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by Victor E

Copyright© 2013 by Victor E

Coming of Age Story: A freshman lad is the sole target of initiation hazing in his new school.

Caution: This Coming of Age Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   NonConsensual   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   School   .

It was Victor's Timms first day in grade nine at Hazel Shamus High School. This was a socially traumatic time for eh 14-year old boy whose family had just moved to town in August. This was a big step in Victor's life as elementary and middle school was all about children's learning and getting along in an adult ruled world. Teachers in the lower grades ( K – 8 ) tended to act as care-givers and kid minders as much as instructors. In the upper grades ( 9 – 12 ) the dos and don'ts for kids wanting to fit in were spelled out with looks, body language and not-so-subtle hints given by the students themselves. The overriding consideration in meting out social reality was age and coolness. Freshmen lacked both.

It was even more so for freshman Vic because he had no bro bonding buddies, no fearsome force of friendship. Vic was 'from away', meaning not local and very much isolated. Social leper is an extreme term, but until Vic proved his value to the social structure that is High School teen reality, he was alone and vulnerable and desperate to belong. That made him a perfect target for the Bitch & Bastard Brigade.

On this first day of school Vic had arrived early and was standing by his locker in the not too crowded hall. He faced his open locker so he didn't see them and it was noisy enough that he smelled them before he heard them. Vic was 14, shy and nervous around girls. So his slow witted response to the five senior grade girls who formed a semi-circle about him was understandable. Their soft voices, as sweet as their perfumes, did nothing to put him at ease because that bespoke seduction and enchantment. Vic was instantly in their power. The gum chewing, sexily dressed senior sirens sensed a victim.

Senior Siren One: Hi, you're new here aren't you? I've never seen you before.

Senior Siren Two: If we had we'd have remembered.

Senior Siren Three: Yeah, you're cute ... for a little boy, that is.

Senior Siren One: Oh, don't be like that Gail. He's cute even if he is a little small.

Senior Siren Four: But maybe not where I counts, huh?

Senior Siren One: Anyway, Welcome to Hazel Shamus High School.

Senior Siren Five: Or Haze-High as we like to call it.

Senior Siren One: We're the official Meet & Greet committee. Gail and Brenda here are on Student Council, Laurie is captain of the girls' soccer team, Pauline is ... well, she's just Pauline ... and I'm the school's head cheerleader and my name is Virginia. But I didn't come by that name honestly. ( wink )

Vic stuttered a lame 'Hi, my name's Vic' and lowered his head and spent a few awkward moments staring at the shoes of the girls surrounding him. He didn't catch any name except Virginia, who joke about her name and saucy innuendo put him even more off guard. Was she flirting with hi, One of them said he was cute. And they all looked so ... Mature ( what he was thinking was full-breasted and with sexy hips ). Their combined cosmetic look and scent made him want to do two very different things: on the one hand, run in the other direction and on the other hand ... well, very much on the other hand! He wanted to 'get ahold of himself, so to speak. He started to spring a boner and desperately needed to relieve his sexual tension. The girls noticed.

Senior Siren Five (Pauline): Is that a slide rule in your pocket or are you just horny to see us?

Senior Siren Three (Gail): Now, Pauline, the only sly drool I detect is dripping from your lips, you sex hungry bitch.

Senior Siren Two (Brenda): Now girls, mind your table manners and don't fight over fresh meat. Even if your lower lips are dripping, we have to be nice to Vic and not scare him off. He's from away but we want his stay at Haze-High to be memorable, don't we girls?

Senior Siren One (Victoria): Thanks Brenda, for reminding me of our duties. Who wants to hold him down?

Senior Siren Four (Laurie): I can take him; he's not much over 41 K. That's a 90 pound weakling class in wrestling. No problem.

And with that Laurie moved in, pushing Vic halfway into his own locker. She held him by the shoulders while pinching the nerves and muscles around is collar. He went limp in the worst way and just the opposite in the best way. He had turned to stone. He was unable to make a move in his defense and, at the same time, and completely involuntarily, his maleness came to attention. That again came to the attention of his five female 'greeters'. Victor was defeated and in a corner from which he saw no escape.

Victoria, who clearly was the leader of this Bitch Pack, leaned in toward the cowering 14 year-old and smiled as she explained things: You're new here, Victor. We just want to see what you're made of. Are you going to fit in? Will you have potential in time? Are you up to taking what we have to give? ( That last question was accented by Victoria rubbing her body ... her 36 C bust ... up against the quivering lad... ) Or are you a sissy, who won't stand up for himself? ( That last question was stressed by Victoria grabbing at Victor's crotch and squeezing his obviously 'upstanding' cock and rubbing his, undoubtedly, aching balls.)

