Victor Goetz Stripped, Spanked and Humiliated

by Victor E

Copyright© 2013 by Victor E

Coming of Age Sex Story: A 14 year old boy is caught red handed doing naughty things. His 17 year-old sister and her cheerleader friends find him masturbating while watching porn on his lap-top.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Fiction   Brother   Sister   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Masturbation   .

It was his 14th birthday and Victor Goetz was already feeling like a man even though his official Bar Mitzvah was still two weeks away. He was feeling on top of the world and in top form as selected his favorite porn site on his laptop. Victor knew he was home alone with his parents both at work and his 17 year-old sister, Judy, still at school for cheerleader practice, so he had the house all to himself.

With privacy so guaranteed, Vic felt no compunction in picking some really hot BDSM video clips to watch while he 'indulged himself' carnally; he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock and slowly rubbed himself to boner heaven. He didn't even bother to close his bed room door or lower the volume on his laptop or his own moans, for that matter. Why should he? He was by himself.

Vic was so engaged in what he saw and heard on the computer screen also what he was feeling between his legs, that he did not hear his sister come in downstairs. Cheerleader practice had been cancelled and Judy and eleven other members of the squad decided to hang out at her place. What they soon discovered was they were not the only thing to hang out.

It was Chloe who, on her way to the bathroom upstairs, first saw young Victor bumping and grinding his hips to the clip he was obviously watching. Vic wasn't wearing headphones, but the music accompanying the porn clip was so loud that he didn't hear Chloe's gasp which turned into giggles when she noticed that little Vickie ( as his sister mockingly called him ) was letting it all hang out. Chloe also got a good look at the video he was watching as the laptop was turned at an angle.

Quietly, Chloe tiptoed downstairs and let Judy know what her little brother was up to. This news was shared with the whole gang and within minutes a plot was hatched to teach little, naughty Vickie a lesson he'd never forget. A dozen, determined 16 and 17 year-old buxom beauties ascended the stairs with moxie and mischief on their minds.

Standing in the doorway of her brother's bedroom, Judy, pretending to be shocked, loudly gasped, "Vickie! Oh My GOD!!! What do you think you're doing. You pervert! I'm telling mom and dad."

Victor immediately turned her way at the sound of her scream and froze in shock. His cock was sticking out of his pants' fly hole; he was still holding his engorged member; on his laptop, which was in full view and a full volume, four leather-clothed men were whipping a naked, bound girl's ass with a belt, a cat-o-nine-tails, a switch and a ping-pong paddle; his room reeked of cum; just behind his big sister there was a crowd of older girls still in their sexy cheerleader uniforms. This was beyond embarrassing, it was humiliating. But not as shameful as what happened next. Victor had already worked his cock up with frenzied stroking when his sister discovered him jerking off; now, with so many gorgeous and scantily-clad girls right before him and watching him jerk off, that his boner stood erect and was pointing nearly straight up ... Vic lost his cool, blew his load and shot a stream of white sticky goo four feet across the room and right on to his sister's uniform top.

Victor was blushing deep red, his hand was shaking even as it still held his cock which continued to spurt cum. He was speechless, but that didn't matter as there was nothing he could say. "Sorry" wasn't going to cut it. But his sister, whose own humiliation and disgust was matched only by her growing rage, had plenty to say. But she said it in an eerily calm tone of voice.

"On second thought, Vickie-pricky, mom and dad would be to mortified to hear what you've been up to. Let's keep this just to ourselves, shall we? But you must be punished for such naughty behavior, right?"

Victor was quick to agree although all he could manage was a nervous nod of the head.

Judy went on, "You have humiliated me in front of all my friends, your lewd behavior has shocked all my friends, and your continued randy body language and choice of sexist porn has insulted all my friends."

Victor just nodded as his cheeks grew redder. At least his penis was beginning to shrink. But as he moved to adjust his pants and return his cock to its underwear cover, Judy stopped him with a shout and cold stare.

"STOP! Don't you dare think you can make amends simply by acting as if everything's back to normal. It isn't and won't be for some time. You need to be punished and as humiliated as you've made me feel. So you're going to take your punishment like a man ... even if you are just a little boy. Yes, and you're going to take it without complaining. Do you understand?"

What could he say? He had no choice but submit to whatever punishment and humiliation Judy had in mind.

"First of all," smiled Judy as she warmed to her new role as Sisterly Dominatrix, "you can keep that randy cock of yours where it is. In fact, let me zip your pants up for you." With her left hand she grabbed her brother's cock and balls and yanked them up; her right hand then pulled his zipper up as far as it would go trapping his aching genitals outside and in view. She managed to zip him up so tight that the zipper teeth actually pinched the flesh of his scrotum. Victor gave a whelp, but knew enough to not complain.

"Next," smirked his older sister, " you must clean off all the spunk from my top and all you dripped on the floor too ... with your tongue!"

This meant licking of cum, not only from her scanty cheerleader top, but also off her left boob and even down her cleavage. He had to lick his own cum off his sister's boob and even her nipple while Judy's giggling girlfriends took dozens of cell phone photos. They had already taken quite a few of Victor's hanging out and then ejaculating penis. It was about to get better for them and much worse for Victor.

His clean-up duty done, Victor was relieved to find his punishment would consist of a spanking. He had imagined much worse. Over Chloe's lap he went first and the 16 year-old sophomore used one of her paperback books as a paddle to give him ten sound swats on his jean-covered buttocks.

"He's too padded and it isn't hurting enough," said one of the cheerleaders. "Pull his jeans down a bit."

Vic's belt was undone, his pants unbuttoned and his fly zipped all the way down before someone yanked the hem of his jeans so his white underpants were on display. Twenty more whacks with the book before they decided to see for themselves how effective the punishment was.

"Pull his underpants and jeans down to his knees so we can see how red his butt's getting." That from yet another giggling girl. They did and determined his butt flesh would redden better and faster with whacks on the bare. Twenty more swats now followed.

"That's good enough for now," said Judy to a chorus of 'aww's' from her friends. "I didn't say his punishment's over ... far from it, girls. But his buttocks can only take so much pain at one time. We're going to have to stretch this out for a few hours, at least until my parents get home ... and that won't be for another three hours. So let's figure out what can humiliate little Vicki-dicky here between spankings. Any suggestions?"

There were several grinning and enthusiastic shouts from her friends. But Judy wanted to attend to them one at a time. "Flo, you first. What's your idea?"

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