Chocolate Candy

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1995 by Ann Douglas

Erotica Sex Story: Craig was injured playing football. The night male nurse was there to help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Oral Sex   .

Mike Brown was 26 yrs old and had been a nurse at the Lexington Sports Medical Clinic for almost two years. One of the best medical facilities of its kind, it often played host to a variety of professional, college, and weekend athletes. The usual injuries ran from a bad sprain or compound fracture to a totally destroyed knee.

Most of the patients were male, and were usually very young. Every day the halls were filled with men whose bodies had been molded to physical perfection. Mike always had a secret weakness for jocks. Even though he had been married for five years, and his wife was definitely not lacking in physical looks, Mike couldn't help but get an erotic charge dealing with all of those hard bodied men. Over the years he'd have a few casual encounters, just enough to satisfy his ever present fascination with other men's cocks.

Some days it was an agony for him to just look. It was Saturday afternoon when they had brought in Craig Thomson. He was the star halfback from the local university and had dislocated his knee in the season championship. One look at him as the doctors did their examination told his that this time he had to do more than look.

The nursing supervisor was more than glad when he volunteered for the graveyard shift ... After all, few of the young unmarried nurses wanted to work midnight to morning, especially on the weekend. His wife wasn't too happy about it but right now he wasn't thinking about her.

It was the second night, about two in the morning that he let himself into Craig's room. He stood there in the semi-darkness admiring his body. Craig stood about six foot four, and weighed two hundred and sixteen pounds. Every ounce was hard muscle, sculptured like a statue of some greek god. What his wife and most of his friends would find even more shocking than Mike simply having an interest in men was that Craig's skin was as dark as the night.

Somehow his presence must've alarmed Craig. He jerked awake and looked around.

"Who's there?" He asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"Shhh," Mike said softly. "It's just the nurse checking on you."

He put his small white hand on Craig's dark chest and eased him back onto the bed. The football player's chest was like a steel banded barrel. The sheet had been tossed aside when he jerked upward, leaving Craig covered by only a tiny pair of bikini briefs.

Continuing his role as concerned nurse, Mike checked the bandages around his knee, trying hard not to stare at the large bulge in his briefs.

"I ... I was having a dream..." Craig said as he noticed his stealing looks at his crotch.

"I could tell," Mike laughed.

He sat on the edge of the bed, his hand still resting against Craig's chest, his fingers teasing the black tightly curled hairs. He knew he was taking a big risk, but right now he didn't care. Mike smiled as he saw the bulge in his shorts jerk in response to his caress.

"It was a pretty nice dream," Craig said with in a throaty chuckle.

"I feel guilty for interrupting it." Mike said, knowing he had already used up every legitimate reason he had for being in this young man's room, in the middle of the night.

Mike took a deep breath and decided to go ahead.

"Maybe I can make it up to you." He said as he reached down and put his hand beneath the elastic of the white briefs. With a quick motion he freed the long black snake hidden there. Mike couldn't help gasping in wonderment. Craig's cock was almost nine inches long and twice as thick as his own ... He had seen black cocks before in his duties, but never one in this state. He curled his fingers around the thick shaft, causing a glistening hint of pre-cum to appear at the tip.

Bending over, he took the tip of the big black cock into his mouth, licking the drop of pre-cum, savoring the forbidden taste. Mike then ran his tongue over the ebony pole, wetting the stiff shaft. His saliva covering the dark flesh, he would worry about cleaning it up later. Then he ran his tongue in circles around the shiny rings he'd made.

"Easy," He whispered as Craig's hips pushed upward. "Don't hurt the knee. Doctor D'Angelo will have my ass if he has to do the reconstruction all over again. For a second he realized the absurdity of what he just said. Like they wouldn't fire him if they found out he had sucked the cock of a patient.

Not that he cared at this moment. There was something so erotic about sucking this black boy's cock. A forbidden nature that make him much more oral than he usually was. He drew in a breath of air through his nostrils, reveling in to heady scent of cock and balls. He reached down and cupped Craig's balls as he tried to get more of the enormous shaft into his mouth.

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