Black Dahlia Avenged
Chapter 9

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 9 - 1947; a girl's dismembered body was found, placed by the roadside as though she had simply lay down there, her body halved. The police allowed the evidence to be compromised by the hacks who trampled over everything and the murderers were never caught; not by the police anyway. This is the story of what I like to think happened; vengeful women carry out their own investigations and bring those guilty to a justice of their own, one weak link gives up the others; retribution is divinely served.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

Dee looked out from the stifling warmth of the car; its open windows and the feeble through-breeze they created doing little to cool the women as they waited anxiously across the road from the cafe. The waft of leather which came from Carmen's tight and squeaky outfit somehow complementing the feminine scents borne by her and the other women, but though they had parked just a short while before, the sweet mixture of essences and the increasing heat had them all longing to be out in the air. They had decided that waiting in the car was the best thing, as they fully expected Westing to arrive first with his cock up in salute within his underwear, like an eager schoolboy. It was with some surprise that witnessed a car pull up at 9:25, and saw the slender and curvaceous shape of the young black haired domme emerge from an equally dominant looking black '45 Cadillac. Even before the confident girl had strutted into the cafe, Dee was halfway out of the car, hurriedly grasping a paperwork file from the pouch behind the front seat.

'I can't believe our luck ... I'll be as quick as I can.' The other's hung from the windows as the mature auburn beauty strode quickly across the street. Anna sat at one of the rear tables away from the sun through the window, Dee took a deep breath as she watched the black gloved hands elegantly light a cigarette; a gawping male was sneered at, the dominant girl making her lack of interest in the portly male quite evident without the need for words, he sheepishly returned to his newspaper. Anna's expression changed to one of mild shock as a shapely redheaded woman just walked up and sat facing her. Dee looked into her attractive large brown eyes and grasped the free gloved hand which lay on the table, laying the closed file down.

'You don't know me, but what I've seen of you has shown me we are very much alike; what I have to say I must do so very quickly. You are meeting Chas Westing here shortly... ' Anna looked at her in disbelief, half a bemused smile stretching across her face.

'How the hell did you know?' Dee squeezed her hand.

'What if I told you he was involved in something truly abominable ... against a woman? I don't want you to walk out because I don't think you are in any immediate danger from him; I know a male's urges when I see them, and I know that you're going to be ... well let's say 'in charge of things' today.' Anna's cunt tingled a little as she sensed this woman was indeed like her. The two were interrupted by the waitress toting for orders. Anna quickly looked up.

'Coffee, black.' The waitress turned to Dee.

'No thanks, I'm not staying.' The waitress walked off and Dee gripped the hand again opening the file with the other. Anna gasped softly and her face tightened. She recognised the articles, the police mugshot taken at an earlier date of the girl found mutilated. Her eyes lifted and looked straight into Dee's; she looked back and responded quickly.

'Yes. Westing and ... oh, someone else. We need your help and we won't be bothering with the police, if you know what I mean.' Anna looked at her, knowing she wanted to tell her the rest.

'Westing and who else? Tell me, I don't care who it is; I think you know what my answer is going to be.' Dee glanced at the clock and gripped her hand.

'You know him too ... his name's Monroe.' A strange look of satisfaction glowed across the face of the young dominatrix.

'Larch Motel, room 35; give me a couple of hours though, I intend to have a great deal of pleasure from him before you arrive. I know just the place to take him afterwards too.' Dee lifted the file and left. She was just stepping back into the car when another drew up across the road. Westing had arrived for his last date.

Westing was greeted by a stern smile from Anna which made his anus tingle with a pleasurable fear. She pointed a gloved finger to the chair vacated by Dee, and he sat, wrestling with what to say in greeting. His ass found the seat strangely warmer than he had expected, but the presence of the severe girl before him swallowed the thought immediately, devoured by the gravity of her persona. She took a sip of the coffee which had since arrived and stared him in the eye, her cunt now tingling with a dominant urge which had now been enhanced tenfold.

