Deja Vu

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1996 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Connie D'Angelo lost her virginity to Johnny Coravelli back in 1956. Now 40 years later, she meets his equally handsome grandson

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

"Oh grandmother, I still can't believe it!" The young blonde haired woman exclaimed as she gushed with excitement. "Two days from now I'm going to be in Europe."

"Well it's nothing that you don't deserve." The older woman smiled back. "I'm very proud of you, and all that you've accomplished."

"I don't think Mother would agree with you on that." Jenny D'Angelo replied. "She thinks the entire trip is a colossal waste of money."

"Your mother thinks everything is a waste of money." Connie D'Angelo laughed. "And besides, it's my money that's paying for this trip, so she doesn't have anything to complain about."

With that, Jenny joined in the laughter. She knew she really shouldn't be enjoying a joke at her mother's expense, but she couldn't help it. In many ways, Connie had always been closer to her than her mother. Despite the 38 years separating them, they were more like girlfriends than family.

The trip to Europe had been Connie's idea. She had been so impressed when Jenny graduated from High School a year early and then gained acceptance to an Ivy League College.

In addition to covering all the expenses for three months on the continent, Connie was also buying Jenny a new wardrobe for the trip. Between the two of them, they had two shopping bags full. The rest of what they had bought would be delivered to Connie's tomorrow. Knowing her daughter-in-law would have something to say about all the new clothes, Connie had wisely put her own address on the deliveries.

"It's still early, what say we head over to Kou-feng's for lunch." Connie suggested.

"Great." Jenny responded. "But only if you let me treat you this time."

"All right." was the reply.

An hour and a half later, the two women had lunch behind them and were headed down Main St. Along the way, both women turned men's heads. An action that they both took so much for granted that neither gave it much thought.

Jenny was 5'5", with long blonde hair that ran to the midpoint of her back. Deeply tanned, she wore a pretty yellow blouse and a short blue skirt. A firm set of breasts pressed against the yellow material, highlighting a youthful, athletic figure. She had been on the gymnastics team in school and all the hours spent practicing were self-evident.

Standing a few inches taller than her granddaughter, Connie long ago gave up trying to keep a slim figure. Instead she had concentrating on keeping her body firm and hard. Extra pounds she may have gained over the years, but very little of it was fat. She worked out as much as she could, maintaining a form that most women her age could only envy. Blessed with a more than full figured bust when still in her teens, she couldn't defy the long term effects of the laws of gravity. But no one said that she had to submit to them without a fight. What gray that dared appeared in her hair was banished by frequent trips to her hairdressers.

Connie wanted to put as much as she could into this last day she would spent with her beloved granddaughter. She was really going to miss Jenny, but glad she was able to give her the opportunity to travel. She had considered going along with her, but eventually rejected the idea. Better Jenny go with the other girls from her school. It would be a better experience letting her be on her own.

It had taken all her authority as the matriarch of the D'Angelo family to get Jenny's parents to agree to the trip. Stephen, her son, had been more than willing to let Jenny go. He had a great deal of faith in his daughter, and knew that he could trust her accordingly.

Stephen's wife Barbara, on the other hand, had been opposed to the trip from day one. It was a waste of money she'd said. A young girl couldn't be trusted out on her own. Why when she was her age...

Connie remembered all too well what Barbara, or Babs as she liked to be called then, was like at that age. She was a simple minded blonde airhead that more than lived up to the stereotype. She was, Connie believed, her son's one great mistake in his life. Try as she could, Connie had been unable to keep him from being swayed by a pretty face and a big set of boobs. Nothing that could have come out of her mouth was going to carry more weight than the things Babs was doing with her's.

So she had reluctantly watched when they married at 19. A year later, she could almost forgive Babs for marrying her son when she gave birth to Jenny. It turned out that Babs, now calling herself Barbara once again, couldn't find the time among all her social activities to give Jenny all the attention she deserved. Over the last 17 years, Connie had been more than happy to fill the void.

