Debbie Does Deltas

by Victor E

Copyright© 2013 by Victor E

Coming of Age Sex Story: A very young freshman co-ed at Harvard wants to gain social skills and so pledges Delta Chi Sorority.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   School   Nudism   .

Debbie Stubbs would have been the smartest kid in her high school graduating class, except she never did graduate from grade twelve because she skipped that year and went straight into university at age 14. She had also skipped kindergarten and grade five on her academic climb, so she was the youngest co-ed ever to attend Harvard.

Always in her head paying little attention to the physical world around her, Debbie had great science, communication and math skills, but very poor people or social skills. Which was why, to her methodical and logical mind, she felt the need to join a sorority as soon as possible. And it couldn't be just any sorority; it had to be the most prestigious and most difficult to enter. Her thinking, based on her expert experience with testing and entrance exams, was that if it was easy to get into a club, it probably wasn't worth it. Status came in proportion to effort and difficulty of challenge.

So Debbie rushed Delta Chi on the second week of September. The club's executive officers were seated in a circle on chairs in the sorority house 'entertainment den'. The room was in the basement of a three story Victorian style home in the heart of Boston. The room was dimly lit now but Debbie could just make out the paddles and ropes hung on large hooks on the four walls.

Debbie sat on a bean bag in the center of the group of five Delta Sisters. She was not intimidated by the older women who were all in their early twenties. Debbie kept telling herself that her tender years proved her greater stature and while her body was less mature ( and certainly less experienced ) than that these ladies, nonetheless she was filled out and womanly for her age. Debbie, at 14, wore a 34-B bra, had a nice round ( some might say 'spankable') butt, and legs that The Great Garbo would envy.

As ordered, Debbie sat in silence as the Delta sisters described the pledge ritual and the intent of the initiation. Debbie would answer in detail all questions put to her but would only be allowed to reply, " Yes, Delta Mistress. " to answer any question signifying consent or understanding. "No" was only allowed to signify lack of understanding. Non-compliance was not an option. At this initial interview stage the pledge either consented or got up and left with no chance of becoming a sorority sister. Furthermore, if choosing to leave, she must leave 'as is', in her present condition and state of dress ( or undress. ) That rule tended to keep pledges compliant.

After a half hour of talking about Delta Chi social and internal events, the club president stood and began the formal interview.

PRES: Pledge Deb, we need to know more about you than what you filled out on the entrance form. Are you prepared to reveal private and perhaps intimate details about yourself?

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress.

PRES: Please describe in detail the nature of your sexual experience from dates with boys in high school or even earlier.

PLEDGE DEB: That's easy, Delta Mistress, but I'm afraid the answer is short and complete, none.

VICE PRES: We are not just talking about sexual intercourse, pledge Deb. We figured you were a virgin. We mean any physical contact with boys; even just a good night kiss after a date.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress, I understand. But as I have never dated nor engaged in any intimacies whatsoever, I am totally inexperienced. If I may explain something...

PRES: Yes, go on.

PLEDGE DEB: One of the reasons I am pledging so soon after arriving at Harvard is learn social skills and I guess you'd call them dating techniques. I want so much to make up for lost time. I spent all my high school years with books, not boys.

SECRETARY: You do understand, Pledge Deb, that boys of college age are very sexual; they're constantly horny, in fact.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress.

VICE PRES: As you say you've never dated, can we assume you are likewise sexually inexperienced with other girls?

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress. ( she said with head slightly bowed and cheeks blushing )

PRES: We take you at your word, Pledge Deb and the sorority appreciates your candor. We may, indeed, be able to help you hone your social skills, but we will need more information. Do you ever read about, cruise the web, talk with girlfriends or daydream or, for that matter, wet dream about sex with boys or girls.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress. ( deep blush )

PRES: Please elaborate. And don't be shy in telling us all you can. Remember, modesty in defense of virginity is no social virtue, extremely naughty thoughts in pursuit of desire is no vice.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress. ( deeper blush ) I have read The Story of O and My Secret Life; both are considered classics in their erotic genre and I pride myself in being well versed in the classics. I have never had girlfriends as such. Sleepovers and giggly girl talk seemed a waste of time to me. As to web research, I did a paper on anatomy for grade nine Biology and I know all there is to know about sex and reproduction including physical stimuli needed to bring a boy's penis to erection or to generate sufficient lubrication within a girl's vaginal cavity.

I know, in theory of course, the areas most sensitive and responsive in boys and girls.

But I confess to having a murky idea of how putting such theory into practice might be done and how it would feel for the participants in such experiments.

TREASURER: Did you have mental images of yourself engaged in such experiments, Pledge Deb? What did you see yourself doing and how did it feel?

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress. I sometimes have had thoughts about that. I have touched myself at night and thoughts about boys without their clothing does come to mind. ( deepest blush ) I have only seen photos and sketches of boys' and men's penises in medial texts. ( a bead of sweat on Deb's brow and her breathing became heavy ... silence )

VICE PRES: Go on, Pledge Deb.

PLEDGE DEB: Delta President referred to 'wet dreams'. I have them at night, most nights actually and, I'm not sure this constitutes sex experience or not ... not only do I touch and rub my vaginal area when it gets moist, I also stick fingers inside ... two and three at a time and flex them up and around ... and sometimes I... ( very deep blushing and head bowed low )

PRES: Go on, Pledge Deb and then you sometimes do what?

PLEDGE DEB: Sometimes I stick my wet fingers in my mouth and I suck on them. I like the smell and taste of my body when it gets sexually aroused but I also like the feel on my lips, tongue and in my mouth when I'm sucking.

TREASURER: In other words, Pledge Deb, you like to suck sex.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress, but so far only my own juices off my fingers. If I may, I'd like to learn more.

SECRETARY: I think we can arrange that. ( giggles and smiles from all the Delta Sisters )

PRES: Pledge Deb, you have given us enough information for us to design an appropriate initiation for you. Let's proceed to the physical examination before we lay out your tasks for the term.

VICE PRES: You seem puzzled, Pledge Deb. Delta Chi Sorority membership begins on the first day of the calendar year and the pledge period is for the sixteen weeks from the beginning of term to the end on December 31st.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress, I understand. I will undergo initiation rules for the next 16 weeks.

PRES: Precisely. Now for the exam. Please rise, remove every stitch of clothing and clasp your hands behind your head.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress.

TREASURER: Place all your clothing in this pillow case and when naked spread your legs wide.

PLEDGE DEB: Yes, Delta Mistress

Debbie dutifully removed her socks, blouse, jeans, bra and finally her panties. Then she stood up straight facing the Delta executive and spread he legs about a yard apart. Her hands were behind her head on which now flowed free her ash blonde hair; she had removed the elastic which had held her ponytail tight. She stood at attention for a full three minutes during which time the Delta Sisters conferred and the Treasurer left the room and returned with a bowl. Inside the bowl was hot water, shaving cream and a razor. Debbie's bush needed more than trimming, it needed a clean shave. But her armpits and legs were already smooth. Debbie had always kept her pits shaved to be hygienic. She had carefully shaved her legs too tonight because she thought that's what the interview invite meant when it demanded she show up 'shaved smooth down there'. In six minutes Pledge Debbie was free of body hair and she understood and agreed that she would shave and wax every day to keep it that way. Debbie further understood and consented to the sorority rule that all members remain smooth of body below the neck for as long as they are members of Delta Chi.

PRES: Pledge Deb, turn around 180 degrees and get on your knees.

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