Jack and Susan

by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2013 by Richard the Third

Incest Story: A brother and sister, who swim everyday, find the love of being a sibling. Some surprises, as usual!

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

Something odd happened to my little brother. I use the word odd, although he might use another.

This happened around the time I turned sixteen, and he was fourteen. My name is Susan. He's my little brother, named Jack.

We had a pool in our backyard, like most people who lived in Southern California did. We spent the summer having fun and splashing around in it. I had finally started getting tits, while Jack was growing himself.

He must not have realized how tight his swim trunks were because I could see his dick impression rather easily. What surprised me was how big he looked, unless he was pranking me somehow.

We were as affectionate to each other as most brothers and sisters were. However, I wanted to know if he was really that big, or stuffing something inside to make it appear he was.

My plan was to become close enough that I could feel it up against me. I was always hugging him, sometimes really tight. He was keeping himself composed much more than I ever expected him to.

So, the next time we got in the pool together, I said, "You sure are getting buff, little brother. You have some nice muscles on your arms and legs."

"That's because I swim all the time, when I'm alone in the pool. When you get in, to be honest, I don't swim as much because you're so pretty," he said.

Slapping at him, I said, "No, I'm not. I wish I were taller and bustier."

"I think you are already ... very attractive. You have those nice legs and a pretty butt. I think you have everything a girl needs to make a boy very happy some day."

"Jack, that is a lovely thing to say to me. Let's hug it out please?"

We walked into each other's arms, really hugging each other. Before I could do more, he moved his head off my shoulder and kissed me on the lips. I knew enough about kissing to push back against his lips. I pushed my tongue against his closed mouth. He opened up and let me in. This kiss was more adult than anything we had done before.

I felt his hands drop to my butt. He slipped them inside my covered butt cheeks and squeezed them rather firmly. He was also pulling me really close up against him. I felt his dick pulse as we were closely connected at the waist.

"Ohh, Jack, you feel nice. Is that all you pressing against me?"

"Yes, Susan. I know you have been glancing at me lately. I have wanted to tell you how much I care about you. How do you feel about me?"

"I don't really know. We've always been pretty close. I love you because you are my brother, but that isn't what you're asking me, is it?"

"Not exactly, let's get out of the pool and go inside the house, please?" he asked me.

"OK, help me out please?" I asked. I was playing the innocent sister wondering if he would try anything. I wanted to, but I didn't want him to think I was being slutty or anything like that.

He put out his hand, and I took it getting out of the pool. He tossed me a towel, then got one for him. He looked into my eyes for a moment, and I looked back. We left our towels outside. He took me by the hand, and we went inside. We had a shower downstairs to use after being in the pool, but he took me upstairs into the bathroom we shared.

He started it, and then said I could go first. Right there, in front of him, I decided to take off my bikini. He smiled, as I took off my top. He was making me hot just looking at me. I stepped out of my bottoms. He glanced down and said, "Susan. I never realized how beautiful you are until right now. Could I join you in the shower?"

"I was hoping you would ask me that," I responded.

He stepped out of his tight suit. His dick looked even longer now. After taking off my panties, we both got in the shower, and he took the liquid soap and worked up lather on my chest. His hands felt wonderful as he squeezed the A-cups I had. He was using his fingertips on my nipples. We touched heads as I became more aroused than ever before. I looked down and saw he was easily ten inches long and he was really hard.

I used the same soap and worked up a lather using both of my hands on his monster. I reached under and felt his baseball-sized nuts. They seemed as full as they could possibly be. As I moved my hands back and forth, he started breathing hard and didn't realize he was so close to cumming.

My only other experience like this was with my boyfriend Jim. He wanted me to give him a hand job, but I had been avoiding it for some reason. Now I know why.

Unable to warn me verbally, Jack started shooting jet after jet into my belly button area. It was so warm, and wonderful. We put our heads together again, and just looked at each other with lust in our eyes.

Once we both cleaned off, we stepped out and got dried off. I took him into my room, and he put his lips on mine, and we were back kissing one another, and it was now much more erotic to both of us. I dropped down on the bed and quietly asked, "Will you make love to me please?"

His eyes answered before his mouth did. "Yes, I will. Do I need to use a condom?"

"No, I'm safe. Mom put me on the pill when I turned twelve and got my period," I said to him.

"Good, because I have been wanting to make love to you for close to three years now. You have been the only girl I ever thought of at night. Sometimes, when I get myself really excited I jerk off thinking about you. I'm surprised mom didn't get suspicious when I started going through so much Kleenex."

That made me giggle, but now I wanted him. It was mean-spirited to tell him I was on the pill when I wasn't, but I didn't care.

I splayed my legs wide open for him.

"Please, Jack ... fuck me?"

I could tell he had wanted to eat me out, but I wanted him so badly. He got on the bed and was quickly ready to do it.

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