly wiped on his thigh. Hortense was very pleased with this vibrant young girl's attitude.

'We have a little business to discuss before Hammond is tested at your pleasure in making your decision, we'll have him secured in the room he first woke up in on his arrival here; that will help him dwell on his crime while he awaits your pleasure.' Anna was handed his leash and it was as much as he could do to stop himself coming involuntarily as he watched the large ass of his dominant Mistress and the more slender but just as shapely one of the girl who would decide his fate ascend the stairs before him. He was taken to the room and knelt obediently as his leash was secured to the bedpost. Hortense grinned wickedly as she bound his wrists behind his back.

'Just a little precaution, he is totally obedient under normal conditions but given the fact that he knows he may have little time left, he may not be able to resist masturbating. We'll not allow him that possible disobedience; he'll come only at your pleasure. As you can see, there is a fine array of whips and canes at your disposal; he is no stranger to the touch of all of them, though your application will be a novel experience for him, which you will both appreciate.' Hammond's thoughts did indeed turn to the day when he awoke and had his scrotum snared by a weighted wire; he had thought he would be snuffed at that time but had suffered being reduced to the level of submission he now perversely enjoyed, had he been brought to this room to signify that his departure was already decided? He struggled vainly with the cord that bound his wrists; Hortense was right, he would have masturbated to a lush and deeply submissive orgasm given the chance.

Anna was pleased to see that Ty was also maintained in a position of subservient nakedness when attending the household, enjoying the indifference of the women at the naturally automated service he provided them as he waited obediently on their whims, supplying drinks at the click of a finger and kneeling with an ashtray when any one of them smoked. Dee occasionally stroking him affectionately as she would a lesser pet, such as a dog or cat; their lifestyle was pure perfection to her. Hortense was eager to hear of Monroe's progress to impending doom, courtesy of the dominant young woman's growing influence.

'Hammond will not suffer the fate that we have in mind for it's arrogant perpetrator, but you must not let him know that when you enjoy dominating him; l want him to think that he may be disposed of at any time, but I receive much pleasure from him, as do many of my older friends, his service to them would be greatly missed.' Anna grinned and crossed her legs as she lit a cigarette and was immediately attended by Ty, much to her pleasure.

'Oh, I can see how his humiliation would be missed if he were wasted, I shall take great pleasure in taunting him with the possibility of his demise though; the dead do not suffer, though the pleasure of having a man know he is to be snuffed is very pleasurable, I cannot wait to enjoy that feeling at someone else's expense.' Hortense's mature cunt oozed at the enthusiasm in the dominant girl's tone, similar reactions being felt by the others, Carmen in particular; her lust for extinguishing males making her warm to the young girl's opinion. Hortense then brought looks of surprise from Dee and the others.

'It will give me a great deal of pleasure to be there when Monroe is allowed that realisation, I have no intention of missing that event and seeing his balls removed and shown to him before he enjoys execution. You younger ladies have had all the pleasure, and I will attend the finale, which I hope will be prolonged most satisfyingly.' As Dee and the others applauded her intentions, Anna was more than pleased.

'I am working on breaking him down, he has eased more and more into submissive play, and I have a real treat for him which involves his housekeeper Ruby; she doesn't know the reason behind my actions yet, but has witnessed his abuse of women and is keen to exact retribution on him for that alone. When she learns of just why I'm there, she will be more than happy to host a party in his honour. He is so blindly arrogant he doesn't suspect an attack from within, and his sexual drive takes control of him, he's insatiable; he has two teenage girls coming to join us this evening; they have both entertained his sadistic pleasure before in return for the promise of minor parts in his productions, I'm hoping to get them to entertain him a little differently this time. As soon as I can get him interested in bondage, we can make our move.' Dee looked at Ty and grinned wickedly.

'I am busy working out how we can cover for his disappearance, I have a few ideas and it would be nice to know about the status of his house; I doubt that he's made a will, but wouldn't it be nice if he left all he owned to his housekeeper ... what would his slick associates make of that? If we can just get his signature, I have a legal friend who would be more than happy to oblige with a document which would fool anyone.' Hortense smiled at Anna's obvious excitement as she listened.

'I think you had better go and put Hammond out of his misery now, it will put you in a good mood for your session with Monroe tonight; make sure he's left on the edge mentally, I intend to have my pleasure of him when you're done.'

Anna grinned at Hortense as they ascended the stairs to where Hammond awaited her pleasure.

'I shan't keep him long, I have to visit a my favourite clothes store; I'm going to buy something more suitable for Ruby, something that will make Monroe see her for what she really is and make him respect her as a woman. Your pet will spend for me, but will be left with an appetite for more and will provide me with a teasing aperitif for my session with Monroe and the girls later.' The two women assumed stern faces, and entered the room. On hearing their approach Hammond moved back from the bed, where he had been rubbing his cock against the silky bedding, bringing himself close to ejaculation several times as he pondered his fate in a submissive lust. Though he now cowered without movement, the jingle of the humiliating bell gave his Mistress reason to chide him. Hortense scowled at him with hands on hips.

'I told you to sit and wait, not move around. I shall give you a extra caning when I return after hearing of our guest's decision.' Hammond sniffed at her as she untied the leash, his wrists, and unbuckled the gag. She then had him lean forward and pulled the tight plug from his asshole.

'There, he's ready to serve you now; there's a shower through that door for when you're done with him, please feel free to vent your anger on him; I know how you feel about his crime and know he will respect your decision due to his guilt.' Hortense left the room and Hammond's balls and anus tingled as Anna slipped of her skirt and blouse, then stepped slowly over to the cabinet on which lay the selection of canes and whips. His cock stood rigidly to attention as he watched her delicate hands caress the leather whips before choosing one, and taking the braided handle she pulled it slowly from its place, ensuring his eyes took in the whip's snake like movement as it unfurled and slid to the floor.

'Crawl over here and kiss my feet.' Hammond was only too glad to do so, with his anus tingling at her sternly delivered command, she sneered as he obeyed to the letter and snaked toward her, emulating the whip he would be punished with. Anna's spite rose as she watched him meekly kiss her shoes, knowing he believed his life was to be decided by her. She slipped her panties off and let them drop down her legs, stepping from them.

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