The Freshman
Chapter 1: Orientation

Copyright© 2013 by Edward EC

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Orientation - College freshman Jason Schmidt finds love and erotic fulfillment as he submits to his dominant girlfriend Cecilia Sanchez. The young couple explore their sexuality and their relationships with their classmates, but as the school year draws to a close there is a huge surprise for both of them and a radical change in their lives.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   Spanking   Interracial   White Male   Hispanic Female   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   Violent   School   Nudism  

August 28th was a big day for 18-year old Jason Schmidt. That was the day he started college and moved into his new dorm room on campus. It marked a big turning point in his life, when he would finally be away from the hassle of living under his parents. Now he could come and go as he pleased, and no longer deal with their household rules. He had spent the last couple of years fantasizing about this day, and now finally it had come.

Jason's parents and his younger sister Cassie accompanied him to several campus orientation meetings, but finally all that ended. After moving several suitcases and boxes to his room, the rest of the Schmidt family headed back to their car. He pretended to be sorry to see them go, but in reality he was elated.

Jason's dorm was coed, but divided between male and female wings. The east wing of the building was for male students, while the west wing was for the females. Each floor had a common area between the wings, and a single Resident Advisor or RA, for each floor. Jason noticed in his orientation packet that the RA for his floor was female, a sophomore by the name of Cecilia Sanchez.

Jason's heart jumped when he noticed something else in his orientation packet. There was no second name on the list under his room number. By pure chance, he had been assigned a room without a roommate. He would have the entire room to himself, something not very common for a freshman. As he unpacked his things, Jason couldn't believe his good fortune. That meant he would enjoy a lot of small personal freedoms and not have to face the disapproval or judgment of another guy his age.

The first freedom of having the room to himself he took advantage of immediately. The room was hot, so Jason took off all his clothes. He stuffed his clothing into a laundry bag and tossed it in his closet. He then briefly admired his bare figure in the dorm mirror and set about putting his things away. Jason enjoyed looking at his own body. He was in good shape from his high school track team, and had an attractive well-toned body.

Jason was something of a nudist, although he did not yet belong to any organizations. He hated wearing clothes and was always naked whenever possible. He had slept nude since he was 12, and from sleeping nude he had gradually extended his nude lifestyle to other areas in his daily routine. During his high school years he had always enjoyed being nude at home, a habit that, to some extent, put him out of place with his classmates. He liked to stretch in the buff before and after running, and would have gone jogging without any clothes if he could have done so without being arrested. His parents owned a swimming pool, and if they were at work, Jason invariably went skinny-dipping. He loved the feel of the warm sun on his bare bottom and the cool water of the pool washing against his privates.

Jason continued to enjoy the feel of the warm dorm room air against his bare body as he unpacked his computer and began putting it together. He got down on his hands and knees to assemble the plugs on the floor under his desk, spreading himself wide and allowing his penis and balls to dangle freely. Precisely at the moment he was on his elbows and knees with his bottom turned up towards the entrance to his room, he heard the door open and the slight gasp of a woman's voice. He looked up to glimpse a petite dark-skinned young woman as she backed out and eased his door shut.

"You ought to lock your door if you're gonna to be in your room like that," came a comment from the other side.

Jason was both embarrassed and excited at having been so prominently seen by a female student. He wondered how much of him she had seen, and whether or not she was at all aroused at the sight of his bare figure. His heart pounded, but finally he got back to work and finished up with the computer and shelved his books.

After about an hour, Jason had everything put away and decided to get dressed. He put on a pair of loose-fitting shorts and a clean shirt. It was dinnertime and right after dinner there would be a floor meeting. Jason looked around the hallway, introduced himself to a couple of his neighbors and ended up going to dinner in the cafeteria downstairs with four other guys.

The guys were a very mixed group, and Jason could tell they would not be together for more than a couple of nights before they dispersed into cliques of more like-minded individuals. There was Ken, who seemed a distracted artistic type; Jake, who was obviously fraternity material, William, who was into computers and math, and Mike, who was heavily into leftist politics. Mike had a very tall blond girlfriend called Lisa who also joined them for dinner.

Jason asked if any of the others knew who was the short girl in the blue skirt with the long black hair. Lisa responded: "Yeah, that's my next door neighbor, Cecilia Sanchez. She's the floor RA."

Oops. Jason turned red, but his dinner companions didn't notice. Of course the others had no way of knowing that Cecilia already had seen Jason, quite a bit of him in fact.