'You made it on time then. Good boy; I like to have my men do just as they're told.' The normally cocky and brash Westing was gripped by her confident tone, his cock which had been semi-erect in anticipation on the journey now swelled to a full erection; he was used to being in command of females, but her natural power already showed him who would be in control today. Before he could say a word, she clicked her fingers and pointed to the ticket on the table.

'Pay for my coffee. We'll take your car; I'm anxious to see just how obedient you are.' She finished the coffee and strutted to the exit without looking back; Westing's cock pulsed as he watched her finely curved body move as he fumbled for change. The waitress gave him a curt smile as he handed the coins over.

'Keep the change.' She watched him scurry after her. 'I hope you can afford it' she thought to herself. She stood impatiently by the car and Westing found himself opening the door for her without her needing to make the request. He got in and started the car. She lit another cigarette and blew the smoke at him.

'Larch Motel; at the southern end of the town.' Westing fanned the smoke from his eyes.

'OK, I saw it on our way in.' With a screech of tyres he did a u-turn, eager to be at the motel and not noticing the Buick parked opposite from which four women smiled grimly. Carmen's excited breasts creaked in her leather top as she toyed with a length of cord, pulling it tight between her slender re-nailed fingers.

'I do hope we aren't going to be upstaged by that young lady; I'm developing a real taste for this and will be so sad if she disposes of him herself, I don't know WHAT I'm going to do after Monroe is made to pay the price!' The others laughed at he black humour as Sandy finished filing a nail and started the car. Laverne smiled as she turned and viewed Carmen's impatient fingers with the cord.

'I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable with her sat behind me! We've two hours to kill, how about we go and see how Ty's getting on with the packing? We can have a cool drink whilst we supervise him.' They had decided to head back south, whatever they managed to achieve that day, and catching Anna alone was a real streak of luck; Ty had been left to pack the bulk of the women's things, a chore his enslavement to Dee had brought upon him, and one he did not mind at all. Alone briefly, he sniffed at the underwear and played with his cock, careful not to allow his semen to spurt; the submissive duty making him all the hornier for the return of his Mistress and the others.

His cock perked as they entered unexpectedly, Carmen sneering down at him, Sandy giggling as he knelt naked between the four cases with a black negligee belonging to the leather dominatrix in his hands; he lay it gently in her case and made himself prone before the feet of naturally superior women, his ass in the air as his Mistress and Laverne entered also. Despite having been owned by Dee for a while, he would never lose the submissive novelty of being naked in the presence of a group of clothed women. His cock poked erect below him as Carmen stepped behind him and teased his dangling scrotum with the toe of her shoe.

'You haven't got much packed; spending too much time sniffing parties no doubt!' Dee smiled and came to her sub's rescue; she could see Carmen's blood was up in anticipation of what would follow in a couple of hours.

'Fix us all a nice cool drink Ty, there's that jug of fruit punch in the refrigerator; we'll be out on the balcony. You'll serve it then return to the packing, the things we need to travel in are laid out on the beds.' Carmen gave his balls a gentle nudge, making them swing as she and the other two went out to the shade of the balcony. Dee stood over him and placed her hands on hips in dominant fashion, pleased at his eagerness to serve her and the women.

'Don't forget to give all those panties a good sniffing; we don't want any dirty ones mixed with the clean.' As he glanced up she smiled and wriggled out of the pair she was wearing, letting them slide down her nylon clad legs.' Drinks first, then you can sniff those, but no shooting; I shall require your services when we get home.' Ty wasted no time in serving the ladies with drinks; each viewing him with a mild look of contempt as the naked male's cock bobbed rudely while placed the cold drinks before them as they sat smoking. The two hours could not pass quick enough.

