The Bikie Mascot

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely and conservative woman is introduced to a more liberal and sexual way of existence with the result that her old moral lifestyle is blown out of the water.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   .

There can be many reasons why an individual can do a complete turn in their behaviour. It could be political, belonging to a party or clashes on the home front. It could be through social connections or it could be the release of a long denied desire or it could be from examples of people who in public were pillars of society but in private were the total opposite. Shirley when she said, even if a bit reluctantly to her Aunt a goodbye didn't know that this brief break from the drudgery of a boring existence was going to set her on a new path and turn her totally around from her present very conservative and moral outlook on life.

Her friend Helen was a totally different individual, yet both had come from the same strict environment of the late fifties but in her case she had rebelled very quickly, especially when she entered the State Education System, where it was a mixed society; not the single sex establishment that she had been forced to attend and now for the first time she sensed a whiff of freedom, a freedom to mix with boys, a freedom to let her hair down and above all a freedom to explore the anatomy of the boys, especially those in the senior levels who were more that willing to allow a very inquisitive Helen to find out how certain sections of their anatomy worked and what she could encounter and achieve in her investigations.

Her first encounter, although a bit messy, especially for the boy involved but one that did give her enough pleasure to seek further explorations. She was near the back on the school bus heading back from a sports day and while her girl friends were almost in fits she was giving the boy seated next to her a manual job while he was giving her crack a thorough fingering, enough to make her dribble saliva and give off little moans of delight. His actions were more constrained, but the expression on his face told those around that he was experiencing a very enjoyable encounter. Helen worked his cock till his balls exploded, pumping a substantial amount of cum over his underwear and all over her and the back of the seat as well. 'Fuck!' she muttered. Her girl friends could barely control their delight at both there embarrassment. For Helen it was her first manual job and for the boy, maybe his first, especially in the school bus.

Her next encounter was the first time a cock travelled entirely up her cunt and as the boy pumped she was introduced to her first cock in the mouth for she was being introduced to her first real fuck and suck in the schools boiler room. The first encounter was quickly matched by others till she was getting quite a name till finally the shit hit the fan when she was photographed in an orgy with another girl as a form of 'thank you' to the schools hockey team that had won the interschool competition. She was expelled as there could be no denying her participation because the photo was distributed throughout the school of her in a double dip with a cock somewhere down her throat.

School was finished but not her sexual activities and she quickly found that to gain 'advancement' and 'higher wages' all she had to do was eagerly spread her thighs and made sure her mouth accommodated what vacant cock was available and so it was into this environment that Shirley was shortly to find herself.

"Oh! Shirley is that the best outfit you have", Helen gasped. "Goodness my dear where we are going tonight is to one of the company directors' abode, it is a private party, but there will be quite interesting and important individuals there so you really have to create interest. Now try this one and 'fuck' forget the bra. You have a decent set of tits on you so display them with pride". That comment nearly floored Shirley for never before had she heard her friend utter the 'f' word and then to back it up with 'tits' was something that she struggled with for it went all against what she had been taught. However, Helen was her best friend and certainly was well groomed and really what she had didn't come close to the garment that was now presented to her. "A bit flimsy", she giggled. Helen smiled at the comment but when dressed she gave her friend a thumbs up for appearance. "You will be noticed" she said. "The best part of these parties is being a woman and attractive at that and you Shirley will be well accommodated, women are generally in short supply and the ones that are present are all very well groomed and well ... well you know 'sexually attractive", she said as both women gave themselves one final presentation before the mirror.

Helen was right, no sooner had she introduced Shirley to her male colleagues then she was surrounded by eager men, willing to make her as comfortable as possible in these almost all male parties. "Another drink?" would be a question or "Have you sampled the finger food it is fabulous, especially the asparagus rolls", another would say. Gradually the time slipped away and gradually Shirley got more and more tipsy; her giggles were attracting more admirers and when her top slipped down revealing two beautiful and well formed tits, instead of being horrified only uttered 'Opps!' and continued to dance. Bare tits only increased her popularity so it wasn't long before she had a chap behind her, cupping her very amply tits while another had her dress well up and was working his fingers under the elastic of her panties, giving that very hairy cunt such a workout that Shirley was almost behind herself.