"I've copied down all the places you told me to see." Jenny said as they crossed the intersection. "Sometimes I wish you were going with me."

"We've already gone over that." Connie said as she stepped onto the curb. "You'll have a much better time with your friends." She added, wondering if she really believed that.

"Maybe, but I wish..."

"Hey Jenny, Jenny D'Angelo!" Said a strong masculine voice from the right of the two women.

Jenny turned around and saw the tall dark haired young man who had called her. He stood about 6'1" and had short curly black hair. The muscles of his chest and arms were highly defined and it was obvious that he took exercise seriously. The blue T-shirt he wore clung to him like a second skin. Legs as well developed as his arms stretched out from a pair of red shorts.

"Hi Jenny." He repeated.

"Jack!" The girl exclaimed as she jumped forward and gave him a sisterly hug. "When did you get back?"

"Last week, I'm staying at my mom's." Jack answered.

"It's so good to see you again." Jenny continued, her eyes never leaving his face.

"You too," He replied. "I heard how you graduated a year early. I knew you could do it."

"Thanks." Jenny beamed. "So what are you doing now?"

"Football scholarship at State." Jack answered. "But I still need to work during the summer to cover some of the extras." He added as he handed her one of the flyers he had been passing out.

A quiet cough from behind Jenny reminded her of her grandmother's presence. Slightly red at her oversight, she turned and introduced her.

"Grandmother, this is Jack Marziatto." She said. "Jack, this my grandmother, Connie D'Angelo. Jenny continued turning back to Jack.

"Jack and I both went to school together, he graduated last year." She continued.

"That's something that your granddaughter deserves most of the credit for." Jack interjected. "If not for her tutoring, I'd have been in the fifth year of high school instead of the freshman year at State.

"You passed the exams." Jenny laughed. "I just helped you study."

"Marziatto, I used to know a Marziatto family a long time ago." Connie said as she looked at the young man's face, a strange look on her own. "They lived over on 10 St."

"That would've been my grandparents." Jack answered. "They moved over to Bakersville in the early sixties. My parents moved back here about ten years ago when I was 9."

"Come to think of it, I only remember the Marziatto's having four daughters." Connie remarked. "How could you have the same last name?"

"Well that's a little piece of the family skeleton." Jack replied, the humor in his voice showing that he had no problem dismissing the long ago scandal as anything but ancient history. "Grandma got divorced after being married about five years. It was such a messy divorced that she had both her son's names legally changed to Marziatto."

"And your grandfather was?" Connie asked, a look of anticipation on her face.

"Johnny Coravelli." He replied. "Why, did you know him too?"

Connie's face now went pale, as all the blood seemed to drain from it. She felt dizzy for a second and had to take a moment to compose herself.

"Grandmother!" Jenny called out as she saw her stagger for a moment.

"I'm OK," She lied. "Just felt dizzy for a moment. Getting old can be a real bitch at times." She added with a laugh.

"I'm sorry, Jack." She said as she took a deep breath and regained control of herself. "You were saying?"

"His name was Johnny Coravelli." He repeated. "In fact I was named for him. My dad didn't share grandma's aversion to his memory. Did you know him?"

"I'm sorry, but the name doesn't ring a bell." The older woman said. "It was a very long time ago after all."

"I guess so." Jack said. "I'm sure if you'd known him you'd remember. He was a musician. My dad told me he was quite a character. Always getting into some kind of trouble or another. I met him a few times a couple of years ago. That really set off grandma. I can still hear her going on about what a good for nothing he was. Then, when he got me a tattoo for my 16th birthday, she really went through the roof."

"He got you a tattoo?" Jenny gasped.

"Just a little one." Jack said as he pushed up the left sleeve of his shirt, revealing a small blue shark on his upper biceps. "He had one just like it."

"He must've been quiet a character indeed." Connie remarked as she stared at the tattoo, trying to sound dispassionate.

"That he was. It's a pity he passed away last year. He was only 57. The doctor said it was too many years of abusing his body with one thing or another."