Anna looked over a similar scenario; she had had Westing strip naked and slowly paced around him with a short horse-whip as he knelt in obedience, his cock rigid as he watched the long legs and stilettos move menacingly about him, her excited cunt on show beneath the black corset he had been shown in the store. Item and delicious body complementing each other equally. She smiled cruelly, knowing his first true venture into being dominated was to be his last; the spice of her dominance rose as she relished seeing him disposed of, like all dominant women she had fantasised about realising her ultimate feminine power in snuffing a male for pure pleasure and she had no qualms about it being this one. Her thoughts were justified as she recounted the horrific news articles and tried not to think of what the poor girl had gone through, instead focusing on teasing this male to the limit, having him know pain and thinking that the game would end in him going somewhere for a drink that evening, perhaps with his buddy Monroe; she would take exquisite pleasure in opening the door to the other women and letting him know the game was certainly over for him. She cracked the air with her whip.

'Tell me again about how excited you were at playing the victim in the hanging scene a few days back; it's a pity you won't be required any more, but I know it thrilled you.' She was careful to omit 'required from the film' and her cunt tingled as the cruel tease grew within her; Westing blushed a little, still somewhat coy about having disclosed his feelings about it in the car, but his deepest carnal desires arose within him as she stepped close allowing him to sniff her arousal and toyed with his erect cock with the horse-whip. It boned as the power of her dominance enveloped him and he recalled the scene; though normally dominant sexually it had aroused a submissive streak in his darkly perverse mind.

'When the noose was placed around my neck and I stood with my hands tied behind my back and ankles secured, I noticed some of the girls I'd been with standing among the watching extras. I could see that the smiles on their faces were wishful; I know they really wanted to see me hang, the wicked pleasure on their faces as the rope was pulled tight was unmistakeable. It gave me such an erection, I have masturbated over it several times since.' Anna pulled his face into her wet cunt and playfully trailed the whip over his back and buttocks as he gratefully sniffed at her sex.

'I know you have been very mean to some of those girls, your mind is now telling you what you truly deserve and have earned; I am going to help you repent, I shall dominate you severely and show you your correct place amongst women; maybe we'll visit the gallows again and you can hang for me. It's nice and remote, away from the trees, and will be there for another few days before the scene where the rebels burn it down is carried out; being trussed and noosed naked by a dominant woman out in the open would really bring out your submission, would you like to do that?'. Westing gasped as he sniffed and snorted hard at her cunt, his rigid cock dribbling pre-cum as he imagined the scene. He thought of being allowed to come as he stood noosed and in her complete control.

'I ... I would love to do that.' Anna laughed and rubbed his nose hard into her now nicely lubricated cleft.

'Perhaps we will then, but first I am going to make sure you appreciate being dominated and are well prepared to hang for me. I intend to give you a good thrashing to ensure your mood is sufficiently submissive for such a treat. Lie face down on the bed!' She cracked the whip as he obediently scurried to the soft bed and lay face down. His mind raced as the dominant girl hummed with pleasure as she tied his ankles, bound his wrists at the small of his back, then gently lifted his head and stuffed her panties into his mouth before gagging him with another pair tied behind his head. He nearly came as she tied a noose-like cord about his neck, fastening the loose end to the bed post.

'There! Now you are more than ready to taste my whip. I want you to think of all the girls you have mistreated, the smiles of the girls who watched you, and most of all the gallows which await you. You shall now be whipped to my satisfaction and I will ensure you are thoroughly repentant.' Her cunt oozed as she studied the squirming captive writhe and hump the mattress in utter submission as she flexed the whip; he would dream of the noose as he was punished, if only he knew that he was really to hang, she would enjoy the pleasure of letting him know that when the others arrived. With a broad and spiteful smile she lifted the whip and sent its first stinging bite to his buttocks, making him writhe in pain and emit muffled cries into the panties; she showed no mercy and repeated several times in succession, enjoying watching the red lines express themselves across his tortured flesh as each punishing lash was delivered to her pleasure. Westing's cock rubbed furiously at the sheets as his tears flowed with pain and perverse pleasure at being captive and dominated by the superb female; each whistling announcement of his Mistress's pleasure making him buck and pull down on the tight noose which held him in a delicious stranglehold; he humped urgently, wanting to come under her whip as his twisted mind sought out the vision of the gallows and girls smiling as he danced for their satisfaction. Anna's excitement was supreme as she thrashed him

'Think of the gallows! The noose! The girls! ... Then think of me, there with other dominant women, watching you slowly strangled as you repent and give your all for womanhood!' She sneered as she increased the delivery of the whip, she would have him come then be licked by him in thanks. Westing's cock pulsed against the luxury of the mattress as his erotic fervour peaked, his balls tingling with imminent surrender as each cut had him test the erotic feel of his bondage. Anna laughed as he began to convulse in submissive ecstasy.