Finally with saliva dripping from her mouth, her nipples wet from being sucked and both tits visibly marked from constant handling she was pushed over a table, her dressed removed, her panties ripped off and with a notable call from Helen. "Fuck her, fuck her hard", cocks were on hand to answer that call. She was being ravished, her cunt so long denied the cock of a man was now working almost overtime and as she bucked and worked in rhyme she didn't know that her bottom was also being considered. Even Helen, a veteran to these parties which were more of an orgy paused for she too was accommodating a fucking cock, suddenly for the first time ever Shirley got a cock up her bum, but her hail of surprise and shock became a gargle as a cock found her open mouth and she found her mouth sucking, sucking the cock of a man.

Shirley staggered into the ladies room, she was covered in the essence of man, cum covered her stomach, the hair between her legs was caked in it and her tits were all most red raw from constant handling. She wiped her mouth, trying to remove the taste of cum that had been pumped into it, a constant flow from exploding balls. She gave a sigh as the image appearing back from the mirror would not have been 'the fairest in the land'. "Fuck!" she gasped "I'm a mess. I'm covered almost from head to toe with the cum of men. Fuck how many have been through me?" was a question she asked, but knew she had no idea.

She may be a physical mess but the smile on her face could not be mistaken as one of sheer utopia. As she wiped the face, she gave a shudder for she could still feel the throbbing and vibrating cocks deep up inside her, however, what she was shortly to encounter would turn what she had received into a fond memory. She turned following a comment from behind her. "My friends tell me you are a fantastic fuck and your mouth is almost as good as your cunt". Her mouth opened and her entire being gave a shudder for the speaker was as black as coal but what targeted her attention was what was dangling and slowing rising. Never had she encountered such a cock, it was enormous and growing and thickening with every passing second. He smiled and began to shake it up and down. Her head bobbed up and down, matching the actions of that enormous length. "Suck it", he said. Almost as though she was a robot or a piece of metal being drawn to a magnet, she glided towards it, sinking down in front of it, she opened her mouth and as he pulled her head forward and thrust his groin, that glittering piece of black ivory, slowly inch by inch disappeared. How she accommodate that great length he didn't know or care, for she had managed to take the entire length down her throat, till her nose was buried in the heavy hair that surrounded his cock and balls.

Saliva was mixed with droplets of cum when he stopped her, dragging her head back till his lubricated cock fell free. "Now we fuck", he snapped. He picked her up, pushed her up against the vanity basin, pushed open her thighs and drove that 'giant' in a number of thrust up her very accommodating cunt. So great was her cry of indescribable pleasure others, both men and women came to investigate. With every thrust her entire being shuddered and shook that items of cosmetic attire, that rested on the basin were scattered. "Sandwich her", came a choirs. That black giant pulled her up, anchored totally there was no chance of that weapon falling out. He manoeuvred her around so that another cock almost in equal size and thickness was level with her bum and when that was shoved up her, she rocketed up so that even the cock so buried up her cunt was almost ripped out. Anchored they fucked her, every thrust bringing on a barrage of claps till the women were so on heat that they threw themselves onto what cocks were available and there were many cocks.

She had no idea of how she ended back at Helen's or even what time or day it was when she staggered into Helen's kitchen, fumbling with a robe. "Good morning Jezebel", Helen smiling said.

"Who ... who is Jezebel?" Shirley stammered.

"Jezebel my dear Shirley", Helen smiling replied. "Was the whore of the ancient world, however, in your case you would have been equal to her activities or even passed them; there wasn't a man at that party that didn't fuck you and there were thirty men there. You were the 'entertainment', fuck you were fantastic. You took three men on at a time, for a good bit of the night. You sucked cock till your mouth was a fountain. I fucked, but went no where near coming close to the men who ravished you. No wonder they asked me if you would be coming to the next party. However, we have been invited to another 'do' this afternoon I have a friend who is a member of the local bikies and when they have a 'do' which is generally on a Friday I'm invited and when I told them of your activities, you are definitely invited".

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