"Well its good to see that you don't take after him in that respect." Connie noted, taking another long good look at the young man.

"No, I try to take care of myself." He answered. "But that's way too much about me." Jack concluded as he turned to Jenny. "What about you, what have you been doing?"

Connie didn't seem to hear as Jenny told Jack all about her impending trip to Europe and how she would be going away to college in the fall. The older woman's attention was riveted on the muscular young man. She seemed to be studying every feature of his face, something she hadn't done in a long long time.

"I guess I've kept you much too long." Jack finally said.

With that, Connie finally snapped back to her surroundings.

"You must have a lot of things to do before your trip and I've got to get back to handing these things out." He concluded as he indicated the pile of flyers in his hand.

Connie took one of the flyers and glanced at it. It was an advertisement for a small group of college boys, calling themselves, Jocks Inc., who hired themselves out to do odd jobs over the summer. She recognized the masthead, she had hired two of them last year to paint the guest house. It was a good way for them to raise money for school.

With a smile and a wave, Jenny said good-bye.

Soon they reached the parking lot where they had left Connie's car. After storing the bags in the trunk, Connie slid behind the wheel. No sooner had they pulled out into traffic when Connie turned to her granddaughter.

"A really nice young man." She remarked. "Very good looking too. Are you sure all you did was tutor him?"

"Well ... we did go out a few times." Jenny admitted. "But nothing really came of it."

"Did you sleep with him?" Connie asked nonchalantly.

"Grandmother!" Jenny shot back in a mixture of mock anger and surprise.

It wasn't that Connie had asked if she had sexual relations that surprised Jenny. It was that she had asked about if she had done it with someone specific. Something she had never done before.

After all, it had been Connie that she had come to last year when she had decided that she was old enough to make that decision on her own. Knowing that Barbara's attitude on the subject was, "Well if she's going to do it, what can I do about it?" Connie again took her mother's place.

She'd sat Jenny down and explained to her the pro and cons of being sexually active. Of how she thought she had all the answers when she was Jenny's age, when in reality she had been very ignorant. It didn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that Jenny's father had been born six months after the wedding. That all said, she had made an appointment for her at one of the best Gynecologists in town and had the doctor help her choose the best form of birth control for her.

"Oh Jack and I made out all right." She finally replied, enjoying the ease she could talk to her grandmother about anything. "But in the end we decided that sleeping together wouldn't be the right thing to do. I'm really not looking for just a good fuck, I want there to be something more between us. Jack was enough of a friend to understand that. I mean, I'm sure the sex would've been great. But I want to be able to have something else afterwards. Jack's the complete opposite. He just wants to have a little fun, and not have to worry too much about tomorrow. Once we got that worked out, we became great friends."

"I see." Was Connie's only reply.

It had only been a week since Jenny had left for London and already Connie missed her terribly. She had talked to her on the phone a few hours ago and was overjoyed to know that she was having a great time. Yet no sooner had the receiver dropped back on the cradle than she was again filled with an emptiness.

"I should have never given up control of the restaurants." Connie said out loud to herself as she turned off the television. "At least that would've given me something to occupy my time."

Five years before, on her fiftieth birthday, Connie had turned over the control of the three D'Angelo restaurants to her children. In addition to Stephen, she had a second son named Peter who was now 35. Her daughter Angela had just turned 31.

Aside from Jenny's mother, Connie was more than pleased with her children's marriages. Each of her children had been given a share in their own restaurant as well as operational control. Connie of course retained majority control of D'Angelo Enterprises.

Her's was still the final word. She owned that much to her late husband. Vinnie had literally worked himself to death, suffering a fatal heart attack when he was only 46. It was his dream to see the single family restaurant that he'd inherited from his own father grow into a chain. Connie had made sure that dream had come true.