'You'll hang for me and I'll see you spend on the rope.' The sincerity of her words brought home his submission completely, heralding his admission of defeat to whip and Mistress; he pulled down on the noose and moaned in ecstasy as his cock spurted lustily under the continuing lashes, jetting hot semen in surrender with a view of her at the gallows smiling indelibly in his mind as the spunk was whipped from him. Anna relented only when he had ceased to buck. She untied the noose and removed the now sopping panties from his red-eyed face before ascending the bed. She lifted his head and slid her cunt up to his face with her legs spread.

'You'll lick me now before we have some more fun. If only there were some other women here to enjoy your submission, and watch you hang for me; that would be s o enjoyable.' A greater sense of rationality was now available to Westing, having shot the sticky load he now wallowed in, and he was a little puzzled by her dialogue but his cock soon began to override his sensibility as it began to rise again; the spice or her cunt as he lapped at the sweet folds ensuring a trip to the hanging scene remained an eager thought within him. Anna had one eye on the clock as she raised her thighs in glorious acceptance of the tongue which now dutifully rasped at her budding clitoris. She moaned out further taunts as a victorious orgasm beckoned.

'Ohhhhh! I think ... I think a hanging around noon ... Ohhhh! ... would be so fitting!'

Ty had finished the packing and the women came in for a brief inspection as he knelt in abeyance. He could tell that there was something other than his obedience which excited them. Laverne looked to Dee; the tall woman's cunt expressed nicely in the tight leggings she wore, excited at the prospect as she addressed his auburn Mistress.

'I think he should witness it, whatever the chosen method, it will do him good and show how justice is served upon those who defile women; not that a male such as he needs to know that, but we can use him to fetch Westing's car, he's a similar shape and size so no-one will raise any eyebrows.' Dee smiled, knowing how submissive he was, it would be a chance to show him justifiable dominance carried out in the extreme, cementing her authority over him, and give him a shocking thrill he would never forget. Though he knew full well what had happened to the other perpetrators of the crime, he had not witnessed their demise; his anus tingled at the thought; it scared him but it was justifiable, they got what they deserved.

'Put some loose clothes on Ty, you'll see justice being served as it should today. You may even find it enjoyable.' Carmen patted his ass as he passed.

'You are in for such a treat.'

Anna had thought of re-gagging Westing as the time approached, but knew that the ladies may require refreshment on their arrival, and he could then be gagged to avoid over exuberant pleas for mercy, of which there would be no chance. She pulled the noose tight as he knelt with his face between her ass cheeks, making full use of his free tongue in having her asshole liked after another whipping session. Her anus clenched at his tongue as she heard a car draw up outside. Westing's cock pulsed and his anus tingled with fear as the bell rang; surely she hadn't told Monroe? This was his biggest fear, but it would soon be surpassed. Anna looked cruelly down at the dumbstruck male.

'I have some friends who'd like to see you enjoy that trip to the gallows with me; you can tell them how you're looking forward to it.' Westing made a futile attempt to wriggle from his bonds as she opened the door; his heart pounded with some relief as four sneering women entered, though his anus was gripped with a strange foreboding. Dee turned and faced the car, holding the flat of her hand up, signalling Ty to remain where he was for the moment. Anna chirped at the new arrivals.

'Well! I didn't expect four of you! Looks like this is Westing's lucky day.' She sneered down at him and gave him another crack of her whip for good measure before finishing her line.

'Albeit his last day!' Carmen lifted her leather skirt and grabbed the noose-come-leash, pulling it tight and stuffing his face into the warmth of her excited cunt.

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