Victoria then shoved him further in his locker and pushed herself away to give him some room. She then spoke clearly and pointedly: " Prove yourself, Victor. Are you a big boy or a little boy?"

Stuttering and confused, Victor said, " Whhhhat do you mean by bbb ... big or little?"

Brenda: Where it counts of course. Duhh-uh!

Gail ( blowing a gum bubble ending in a loud POP ): She means your cock. Is it average, huge or teeny-tiny?

Pauline: And is it a 'helmet-header' or an 'anteater'?

Vic understood what they were asking about his cock size but was confused about that other stuff.

Victor: ' Umm ... average, I guess ( blushing ) uhh I only wear a helmet when playing football."

The girls' giggles turned to outright laughter as Pauline explained: ' Is your cock cut or uncut?

Brenda: She means circumcised or uncircumcised?

Victor: Oh, circumcised

Victoria: Prove it. Unzip your fly and pull your cock and balls out so we can see. Don't worry, no one else can see you. We're hiding you from view. Just do it. Because we really want to see how big you are.

Victoria's hands were caressing his crotch as she spoke and her eyes spoke volumes. She seemed to be very impressed with what she was pressing. The Senior Siren Bitch underlined her message by giving Victor's left ear a gentle kiss; then she whispered in his ear, ' Do this and, I promise you, more will come."

Victor was sweating. Victor's manhood was challenged. Victor's heart was beating fast and furious. Victor's mind was not functioning very well. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders as it to say ' Sure, no big deal ... if you want to see.' He pulled down his pants' zipper, reached in tugging his underpants down and out of the way, then grabbed his cock and balls and pulled them out the fly opening and into plain sight.

The senior girls acted so fast, victor didn't know what hit him until it was too late. Laurie yanked him away from his locker enough to get his hands behind his back and wrap his wrists with an industrial strength, wide rubber band. She doubled looped it so his hands were tightly bound; only strenuous pulling and skin chaffing would free him from his elastic shackles.

Brenda and Pauline took their wads of gum from their mouths, molded then into pointy cylinders and then shoved them far up Victor's nostrils. From behind, Laurie pinched Vic's facial cheeks to force his mouth open, then she stuffed something in; it was her panties she had quickly removed while the other girls were busy. Her panties tasted of sweat and stale sex.

Victoria massaged Vic's cock to get him hard and dripping and then Victoria pulled off the pink hair elastic holding her ponytail and promptly encased Vic's genitals tightly with it doubling up the loop to keep the poor lad hard and prominently on display.

Gail provided the coup de grace by yanking Vic's zipper up so high it pinched his scrotal skin. But first she added her gum wad to further encumber the lad. This sticky wad did not' go up Victor's nose, instead it was wedged on his pants' zipper teeth to make getting his zipper undone all the harder. Victoria took her gum out of her mouth, kissed it then stretched it out to a long pink string which she then twirled around Vic's bunched up balls. All the girls were giggling as each took turns slapping Vic's now erect, sore and exposed balls and cock. Then they simply walked away, leaving the 14 year-old boy from away in clear view for all the kids in the hall.

The bell for Homeroom rang and Vic was in tears. He struggled to loosen the rubber band cuffs that kept his hands behind his back and prevented him from amending or at least hiding his shame. Strangely, although boys and girls around him smiled and giggled or laughed and pointed, so one seemed surprised and certainly no one came to his aid. Even more uncanny was the reaction from the two teachers who passed him in the hall as Vic ran to the boys' washroom. One male and one female teacher had been there and must have seen this humiliating spectacle. But neither teacher seemed to care. They turned their faces away and acted as it all was normal.

It took about fifteen minutes, but eventually Vic was able to free his hands by hooking his rubber bonds on a stall door handle and pulling hard. It was nearly as painful getting Victoria's hair elastic off his trapped genitals. He had to pick at the zipper to get the gum out and finally free his manhood. He managed to straighten himself out and get to Homeroom just ten minutes late. He got a detention slip and was greeted by sniggers and winks.

Good gossip travels fast and by lunch time he's heard more than one student call out his new nickname, ' Cock-Robin' and 'Gum Ball Boy.' The two periods of classes were relatively easy for him. His humiliation of the morning was becoming old news. He had tried to stay cool, as if nothing had happened, but even the teachers seemed to be in on the prank. Not that they openly condoned such hazing behavior; they just didn't ask any questions on the first day of the school year.

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