It was her distrust of Barbara that caused her to hold her shares. Deep down, she believed that her daughter in law didn't have the desire for hard work that running the restaurants required. If she had any real control, she would quickly be pushing the other's to sell out for a fast buck. Peter and Angela understood that. When Connie died, her shares would skip a generation and be split between the 7 grandchildren. She had arranged for trust funds for all of them. Each would get their full shares on their 21st birthday.

Connie loved all her grandchildren, but it was always Jenny that occupied a special place in her heart. She was more like a daughter than a granddaughter, a reflection of what Connie was like when she was that young.

"When I was that young." Connie repeated to herself. "When I was that young I definitely wasn't sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself."

With that, she rose from the chair and went looking for her address book. What she needed was a little companionship. Maybe even a little roll in the sack. Connie had hardly been celibate in the dozen years of her widowhood. She'd been actively pursued by a number of men, even taken a few as lovers. But most lost interest when they finally discovered that if marriage was a possibility, any control of D'Angelo's wasn't.

Twice in the last ten years she'd even had one night stands with younger men. Both times with the summer help that she hired to fill in for her waiters when they went on vacation. The young men never stayed long and no one ever knew. It gave her an ego boost to know she could still satisfy a younger man.

In fact, during her first year of widowhood, Connie had even had a brief lesbian fling with Maria Fortunato, one of her neighbors. It was Maria who had initiated the affair and Connie had been curious enough to let it develop. Most people thought it was so nice for Maria, a widow in her own right, to spent so much time with Connie during that difficult first year. No one ever suspected what was really going on. When the traditional mourning period finally ended, the men began to call once again and the affair faded of its own accord. It had been an interesting experience to say the least and had helped fill a temporary void in her life.

Connie made a few calls, but had no luck. It was already Friday night and most of them men she knew had already made plans for the weekend. Those that she knew would be available were available for good reason and she wasn't that desperate.

Putting the book back down, Connie picked up the light blue advertisement sitting next to it on her desk. It was the flyer she had been given by Jenny's friend. She remembered that she had called them the other day to hire one of the boys to work on her patio deck this weekend. Bill Ross or something like that, was the boy they had told her would be coming. Just as well she stayed home tonight.

"Maybe I should have just asked them to send me over a young stud." Connie laughed to herself.

Her laugh filled the room for a few seconds, then silence returned. The house once again seemed very empty.

"You are definitely getting to be a horny old lady, Connie D'Angelo." Connie thought as she dropped the sheet onto the table.

Late that night, long after dinner, Connie found herself unable to sleep. Uneasy with the whole idea of sleeping pills, she instead poured herself a glass of wine. Still, sleep would not come. By the time she was on her second glass, she decided to do a little of that cleaning out of the basement storage she had been doing on and off for the last two months.

Connie carried a box of mementos up from the basement. She hadn't looked at this old junk in almost 30 years. Yet lately she had begun to feel nostalgic. Sipping her drink, she was surprised that most of it was in such good condition. She had Vinnie to thank for that. He figured that these things would mean something to her someday and had been very careful in packing them away. They were the memories of a young girl named Connie Esposito, and of a time and place far away.

Shifting through the layers of the past, the dark haired woman found a stack of old 45's. Removing the plastic wrap around them, she smiled as she read off the labels. Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Buddy Holly, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Monotones, Fats Domino, and of course Elvis.

A bright smile on her lips, Connie thought of those long ago days when she and her girlfriends had visions of passion listening to such hits as Peggy Sue, Book of Love, Blueberry Hill and Why do fools fall in love?

"I haven't heard some of these in years." She said out loud. "I wonder if they are still good?"

As she placed one of the small records on the entertainment center's turntable, Connie wondered what her grandchildren and their MTV oriented friends would think of this music? Placing the needle on the first groove, she concluded that they would no doubt view them in much the say way she had viewed her parent's big band albums. Old fogey music!

As the sounds of her girlhood drifted across the room, Connie went back to the storage container. Various books were soon piled alongside the case, along with piles of snapshots.