The six students finished their dinner and went back upstairs to the 2nd floor common area, where most of the other freshmen already were gathered. The meeting was another orientation, mainly to make sure the students all knew who the RA was and what the basic rules were for the building.

Cecilia was standing next to a whiteboard, with a clipboard in one hand and a magic marker in the other. Jason was finally able to get a better look at her. She was dark-skinned, but with delicate features and only a slight curl to her thick black hair. She spoke with a mixture of New Jersey and Spanish intonation, a product of her upbringing in a Dominican neighborhood, just outside New York City. Cecilia was 19, only a year older than the collection of freshmen surrounding her. However, her assignment as the floor RA placed her in a position of authority over the 18 year olds.

Cecilia glanced over at Jason and nodded, letting him know that, yes, she did recognize him as the owner of that bare bottom under the computer desk. However, her glance was not one of reprimand or anger, but more of curiosity. Once again, Jason felt a weird mixture arousal and embarrassment from the knowledge that the pretty girl had seen him fully nude in his room.

Cecilia, with her rough East Coast accent, went over the dorm rules and listed violations that would result in a write-up. The biggest concerns for the university seemed to be noise, open flames, drinking, and making sure everyone had tolerance for people with different backgrounds. Cecilia emphasized the university's political correctness and "diversity", concluding that intolerance was the only thing not tolerated.

Cecilia went on to talk about the dress code in the building. There was no policy about what students could or could not wear on their own side of the building, but they had to be fully dressed in the common area and when visiting the opposite side's wing. Males visiting the female wing had to be escorted. In theory females visiting the male side also had to be escorted, although in practice the escorting requirement was only enforced on the males visiting the female side.

Cecilia had a final comment: "Remember you can wear what you want on your side of the building. There's no dress code in your own area. But also remember, there's gonna be visitors runnin' around your floors, so you gotta think about what you're wearin' when you're in the halls, and also, when you're in your room with the door unlocked."

At that last comment Cecilia glanced over at Jason, who turned red.

After the meeting Jason unfolded his university issue linens and made his bed. He noticed something interesting about the towels; they were very small, about the same size as a bathmat. They were way too small to wrap around a person's waist. Jason went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and noticed Ken walking down the hall fully nude, one of the small towels slung over his arm and a bottle of shampoo in his hand. He noticed his other floor-mates varied tremendously in their modesty. Mike wrapped a towel brought from home around his waist but wore nothing underneath, while Jake and William went to the bathroom dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

Jason stood next to Ken at the row of sinks. Ken was casually attending to a couple of pimples on his face as he was leaning over the sink, his body gracefully bent over and his penis gently brushing against the white ceramic. Jason struck up a conversation with Ken and joked about the small towels. Ken commented: "Yeah, they're kind of stupid, but I think the university did it to keep them from being stolen. Well, they can screw themselves. If they're not giving me decent towels, then they'll just have to deal with me being bare-assed in their hallways."

Jason's heart jumped at Ken's comment. Bare-assed in the hallways! If Ken wasn't going to bother covering up coming and going to the bathroom, then there was no reason he should either. The idea of casually running around the hallways in the nude excited Jason for some reason, and he decided at that moment to follow Ken's lead.

Jason returned to his room and got undressed. He looked over his class schedule for the next day as he sat by the window enjoying the cool night air against his bare body. He promised himself the next time he needed to go to the bathroom he would go fully nude. He wouldn't even bother to take a towel with him.

An hour later Jason kept his promise to himself. His heart pounding, he closed his dorm door and walked to the bathroom "bare-assed" as Ken put it. He carried absolutely nothing with him. The hallway was empty, but he felt incredibly daring as he went further and further from the protection of his room. He used the bathroom and then returned to his room, only to have a rude shock. His door wouldn't open and he did not have his room key. He had locked himself out.

For several minutes he stood at his door, wondering what to do and hoping his more conservative floor-mates wouldn't come out and see him stranded in the hall with nothing on. He would have to do something, the door wasn't going to open on its own and he couldn't stand there all night. Finally he decided to go to Ken's room, borrow some shorts, and see if he could get a key from the dorm's front desk. Precisely at that moment Jason's RA came around the corner, a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other. For the second time that day the sight of Jason's bare body greeted her. Cecilia gave the young exhibitionist an amused and rather sarcastic look.

"Jason," she asked sweetly, "are you locked out of your room?"

"Yeah, I musta pressed the lock by accident when I went out. I ... I'm sorry about being like this ... It's just those small towels ... I didn't see the point in..."

"That's OK, Jason. I'll just let you back in."

