A Fuck in the Woods

by johnnyblm1

Copyright© 2013 by johnnyblm1

Erotica Sex Story: My girlfriend and I get horny and go off into the woods for a little bit of fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   .

Once upon a time, actually it was only this past August the 10th 2013. My girlfriend Mia and myself took a trip to Mackinaw Island for the day. Originally we had wanted to go by ourselves so we could have the whole day alone together but, in order for Mia's parents to agree on it, we dragged my mother along. Now mind you this wasn't so bad because my mom likes to do her own thing. Soon after arriving on the island we parted ways from my mother as she went walking about to a few places she enjoyed. Mia and I took off around the island.

At one point we stopped to follow a stream into the woods to see where it started. Mia is about 5'4"ish. She has thick blond hair that goes down to her upper back. Big bright blue eyes and a wonderful smile. Her boobs are about 34 Cs. They are a good medium size for her petite body. But she has an amazing ass the pops out a little bit and is nice and firm. Both of our bodies are lean and slender due swimming in school on our school teams. I'm about 6'1". I have darkish blonde hair in a curly small fro. I also have bright blue eyes. My body is mostly muscle but isn't bulging. A 7" cock that she loves to feel inside her. Normally a flat slender stomach or 4 pack during swim season. Any who, back in there standing on top of a large log we had our first woods experience. But this is not the story of the night. We continued on afterwards and came to a lookout of a large arch rock and the lake.

The hormones were still flowing through the both of us even at this point over an hour later. I then quietly asked, "Would you like to go off on a trail through the woods for another naughty experience?"

She gave me an innocent look with big eyes and softly said, "Sure, you go and I'll follow babe."

We hopped on our bikes and began down the asphalt bike trail; racing each other over slopes. At the bottom of a big hill we stopped to get off our bikes setting them aside the trail. Looking around for our place of fun, we noticed the hill was wooded and appeared to level off on top so we hiked up to investigate. As we reached the top we found out that it was a walking that I knew wasn't traveled on very often.

"So hun, do you just want to do it here or find somewhere else?" I inquired.

"I don't know, I guess I don't care. Can we walk a little bit that way?" pointing down the trail to a small dip. she asked.

We worked are way down the dirt trail between the trees hand in hand. The excitement building in both of our bodies. Once we reached the lowest point we looked both ways and shrugged our shoulders.

"Here look fine?" I excitedly asked. The suspense building under my pants.

"Ya sure." She responded quickly.

She turns in front of a tree and unbuttons her shorts, showing the top of the word love from live, love, dream which was written across the back in swirly black letters on her tight pink, black outlined panties. She takes one hand on the back of my neck and one on my cheek, tip toeing up to me to passionately begin kissing my lips. My right hand swiftly slips down her underwear over her firm ass and begins to lift, squeeze and pull up on it. The other goes around her lower back under her shirt, over her bare skin pulling her into me so she feels my already firm penis pressing against her unbuttoned front. But only feeling the bulge; she soon backs out of the heavy kissing to slide her hand into my pants and fill it with my hard cock. I spin her around and begin groping her breast under her shirt from behind and the other hand slithers its way to her lower lips. Spreading them open and entering with two fingers, pushing deeper and pulling up, hitting a sensitive spot causing a gasp from her to be released. I reach around her neck and grab the opposite side pulling her head back and towards me to have a play date with our tongues. Lips locked, tongues sliding back and forth and occasional biting of each other's lips. All the while her hand stroking my hard cock and me pumping my middle finger into her increasingly wet pussy.

She stops and turns to me, with begging, pleading eyes, "Can we?" She asks as always when she wants to be fucked.

I pull down my pants and boxers and my solid staff bounces out of its former restraints. She bends her head over and takes my dicks head into her lips swirling her tongue over it. Sucking out the pre-cum. She takes a bit more and continues to suck. My cock couldn't get any harder and the hormones were pumping through me. I needed more. I stand her up and turn her around. She knows that it is enough teasing and business is about to start. Pulling down her shorts and then slipping off her panties, both falling to the ground, kicking them away so she can give me better access. She then leans over straight from the waist and places one hand on the ground and the other on a tree for support, her ass towards me. I press my raging boner against her wet lips. And slide my head back and forth opening them up and lubricating my dick. Without hesitation or any warning I lunge it into her forcing my way through her tightness.

With a yelp she moans, "Oh babyyy."

I begin rocking back and forth coating my cock with her juices allowing me full range of motion. After a few pumps I begin my usual teasing. I toy with her by only fucking with the head and without notice I ram my pelvis into her butt lodging my penis as deep as it will go hitting something inside her that causes a high pitched moan to come out between her clenched teeth.

"OH BABE, oh my god, do it again please," panting heavily. Even though we've only just begun.

I toy with her, "What are you talking about?" I wait a few seconds after and as she begins to speak I shove my rod back deep in her turning her voice to moans instantly.

"Yessss, oh I want more, baby moorre."

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