Finally, at the bottom of the box, Connie found what she'd been searching for. Remarkably preserved, it was a framed color 11 x 14 photograph. In it were four young men in blue jackets. It was obvious that they were musicians from the instruments they carried. Standing next to and in front of the quartet were three young girls. The dark blue lettering on the drumhead read "Johnny and the Bluecoats"

Focusing on each individual band member, Connie finally stopped at the tall dark haired lad on the far right. He was obviously the leader, you could tell that just from his bearing in the photo. His name ... was Johnny Coravelli. And except for his greased back hair, he could've almost been his grandson's twin.

"Johnny, Johnny." Connie said to herself with a wide smile. "You always were a hunk."

Dropping back into her heavily cushioned chair, Connie reverently ran her fingers across the bottom of the wooden frame. One by one, the names of the other band members filtered through her mind. Vito Rossini, Dominic Laruso and Danny Giordano. They were on the way up in those days, the early days of Rock N' Roll. All they had needed was one lucky break. And for a while it looked they might just get it.

Along with the guys were her two best girlfriends in the whole world. Tina Marie Cerani and Jill Barusso. The third girl in the photo, the one hanging on to Johnny was of course as familiar as the closest mirror. Free of the lines of age and full of youthful exuberance, the face was her own.

Connie chuckled as she looked at her younger self. Hair pulled back into a pony tail, a tight blue sweater and a poodle skirt. That outfit used to cause her mother to cross herself every time she saw her in it.

Preoccupied with the photo, Connie didn't notice the record had finished. Her thoughts were no longer here in this room. Closing her eyes, Connie could hear the magical music of the Bluecoats. She could see the crowds and feel the excitement of being there on the verge of success. Most of all, she remembered how wonderful it felt to have everyone know she was Johnny's girl.

Her mind began to drift further and further away as her need for sleep and the wine took her back to days long gone. To one special night in particular.

"Oh Johnny." The young 16 year old moaned as she felt the boy's hand slip under her blouse and cup her naked breast.

"Oh baby." Johnny replied as he ran his fingers across Connie's nipples. "You feel so nice."

With practiced skill, the dark haired 19 year old undid the buttons of the young girl's blouse. She could feel the excitement in his voice. She knew tonight would be the night. Tonight she would become a woman.

"Oh God, Connie!" Johnny exclaimed as he undid the last button and her blouse fell away. Seconds later her bright white bra had followed the blouse to the floor.

Much too the envy of most of the girls in her class, Connie had begun developing early and had continued to develop after most of them had stopped. The result was an impressive 36C bust. She had let Johnny feel it before, but this was the first time he had been able to fully appreciate it au naturel.

Johnny had been planning this night for weeks. His parents was away for the night, having gone into the city to see that new play "My Fair Lady". They had decided to stay overnight in a hotel and he had the house to himself. It had taken a lot of sweet talk, but tonight Connie was going to let him go all the way.

"Mmmm." Johnny moaned as he kissed Connie's soft breasts.

Running his tongue across her nipples, Johnny reached down and eased his free hand under the folds of her skirt and between her legs.

Finding her panties wet brought an increased hardness to his cock, already straining against his pants. Pushing aside the moist material, Johnny slid his fingers inside her.

"Ow!" Connie cried out at the sudden painful intrusion. "Easy!"

"Relax, I know what I'm doing." Johnny said as he rubbed hard against her clit.

Connie bit down until the initial pain passed and finally began to feel good. Not as good as when she did it herself though. A fact which confused the girl. She had always heard that it was supposed to be better when a boy did it. Yet no sooner had it begun to really feel good when Johnny abruptly stopped.

Johnny took Connie's hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants. She giggled as she felt his hardness. She rubbed it a little, bringing a soft moan from Johnny. It was her way of giving her assent without actually having to say it. It was a silly thing really, but that was the code girls lived by.

Smiling, the dark haired boy broke their embrace for a moment and undid his zipper, pulling his cock out of his pants. Then he pulled off the pants and let them drop to the floor next to the couch.