Cecilia pulled out a key ring and fumbled for the master key for the dorm rooms. She seemed to take her time, enjoying Jason's embarrassment. She passed Jason her clipboard.

"Would you hold this for me, while I get your key please?"

Finally Cecilia put the master key into the door and opened it. Jason was hugely relieved, promising himself that if he didn't get into trouble over this there would be no more naked trips down the hallway. However, at that point the RA had a wicked idea. She had been making the rounds to check on the male students to make sure they were all properly settled into their rooms. Part of that check was initial student interviews to find out more about each freshman living on her floor. She had planned to start at the other end of the hallway and talk to the residents room by room, but decided to prolong Jason's current predicament by doing his interview first. She would have some fun and enjoy interviewing a naked freshman.

"Jason, I gotta do interviews with all of you guys anyway, so I guess I might as well start with you. Can I come in your room so we can talk?"

"Uh, yeah ... sure."

Once inside the dorm room Cecilia took charge.

"OK, just take a seat on your bed and we'll get started. Do you mind if I sit at your desk so I can write?"

"Uh, no, but don't you want me to... ?"

"Get dressed? Why bother? From what I've seen of you so far you don't really like wearin' clothes, do you?"

"Uh, to be honest, not really, but I..."

"Then just stay like you are. If you like to be nude, that's fine with me, as long as you keep it here and don't do it over in the commons area or the women's wing. You'll find out I'm a pretty liberal person and I accept other people's lifestyles. But I'm warnin' you, I don't like a hypocrite. If you're a nudist and picked that lifestyle, I expect you to stay committed to your beliefs and be ready to defend your values."


"Jason, come on, we gotta get started, 'cause I've got the whole guys' wing to do over the next couple of nights."

Cecilia pulled out a lengthy questionnaire. As Jason fidgeted nervously on his bed fighting his instinct to cover up, the RA casually went down the list of standard questions about his high school experiences and interests. She seemed totally at ease as she interviewed him, as though talking to a naked freshman were the most normal thing in the world. Jason could tell that Cecilia was thoroughly enjoying herself, but also could perceive that she was fascinated by her own dominance over him.

Finally, after about 30 minutes the RA signed and dated the interview form and moved it to the bottom of her stack of questionnaires. She stood up, as did Jason. He made no effort to cover up, not after having sat on his bed completely exposed during the entire interview. She casually shook his hand.

"OK, Jason, we're glad to have you with us, and I'm lookin' forward to seeing a lot more of you this year. Just ... please remember, put your clothes on if you go into the commons area. If you don't, I'm gonna have to smack that cute bare bottom of yours."

Jason's heart jumped into his throat at his RA's final comment. Smack his bare bottom? Could she actually do that?

Jason glanced out into hallway as Cecilia walked to the next room and knocked on the door. Jake and William greeted the floor's RA and allowed her in for their interviews. Jason closed his door, his heart pounding with sexual desire. He turned out his light and lay on his bed, reliving the bizarre and intensely erotic encounter with Cecilia over and over as he gently rubbed his fingertips over his body. He teased himself and stroked a furious erection, fantasizing about the sexy Dominican. Everything about her: her authority as RA, her commanding way of handling herself, her intense dark eyes and flawless brown skin, her tough-sounding East-Coast Spanish accent, and her sarcastic smile ... it all crowded out every other sexual fantasy he had ever had.

Cecilia conducted interviews for a total of six rooms that night, finally finishing around 11:00. None of the other interviews were nearly as interesting as the one with Jason, so the rest of the night was rather anti-climatic.

The RA returned to her room feeling extremely uneasy about her encounter with Jason. She found the whole idea of coming across him naked, twice in a single day, totally erotic. The nude freshman intrigued her and brought out a strange new sexual urge in her soul, a desire to push her own limits with him and explore what was possible.

Cecilia struggled to understand what had just happened to her. During the entire time she spent with the nervous teenager, she felt a force within her driving her to do all kinds of strange things to him. The fact that Jason enjoyed being naked was only part of her fascination with him. What really fascinated Cecilia was Jason's submission, especially that moment he quietly stood in front of her, his hands at his sides, while she commented about the need for him to not be a hypocrite about his beliefs.

However, as she lay in her bed that night, Cecilia also was scared. She clearly had crossed a line in her two encounters with Jason and had exposed herself to a charge of sexual harassment. What on earth was she thinking, making that freshman stand naked in the hallway while she pretended to fumble for the master key, then interviewing him in the nude, and finally threatening to smack his bottom? Had she gone nuts?

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