Connie looked in fascination at the now fully freed cock. It was erect and pointed up and outward as if it had a life of its own. She had seen it before of course, but that had always been in the dim back seat of Johnny's old '52 Ford. This was the first chance she had to see one up close and in the light. It was a lot different than the ones she and her girlfriends had looked at during a sleep over at Betty Anderson's house. Betty's father was a doctor and she had borrowed some of his medical texts. Of course none of them had been so erect!

Sitting back down next to her, Johnny put her hand back on his cock. As she had done on so many nights, she closed her slim fingers around it and began to pump it up and down. The result on Johnny was immediate and pronounced. A look of pure satisfaction filled his face, both from the effect of Connie's pumping motion and the thought of the prize still to come.

"Ooooh Baby, that feels so nice." The singer said in his special musical voice. "You make me feel so special."

The words of encouragement caused the girl to melt and spurred her on. Doubling the speed of her hand job, she sent new sparks shooting through her boyfriend. This felt so good to Johnny that he temporarily lost sight of the night's objective.

Finally, the familiar sensation that usually accompanied the climax of his own jerk off sessions brought him back to reality. He had to force himself to ask her to slow down. If she kept going like that, he would have shot his load in another minute or two.

Reluctantly, he guided her hand away from his still eager cock. He had to give it a few minutes to let his body settle down.

"Let's catch our breath for a minute." He said as he took the time to unbutton the rest of his own shirt and dump in on top of his pants. He never wore undershirts and was now totally nude. Connie figured she should get naked as well and began to undo the clasp of her skirt.

"No, let me do that." Johnny interrupted as he replaced her hands with his own.

As he leaned over to slide off her skirt, Connie saw for the first time the small blue shark tattooed on his upper biceps.

"Johnny, you're a Shark?" She asked in excitement.

Johnny turned and looked at the emblem on his skin as if suddenly remembering that he had it. He looked a little worried for a moment and then seeing her reaction, smiled once again.

"Well, it was a while ago." He grinned. "But as they used to say, once you're a member you're one to the grave."

Up until a year and a half before, The Sharks had been once of the roughest street gangs in this part of the city. It wasn't that unusual for members to either graduate to the big time, the state pen or the city morgue. There had been a shooting involving a cop and even the other local hoods had turned a blind eye as most of the gang members were hunted down. Knowing that Johnny had been part of that seemed to make Connie even more excited.

Feeling very flush, Connie pulled up next to Johnny once again and cupped his balls in her hand. The fire in her eyes was plainly visible. Johnny knew this was his chance to put the stakes even higher.

"Connie, baby," He asked in his most seductive tone. "Do you really love me?"

"Oh course I do," She said as she leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss. "What kind of silly question is that?" She laughed. "Would I be here like this if I didn't?"

"Well, I was just wondering..." He said hesitantly. "Seeing as we're gonna, ... well you know..."

Connie nodded her assent, but looked a little confused. She had already decided that tonight was going to be the night and had told him so. So what in the world was he talking about?

"What I mean is ... well I was wondering that maybe you'd want to try that other thing we talked about." He continued. "You know, the thing with the mouth..."

The words had hardly come out of Johnny's mouth when Connie jumped up off the sofa and away from him. She was clearly angry and grabbed her pile of clothes on the floor.

"Johnny Coravelli, how could you even ask me to do such a thing!" She yelled as she stepped away with her clothes now bundled up in her arms. "If that's the kind of thing you really want, then you can go looking for one of those whores down by the docks!"

Both Connie and her girlfriends had agreed that putting a man's cock in their mouth was the most disgusting thing that they had ever heard of. Something that only the nastiest prostitutes did. They'd no more consider doing it than their boyfriends would think of putting their mouth between a girl's legs.

"Connie, honey, wait!" Johnny called out as he leapt off the couch after her. "I'm sorry, I got a little carried away! Please don't go!"

The words were coming out of his mouth as fast as he could think of them. He wasn't really aware of what he was saying. Anything to keep her from getting dressed and walking out that door. With his hands on both her shoulders, he began to lightly stroke her arms and pour on the charm.

"Why should I stay?" Connie asked him as she looked into his bright blue eyes.

Johnny looked deep into her eyes as well. He could see the combination of lust and anger reflected there. It was like a scale perfectly balanced on the edge. His next words could cause her to go either way. He had to say the right thing or lose her forever. She was that angry.

"I'll tell you why..." He said after taking a deep breath. "Because next month, the Bluecoats are going to get an audition with RCA. And if they sign us, and I really think that they will. Then we'll be on our way. Then it'll be you and me, right to the top. 1956 is going to be our year."

"Oh Johnny!" Connie gushed as she dropped the pile of clothes and threw her arms around his neck. She covered his face with kisses and kept telling him how much she loved him and how happy she was going to make him. How she was going to stand by him every step of the way and when he won that first gold record she would be standing right next to him.

Returning her kisses and playing with her breasts, Johnny considered trying again to get her to try it with her mouth. He wanted it so badly. She was so excited that she might change her mind. But he finally decided to take what he was sure of getting. If he got that recording contract like he was sure they would, then there was no way she could refuse to try it then. If not, then there were sure to be lots of other girls on the way to being a star.

"I want you Connie," Johnny panted. "I want to love you, I want to love you right now."

"Oh yes, Johnny." Connie babbled on. "I want to love you too. I want to be with you forever, I want to be with you now!"

Johnny eased Connie to the floor, atop the soft pile of her clothes. She suggested that they move to the bed to be more comfortable, but he said that he didn't want to wait a moment longer. Her panties were gone in a flash and he parted her legs. Looking down, he got his own first good look at the small dark triangle he had lusted after for so long.

Johnny could feel Connie tense up as he lay on top of her and positioned his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. He shifted his weight and she eased up a little. Moving to the bed now seemed a good idea but he couldn't stop now. The bed would be good enough for a second try.

Connie grunted a small cry as he forced his cockhead between the lips of her maidenhood. Despite her previous lubrication, it still hurt as the membrane began to stretch.

"Don't you have to wear something?" Connie suddenly asked, now immensely aware that however slightly, he was now inside her. "So we don't make a baby."

"Don't worry about that," Johnny said reassuringly. "You can't get pregnant the first time, didn't anyone ever tell you that?"

Connie thought about it for a second. True, her mother hadn't actually sat down with her and given her "The Talk", but she and her girlfriends had talked about guys and sex a lot. She remembered Tina Marie once saying that she had once heard that too. Also that she should make sure she drank a lot of coca cola the next morning. Something about it prevented babies too. After all, Johnny wouldn't tell her that if it wasn't true. And even if something did happen and she somehow did get pregnant, it wasn't a problem. Johnny and her were in love. They'd just get married.

"Oh yeh, sure." She replied as she ran the name Mrs. Connie Coravelli over and over in her head.

Another jolt of pain shot through her as Johnny push forward a little harder. This time, Connie bit down on her lip. She didn't want Johnny to think she didn't love him enough to do it. The pain eased up as Johnny slid his cock back. Then ripped through her like a hot iron as Johnny grabbed her ass and thrust forward as hard as he could.

Connie yelled at the sudden pain as she felt her hymen rip. Tears formed at the edge of her eyes, born both of pain and happiness. Despite the hurt, which was already fading, she was now a woman.

Freed from the barrier of her virginity, Johnny began to pump in and out of the young woman as hard as he could. He put such force into each thrust that he lifted her ass off the floor each time. He could feel his heart racing like a jackhammer as his breath began to come in shallow gasps.

"Oh God, you're so tight!" He yelled as he drove in her once again.

Laying spread open on the floor, unsure what she should be doing while Johnny pushed in and out of her, Connie couldn't help but wish he had yelled out something more in the lines of how much he loved her. She also felt that she should be doing something other than just laying like a piece of meat for his satisfaction. But no one had ever discussed that with her. She had assumed Johnny would guide her, yet except as an object to satisfy his raging lust, he now seemed almost oblivious to her presence.

Eventually, even as she just lay there, Johnny's persistent thrusts began to feel pretty good. It had started as just a nice feeling that had replaced the initial pain. Now it resembled a rising tide that brought waves of delight washing over her body. It resembled the feeling she got when she played with herself, yet at the same time it was different. Still it was getting better with each passing minute.

Suddenly, Johnny stopped and his body seemed to stiffen. He uttered a loud groan and Connie felt a new sensation between her legs, centered in her new womanhood. She really didn't know how to describe it, but she was sure it had been the result of Johnny's having climaxed.

A thought that was confirmed was Johnny slid out of her and rolled onto his back. He wasn't even looking at her, just staring up at the ceiling.

"That was so great." He said.

"That was it?" Connie asked herself. "That was the great IT?"

The young girl, now a woman, felt a great sense of disappointment. She couldn't believe it had been such a letdown. It hadn't even been as good as when she masturbated.

"Maybe it's just because it was the first time." She said to herself as she sat up. "That must be the reason why. It couldn't always be like this."

"Oh what a mess." Connie said as she looked down and saw Johnny's now limp cock covered with a mixture of cum and blood.

"What?" Johnny said as he too sat up. "Oh gross!'' He exclaimed as he saw his blood smeared cock.

Grabbing the first thing he saw on the floor, Johnny began wiping his cock clean. It only took a moment for Connie's bright white panties to become a blood stained rag.

"Hey!" Connie cried out. "I need those."

But it was too late as Johnny wiped himself once again with the only clear part.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly.

"Forget it." Connie replied, the tinge of disappointment still in her voice. "I have another pair in my purse.

As she grabbed her bag and the pile of clothes off the floor and headed for the bathroom, Connie was sure her mother never considered this situation when she always told her to carry an extra pair of panties in her purse in case her period came unexpectedly.

By the time she had finished cleaning herself up in the bathroom, Connie had reconciled herself to her rather uninspiring first time. True, it had fallen far short of what she thought it would be, but what was done was done. The important thing was that she and Johnny were going to be together. And in just six weeks he was going to have a recording contract and they would be on their way.

"Johnny, would you be a dear and get my shoes and socks over by the couch." She called out from the bathroom. Her voice had a sort of instant maturity to it.

Johnny handed her the shoes and socks as she walked back into the living room. He really hadn't cleaned up, he just pulled his pants back on.

"Are we going out tomorrow night?" Connie asked as she slipped on her shoes, trying so hard to act as if losing her virginity was the most natural thing in the world. Something that happened every day.

"I don't think so," Johnny said rather evasively. "There's going to be a special about Rocky Marciano's retirement on tomorrow night. All the guys are going to go over to Vito's house to watch it. His family just got a television."

"That's ok," Connie said. "We can always go out later in the week."

"I think we're going to have to play it by ear right now." Johnny said with a forced smile. "I'm really going to have to spend a lot of time with the band over the next couple of weeks. What with the audition and all coming up. We want to be at our best, right?"

"Sure, right." Connie replied cautiously.

For the first time, Connie now noticed the quirk in Johnny's voice. Was something wrong? Had he found the experience as disappointing as she had? Had there been something wrong with her? Was there something she should've been doing to have made it better? But he had said it was great. She was considering asking him right out what was wrong but couldn't bring herself to do it. It was silly she knew. After all, look at what they had just shared, the most intimate thing a man and woman could share. How could asking a simple what's wrong be so hard?

In her heart, she knew the answer. It was because she was afraid of the answer.

Before she could steel herself to ask the question she knew she should, the lights of a car pulling into the driveway flooded the room. It was followed a few moments later by the beep beep of a car horn.

"It's my brother picking me up." Connie stated. "I asked him to when you told me your car would be in the shop. But he's over an hour early."

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